I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1199

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It wasn’t Yang Fan who was narcissistic, and Smelly was able to stand up and protect him for any Human Race half emperor.

Rather, with Yang Fan’s current reputation and ability, as long as Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi, Zhuge Xincheng, and Ye Wentian, the four emperors of Human Race, are not stupid, they will find ways to preserve Yang Fan’s life and ensure Yang Fan will not have unexpected conditions under any circumstances.

After all, Yang Fan is the first Emperor Rank physician of the Federation, and also the hope of these semi-empire powerhouses to get rid of road injuries and restore Sovereign’s strength.

As long as Yang Fan can successfully reach Emperor Realm, the injuries of the four of them will most likely be cured by Yang Fan.

Wherever he goes, if Yang Fan stands in the position of Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi themselves, Yang Fan will also desperately ensure the safety of such a life-saving physician.

It’s just that Yang Fan used to think that the person who secretly guarded himself would be Zhuge Xincheng. After all, Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi were not easy to move, and Ye Wentian would not easily leave Shenglin Island.

Among the four half emperors that Yang Fan knows, only Zhuge Xincheng is the most idle, and at the same time the Guest Elder of their Demon Extinguishing Sect, so it is the most reasonable for Zhuge Xincheng to come to protect the way for Yang Fan.

But now, a Li Miaocai suddenly emerged, the 5th half-empire powerhouse of the Federation, and a half-emperor who had already fraudulently died on the surface simply for the fifty-sixty years.

“It’s really deep enough to hide, how many such Li Miaocai are in the 36 domains of the Federation?”

Yang Fan murmured in his heart.

From Zhuge Xincheng to Ye Wentian, and then Li Miaocai, who hasn’t met him yet, he is really curious now, how many half of the Sovereign level bosses are hidden by the federal government?

“Li Miaocai is not only the elder brother of Old Li, but also one of Jinghua Li’s Old Ancestor, but he used to be extremely low-key and passed away for many years, which is now unknown to outsiders.”

“How come classmate Yang Fan suddenly thought of inquiring about the news of this Li Family Old Ancestor?”

At this time, Gu Zeyan spoke softly to Yang Fan.

Yang Fan whispered: “It’s nothing. I just heard the name by chance some time ago. I was curious and came to ask some Seniors.”

Yang Fan did not make any explicit statement to the 4 people. Since Li Miao had already been suspended, let him continue to die, at least until Li Miaocai did not take the initiative to expose it, Yang Fan would not go to hell and deliberately pull him out.

As long as Yang Fan knows that there is a Human Race called Emperor Li Miaocai who lives in seclusion in Jinghua City, there is a great possibility that he will come out pulling strongly against a crazy tide if necessary.

In this increasingly chaotic situation, a city without half-empire guards is always difficult to reassure.

And now, knowing that there is a power of half a Sovereign level hidden in the city of Jinghua, Yang Fan does not consciously feel much relieved.

understood the news that he wanted to know, Yang Fan politely bowed to Gu Zeyan 4 people, and took the little female crocodile to break away and teleport away.

In the courtyard, Gu Zeyan and Liu Silong returned to the house not at all immediately, but stood on the spot and glanced at each other.

“What does this kid mean, and came running wildly, just to find out about a dead man?”

Liu Silong frowned slightly, smacked his lips twice, and whispered: “I said, this Little Brat, wouldn’t he just come here deliberately to show off his new semi-empire beast?”

It’s no wonder Liu Silong thought so much that the Half-Emperor Crocodile was a little scary just now, and none of them thought that Yang Fan had tamed a Half-Emperor Demon in silence.

“It’s possible, but there are 2 half emperors and big demon coming from Jinghua City. 4 of us didn’t even notice it at all. I think this kid is more like a face-to-face.”

Hu Chen is an assassin, and his thoughts are always a bit dark.

The half emperor demon attacked, and none of their 4 Guardian, the highest cultivation base in Jinghua city, found it, but it was solved by a Little Brat who was not even Emperor Rank. It was very embarrassing.

“No no no ,” Zhao Xuewen said: “Yang Fan’s classmates are still good in nature, not as bad as you think. In my opinion, he came here mainly to inquire about Li Miaocai.”

“You said, could Li Miaocai be swindled to death?”

“And the reason why Yang Fan, the child, was able to kill and tame one when facing two half-empire demon, and return safely, is that Li Miaocai played the most crucial role in it?”


Gu Zeyan, Liu Silong and Hu Chen were breathing at the same time.

This may not be possible.

Otherwise, simply cannot explain how Yang Fan faced the two half-empire monsters by himself. With his current cultivation base strength, even with Divine Weapon assistance, it is impossible to break the half-empire’s epidermal defense.

If Li Miaocai is still alive, today’s cultivation base may not be inferior to Li Liangcai. If he helps in secret, the probability will become great.

“Otherwise, I will go to Li Zhai to investigate later?”

Hu Chen softly suggested that, among the four people, his technique of divestment was the most. If it were to be investigated, it would be him.

“I still don’t want it.” Gu Zeyan gently shook his head to stop: “If Li Miao was really scammed, now it’s less of a real emperor. You can’t find his existence and you can’t find anything. “

“If he has really passed away, then there is no need to check, it is already an old thing more than 60 years ago, and it is also a white check.”

“So, let’s just wait and see how it changes. Li Miaocai’s things will not be easily circulated in the future.”

Liu Silong, Zhao Xuewen, and Hu Chen were gently nodded.

Regarding the occultity of the Human Race semi-Sovereign level powerhouse, whether it is true or false, it is beyond their grasp. If you act rashly, if 10000 violates any taboo, it will be remembered and hated.

The best way now is to pretend not to know anything and let it happen.

Yang Fan Dormitory.

The ripples in the space lightened up, and the next second, Yang Fan appeared in the living room on a small female crocodile.

The crocodile’s beautiful body is transformed into a palm-size mini-crocodile lying on the shoulder of Yang Fan, looking curiously at the display in the room. This is the first time he has come to the city of Human Race. curious.

Yang Fan ignored it, and directly took out some Sovereign level fine meat, and at the same time, he moved all the other beasts in the space of the beast to summon out.

For a time.

Xiaohua, Dahei, Xiaohong, and Little Fire Phoenix all appeared in the living room, crawling under the feet of Yang Fan.

“Have seen the owner Baba!”

“Master Baba! You finally think of us!”

A cordial shout rang in my ears, and Yang Fan tried his best to please, and wept with joy.

Staying in the beast space, all 5 senses are sealed, and there is not enough supply of spirit strength, it is simply a prison cage in disguise, it is really uncomfortable.

Now I have come to realize that several Beast Pets are in a happy mood, trying to breathe the fresh air of the outside world.

Crocodile Meili looked a little stunned beside him, thinking that only she and the Heaven Devouring Beast would be so shameless, and they could be called Yang Fan father very disrespectfully.

didn’t expect, there are so many Monster Races who share the same interests with them.

I feel a little bit better in my heart?


Yang Fan glanced down at them, and then threw the little female crocodile on the shoulder into the middle of several Beast Pets, whispering:

“This is the new favorite beast of the owner. You know each other. Remember to help each other and do your part in the future!”

After finishing talking, Yang Fan started feeding 5 Beast Pet, and there was a system hint coming from his ear.

“You feed a piece of Sovereign level Third Grade Demonic beast fine meat to the beast Amur Tiger, Amur Tiger’s appetite is greatly satisfied, the trust in you is greatly improved, the experience of tamer is greatly improved, Spiritual Power feedback +20000, +100 proficiency in tamer skills.”

“You feed the pet Black Chowchow, the appetite of Black Chowchow is greatly satisfied, the trust in you is greatly improved, the experience of beast training is greatly improved, the strength of qi and blood feedback is +100000, and the proficiency of beast training skills + 100.”

“You feed the beast crocodile beautifully, the crocodile’s beautiful appetite is greatly satisfied, and the trust in you is greatly improved…”


After another wave of Qi and Blood Power experience and Spirit Power experience, Yang Fan threw these 5 Beast Pets aside and allowed them to cultivate themselves.

Yang Fan retracted back to his bed and closed his eyes to “cultivation”.

Although the experience of this time is dangerous and 10000 points, the gains are quite impressive.

Tamed a half-empire pet beast, and successfully killed a half-empire crocodile. The experience of blood and blood alone made Yang Fan feel better, let alone collected from the crocodile. To so many resources and treasures.

The idea sank into the sea, Yang Fan glanced at the Divine Soul fragments of the crocodile he had collected for him. Without saying anything, he immediately began to absorb refining.

“You successfully defeated the Divine Soul original fragment of the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile with the Divine Soul chain. The experience of the enemy is extremely increased. The Divine Soul idea is unobstructed. Spiritual Power +1000, Spirit willpower +1000.”

“You absorbed some of the Divine Soul original fragments from the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) alligator, Spiritual Power has been greatly improved, Spirit willpower has been greatly enhanced, Spiritual Power +30000, Spirit willpower +10000, Divine Consciousness Sea is expanding outward 2000 M, Spirit Defence +5000.”

“You have absorbed some of the original fragments of Divine Soul from Monster Sovereign (incomplete), and Spiritual Power has been greatly improved…”

A total of 4 Divine Soul original fragments, each providing Yang Fan with about 30000 points of Spiritual Power experience, has made Yang Fan’s Spiritual Power upper limit increased by more than 120,000 points.


Yang Fan’s mind and body are extremely pleasant, the only pity is that he does not get the complete Divine Soul origin of Crocodile, otherwise the harvest will inevitably increase by more than 3 to 5 times.

The Spirit Power and Soul Power contained in the source of the semi-Sovereign level Divine Soul are absolutely richer than normal people’s imagination.

At this moment, Yang Fan’s body suddenly shook, and there was an extremely violent qi and blood surge in his within the body.


Without a trace of precautions, the energy leaked out, and the bed underneath was shaken into a powder. Yang Fan’s body floated directly out of the air, and at the same time, the system hint ding ding began to ring.

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara to launch Monster Attack on Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao Wudao, reincarnation, time and space changes, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao Wudao is affected by the large reincarnation, Indulge in the mind! Forming experience +10, Six Roads of Samsara Forming experience +200.”

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao Wudao. Jiao Wudao divine sense escapes, knows the sea collapse, and can’t extricate itself in the everlasting cycle. .”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (mutilated) Jiao Wudao, one strike certain kill, Monster Sovereign (mutilated) Jiao Wudao was successfully beheaded, Qi blood strength +150000000, spirit willpower +10000.”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 cast Divine Soul’s detention against the Divine Soul of Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao Wudao, and the detention was successful…”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 performed an advanced collection technique on the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) corpse of Jiao Jiao, and the collection was successful…”

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