I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1193

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“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 4 is disturbed by the monster mysterious technique of Monster Sovereign (incomplete), and your heart touches, but you cannot learn because of insufficient strength. Spiritual Power +10, Spirit willpower +20.”


Yang Fan, who was lying on the bed and was enjoying the massive experience of blood and energy from the Federal Center City, sat up from the bed with a sudden shock and expressed surprise.

“What’s the situation? Yang Fan 4 is not in the Federal Center City, how could he be targeted by a half emperor?!”

“Fuck, there is no end!”

There was a trace of anger in Yang Fan’s heart.

The Federal Center City is now facing a joint attack by Monster Race 2 Great Holy Land. It even went out with 5 semi-empire monsters. If there is no accident, Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Zhuge Xincheng, even on Shenglin Island’s Ye Wentian, I’m afraid I will focus my attention there.

Even if there was a big guy who secretly monitored the guarding path around him, it is estimated that he had already returned to defense.

It was really deliberate, so in order to be able to kill him, he had such a big battle!

“It’s true that the tigers don’t show their power, they all regard the coach as a sick cat. Anyone wants to bully 2 times?”

Yang Fan glanced at the two Sovereign level Spirit Treasures placed in his storage space, and felt that it was also time to show his muscles and make those Demonic beasts who dare to come over and assassinate him again and again.

“It’s a pity that the Six Roads of Samsara outside the city has not been completely built, otherwise if you can lure them into the formation, you can save the next Sovereign level Spirit Treasure!”

Yang Fan sighed.

Sovereign level Spirit Treasure As the general existence of human and demon 2 group nuclear weapons at this stage, if it is not as a last resort, he really does not want to waste even one of them.

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 4 was disturbed by the monster mysterious technique of Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile, and your heart touched, but you could not learn because of insufficient strength, Spiritual Power +10, Spirit willpower +20.”

Ok? !

Yang Fan was stunned, and another half emperor demon?

Especially, how many half-elder demon came over this time, just to kill him such a small king realm, do you need such a big blood?

“It’s okay. It was a pity that I used a Sovereign level Spirit Treasure to change the life of a half emperor. Now I wish they could have more of them!”

Anyway, one sheep is also released, and two sheep are also rushed. The more you come, the more valuable the Yang Fan’s Sovereign level Spirit Treasure is.

Thinking this way, Yang Fan’s thoughts moved and immediately got in touch with the spore Clone Yang Fan No. 4 outside the city.

“Find a way to dismiss all the people around you, so as to avoid killing the pond fish when the Monster Race half emperor takes a shot.”

Yang Fan No. 4 tapped the nodded subtly, and there was a little excitement in my heart.

The deity has granted him the authority to inspire a Sovereign level Spirit Treasure at any time. If he does not complain at this time and does not fully bloom, what is the difference between his Clone and a salted fish?

It must be waves!

Yang Fan got excited on the 4th.

In the past 2 days, he was outside the city except for the formation or the formation, and he was about to vomit, and there was little passion.

These Monster Race half emperors came at the right time, and finally there is a chance for him to go out and play with Yang Fan 4!

Feeling the restlessness from the Divine Soul of Xiao 4’s Shihai, Yang Fan’s mouth could not help but feel that this little 4 was a little saucy, not as calm and decent as his deity.

Soon, Yang Fan 4 sent Che Hongyu, Qian Tongfang, An Sheng, Mu Qianqian and the others to the array core in the city on the ground of debugging the Formation.

The deer who had been staying by Yang Fan 4 as a guard calmly instinctively felt something wrong, especially when it found out that there was not even a silhouette beside the owner Clone, the uneasiness in his heart became stronger.

“No, come again?!”

“Master, I miss you, can I recall me too?”

Deer calmly called Yang Fan from the bottom of his heart. He knew that the owner was really in the city. As long as his idea was strong enough, the owner would be able to feel it.

Sure enough, after only 2 seconds, it waited for Yang Fan to reply.

“Shout, this silly deer, the ability is not big, but the sense of danger is quite sharp!”

Yang Fan couldn’t help but take a deep look at the deer calmly, this man could mix with the weakest half Demon Emperor Realm in 10000 Yaoshan man for several decades and didn’t die, it was not unreasonable.

“Leave me staying there honestly, the owner keeps you okay. On the contrary, if you have exposed something that affects the owner’s fishing plan, I will not tear you off later!”

Yang Fan whispered the sound transmission threat, you don’t have any count in your identity, you are now the handsome body protection symbol, without you confusing the enemy beside you, how could those half-empire monsters outside stay in battle Yang Fan himself?

Lu Cong’s 4 feet were soft and trembling in his heart, but he didn’t dare to show it at all.

Because it knows that once it shows its timidity and breaks the good things of Yang Fan, this brutal guy will definitely say that it can do it. 99% of its old deer may not see the sun tomorrow.

“Then… the wise great and handsome owner Baba, can you tell me this time who is the enemy we are facing, what is the cultivation base?”

Can’t survive, Deer calmly can only retreat and second, patting Yang Fan’s flattery, want to inquire about the realm of the enemy’s actual strength, when you are really in danger later, I have to prepare in advance.

“This can be there.” Yang Fan did not conceal, lightly said: “So far, there are only two enemies exposed. They should all be iron tooth crocodiles from the Numawa country. All are half emperors!”

All are half emperors!

All…half emperors?

All…are…half emperors? !

He said the important thing three times, Yang Fan’s voice also echoed three times in a row in the calm sea of ​​deer.

The old deer’s heart was cold for a while, and the source of Divine Soul, which was stored in Yang Fan’s consciousness, was very simple, and wa’ed to cry.

It’s so exciting.

The master actually wants it to face a two half emperor monsters with a Clone. Isn’t this a clear desire to let it die?


Who gave the owner such great courage that he could swell to the point where even the half emperor’s fish dared to fish, he was not afraid of trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off, and finally put himself in?

Deer calmly criticized, but he did not dare to reveal it in the sea.

Because Sand Sculpture like Host is not only cruel, but also does not seem to have a big heart. The reason why it is treated differently now is that Lu calmly suspected that it was because it had exposed its master’s curse in the past.

Otherwise, there are 2 and a half Demon Emperor Realm beasts beside Sand Sculpture like Host, but he can only come to the pit for Mao?

After making arrangements, Yang Fan himself was not idle, and directly urged Divine Stone to the extreme, covering up all his breath, and then instantly flashed out of the city and came to Clone and Xiaomei.

At this moment, even if Yang Fan stood so clearly in front of a man and a beast, and still in front of Clone and the beast that felt the most closely with Yang Fan, they did not find the slightest existence of Yang Fan.

In particular, Yang Fan is still running Shadow Stealth. The whole person’s figure is hidden in the dark, with no sight and divine sense, just like a completely transparent person.

“The effect is not good.”

Yang Fan stood beside Clone for a while and waited until he heard the system hint about the 2 crocodiles Divine Consciousness survey again, and his mind finally settled down.

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 4 is disturbed by the monster mysterious technique of Monster Sovereign (incomplete), and your heart touches, but you cannot learn because of insufficient strength. Spiritual Power +10, Spirit willpower +20.”

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 4 was disturbed by the monster mysterious technique of Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile, and your heart touched, but you could not learn because of insufficient strength, Spiritual Power +10, Spirit willpower +20.”


Yang Fan laughed proudly in the heart.

He is now standing next to Clone. If Crocodile and Crocodile discovered his existence, then in the system hint, not only the spore Clone will be interfered by fine mysterious technique, but his real body will certainly not be spared.

But now, as always, the two half-crown crocodiles not at all found traces of his real existence.

This is exactly what Yang Fan needs, and it also proves the strength of Divine Stone.

“Next, let the coach take a look, where are you two cute little crocodiles hiding!”

Yang Fan did not dare to directly explore his Spiritual Power to investigate in 4 places, lest the breath leak would reveal his real body position.

He silently ran Heaven and Earth Magical Powers, which he learned from Dahei, and incorporated the range of 100 kilometers into his divine sense.

Since Dahei’s cultivation base has advanced to half Demon Emperor Realm realm, the sensing range of Heaven and Earth Magical Powers has been expanded once again, directly increasing to a sensing range of 50 100 km.

And Yang Fan also benefited from it, refreshing the proficiency of listening to Heaven and Earth Magical Powers to the highest level, and also being able to sense any scene within 150 kilometers.


Yang Fan found 3 strangely discernable strange atmospheres in the high altitude of about 2 ten thousand meters in the northeast corner of Jinghua City. Immediately afterwards, 2 humanoid monsters with black crocodile heads appeared in Yang Fan’s sea of ​​knowledge Out.

Yang Fan’s mind moved, and divine sense illusory shadow arrived in an instant, directly appearing in front of the two half-empire monsters of the crocodile and the beautiful crocodile.

As always, even the Half-Emperor did not notice the Yang Fan illusory shadow manifested in Heaven and Earth Magical Powers. Yang Fan stood in front of them and watched them bow down to the city of Jinghua .

“Second Elder, Yang Fan seems to have pulled away all the people around him, wouldn’t he find us?”

The female crocodile’s face is colored, which is suspicious of Yang Fan Clone’s move that just sent everyone away.

“There is no possibility!”

The crocodile, known as Second Elder, shook his head decisively.

“We use the Monster Sovereign’s own exploration secrets, even the same level of Human Race half emperor don’t want to have any awareness, let alone Yang Fan a little king.”

“It should be just a coincidence. Didn’t you listen to him? Those people went to debug the Formation. It is a normal transfer and there is no need to take seriously.”

The crocodile is beautifully nodded: “Second Elder makes a good point. Thanks to you for coming together this time. Otherwise, if I rely on my temper, I won’t even consider that much, and I might be reckless.”

“So, Sixth Elder is still too young.” Crocodile proudly raised his head and said seriously: “Remember to read more books when it’s okay. Human Race is humble, but Human Race’s military inheritance is still a certain reference value. .”

“The brain is a good thing, I hope Sixth Elder can grow longer!”

“Exactly, there are nearly 10000 human race collections in the old man’s house. Sixth Elder can often come to my house to sit when it’s okay.”

The crocodile looked down shyly and shouted, “Second Elder, you are so good~!”


Yang Fan’s illusory shadow unable to bear shuddered, so it didn’t spit out.

These two old grotesques actually flirted with the public, shameless!

Could there be something more serious? !

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