I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1196

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Swallowing the crocodile’s body in one bite, Dahei didn’t even hit a full hiccup, licking his lips with some intention, seeming to be unsatisfied.

Immediately after the big dog turned around, the two dogs stared at the beauty of the motionless crocodile who had been standing next to them with a slight light, and the mouth began to flow down again.

The crocodile is beautifully shivered, so scared that the neck is unable to bear and shrinks inwards.

It stands to reason that it is a half emperor demon, and should not be afraid of a Little Brat with only half Demon Emperor Realm realm.

But the one in front of me is Heaven Devouring Beast. Legend has it that there is nothing to eat, nothing to digest, and even Sovereign’s flesh and blood can be bitten by Heaven Devouring Beast.

It is now the Realm of the half emperor, and the cultivation base is far less than Second Elder. The crocodile skin outside can’t stop the sharp teeth of this Heaven Devouring Beast.

Even more how, there is a human race Supreme suspected of Sovereign hidden in the void. If Heaven Devouring Beast really came to nibble at it, would it dare to resist?

The beautiful crocodile does not know that dogs have always been bullying and fearing the hard and The Dog acts fierce when his Master is present. The more you are afraid of it, the more powerful and unsatisfied it is.

On the contrary, if you behave tougher, do not retreat and move forward, or even bend over to pick up a brick and so on, it will not dare to be arrogant.

Therefore, when Dahei saw the crocodile’s beautiful eyes shy away from her cowardly eyes, her mind swelled at once, and her desire to swallow the little female crocodile became unstoppable.

The powerful cultivation base of the semi-real emperor seems to be nothing in its eyes now, and it feels that it can tear the semi-empire predator in one go, just as it did when it swallowed the body of the predator.

This is the instinctive agitation and longing from Dahei Swallowing the Heavens Bloodline. It as it should be by rights. It thinks that 10000 things in the world are the food of their Heaven Devouring Beast family. In this world, there are no people and monsters. They are Heaven. Devouring Beast can not eat!


“The old lady was stared at, this Heaven Devouring Beast wanted to eat me, and the saliva came out!”

“Is this Heaven Devouring Beast’s own meaning, or is the big guy giving it secretly? To die, is my crocodile beautiful destined to die without a whole corpse today?”

“No, I can’t just sit back and die. I’m still young. I’m only 150 years old. I just got promoted to Realm. I don’t want to die!”

The crocodile’s beautiful mind is constantly ups and downs, watching step by step approaching Heaven Devouring Beast which is approaching it, the ferociousness of its within the body is activated, and the survival instinct forces it to carry out the final Stranded Beast’s Struggle.

It wants to resist, it doesn’t want to be lightly and suffocate here!

“Senior spares me, I surrender!”

“Don’t kill me! I came here just for soy sauce!”

“Really! The great Monster God and Tathagata Buddha can testify for me. I really haven’t thought of coming to kill people. I’m a hobby peaceful iron crocodile!”

“I have never eaten people. I have admired the Buddhist culture in Human Race since I was a child. I believe in Buddha, believe in cause and effect, and believe in reincarnation. I am vegetarian!”

Without warning, the crocodile, who was still ready to fight against the dead, was beautiful. Suddenly he fell to his knees and fell to the ground, crying for mercy.

“Keep me alive, I can be the beast of Senior, the contract recognizing Master or Divine Soul prohibition, I can do it!”

“Buddha said, All living things are equal, although my crocodile beauty is Monster Race, but also a member of all beings, it is also a life!”

“I want to live, I want to keep a glimmer of survival, I beg Senior, give a chance!”

Corner of mouth twitching by Yang Fan.

The scene in front of him seemed somewhat familiar, which made him think of the scene when he conquered Xiaomei in Xichu City.

I remember that Xiao Meihua also had such a set of rhetoric at the time, with four limbs lying on the ground, so that was a cry.

The problem is, Xiaomeihua said that it is easy to understand to be a vegetarian. After all, people are herbivores, and it is reasonable to say that they don’t eat meat.

But even a crocodile has a face that says you are a vegetarian, and that you are a hobby peaceful crocodile, funny?

Yang Fan is now wondering if this iron-toothed crocodile has seen the scene when Xiao Meihua surrendered and confessed, so it is here that there is a copy of the scene here, and even many of the lines in it are not copied. A little change?

Dahei was also dumbfounded.

In this world, how could there be such a boneless half emperor?

What a shame on Monster Race!

On this half-crown predator, Dahei seemed to see the persuasive shadow of the spotted deer.

You said that you are a little bit angry, you are not a little bit angry, how can I Lao Hei have the opportunity to eat your flesh, so disappointed!

At this time, Dahei’s knowledge of the sea has received the Sand Sculpture like Host’s order to stop it, Dahei extremely reluctantly slammed the crocodile’s beauty.

“Wait, the master didn’t collect all the garbage. After he recognized the master, the monster was ruthlessly slaughtered by the master. This King may not have the opportunity to devour another half-empire’s body!”

Dahei still did not give up.

It knows the temper of Sand Sculpture like Host the best. As long as the owner discovers that this crocodile has eaten the flesh and blood of Human Race, no matter what cultivation realm it is, it will definitely be hard to escape.

The iron-toothed crocodile, but the famous fierce blood eater, cultivation base to the half emperor realm guy, how could not have eaten Human Race?

Therefore, Dahei is not discouraged, but continues to stare at the crocodile beautifully. It feels that it still has a great chance to eat the flesh and blood of this half-crown crocodile.

The attachment and desire for food has made Dahei subconsciously ignore the huge power difference of one order between it and the beauty of the crocodile. Now it has no half emperor in its eyes, only half Sovereign level spirit strength.

This is the world of foodies.

Their heels will always only have food.

Yang Fan ignored Dahei’s careful thoughts, his eyes swept over the crocodile begging for a beautiful cry on the ground.

Seeing Heaven Devouring Beast finally stopped, there was no need to pounce on him again and lick his mouth. The crocodile was a little loose in her heart, thinking that her sincerity had moved the big brother in the sky, kowtowing harder.

There seems to be hope.

Although I did it a little bit more, I did a little bit of courage, but I didn’t have any guts.

But it’s better to be alive than to die. It seems that it is not unacceptable to be a Sovereign follower beast.

“Well, since you are so sincere, this seat will give you a chance to redeem yourself.”

At this time, the indifferent voice rang again in the crocodile’s beautiful ears.

“Now, take the initiative to give a drop of Divine Soul origin, don’t have the slightest resistance to resist, otherwise this seat does not mind letting Dahei devour another half emperor’s body.”


It should be the abominable Heaven Devouring Beast right now?

The crocodile beautiful hearing this nodded again and again, not to mention two words, directly attentively splitting his Divine Soul origin from a drop.

Soon, on its forehead, there was a drop of fist sized liquid source condense shining with golden rays of light.

Because I don’t know where the mysterious gangster is hiding, so the crocodile beauty only floated this drop of Divine Soul to 3 feet in front of his forehead, and then stood still.

Dahei raised his eyes and glanced at the Divine Soul origin of the beautiful crocodile’s beautiful initiative. The corner of his mouth was slightly hooked, and the corner of his eyes showed a trace of mockery.

Another stupid fell in love.

Sand Sculpture like Host Now the means of fooling demon is really becoming more and more brilliant.

No one showed up, so a half emperor took the initiative to present his Divine Soul source, which really made the demon disobedient.

Maybe in the heart of this half-crocodile crocodile, it was just a drop of Divine Soul’s origin, simply hurting its roots, when necessary, it can be completely cut off and discarded, the great thing is that it was seriously injured for a while, want to die It’s that easy.

But they didn’t know that once the source of Divine Soul entered the sea of ​​knowledge of Sand Sculpture like Host, then it was equivalent to agreeing to a sales contract that never expires, don’t want to get rid of it in this life Out of the control of the owner.

Yang Fan looked at the drop of Divine Soul shining with faint golden glow in front of her eyes, and finally no longer hesitated, directly directed Divine Soul detention against it.

“You play Earth Rank fine mysterious skill Divine Soul on the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile, and the detention is successful. The beautiful Divine Soul of the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile has been forcibly cut off, Spiritual Power +50, skill maturity + 100.”

“You completely conquered the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile’s beauty, Pet Space opened up its own success, Pet Space +1, and pet loyalty +100.”

“You have used beast tamer on Monster Sovereign (Mutilation) Crocodile Beauty, and the beast has succeeded. Monster Sovereign (Mutilation) Crocodile Beauty has become your favorite animal, Spiritual Power +10, skill proficiency +200.”

“You use tamer art on the beast crocodile beauty, the spirit restriction trap is successfully triggered, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile beauty is completely surrendered, skill proficiency +30, Spiritual Power +10, pet loyalty +99.”


Divine Soul’s detention plus animal training, double insurance, this time, the life of this half emperor is completely in Yang Fan’s hands.

Yang Fan laughed heartily, finally no longer hidden, directly relieved the Shadow Stealth technique and part of the diversion of Divine Stone, and walked straight from the beautiful crocodile to the front desk.

He smiled at the beautiful crocodile and waved at it lightly.

“Come, give your hand!”

“Be a puppet!”


“Turn around!”

“Called father!”

Familiar Tamer 5 appeared again, the crocodile beautiful widened a pair of crocodile eyes, and looked at the Yang Fan who appeared in front of him in an incredible look.

Obviously, it has recognized the identity of Yang Fan, and understood from the connection of Divine Soul’s origin that his current owner is Yang Fan.

It was 10000. I didn’t expect that it had been hidden and secretly intimidating and tempting it, making him mistaken for a human Sovereign gangster. It’s the cultivation base that is the human brat of King Rank Peak. They came to Jinghua this time. The main line of stab targets.

How did he do that?

Even if he has a special Innate Divine Ability that can conceal its perception of Second Elder Divine Consciousness, how can he kill Second Elder silently with the cultivation realm of Yang Fan King Rank Peak?

This is not scientific!

The crocodile Meili feels that she may have been deceived, but somehow, looking at the handsome and handsome face of Yang Fan, she can’t afford to hate Yang Fan at all.

After hearing Yang Fan’s order, his body took the initiative to move forward uncontrollably, shamefully doing the 5 instructions that Yang Fan just issued.

Arch your hand, salute, make a gesture, and make a circle, called father.

A set of operations is like running through the clouds, thoroughly pressing the crocodile’s beautiful half emperor’s self-esteem into the mud, and rolling and kneading it back and forth several times.

“Okay! Follow me obediently in the future. As long as you are obedient, you won’t have to worry about eating and drinking.

Yang Fan raised his hand and lightly pats the head of the crocodile, which recognized the identity of this iron-toothed crocodile.

Dahei next to him looked dumbfounded.

What’s happening here?

This King is still waiting to eat meat.

Is this half-crown crocodile really never eaten human flesh?

What a waste!

As an iron-toothed crocodile, especially an iron-toed crocodile whose cultivation base has reached the real emperor’s realm, this girl hasn’t even been eaten by anyone. It really embarrasses them.

I bother!

Dahei despises the beauty of the crocodile with extreme contempt, and the fat on the mouth is gone, and it feels uncomfortable.

More importantly, there is a semi-empire beast suddenly beside Sand Sculpture like Host, and its status as a black lion king is again -1. With the pee of urine that Sand Sculpture like Host is used to, it will definitely take priority when going out. Watching this crocodile show up everywhere.

Just now This King should have swallowed Ya!

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