I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1191

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“Xiao Fengming, didn’t your Imperial Father tell you before, the spiritual sense of the Sovereign level powerhouse is extremely keen, although it can’t be an unknown prophet, can it also avoid evil to some extent?”

“Your Imperial Father’s blood essence Clone would rather give up the pride and self-esteem that Sovereign deserves, but also take the initiative to lurk close to Yang Fan’s side and be willing to be a Beast Pet beside him. What does this mean, and let the old lady follow you again Detailed analysis and explanation?”

Feng Xijiao looked at his grandson coldly, lightly said: “It seems that your hatred and jealousy of Yang Fan has seriously affected your reason and judgment.”

“I now begin to understand why Fengqi Great Elder has been opposed to letting you regain the power of 10000 Yaoshan. Now you are indeed inappropriate. If you are allowed to go on like you wantonly, the entire 10000 Yaoshan said Maybe they will be buried in your hands!”

“So, your best destination now is to go to the face and think about it. If you don’t enter the realm of the half emperor, don’t come out again!”

Having said that, without giving Fengming Divine Son a chance to refute, Feng Xijiao gently waved his right hand and directly opened up a space channel, instantly swallowing the Fengming Divine Son who was being forced.

“It’s better than a generation.”

Feng Xijiao shook his head in disappointment, his face sighing.

“It’s the idiom for human beings, father and son! If it’s not Bloodline, the old lady really has to wonder if this is Feng’s kind!”

“But again, Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure just fell into the hands of a Human Race junior. This is indeed a big problem. No matter whether Yang Fan’s kid is an incarnation of the original will, he will not let this ultimate weapon be held in his hand. .”

Feng Xijiao frowned slightly.

“Perhaps it can be used as a murder with a borrowed knife, to turn bad things into a great thing for 10000 Yaoshan and for our Fire Phoenix family?”

After thinking for a while, Feng Xijiao suddenly lit up, and immediately summoned Feng Xinjiao instructed:

“Yiyi, you have a quick trip to the Numawa country to spread the news of Yang Fan’s return to Jinghua City.”

“In addition, another message was sent to the high-level crocodile family, saying that Yang Fan has the ability to heal the Human Race half emperor, not only can extend the life essence of the half emperor, but also completely heal the half emperor after he becomes an emperor. Dao injury, let the half emperor of Human Race successfully advance to the real Sovereign realm!”

“Is this true Old Ancestor?” Feng Yiyi was startled, and asked to say, “Unable to bear.” If Yang Fan really has this ability, now our Great Domain Holy Great Lands should work together to kill him to prevent future troubles. That’s right!”

“Blindly.” Feng Xijiao said lightly: “How can the Daohuang’s body injury be so easily removed, the old lady has tossed over the several decades, hasn’t there been any way to take it?”

“Just don’t say that, how can you seduce the Half-Emperor of the Iron Tooth Crocodile to come out and find Yang Fan in trouble?”

“You know, it was their Numawa country that shot Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi into cripples. Once Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi’s 2 star killings recovered, they even broke through directly to become emperors. The first bad luck was liquidated. Must be their swamp country.”

“So, after hearing this news, regardless of true or false, they will not easily let Yang Fan go, and they dare not let Yang Fan live alive.”

“After all, Yang Fan’s medical skills are obvious to all. He can heal emperor and even Half Emperor when he is in the Grandmaster realm. No one can guarantee that he will not heal the half emperor of Human Race after he arrives in the emperor realm.”

“The iron-toothed crocodile can’t afford to gamble, and they will definitely take the lead in taking action.”

Speaking of which, Feng Xijiao unable to bear praised his wisdom, happily said:

“The old lady is still as clever as ever. Take the iron-toothed crocodile family to be the pawns of the horse. Try to test the determination of the high-level human race. By the way, consume the strength of the high-level martial artist of Human Race. It is indeed brilliant!”

“If they can successfully lure Yang Fan to inspire the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in his hand, it would be better.”

This is called one arrow 3 vulture, also called death Felo Daoist immortal Poor Daoist.

To ask why it is necessary to be a family of iron crocodiles, in addition to the fact that the iron crocodile is indeed in a hurry with the Human Race Federation, more importantly, the crocodile Monster Sovereign once mocked that its feathers on Feng Xijiao were not bright enough.

Feng Xijiao’s mind has never been big, and he has always remembered hate until now, there is a chance to be able to overcast the Clansman of Monster Sovereign, it will naturally not be missed?

“Old Ancestor is indeed brilliant and admirable!”

Feng Yi took a photo of the flattery in due course, because it knew that there should be a flattery here, otherwise Old Ancestor would feel very uncomfortable.

And once it makes Old Ancestor feel uncomfortable, then Old Ancestor will soon make it very uncomfortable.

“Hehe, you this girl, still so clever and sensible!”

Sure enough, Feng Xijiao was very beautiful. This flattery shot was just right, making it more and more satisfied with Feng Yiyi.

“Okay, let’s go, the sooner the better!”

“Yes, Old Ancestor, resign according to Yiyi!”

Feng Yiyi bowed as he should, but stepped back a few steps and walked away.

“Yang Fan, Yang Fan, if you can still be safe in the hands of those black-skinned crocodiles, then the old body admits that you really have a big destiny, you may really be the person chosen by the original will.”

“However, if you can’t sustain this wave of attacks, it’s better. Human Race has killed a Heavens Pride that is expected to become emperor.

“As for Feng Biao’s blood essence Clone, it’s gone if it’s gone, anyway, it’s impossible to die, you can make it up again after a period of cultivation!”

Feng Xijiao sat down in his place and said to himself with a faint smile. In order to be able to detect the depth of Yang Fan, this old hag ignored even his son’s blood essence Clone.

at this time.

Federal Center City.

Li Liangcai, Tian Chanzi and Zhuge Xincheng stood up at the head of the city at the same time, looking solemnly and looking at the fully activated moat outside the city with some expectation.


The combination of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and Six Roads of Samsara is running at high speed at the same time. In the Formation, there are enough 10000 Monster Races struggling and fighting madly.

The divine sense of the 3 and a half emperors can easily see through the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array enveloped in the outer illusion barrier, and sees that there are 3 12 and a half Demon Emperor Realm in the Formation trapped by the imaginary formation, no matter how the attack can not get rid of.

As for those Demoper beasts in the Emperor Rank, King Rank and even Monster King Realm world, they were killed by the Human Race martial artist who took the opportunity to join the battle.

For a while, blood flowing into a river, every minute, there were 100 to 1000 Monster Race killed on the spot.

Their flesh and blood were all engulfed and transformed on the spot by Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, and turned into one after another. The purest spiritual energy fluctuation converged on the Formation core, supporting the adjustment operation of the entire moat.

“This is the true formidable power of the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array. To support the battle, the more the enemy is killed, the stronger the situation. Only then can the kung fu, the power of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array has been enhanced by 100 points. Around 5!”

Tian Chanzi stood at the head of the city and sighed softly.

He is also an imaginary formation Grandmaster himself, and he knows very well about Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array.

“Unsurprisingly, after all the Emperor Rank and Monster Race under the Emperor Rank are killed, the power of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array will be directly increased to about 50%.”

“When the time comes, kill half of the Demon Emperor Realm and kill the chicken, even if the half emperor big demon re-enters the battle, it will be very good to go!”

This is the real charm of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array.

That is why the reason why Huyan Jingde was able to ambush Monster Race number 10000 monsters and digital half Demon Emperor Realm in Xiangqiao Mountain in one fell swoop.

Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array was already powerful 60 years ago. After 60 years, the improved and strengthened Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array is even more powerful and amazing.

“If the thirty two and half Demon Emperor Realm in the formation are all beheaded, and all their flesh and blood energy is supplied to the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, the power of the Formation can be increased to 3 to 5 times.”

“Ami… that Buddha!”

Tian Chanzi tapped a Buddha number and continued: “If at this time, we would follow the example of Huyan Jingde, and directly detonate the large array, and the half emperor inside would not want to live.”

“It’s really the younger generations will surpass us in time, Hu Yan Jingde and Yang Fan, these two Little Brat, have already raised the power of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array to super Heaven Grade level! If done properly, even Sovereign may not be necessary. Can’t hurt!”

Zhuge Xincheng pouted.

“Old bald, less of a junkie here, and Self-destruction? Do you want the entire Federal Center City to be buried with them?”

“Now the focus is not on those half Demon Emperor Realm, but on the 5 half emperors who have fallen into the Six Roads of Samsara formation.”

“This is not a trial battle, but a real battle between life and death! The old man now wants to know, can this Six Roads of Samsara virtual battlefield outside the city, in the end, be able to trap and kill those 5 semi-empire demon?”

“If you can’t, do you need our cooperation? With the help of the situation, first destroy them one by one!”

This is the point.

If Yang Fan’s Six Roads of Samsara can’t trap the five half-empire monsters, once they are freed, they, Old Brother, may not be opponents.

This time Yaoshengling and Black Wind Valley, but they are determined to destroy their federal center city.

When so many half-empire demon were dispatched, they must be thinking of revenge for the three earth-scarf half-empire who died before.

“Specially, how many half emperors are hidden in this demon holy mountain, how come 3 have already been hung, and how come 2 out of it?!”

Li Liangcai was also foul-mouthed next to him. Among the 5 half-empire monsters that came to invade, 2 were the Dijiao family, and the remaining 3 were only black and white bears from Black Wind Valley.

In this way, there have been 5 half emperors before and after the Dijiao family, which has far exceeded their previous estimates of 2 or 3.

These Half-Emperor Monsters of Monster Race are really too good to hide, maybe one will pop out of a horn from when, you can’t guard against it.

“Ami… that Buddha!”

Tian Chanzi whispered the Buddha number again, and said: “Sleep must be able to trap. The 5 half emperor cultivation bases are equivalent to ours. Even we can’t free ourselves from the 6 Samsara Power, and they are even more playless.”

“As for whether they can kill them, that is not what this poor monk can predict.”

“After all, this poor monk was also the first contact with this Six Roads of Samsara formation, and he knew nothing about it, unable to comprehend.”

Zhuge Xincheng was speechless.

I don’t know if you’re still nagging a chicken here, it’s a waste of time.

Zhuge Xincheng was a little impatient. His thoughts moved slightly, and he felt a little bit. Then he stretched his right hand and spanned dozens of kilometers. He moved Gu Qifeng, who was shutting down at the Federal Martial University, to the teleporter.

This kid is the Psionic Master, and is also the introduction of Yang Fan’s discipline. He has also participated in the layout of the Six Roads of Samsara. It should be able to help, at least much more than the old monk Tian Tianzi.

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