I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1194

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2 old crocodiles are chatting here, and they seem to be very casual and confident.

Yang Fan took a deep breath, I feel that these two grotesques will not be able to do it for a while, it seems that they are waiting for an opportunity.

But none of this has anything to do with Yang Fan. They stay here without moving, but it is better. If possible, Yang Fan does not want to lose a Clone of his own spores.

Although the death of a Clone is nothing to Yang Fan, it is just a King Rank monster core and a small amount of Divine Soul.

However, the kind of extremely painful death experience left when Clone died will also be transmitted to the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space of Yang Fan with Clone’s residual Divine Soul, which is definitely not what Yang Fan wants.

After confirming the location of these 2 crocodiles, Yang Fan thought about it and temporarily listened to Heaven and Earth Magical Powers.

Then, without any hesitation, the real body directly broke the array and go out and flew up.

Under the strong convergence effect of Divine Stone, no one or demon discovered that Yang Fan had gone out of the silhouette of the city.

In order to prevent the breath from leaking, Yang Fan not at all uses Space Divine Ability, but directly uses Spiritual Power to carry himself personally. The distance of 3 ten thousand meters is only a moment for Yang Fan, who is already King Rank Peak realm. thing.

“It’s a god-level item, this Divine Stone, which is named “divine breath” by the system, really got a batch!

No wonder that Jiao Wushuang’s old hag can hide in the front of one’s eyes of Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Zhuge Xincheng in the half of the emperor. “

Standing behind the two half-crown crocodiles, Crocodile Chung and Crocodile Beauty, Yang Fan unable to bear in the heart sighed softly.

This kind of feeling I’m by your side but you can’t see me at all, don’t be too good.

If this Divine Stone is used to assist stealth, assassination, or theft, it is simply Divine Item.

This is the first time that Yang Fan has used Divine Stone to make such a dangerous move in front of the Half Race of Monster Race. If Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure is not used as a body protection card, he can still be able to find it under the premise of being discovered. Save your life easily, otherwise he will not take such personal risks.

“What should I do next?”

“Do you want to activate the Sovereign level Spirit Treasure directly, or secretly feed them 2 Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan headshots?”

Yang Fan stood behind the 2 crocodiles, somewhat hesitant.

If you directly activate the Sovereign level Spirit Treasure, you can kill these two old crocodiles in an instant, but this Sovereign level Spirit Treasure is Yang Fan’s life-saving card, and one is one less.

If it is not really forced to a critical moment, Yang Fan is really reluctant to waste so much.

However, if the pill technique is used to force Soul Refining Jindan to feed these two old crocodiles, Yang Fan cannot guarantee that they can be fed simultaneously.

If one is successful and the other is still feeding, wouldn’t it be a complete fool?

More importantly, feeding Soul Refining Jindan will greatly destroy the integrity of the origin of the two half-empire demon Divine Soul, which hinders Yang Fan’s subsequent pill concocting or absorption of Soul Power and Spirit contained in the source of refining Divine Soul. Power.

Really distressed.

The general King Rank martial artist and even the Emperor Rank martial artist when encountering the semi-empire demon, the first thing to consider is how to escape.

When he came to Yang Fan, he needed to think about which method he should use to kill these half emperors at the minimum cost, and at the same time get their complete Divine Soul origin.

The pressure is great.

Yang Fan felt that he had withstood the huge pressure he should not bear at his age.

“Forget it, it’s still the old rules. Let’s talk about turning these two products into one’s own. After the danger is lifted, it’s not too late to make it slowly.”

Soon, Yang Fan had a mind in his mind, holding Sovereign level Spirit Treasure in one hand and Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan in one hand, and also began to cautiously throwing charm skills to the two half-crown crocodiles in front of him.

Although the charm skill has no lethality, it is a kind of fine mysterious technique after all. Yang Fan is worried that when performing this fine mysterious technique, he will be discovered by crocodiles and crocodiles beautifully, so he has prepared 2 hands.

Both hands should be grasped, and both hands should be hard.

No matter when, or his own life is the most important.

“You have used charm skills for Monster Sovereign (incomplete), but the charm fails. Crocodile is aware of it. I don’t care. Spiritual Power +5, Spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”

“You have used charm skills for Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile beauty. The charm fails, the crocodile has a sense of beauty, is vigilant, Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”

Crocodile is immersed in the excitement of chatting with the beauty of the crocodile, not at all too concerned about some changes in his body, still continually throwing a wink at the crocodile beauty.

The crocodile beauty is a shivered, unable to bear turning his head 4 Gu: “Second Elder, do you feel anything is wrong, just how it seems that there is a Spiritual Power gently slipped over me, we should not Was it discovered by someone?”

“Sixth Elder, don’t be so frightened and flustered.” Crocodile glanced at the crocodile’s beauty with some disappointment, and said softly: “Just an old man told you to be calm and calm, not to be a soldier.”

“Even if you don’t have confidence in your own strength, you still have to believe in the power of the emperor?”

“Now the entire Human Race federal half emperor powerhouse’s attention has been drawn to the federal center city. Who can find the existence of our 2 monsters in Jinghua City?”

“The Spirit Power just now, the old man also feels that there is no slight threat. It should be that a Human Race’s Psionic Master is bored peering around, just passing by our side, just ignore him.”

“Anyway, he can’t find our existence. If he cares too much, he might expose our position in advance.”

The crocodile was beautiful hearing this, and the vigilance in his heart was dispersed for the moment, and he looked up admiringly towards the crocodile Zhong: “Second Elder said that fortunately, you are here, otherwise people will have to recklessly cause trouble.”

A little wink thrown out, Second Elder is very useful, said with a laugh: “So, follow the old man, must learn more, look back, and go back, remember to come to my house a few more times, old man I can give you a few more lessons for free…”

The crocodile is beautiful and shy, nodded, and said with a coquettish voice: “Second Elder, you are so good~! People are not coming~!”


Yang Fan’s stomach turned again and again, and the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in his hand was almost not activated by him directly. I really wanted to kill these two old comrades immediately, so disgusting.

However, the Second Elder of believe oneself infallible helped Yang Fan a lot.

Yang Fan suppressed the disgust in his heart, continued to increase the horsepower, and kept throwing charm skills on these 2 crocodiles.

“You have charm skills for Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile beauty, 30% 6 Ignore the defense chance to trigger successfully, the charm is successful, crocodile beauty has greatly improved your favorability, Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, skill proficiency +10.”

“You showed charm skills to Peak Martial King (restricted) Tian Buqi, and the charm was successful…”

“You have charm skills for Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile beauty, the charm is successful, the favor of crocodile beauty for you is greatly improved, the meaning of closeness is one of the feelings in one’s speech, the heart of love goes deep into the bone marrow, and the loyalty consciousness is deeply embedded Divine Soul knows the sea and the relationship between the two parties is extremely friendly. Spiritual Power +4, spirit willpower +4, and skill proficiency +8.”

Get one!

Yang Fan’s heart is a little loose, didn’t expect the success rate of secretly displaying charm skills in the background is still quite high, and it took only less than ten times to successfully turn one of the half emperors into his own.

“Second Elder, do we really have to kill this Yang Fan?”

After the charm skill was successfully deployed, when Crocodile Beauty looked towards Yang Fan Clone below, it unconsciously gave birth to a close and intimate meaning, and suddenly became a little unbearable.

“Let me say that this Yang Fan Lai Hao is also a talent. Let’s take it back to the Numawa country and conquer or domesticate him as our own iron crocodile. Isn’t it okay? There is no need to take it. His life?”

Crocodile hearing this, could not help shaking his head again: “What’s wrong, this is soft-hearted?”

“Speaking of being young and shallow, you were not convinced before. Don’t think that an unexpected breakthrough has reached the Real Emperor’s Realm. If you get the Elder seat, you will feel omnipotent.”

“Old man now tells you clearly, Little Liu, you still have too little experience and haven’t dealt with Human Race too much.”

“This Yang Fan is the Heavens Pride of Human Race, and it is still a powerful healing ability. In the future, it may even be healed. The peerless Heavens Pride with the body Dao injury, how could the half emperor of Human Race sit and let us watch? Enron took him back to the clan?”

“If you take 10000 steps back, even if you can really take it back, it will be a time bomb that can detonate at any time, and it will attract the semi-empire of Human Race to continuously enter the country. This is a pair of us. It’s definitely not a good thing.”

“Also, more importantly, Yang Fan’s kid is Heavens Pride, but his medical skills, Soul Refining Technique, Beast Taming, and Illusionist abilities are only effective for Human Race martial artist.

It has almost no effect on our Monster Race. Even if we turn him into a puppet and control his mind, there is no use for a bird, so it is better to kill it directly. “

The crocodile beauty frowned, but this time it didn’t say anything about Flattery of Second Elder.

Even if it knew that Crocodile was right, he still couldn’t bear it, and could not bear to kill Yang Fan below.

“Stay for a while, the old man is hands-on, just look around.”

Crocodile did not receive the small eyes of worship as he wished, feeling a little uncomfortable, glanced at the crocodile beautifully, and said:

“Originally taking you out this time is an experience and a test of you. Remember to learn more and read more. 10000000 Don’t be half pity for Human Race.”

“You always have to remember that Human Race is despicable. We are born to be the food and blood of our Monster Race. Whether it is killing or eating, cooking or cooking, it is as it should be by rights. There is no need to eat for a bite. And here is the sadness of the spring and the fall of the autumn, and the same family jokes.

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