I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1195

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Hearing the inhuman words of Crocodile Chung, Yang Fan figure stopped who is working hard to display charm skills to him, directly withdrew his outgoing Spiritual Power, and stopped the continuous display of charm skills.

He is a bit disabled to bear, and now he will kill this old crocodile.

For a time, Yang Fan clung to the Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, which was already prepared in his hand, and quietly cast a pill technique against Crocodile.

Even if he didn’t want to fight the spirit of this half-empire beast, he would immediately kill this stupid thing that would eat people!

“You cast a pill technique on Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Crocodile, but Dan failed. Crocodile easily avoided the invasion of Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, safe and sound. Spiritual Power +2, skill proficiency +2. “

“You cast a pill technique on Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Crocodile and failed to throw Dan…”

“You forcibly feed Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile Zhong Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile Zhong failed to absorb refining in time, Yi Dan headshot, one strike certain kill, your enemy experience gained Greatly strengthened, qi and blood strength +120000000, spirit willpower +600.”

“You forcibly feed the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile a Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, to its head, one strike certain kill, you have a touch of heart, to the soul killer’s Exclusive Kill Kill Skill-throwing a pill The technical understanding is further deepened, Spiritual Power +100, skill proficiency +20.”


No sign, no preparation at all.

The Second Elder crocodile, who is reprimanding the beauty of the crocodile, bursts its head suddenly from the middle, the brain is overflowing, and the blood splashed. It immediately blows the beauty of the crocodile in front of him.

“Second Elder, don’t make trouble, let’s not scare the monster like that!”

The crocodile beauty started to think that this was Second Elder cracking a joke with it. Over time, especially when the body of a crocodile, a headless carcass of a giant iron-toothed crocodile about 2000 meters long, appeared, The crocodile’s beautiful figure stiffened, a burst of liver tremor.

There is not only blood flow, Life Aura is nothing, and more importantly, the corpse is surrounded by Divine Soul fragments that have escaped from the sea of ​​crocodiles.

“Really dead!”

After recognizing this fact, the crocodile’s two beautiful long legs are as soft as noodles, and some are unstable.

It’s so scary!

This is crocodile!

They have nearly 2 100 Second Elder surviving the Iron Tooth Crocodile, a cultivation base strength second only to their Great Elder’s old semi-empire powerhouse!

Now, even without saying a word, he was blown off his head without any resistance!

Even more scary is that from the beginning to the end, from the beginning to the end, standing next to the crocodile, the crocodile that is close to the crocodile is beautiful, and he has not found any anomalies, and the enemy’s traces and breath are nothing. Noticed.

There is no doubt that they have been stared at by someone powerful!

The instinctive crocodile is beautiful and wants to escape through the sky. Even an Old Senior like crocodile can be easily killed. It has just broken through to the half emperor, and its strength is not as good as the new tenderness of crocodile. Is it not to stay here? In courting death?

This place can’t be forced to stay any longer, and staying there will be a death!

The crocodile started with a beautiful heart, but before he could move it, a faintly discernable spiritual sound transmission came from his ear.

“The crocodile is beautiful, isn’t it? The new Sixth Elder of the gnome tooth crocodile family is right?”

“Obe, listen to the old man’s persuasion. If you don’t want to get a headshot like the stupid crocodile, just give the old man a place to stay and move.”

“Otherwise, the old man doesn’t mind letting the sky above Jinghua have one more body of a half-crown.”

The voice is cold, ethereal and rootless, without a trace of fireworks.

But listening to the crocodile’s beautiful ears, it was a thunderbolt and a desperate sign of a sunny day. He almost didn’t scare this little female crocodile. The cold sweat on his head fell shua~ shua~ shua~ straight down.

Especially when it sensed a crocodile headshot, the Divine Soul source fragments scattered around 4 were disappeared out of thin air in an instant, as if it was put away by the mysterious person who gave it sound transmission.

The crocodile has even more fear and fear in her beautiful heart, standing there and daring not to move again.

“Sovereign realm! If this is not the Sovereign realm, the old lady dares to live and eat!”

“Such a fierce means of killing the enemy, such a brilliant method of concentration, even the Great Elder, the strongest cultivation base of our family, can’t do it!”

In the limited cognition of the crocodile’s beauty, even the Great Elder, the strongest cultivation base of the crocodile family, impossible will kill the crocodile Second Elder so quickly and silently.

So apart from the Sovereign environment, it really can’t imagine who else in this world will be so powerful.

But Great Elder, don’t they say that no matter whether it is the 5th emperor of the Monster Race or the 3rd emperor of the Human Race, they can no longer be shut down. Will the impossible reappear in a short time?

So, who is hiding behind and secretly shooting to kill Second Elder?

Also, why did he reveal Second Elder and its beautiful real names in a single bit, when did he start staring at them?

It’s really scary to think, the crocodile’s beautiful heart is cold.

At this time, the corner of Yang Fan’s mouth, who was standing invisible in the shadow behind the beautiful crocodile, could not be lifted slightly.

This female crocodile was better to be fooling, and just a few words of sound transmission scared it to stay in place directly, and even dared not move again.

Yang Fan stopped ignoring him, and after collecting all the fragments of Divine Soul, which had been released from the crocodiles, into his Sea of ​​Consciousness Space, Yang Fan began to collect the fresh corpse in front of him.

“You have used Advanced Gathering on the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile’s corpse. Gathered successfully, Sovereign level Third Grade monster core +1, earth crystal +20, Spiritual Power +10, skill proficiency +10.”

“You have used Advanced Gathering on the body of Monster Sovereign (Incomplete), and the collection is successful. Sovereign level Third Grade +99, Sovereign level Third Grade blood essence +99, Sovereign level Third Grade crocodile skin +1, Spiritual Power + 10. Skill proficiency +10.”

“You used advanced collection techniques on the body of Monster Sovereign (incomplete), and the collection was successful…”

With the continuous use of Yang Fan’s advanced collection technique, the crocodile corpse, which was still lying in the void, is becoming crippled and reduced at an alarming rate.

Put in the crocodile’s beautiful eyes, this scene is even more terrifying.

It witnessed the crocodile core, blood flesh, bones and bones of the crocodile with the body, and even wrapped in the iron crocodile. The black iron crocodile skin, which is most proud of the defensive power and the most powerful, was silently disappeared.

high speed.

That is, after a few breathing efforts, it was just a crocodile with a headless body. It has now become a headless, skinless, boneless, meatless, and crippled corpse.

It is too ferocious!

Kill the demon and divide the corpse!

No need to ask, this must be the Sovereign of Human Race!

Otherwise, no monster Sovereign of any tribe would be so shameless, and stripped of the skin and flesh of the crocodile, and even refused to let go of the bones and teeth of the crocodile.

It is simply the rhythm of geese pulling hair.

The elders in the listening tribe said that the human race martial artists are all brutal, even Sovereign, and they like to share the flesh and blood corpses of these high-level Monster Races.

In this scene in front of me, the general facts prove that the words of the elders in the clan are not exaggerated at all.

This Sovereign of Human Race is really cruel and greedy, even when splitting the Second Elder’s body did not reveal a slight breath, it is too terrifying!

Poor Second Elder, not only did Divine Soul not rest in peace after his death, even the corpse was cut off 7-8, which is really miserable.

“Stay for a while, I will not be like Second Elder, just drop the soul flew away and scattered.

The crocodile has a beautiful heart, trembling on 2 legs, and pissing.

It wants to escape, but it dare not move.

Disobedient, it fears that it will die faster.

Because until now, it has not found a trace or breath of that mysterious Sovereign. Even if it wants to run, it doesn’t know which direction to run.

Soon, in 3 two minutes, when the huge body of the crocodile was divided into nearly half of flesh and blood, there were only a few large intestines left in the body, the water, and other insignificant bits and pieces, Yang Fan finally stopped. Down.

Because the advanced collection technique is no longer good enough for these small bits and pieces, the things collected are getting less and less, and there is no longer any need to continue.

Afterwards, Yang Fan to ones hearts content glanced at his storage space and saw a lot of storage space enriched, Yang Fan smiled with pride.

“It’s a good harvest. Didn’t expect this crocodile and half emperor although the cultivation base is incomplete and not a real Sovereign environment, but its Fleshy body’s strength has indeed reached Level 3 Sovereign’s realm.”

Yang Fan sighed softly: “The semi-real emperors are really interesting. On the surface, they are restricted by road injuries, and they can’t exert their true Sovereign level strength, but their fleshy body and demon core are all already equipped. The characteristics of a real Sovereign environment.”

This is not the first time Yang Fan has collected the corpse of the semi-empire demon. This kind of killing of the semi-empire demon can actually collect the real flesh and blood of the Sovereign realm demon. It can always give Yang Fan a pick up. Satisfaction.

After a day of work, the result was a salary comparable to a month, and the thief was cool.

Looking at the remaining miscellaneous parts of Crocodile Zhong, in accordance with the good habit of diligence and frugality, Yang Fan thought out and directly brought out Dahei summon in the beast space.


“Another half emperor demon! The host is formidable!”

Seeing the corpse of the half emperor demon suspended in the air and collected by the owner once again, Dahei was not dismissed in the slightest, and moved with satisfaction.

Like this kind of life state where you can eat a half emperor’s corpse every 3 or 5 times, isn’t it the ideal life for year even for something even in dreams?

Without Yang Fan’s instructions, Dahei rushed towards the crocodile’s corpse quickly, drunk without any care, and stood nearby, revealing the beauty of a powerful half-over-aura crocodile.

A bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, swish it, swallowed 2 meters long and weighed 1000 tons of dead crocodiles.

“Lying trough! It turned out to be a Heaven Devouring Beast at the half Demon Emperor Realm level?!”

“Isn’t the Heaven Devouring Beast family already given away by the Five Great Holy Lands more than 100 years ago? How could this clansman exist in this world?”

The crocodile’s beautiful eyes tightened for a while, and he recognized the variety and origin of Dahei at a glance. Unable to bear was shaking again in his heart.

A Heaven Devouring Beast that has been trained to half the Demon Emperor Realm level, in addition to the real Sovereign environment, who can hold it?

This is just playing with fire.

Is this Sovereign of Human Race not afraid of raising this Heaven Devouring Beast to the Half Emperor or Sovereign realm, it will burn itself with fire, but will it be swallowed by this Heaven Devouring Beast?

You know, the Heaven Devouring Beast family is notoriously unscrupulous, there is nothing they dare not eat in this world.

A pair of front teeth is comparable to the highest Divine Weapon in this world, especially after the breakthrough to the half Demon Emperor Realm realm, even the flesh and blood of the Sovereign realm can devour the refining, and it is a powerful group.

Shou Shou!

How can there be lunatics who dare to raise Heaven Devouring Beast in this world? !

Is he trying to make people and demon 2 clan all become the ration of this Heaven Devouring Beast? !

and also.

Will the old lady be fed directly to this Heaven Devouring Beast by this madman later?

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