I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1189

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Mu Qianqian and Ai Xixuan looked at An Sheng with envy.

Especially Ai Xixuan, the relationship between Quand’t expect Yang Fan Master and this chief First Senior Brother turned out to be so good.

A good friend for a lifetime, it sounds very energetic.

Moreover, in order to improve the cultivation speed of An Sheng Senior Brother, and in order to make An Sheng Senior Brother appear more dignified in front of many Junior Brother sisters and sisters, he did not hesitate to put down his face, and exhausted his untold hardships to seek medicine at Shenglin Island. It’s so touching.

“This is Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit, which can double the Spiritual Power cultivation speed. It must be very precious. People want it too!”

Ai Xixuan looked at him sideways, and moved his eyes to be a little bit red. The Master with such a value emotion and value friendship is really good.

It is a pity that this was specifically requested by the Master for An Sheng Senior Brother. Without her, otherwise it would be better.

Mu Qianqian knew the intimate relationship between Yang Fan and An Sheng, so not at all felt too surprised, and what surprised her was the Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit that Yang Fan took out.

Is there such a magically heavenly material earthly treasure on the world? Can it directly increase the cultivation speed of Psionic twice?

Everyone can see that, compared to the ability to greatly improve the efficacy of Spiritual Power cultivation base, double the cultivation speed is the most valuable and shocking place of this Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit. .

This is equivalent to indirectly helping a Psionic improve his own cultivation aptitude!

Prior to this, Mu Qianqian had never heard of any kind of spiritual medicine in the world that could change and improve a person’s initial cultivation talent and cultivation aptitude!

“If the effect of this Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit is really as the Master said, then its value must be invaluable. I wonder what huge price the Master paid in order to get it?”

Mu Qianqian also looked up at Yang Fan with great emotion. Perhaps in order to get this magical Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit, the price paid by Yang Fan was much heavier than he just said.

An Sheng, this fat, it is enviable to be able to make such a good brother in this life!

Good friend, for a lifetime?

Hearing this sentence, Yang Fan’s forehead raised a few black lines, one couldn’t help but flew out with one foot, and decisively kicked the dead fat of An Sheng into the imaginary formation next to it and imprisoned it alone. .

“Fuck off! If you can’t talk, shut your mouth for Lao Tzu!”

“Also, quickly eat Spirit Fruit. If you don’t try hard to cultivate in the future, do you dare to kick you out of the division?”

After warning An Sheng, Yang Fan controlled the Formulation to completely isolate all external information, leaving a separate space for An Sheng to take Spirit Fruit and seek breakthrough.

Then, Yang Fan took a deep breath, and lifts the head again. The expression changed on the face, replaced by an affable gesture, and looked at the two beautiful female disciple with a smile.

“Qianqian girl, Xixuan girl, let’s continue the topic just now.”

“You two girls should feel it too? Of all the disciplines, the one you value most is actually you two!”

“Not only being clever and sensible, but also innate talent is very high. In the future, can our Demon Extinguishing Sect carry forward, can we appear Sovereign level powerhouse, as a teacher, but put all your hopes on you two, you can’t live up to 10000000 An earnest expectation of you.”

After a flurry of tongue-in-cheek, Yang Fan right hand turns and took out two 2-year-old purple nuclei just like the Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit that was given to An Sheng from the storage space, and looked at Mu with a loving face. Qianqian and Ai Xixuan.

“You are not mistaken, this is specially prepared for you two by the teacher.”

“Think about it. Even your filings like First Senior Brother have the opportunity to take such an Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit. How could you two Core Disciples most valued by teachers?

“As for why I just told An Sheng that there is only one Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit, it is not to stimulate that fatty, so that he will be proud and complacent when his innate talent improves in the future, will he be slack?”

“Ai, tell the truth,” Yang Fan sensationally said: “For you, I really broke my heart for being a teacher!”

“In the past, in order to obtain these Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit, I spent a lot of time working for the boss. After I came back, I had to worry about your mental health. Being a Master and doing my part, there is no one! “

“Come and come, one of you, take it now and hurry up to improve your cultivation base and cultivation innate talent as soon as possible. In the future, can our Demon Extinguishing Sect have more Spirit Emperor Spirit Emperor, but it depends on you two! “

Yang Fan reached out and stuffed the 1000 purple cores into the hands of Mu Qianqian and Ai Xixuan 2 respectively, and gave them a look of “I am very optimistic about you for the teacher”, and moved the two little girls. Eyes are red.

Happiness came too suddenly.

Never expected Such a precious Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit, Master even prepared a copy for each of them.

“Ding! Your disciple Mu Qianqian is in a great mood, grateful for your heart, and a great sense of belonging to Sect, Sect’s loyalty is greatly enhanced, Inner Disciple advanced point +5.”

“Ding! Your disciplinary Ai Xixuan is in a state of turmoil, grateful for your heart, and a great sense of belonging to Sect. Sect’s loyalty is greatly enhanced. Sect Contribution Point +10.”

After receiving the Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit, the 2 beauty disciplines have contributed corresponding experience to Yang Fan. Yang Fan’s mood is very good. He likes such innocent and lovely employees. Boss said that they are convinced, and more obedient.

Take a look, each and everyone are about to be moved to cry.

This is a real win-win situation.

Both employees and Boss get real benefits, and everyone gets what they want, which is perfect.

At this time, an extremely pure and innumerable number of Spiritual Power fluctuations suddenly appeared in Yang Fan’s knowledge, and the strong Frightening-Soul Sting caused him to tremble, almost so cool that he didn’t moan directly. come out.

Subsequently, the system hint in the ear also sounded at the same time.

“Your disciplinary An Sheng Spiritual Power runs for a week, 1000 years of purple nuclear medical power is partially stimulated, Spiritual Power +99999, Sect team spirit 100% bonus is successfully stimulated, you automatically get disciplinary An Sheng 100% cultivation experience Bonus, Spiritual Power +99999.”

“Your disciplinary An Sheng Spiritual Power runs for a week, Spiritual Power has increased, and the Spiritual Power cultivation base has reached Peak bottleneck status, the increase is not significant, and you have not been able to obtain the corresponding cultivation experience bonus.”

Only in this way, An Sheng’s Spiritual Power cultivation base has reached the Peak status of the current cultivation realm.

Yang Fan is satisfied with the nodded. After all, An Sheng is just a Level 3 Psionic Master. The Spiritual Power experience gained by a thousand points is indeed a decimal for him.

However, the only pity is that Yang Fan can only experience the corresponding Spirit Power experience, expand the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space for the 1000-year purple core, enhance the Divine Soul source, and double the effect of Spiritual Power cultivation speed But nothing happened.

Through the imaginary formation, Yang Fan glanced at An Sheng who was in the Peak state and could not break through. Without hesitation, he passed on the Spiritual Power directly, and instantly established a fine Magical Powers with An Sheng.

“You are concentrating and trying to teach Earth An refined mysterious skills to disciplinary An Sheng-calcined Divine Art, and teach success! Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2.”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully teaching the Earth Rank fine mysterious skills to the discipline An Sheng-calcined Divine Art, Sect’s loyalty 100% bonus is successfully inspired, and the discipline An Sheng automatically acquires 100% of the host’s skill proficiency bonus…”

“Ding! Your disciplinary An Sheng making a breakthrough, cultivation base promoted to Level 4 Psionic Master, thank you for your heart, greatly increase the sense of belonging of Sect, Sect loyalty is extremely enhanced, Inner Disciple advanced point + 5.”


Hearing the system hint of An Sheng’s successful promotion, Yang Fan is slightly nodded. Among all the disciplines, his relationship with An Sheng is the most intransigent. If possible, Yang Fan also hopes that An Sheng can accompany him to the end.

“Great chaos will arise, little fatty, and if you don’t try to improve your own strength, your future brother may not be able to protect you!”

Yang Fan took a deep look at An Sheng, who was still awake in the set, and sighed softly in the heart.

Now, Sovereign can’t come out, and the friction between the two groups of people and demon is constant.

It only took a few months, and the half emperors between Human Race and Monster Race had already popped out of several.

The Dijiao clan even killed three and a half demon monsters one after another, which was a heavy loss.

At this time, some people who know some insiders can’t see it, and the troubled world has become obvious. The great war will approach, the final battle between the two groups of people and demon is probably already in sight.

This is also the real reason why Yang Fan had to rush back from the federal Shangxin City.

Before the real war comes, he should arrange the moat of Jinghua City properly, and at the same time, he should improve himself, his family and the cultivation realm of these disciplines around him as much as possible.

The advent of troubled times, strength is the foundation of everything, and it is the capital of an individual in the troubled times.

“Your disciplinary An Sheng Spiritual Power runs for a week, Spiritual Power +400, Sect team spirit 100% bonus is successfully stimulated, you automatically get the disciplinary An Sheng 100% cultivation experience bonus, Spiritual Power +400.”

Hearing this news of Spiritual Power cultivation experience, Yang Fan’s eyes lit up.

Sure enough, it worked.

Double the increase in Spiritual Power cultivation speed is certainly not overwhelming. An Sheng now runs the Spiritual Power experience gained for a week, and has almost caught up with Peak Psionic Master’s one week’s cultivation experience.

This is because An Sheng’s own cultivation aptitude is not particularly good. If his talents are like Mu Qianqian or Ling Tian, ​​then the Great Cow, double the speed of cultivation, and at least 600 up. Too.

Next, Mu Qianqian and Ai Xixuan also started taking the 1000-year-old purple nucleus given by Yang Fan, and Spiritual Power fluctuations on his body appeared one after another.

However, the cultivation realm of both of them is much higher than that of An Sheng. Spiritual Power experience of hundred thousand points is not enough to push them to the Peak bottleneck of the current realm.

Therefore, Yang Fan only scratched 200,000 points of Spirit Power experience on them.

Of course, this one-time Spirit Power experience is not the most important thing. Yang Fan is most concerned about the continuous supply of these smurf ids after the cultivation speed has doubled.

This is the long-term meal ticket.

In the future, as long as these smurf ids are not unexpected, everyday all will provide him with a double supply of experience so continuously, far more cost-effective than Yang Fan himself taking these 1000-year purple cores.

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