I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1190

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Demon domain.

10000 Yao Mountain.

Monster Sovereign Palace.

Fengming Shenzi expression hurriedly walked out of the hall and saw that Feng Xijiao, who was sitting in the cultivation in the hall, could not help calming his emotions, adjusting some of his rapid breathing, slowly stepping forward, and softly indulged.

“Grandma, Grandson just got the news, Yang Fan has returned from the Federal Center City and is now in Jinghua City.”

“Oh?” Feng Xijiao’s phoenix’s eyes slightly raised: “So, the last one that died in my hands was really Yang Fan’s Clone?”

Fengming Divine Son said: “It has been confirmed that Yang Fan is always cunning like a fox. The last time he used Clone to openly enter our 10000 demon mountain as a captive.”

“Not only stole the various treasures that Grandson carried with him and the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure given by Imperial Father, even the Imperial Family treasure house that our Fire Phoenix family has accumulated for nearly 100 years has been looted by him!”

As soon as he mentioned this, Fengming Shenzi hated Yang Fan for gnash the teeth, wishing he could eat his meat raw and drink his blood.

That experience was definitely the most humiliating in Fengming Shenzi’s life.

Yang Fan stole the strongest card from him, kidnapped his Imperial Father’s blood essence Clone, that’s all.

Afterwards, when Fengming Shenzi consciously lost the trend, and would no longer be the opponent of Great Elder Fengqi, he wanted to retreat behind the scenes and rely on the secret cultivation in the treasure house to strive to improve his own strength.

This was even more sad to discover.

What’s more, even the treasure house of their family didn’t know when it started, and it was ransacked by Yang Fan who killed 1000 knives.

Note that it is a real looting!

Not even a stone box or animal skin full of Spirit Fruit or monster core, even Mao Maoer didn’t leave one for Fengming Shenzi.

One night before returning to liberation, Fengming Shenzi completely wanted to use the treasure trove of resources to let go and hit the half emperor or even Sovereign realm.

Therefore, before Feng Xijiao returned to 10000 Yaoshan, the days of Fengming Shenzi were not easy.

Feng Qi Great Elder directly attributed all the sins to the son of Feng Ming, and suppressed the Crown Prince almost without autism.

It’s like Phoenix, which is shaggy. It’s not as good as a chicken. Pointing fingers, what wasrels, what sinners of the Fire Phoenix family, etc. are everywhere.

Without Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure body protection, without the blessing of Innate Purple Qi, the cultivation base of Fengming Divine Son is not enough to suppress several Great Elders in the family, only submit to humiliation, no longer hiding in the underground chamber like ostrich come out.

If it were not for Feng Xijiao’s strong return, he would suppress all Elders directly with the power of the half emperor. Fengming Shenzi didn’t know how long he would shrink in the underground chamber.

“Then what should you do?”

Feng Xijiao not at all clearly stated his position, but asked the son of Fengming quietly and gently.

Without thinking about it, Fengming Divine Son said directly: “Naturally, he took the man back and tortured it, let him spit out the treasure of our Fire Phoenix family, and then forced him to release the beast contract with his father Clone. .”

Feng Xijiao’s corner of mouth twitching, lifts the head, a bit like looking at this biological grandson like a fool.

“Xiao Fengming, you are a bit too high to see your grandmother. What makes you think that the old lady can beat a Human Race with Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure body protection?”

Want to let the old lady go to courting death?

If I knew last time that Yang Fan had a Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign’s hand, Feng Xijiao wouldn’t be so reckless when he said nothing, he shot directly to Yang Fan Clone in the big formation. attack.

Fortunately, it was just a Clone.

Otherwise, isn’t Feng Xijiao dying under Spirit Treasure made by his son?

Just ask you if you lose, do you suffocate?

Therefore, since returning from Jinghua City on the day of the fight, Feng Xijiao immediately reported the intentional letter, enticing it to attack Yang Fan’s fire Phoenix Clan to humane destruction.

A bit of demon fire spewed out, and there was no scum left.

Fengming Divine Son said: “If it is just to capture but not kill, It shouldn’t be actively triggering the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure on him.”

“And, even if it’s really triggered, the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure is after all refined by the Imperial Father. It contains a trace of the Imperial Father’s Sovereign level of will. Shouldn’t you dare to fight against the grandmother?”

Fengming Shenzi obviously also considered this issue.

It’s just that it doesn’t know that Sovereign level Spirit Treasure is dead after all. Once triggered, any accident may happen.

Moreover, who can guarantee that there is only one Sovereign level Spirit Treasure in Yang Fan’s hands?

“You think too simple!”

Feng Xijiao gently shook his head: “Not to mention that the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure that your Imperial Father has refined has the function of discriminating against the enemy, do you think that Yang Fan itself is so good to capture?”

“You also said that the kid was cunning like a fox, and he was timid and afraid of death. Even if he arranged the moat for Clone, how could he easily leave the city?”

“Jinghua City’s psionic array is not a display, even if you are close to the Imperial Father, you can’t break it in a short time.”

“Also, Yang Fan’s side and the Human Race’s Half Emperor powerhouse are secretly protecting the road, and will not give the old man a chance to shoot him alone.”

Although Zhuge Xincheng did not directly shoot Feng Xijiao last time, Feng Xijiao was still endlessly afraid of this old rivals.

When he was young, he did a little bit of Zhuge Xincheng. Now everyone has become a half emperor. When facing Zhuge Xincheng, Feng Xijiao still had no confidence.

A Zhuge Xincheng is still not sure it can deal with it, let alone a Yang Fan holding Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure.

Therefore, without absolute assurance, Feng Xijiao dared not take the risk easily.

With that, Feng Xijiao looked up at the grandson again, lightly said:

“Furthermore, the old body has just received a more accurate message. The Dijiao tribe of the Demon Saint Hill, just a few days ago, in order to attack the Federal Center City and destroy them to build a large moat, they have already damaged 3 and a half. Emperor.”

“Do you know what this means?”

“This means that the half emperor of Human Race has already begun to care nothing, or that the jar has broken.”

“If the old body is expected to be good, it will not be long before there will be a war between the people and the demon 2 clan. At this time, whoever comes first will suffer first. You want us to make our 10000 demon mountain become the Human Race Xeonqiqi Is the first Monster Race Saint land destroyed by hand?”

Fengming Shenzi disabled to bear hit a shivered.

what is that?

Demon Saint Ridge actually killed 3 and a half emperors? !

When did this happen, it didn’t get any news at all.

“Specially, it must be Feng Qi’s old fart, deliberately concealing news from other Monster Race Saint places! Otherwise, such a big thing has happened, how could the Divine Son not know?”

Feng Xijiao glanced at the grandson, and seemed to see what he was thinking, and then said softly, “You are the future master of 10000 Yaoshan, and you must relax your mind appropriately. The old men are too stiff.”

“Fengqi Great Elder, but the old man who is with you next to your Imperial Father. If you have the opportunity, it is best to ease the relationship with him. Only with its support can you, the 10000 Lord of the Demon Mountain, sit peacefully.”

Between words, there is already a bit of reprimand in it.

A good 10000 demon mountain, only a few months of effort was taken away by this grandson, and the loss was heavy. Half of the Demon Emperor Realm directly damaged more than half, which is too bad.

The Fengming Divine Son was stunned, and the respect should be quickly: “The grandmother learned the lesson, Grandson wrote it down!”

Needless to say, it must be what Feng Qi’s old fogey said after his grandmother’s follow-up, otherwise how could the grandmother, who always loved it the most, suddenly become so lukewarm to it?

Fengming Shenzi hated the roots of his teeth, but he had to pretend to be obedient to listen to the teachings.

“Furthermore.” Feng Xijiao suddenly lifts the head and stared at Fengming Divine Son seriously, “You honestly tell your grandmother, why does your Imperial Father’s blood essence Clone take the initiative to recognize Yang Fan as the main Is there any hidden secret?”

This is also the real reason why Feng Xijiao refused to start Yang Fan easily again.

Last time Zhuge Xincheng said half of it was left, so it was a mystery. Feng Xijiao was always in a state of suspicion, and was a bit suspicious of Yang Fan’s identity.


Feng Mingjiao was stagnation breathed by Feng Xijiao, hesitated, and softly sounded to Feng Xijiao sound transmission:

“The specific reason for Grandson is not very clear, but I have heard a mention from Clone of Imperial Father, as if to say that Yang Fan’s mate is most likely the clock of the will of the native star, with a big destiny.”

“Imperial Father speculates that the Sovereign realm wants to go one step further, to advance above the Sovereign level, to achieve a real transcendence, free access, and Yang Fan may already be a key.”

“Before the Blood Essence Clone of the Imperial Father, the Blood Essence Clone of the Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign has already taken Yang Fan as the main, and the cultivation base has entered the speed of the abnormal speed!”

Feng Xijiao raised his eyebrows, and several black lines appeared on his face.

“This happened?!”

This turtle toy, why didn’t you say such an important thing early?

If Yang Fan is really transformed by the original will, if anyone dares to kill him, wouldn’t it be extremely unlucky?

This bastard, even encouraged the old lady to catch Yang Fan alive just now.

“Imperial Father had told Grandson to keep 10000000 confidential before he left. No one can tell.”

Feeling the amazing anger from Feng Xi Jiao, Feng Ming Shenzi quickly explained:

“This is my grandmother’s question, otherwise Grandson will not reveal a sentence even if he is dead.”

“Moreover, Grandson feels that Imperial Father’s words are too illusory and may not be true.”

Seeing that the expression on Feng Xijiao’s face was slightly slower, Fengming Shenzi continued:

“I have personally checked Yang Fan’s life experience, but it was just a walked the lucky dog ​​excrement that suddenly awakened Spiritual Power and got a human brat of some kind of hidden chance, not to be afraid!”

“After all, he only has the strength of the King Realm, and the cultivation base is low. As long as the grandmother can surprise him, he captures his real body in one fell swoop and forces him to find out the secrets and opportunities in his body. It may not be possible to occupy the magpie’s nest and replace it!”

Feng Xijiao glanced silently at the self-satisfied Fengming Shenzi, and pressed down the urge to slapp the turtle grandson with a slap. Unable to bear wanted to ask it.

Boy, do you think all the monsters that can become Monster Sovereign can’t be stupid? You can’t think of the Imperial Father as such a simple reason, but the Demon Tiger Monster Sovereign?

If you don’t have a certain sense of mind, do you think there will be Monster Sovereign one after another, will you be silly, give your blood essence Clone to a Human Race to play as a beast?

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