I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1197

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“The person who just talked to my sound transmission is you?”

“You are the same person who killed my second Elder?”

“How did you do it? You obviously only have King Rank Peak’s cultivation realm, how do you avoid our spiritual perception, and how do you break the Second Elder’s semi-emperor defense?!”

This is not scientific!

After a cry of father, the crocodile beauty has already admitted her life, but the question in her heart is still strong to bear, or she asked.

If you do not understand this issue today, it will only feel more unwilling and suffocated in the future. Don’t even think about sleeping again at night.

“what is this!”

Yang Fan unperturbed glanced at the crocodile beautifully, lightly said:

“The master’s means found mystery. As long as I think, there is no Demonic beast that I can’t kill in this world, let alone just a half emperor demon, even if there is a real Monster Sovereign, the master can guarantee it. Dead silently!”

That’s right, that’s the Great Cow!

Although this little female crocodile believes or not, anyway, after talking about addiction.

“You played the Great Cow and successfully gained the deep trust of the beast Black Chowchow. The social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring +80.”

“You played the Great Cow, and succeeded in gaining a beautiful light trust of the beast crocodile. The social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring +50.”

“You played the Great Cow, and succeeded in achieving the slight trust of Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Feng Xijiao, the social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring +50.”

“You played the Great Cow, and succeeded in obtaining the Martial Sovereign (mutilated) Li Miaozhi’s light trust. The social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring +50.”

Yang Fan was refreshed and trembling a little.

What’s happening here?

He just sent his feelings, just casually whispered his own beast, why did he explode 2 large fishes out of excess?

What is this, the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind?

He himself acted as a mantis to catch cicadas among unconsciously, but he didn’t know that there were 2 more evenly hidden yellow sparrows behind him!

Feng Xijiao Yang Fan is very impressive, Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign it mother, last time he also personally shot out a spore Clone of Yang Fan.

But who is this Li Miaozhi, an enemy or a friend?

Judging only from the name, this should be a half emperor of Human Race, but haven’t heard of it before?

This one human one monster 2 half emperors are really deep enough. When Yang Fan listened to Heaven and Earth Magical Powers, he didn’t find anything unusual.

Sure enough, it’s still a little careless!

Unconsciously, Yang Fan gripped the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in his hand again.

In order to conquer the beauty of the crocodile just now, he has completely exposed his possessions, and now even if he rests and hides, it may be too late.

This moment was the most dangerous moment he had encountered since he was out of the city. Once a half emperor demon suddenly started to deal with him, he had always wanted to save without realizing it. This Sovereign level Spirit Treasure will definitely not be able to be saved.

“Fortunately, the coach has special reconnaissance skills. No matter how hidden these cunning foxes are, they can’t avoid the eyes and ears of excellent hunters!”

Yang Fan was proud to boast, and the fact once again proved that occasionally blowing the Great Cow not at all is not good.

The reasonable Great Cow not only makes his friends around him more convinced, but also occasionally blows up opponents who are harboring malicious intentions.

On the surface, Yang Fan was quiet, first of all, he gave a face, and waved at Dahei, who was convinced of the Great Cow he was blowing.


Dahei threw out his tongue in excitement and swooped into Yang Fan’s arms. His figure also turned into a small milk dog image of only about 20 cm.

Afterwards, Yang Fan beckoned the beauty of the crocodile again, and the beauty of the crocodile changed its shape instantly, turning into a black leather crocodile about ten meters long crawling under the foot of Yang Fan.

Yang Fan raised his foot and stepped on the crocodile’s beautiful crocodile’s head. At the same time, when he moved his mind, he expanded his most proficient field of gravity and completely covered the surrounding void.

“You use the gravity field for the beast crocodile beauty, the anti-gravity effect blessing, the gravity pressure on the beautiful crocodile body reduces Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth times, as lithe as a swallow, the speed surges. Spiritual Power +10, spirit willpower +10, field Range +5.”

“You have used the field of star power for the beauty of the beast crocodile, the field coverage is successful, the beautiful body of the crocodile is strengthened by endless star power, and the power is increased by 5 times. Spiritual Power +10, spirit willpower +10, skill proficiency +50.”

After all this is done, Yang Fan is unable to bear long relaxed.

In any case, he is now the person who owns the semi-empire beast, and it is not that absolutely does not have fight back against other semi-empire demon.

Although the crocodile beautiful half emperor seems to be a bit counseling, the cultivation base is regarded as the bottom of the half emperor that Yang Fan has seen.

However, Lai Hao is also a real emperor. Even if Feng Xijiao and Li Miaozhi are hidden in the dark, they should still be able to escape with at least Yang Fan. There is no problem in saving lives.

Even more how, after having the blessings in the gravity field and the star power field, the beautiful strength of the crocodile may not be inferior to the two half emperors hidden in the dark. If one is forced to desperate situation, the one to emerge victorious Knowable.


At the same time, the crocodile beautiful stepped on the foot by Yang Fan is unable to bear Ang Tian a long whistle, and the transformed body uncontrollably bloated again by more than 2 times, and the imposing manner of his body rose rapidly!

“Master, what did you do to others, how did they feel that they were swelled within the body, as if they were about to be burst!”

“My strength is multiplying, my body has become lighter, what’s wrong with me, and finally I want to get rid of the current realm and completely get rid of the shackles of the road injury?!”

The crocodile beauty was all excited, and secretly asked Yang Fan sound transmission.

At this moment, it felt that it was unprecedentedly powerful, especially the strength of Fleshy Body, which was more than 5 times greater than before. Now it feels that it can completely smash the space in front of it with a single punch.

“Is this invincible, I finally want to break through to the real Sovereign realm?!”

The crocodile’s beautiful mentality began to expand indefinitely, and even an arrogant expression of Lao Tzu who was already World’s First appeared on his face.


Yang Fan unceremoniously took a whip on the beautiful drop of Divine Soul in the sea.

Then, the female crocodile calmed down completely, her breath converged, her inner restlessness calmed down, and she couldn’t be more honest.

“Screaming for something, as if I was afraid that people would not know that you suddenly became a Great Cow?”

“Low-key, understand?”

“Don’t expose your hole cards at first, and you’re so arrogant, and the talent behind you is king, remember?”

Yang Fan began a profound ideological education of this female crocodile in the sea.

When Yang Fan conquered the origin of the beautiful Divine Soul of the crocodile, it was discovered that although the cultivation base reached the semi-real emperor, the enemy experience was almost zero. It seems that the limited demon experience has not killed a life. .

This is not to be trifled with, but it hasn’t eaten anything seriously since it was born.

From birth, this girl has the cultivation base strength of the Level 4 Monster King Realm world, and has been living by eating Heaven and Earth spirit strength.

Since I was captive by the Monster Sovereign on the overseas islands, what I can do every day is cultivation or cultivation.

It wasn’t until a few months ago, after the fifteenth tidal eruption of spirit strength, that the source star 5 Sovereign could not be closed at the same time, this little female crocodile was released by the Great Elder of the Tooth Crocodile family.

This is a blank sheet of paper.

This time as Second Elder Crocodile came out, it was really just to increase his experience, increase his knowledge, and then kill and kill, see blood, and add some experience to the enemy, but he was almost brought to the ditch by the old crocodile Crocodile. Go inside.

Now that it has become Yang Fan’s beast, Yang Fan feels that it is necessary for him to impart some correct values ​​and experience to the enemy, and cultivate this little female crocodile into a demon killer that is both obedient and easy to use.

“Is that true, it’s a little different from what Second Elder taught me?”

The crocodile looked beautiful and puzzled.

The crocodile told him before that the most proud of their iron-toothed crocodile family is the iron crocodile skin of impervious to sword or spear comparable to Divine Weapon.

You can’t counsel when you encounter an enemy, just a word, anal!

Dashing to the opponent desperately, carrying the hard anal hard, fighting close, 3 to 5 and 2 to tear the opponent.

How come to the master now, has completely changed into another set of rhetoric?

“So, you Second Elder hanged directly, and even died without even discovering the opponent. Now there is not a handful of bone residue. Are you sure you want to listen to the experience of a dead monster?”

Yang Fan patiently puts the truth to the crocodile beauty, the crocodile is beautiful and shivered, shaking his head again and again.

It’s not stupid. In contrast, of course, the master’s lewd development is more powerful, at least to the end.

Since it has to learn, of course it has to learn more about the Great Cow and the more powerful battle method!

“Very good, this is good.”

Yang Fan was satisfied with nodded and reached out to touch the forehead of the little female crocodile. The obedient beast is always more attractive.

After preparing everything properly, Yang Fan lifted the head without fear, looking up at the void above his head, and said aloud: “It is not a hero to hide from peeping in the dark, Feng Xijiao, when are you still planning to hide?”

As soon as Yang Fan’s words fell, a giant faintly discernable phoenix suddenly appeared in the void of ten thousand zhang high, staring at Yang Fan unexpectedly.

“Little Brat, this emperor really looks down on you.”

Feng Xijiao’s voice was crisp and sweet, smooth and smooth.

“The crocodile was killed silently, and a semi-empire beast was conquered without a single soldier’s death. Sure enough, destiny was amazing. The means were extraordinary!”

“I hope you will have such luck next time you meet again.”

After talking, the phoenix covering the sky gradually disappeared into the void, and there was no breath in an instant.

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