I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1198

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at the same time.

In an outdoor park in Jinghua, a silver-haired old man walking his dog quickly withdrew his spiritual peep.

“Now the youngster is really… the bull fork is a bit terrifying!”

“The half-Demon Emperor Realm realm’s swallowing dog, half-real emperor’s iron-toothed crocodile, are all taken to him under his command. Compared with this Little Brat, the old man has been tossing for most of his life!”

With that said, the silver-haired Lao Tzu disabled to bear lifted his foot and kicked the Golden Retriever, who was tired of him, and cast him a look of contempt.

“It’s all dogs, and it’s all Swallowing the Heavens Bloodline. Look at people. Not only are they obedient and obedient, but they have only reached the half Demon Emperor Realm realm when they were just a teenager.”

“Let’s take a look at you again. It’s been almost 100 years since I followed the old man. I’m still stuck at Emperor Rank Peak. I can’t break through, it’s just waste!”

The golden retriever not to be outdone, also looked back at the silver-haired old man with contempt.

“Who’s the waste, don’t you have a C number in your heart?”

“The same is Master, why don’t you look at the rations that the Master feeds your own beasts? Look at what you feed this King every day?”

“Since I have followed you, this King has never been full, and I am a fart class? If you can feed This King every day with the blood of the half emperor demon, This King has also broken through to half Demon. Emperor Realm realm!”

Silver-haired old man was so choked that his old face couldn’t be hung up, and instantly flew into a rage out of humiliation, raising his foot to this golden retriever was a kick and kick.

Let you talk back, let you talk back, little one Beast Pet, it’s turning your back on you!

Half emperor flesh, who doesn’t want to eat it?

The point of the problem is that every half-empire demon in the demon domain is extremely powerful. It is not something you can eat if you want to eat it.

Until now, the silver-haired old man is still wondering. How can he not understand how Yang Fan killed the half-crown predator in silence?

Such a simple method of killing the half emperor demon, even if this Li person himself can’t do it!

Also, the big eye hidden in the sky did not even find him, the half emperor, how did Yang Fan perceive it?

“This kid has a lot of secrets…”

“However, now his wings are abundant, and he has made friends with the second child Li of the Federal Center City.

silver-haired old man thought 10000 1000, muttered to himself, he wasn’t sure, even Feng Xijiao, who was so deeply hidden, could easily find and notice, then he, the half emperor who had watched the drama for a long time, was it right? Found by Yang Fan?

At the foot, the beating Golden Retriever was tired of self-pity, lamenting the inhumanity he had encountered.

Over the years, did it not want to break through to promote itself?

It is not this crippled master. I am worried that once it is promoted to the half Demon Emperor Realm realm, it has the ability to break the half emperor or even the Sovereign realm, and it will rebel against the master, so it will restrict its cultivation base.

Otherwise, with it awakening more than 80% of the peerless talent of Swallowing the Heavens Bloodline, how could it be 100 years old and still only stay in the realm of Peak Monster Emperor?

“Ai, Sand Sculpture like Host mistaken me!”

“If only I could have a forgiving master like Yang Fan, I envy that Black Chowchow, and even the blood and flesh of the half emperor demon can be used as food!”

The Golden Retriever lay prone on the ground, envious of jealousy.

It’s really different from a dog. When will it get rid of the bondage of the Sand Sculpture like Host in front of it?

at this time.

In the void, after retreating Feng Xijiao, Yang Fan once again played the role of listening to Heaven and Earth Magical Powers, but not at all found any abnormalities.

The half emperor of Human Race named Li Miaocai, after all, he still found no clues.

In order to determine whether Feng Xijiao and Li Miaocai had withdrawn their surveillance, Yang Fan tried to blow the Great Cow before Dahei and the crocodile beautifully.

As a result, Dahei and crocodile both gave their faces, and actively offered their tongue-like attribute experience, while Feng Xijiao and Li Miaocai were silent.

At this point, Yang Fan was completely relieved, slapped the beautiful head of the crocodile, and swayed back to the moat where Clone was.


The spore Clone Yang Fan No. 4 rushed to Yang Fan cupped the hands with some depression, and congratulated.

Without being able to make waves as expected, the pupils of Primary 4 seemed to be a bit unhappy.

He had just done a good job just to make a sense of self-defense just now, to inspire the preparations for Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure greatly showing divine might. As a result, the deity came to a path to repair Xiu, secretly crossed Chen Cang, and directly solved all the problems by himself.

So disappointing.

“Master formidable!”

“Master Great Cow!”

Perhaps the happiest on the scene is Deer Cong, this little plum, and seeing Yang Fan conquering a big demon with a half-over Sovereign level, this girl has no sense of crisis at the status of -1. I want to cry.

Sand Sculpture like Host’s beast team finally came a guy with a higher cultivation base, which is almost saving the old life.

With this half emperor predator, the owner should not let this half Demon Emperor Realm come out as a cannon fodder?

heaven knows how long it hoped for this day, and now it is finally hoped for by it.

“However, even the master can successfully conquer even the half emperor demon, it is really more and more abnormal, follow him, if not improper, it is quite safe!”

Deer sighed calmly and adored Yang Fan with +1.

Sensing the change in the deer’s calm state of mind, Yang Fan couldn’t help shaking his head slightly.

This girl is a salted fish. There is no ambition at all. It seems that the pressure applied before is not enough. I will put more burden on it in the future.

“External troubles have been eliminated. Let’s continue to build the Formation. Without the support of the moat, such crises may increase in the future.”

After speaking to Clone, Yang Fan left and returned to Jinghua Martial University.

However, he did not at all return directly to the dormitory, but went to 10000 Shouge.

“Huh, how can Yang Fan have time to visit us these old fogey today?”

Gu Zeyan, who was secretly cultivated indoors, was the first to feel the fluctuations in the breath released by Yang Fan.

However, after he saw the crocodile mount stepped on the foot by Yang Fan, the eyes of the Old Master opened wide, and he could not help exclaiming.

“Lying trough! Half-Sovereign level iron crocodile?!”

Later, Liu Silong, Zhao Xuewen and Hu Chen also heard the news. After seeing the beauty of the crocodile, each and everyone were shocked somewhat absent-minded.

“What’s the situation, how could a half emperor demon appear in the city?!”

“Yang Fan, this iron-toothed crocodile… wouldn’t it be your beast?”

Seeing this half emperor obediently and honestly staying under Yang Fan’s stride, a group of honest and well-behaved, a few people who were surprised after finally calmed down, and asked to ask Fan Fan out loudly.

Although it is a bit of nonsense, if it is not a beast, after all, a semi-empire demon simply impossible to bypass the first-class super-spiritual protection outside the city and silently break into the inner city without being noticed by them.

It is unlikely that Yang Fan can show off one’s military strength on the head of this half-crocodile so safely.

However, the four old Professors still cannot to bear to ask this nonsense.

No way, this question is really amazing, they don’t get the exact answer from Yang Fan’s mouth, they have no idea.

“I just had 2 half-over stag crocodiles in the Sovereign level hiding in the void and wanting to kill Junior, so Junior first started to be strong, destroying one, and conquering one.”

Yang Fan roughly described the experience just outside the city with a smile, and heard Gu Zeyan stunned, still in his dream.

There was a half emperor demon attack, and the four of them didn’t feel it at all, that’s all. But what Yang Fan just said, isn’t he blowing the Great Cow?

With his own strength, he not only succeeded in killing one of them, but also tamed the other one to become his own beast.

This is too dreamy, no one dares to blow too much even if they blow the Great Cow?

“The situation is such a situation. In short, this little crocodile is now Junior’s beast, and the four old Professors do not have to worry about it messing around in the city.”

Yang Fan whispered: “This time, Junior wants to inquire a person from 4 Professors. I wonder if Li Miaocai’s name, 4 old Professors?”

“Li Miaocai?” Gu Zeyan’s gaze withdrew from the crocodile’s beautiful body, and he raised his eyebrows toward Yang Fan. “How come I suddenly remembered this man?”

Zhao Xuewen interjected softly: “If the old man remembers correctly, Li Miaocai seems to have been dying for almost 60 years?”

“Where did Yang Fan hear this name, and now, youngster, there are not many people who can remember this name.”

Yang Fan’s eyes lit up, he really came to the right place, it seems that these four old Professors seem to be very familiar with Li Miaocai.

“Junior is very interested in this person. For all of him, please ask 4 Professors to tell him.”

Yang Fan politely asked for advice.

Zhao Xuewen gently touched his beard, lightly said with a smile: “You may not be very familiar with mentioning Li Miaocai, but if you mention his younger brother Li Liangcai, you should be less strange.”

Yang Fan said slightly: “What? This Li Miaocai turned out to be Old Li’s brother. Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

Zhao Xuewen said: “Don’t you just say, a guy who has been dead for more than 60 years, in addition to some of us older people still have some impressions, you youngsters, it is normal to have not heard of it.”

“Speaking of Li Miaocai, it was also considered a personal thing. Its innate talent in Martial Dao is not inferior to that of Old Li. If it is not an early death, now it has not become an emperor, at least it will be like Old Li. Similarly, become the half-powerhouse of Human Race.”

Hearing this, Yang Fan’s eyes flashed a strange color.

It seems that the Li Miaocai who secretly peeped at him just now is the Old Senior who has been dead for more than 60 years.

Did Li Miaocai live here in seclusion, or was he asked by Old Li to come over to protect someone from Yang Fan?

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