I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1201

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This time, there are 50000 up and down battles in the Monster Race.

Although the number is not large, the ratio of King Rank and Emperor Rank Demonic beast is the highest in history, and the number of half Demon Emperor Realm and half emperor is also unprecedented.

Yang Fan’s spore Clone originally wanted to emulate the Huyan Jingde Professor of the past. With his own strength, he killed all the 10000 monsters in the moat.

However, it was met with opposition from some federal leaders such as Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Yao Puxin.

One is that they don’t want to accumulate all the dangers and pressure on Yang Fan Clone alone.

2 It is because the war is not long lasting. The residents and martial artists in the city also need to eat and work.

If it is also like Huyan Jingde, in order to avenge his revenge, he killed the Monster Race in Xiang Qiaoshan for nearly 2 months. Do the 10000000 million residents in the center city also have to worry about more than 2 months. Who can afford to go out hunting and cannot pick fruits and vegetables?

Although there are a lot of strategic reserves in the central city, enough to support the 100 surnames of the whole city for a long time, but haven’t they reached the point where the mountains and rivers are exhausted?

Strategic reserves are not easy to use. It was the last point the federal government relied on when forced to retreat to the city.

Therefore, together with the war, nearly 90% of King Rank martial artists in the federal center city were sent to the large formation to assist in killing the enemy.

In this regard, Yang Fan Clone felt a little regret, but he did not object too much, because the objection was useless, he did not refuse the reason of the Human Race martial artist participating in the war.

Therefore, more than half of the Demonic beast corpses and Demonic beast Divine Soul were killed by the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, and transformed into endless psionic powers to strengthen the support of the moat. Operation.

The big demon who died alone in the hands of Yang Fan Clone and was able to collect corpses in time and detain Divine Soul only fought a small part of the total demonic beast.


Yang Fan Clone manipulated the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and killed a half Demon Emperor Realm again. A lightly smile appeared in the corner of his mouth. This is already the tenth half Demon Emperor Realm.

Under his deliberate control, such big demons like Demon Emperor Realm and Peak Emperor are all among Clone’s priority targets.

Unless it is a coincidence, those Human Race martial artists who enter the battle, including those of Half Emperor, are unlikely to encounter them.

“Yang Fan, our 3 Old Guys are also a little bit itchy, and want to join the battle, I wonder if it is convenient to do it?”

At this time, Yang Fan Clone’s ear heard the sound transmission of Li Liangcai’s spirit.

Don’t ask.

This old man is also looking a little greedy.

After all, he is equipped with Magical Powers, and he can obtain the corresponding cultivation base experience and Life Source by slashing the high-level demon.

Now seeing so many half Demon Emperor Realm and half emperor big demon trapped in battle, each and everyone land has become lambs to be slaughtered, naturally it can’t hold back.

“Ami… that Buddha!”

“Little Benefactor, eating single food is not a good habit. You can’t eat these 10000 monsters. How about giving us some food?”

Tian Cicada also felt itchy. Seeing so many Divine Soul origins being swallowed by Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, he felt terribly sad.

Yang Fan Clone obviously couldn’t collect so many sources of Divine Soul alone. Instead of wasting it like this, he was absorbed by the moat to refining, it might be cheaper for him as an old monk.

With so many monsters above King Rank tragically dying, martial artists with Emperor Rank beast soul traps in Human Race are, after all, few, even if there are, they have already exhausted the traps in their hands. There are so many Monster Race beast souls that can only stare.

Tian Chanzi has been greedy with some drooling.


Yang Fan Clone didn’t refuse. The old monk said it well. It’s not a good habit to eat solitary food. Moreover, he couldn’t eat the solitary food at this time. A large part of the body of Demonic beast and the source of Divine Soul were all wasted.

Of course, absorption by Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array can not be said to be a waste, but psionics are dead after all, far from being used by Human Race martial artists to strengthen themselves to be more cost-effective.

“The remaining 20 and a half Demon Emperor Realm can be divided into half of you, and 4 and a half emperor demon can also be left to you.”

“As for the remaining monster beasts such as Monster Emperor, Beast King, whatever you want, you can kill whatever you want…”

Yang Fan Clone was not at all polite, and opened the mouth to divide the remaining monsters into cakes.

Zhuge Xincheng listened and shrugged gently. It didn’t matter. He was never a diligent person. If it wasn’t necessary, it would be no problem for him to stand here and watch the battle.

After all, he has neither Beiming Magical Powers nor the ability to devour the beast’s soul. Killing the demon is just a vigorous effort for him, and the gains obtained are not at all as big as imagined. it is good.

However, Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi heard that Yang Fan’s allocation plan was disabled to bear corner of mouth twitching.

This kid is too greedy.

The half Demon Emperor Realm coming from this time has only 30 in total, and Yang Fan Clone alone will have 20.

There are 5 half emperor demon, but Yang Fan Clone only willing to give them out.

As for the remaining Beast King and Monster Emperor, don’t think that they haven’t seen it while standing in the city. Just a little of the kung fu just now, all the peaking Peak Monster Emperor in the cultivation base have almost died in the hands of Yang Fan Clone. The remaining ones are nothing more than some low-level Emperor Rank Demonic beast that’s all.

“Oh, this Clone by Yang Fan is kind of interesting, it seems that autonomy has been born.”

Seeing that Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi seemed a little sad, worried that they would resent or resent Yang Fan in their hearts, Zhuge Xincheng spoke in time.

“However, this is not bad. After all, the three of us didn’t do anything. Yang Fan Clone was able to divide so many monsters out, which is enough to give us face.”

Zhuge Xincheng and the mud, softly excuse Yang Fan.

It was Yang Fan Clone’s personal behavior that made all these decisions. It had nothing to do with Yang Fan’s deity. He reminded Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi that Mo Yan had to hate Yang Fan’s deity.

As for the Clone in front of me, it is indeed a bit arrogant. If you really look uncomfortable, just find an opportunity to blow your head out with a blindfold.

Li Liangcai and this cicada son hearing this while shaking their heads silently.

Zhuge Lao’er, what kind of people do they think of them? Are they the kind of small-bellied people?

They have always regarded Yang Fan as a grandson, and their grandson is naughty a little bit, who would really go to his heart?

“One and a half emperors, ten and a half Demon Emperor Realm, are all up to our share of killing for more than ten years, what else is not content?”

Li Liangcai laughed at Tian Cicada next to him and stretched out his hand to make a please gesture: “Old monk, shall we go now?”

This is a trade that comes in vain.

If there is no big moat array laid out by Yang Fan, they may have been besieged to death by the five half-empire monsters. Where else will they have the opportunity to pick and choose, so go easily Reap so many high-level demon lives?

People need to know gratitude. They are not the kind of young people who do not know the world. How can they be blinded by the interests in front of them, and they can’t distinguish between black and white?

“Ami… that Buddha!”

“Buddha bless, the discipline is about to kill again!”

Tian Chanzi flicked a buddha with his hands together, and then his eyes were ** light, as if a tiger came out of the cage. Without saying anything, he flew directly into the ten-party purgatory magic circle outside the city.

Li Liangcai was also laughed, following closely from behind.

As for Zhuge Xincheng, he didn’t move at all, and continued to stay in the city, without any intention of killing the demon in the end.

“These two old bastards have been paralyzed for several decades. They still don’t remember a bit, or they like to fight and fight hard as always.”

“Isn’t it just a few semi-empire big demon, and give them to the rare, just look at the little profit in front of them, there really is no luck.”

“They don’t want to think about it, they have given Yang Fan the boy to serve, and pushed him to the Emperor Realm earlier, so that Yang Fan can completely solve the hidden dangers of Dao injury on them. Is it better than anything?”

With that, Zhuge Xincheng turned his head to look at Gu Qifeng next to him and asked softly, “Little Brat, what do you say?”

Gu Qifeng bowed and stood tall, shut his mouth tightly, and dared not speak out.

Cracking a joke.

Is it possible for these little emperors to comment on what a little primary king can do?

He is not a Master. If he dares to face Old Li and Master Tianchan behind him, he will definitely not have any good fruit to eat.

“Zhuge Dean, Junior wants to join the demon.”

Seeing Zhuge Xincheng has been staring at himself, Gu Qifeng quickly opened the conversation to change the subject and took the initiative to fight.

To be honest, seeing the bloody battles in the moat formations, Gu Qifeng has already been a little bloody and impatient.

Just now he has discovered that Gu Nanshan, Ji Lebang and Luo Jiaojiao have all entered the battle in succession, taking advantage of their manipulation of the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, killing demons like slaughtering chickens, and Emperor Rank Beast Soul. Caught soft hands.

Gu Qifeng also has several Emperor Rank Beast Soul Catchers in his hands. It’s such a good opportunity, wouldn’t it be a pity if you don’t capture more Emperor Rank Beast Souls?

Emperor Rank Soul refining such a thing, but no one would think it too much.

Even if he is temporarily unable to use it now, he can use it in exchange for cultivation resources, or use it from his clan to his elders.

“Okay, just go if you want, there is nothing for you here!”

Zhuge Xincheng waved his hand at Gu Qifeng lightly. He found out that 90% of the disciplines received by Yang Fan were violent. When he mentioned that he was going to kill the Demonic beast, both eyes were shining.

“What kind of Master can really teach what kind of discipline, it is not difficult to see from the Clone of Yang Fan, the kid of Yang Fan is not a good stubble.”

“Dare to bargain with Li Liangcai and the old monk of Tianchan, who is still so strong and not to be hated by two people, it is estimated that the second person in the world will never be found.”

“Also, if the old man remembers correctly, in the past few hours of kung fu, just the high-end Monster Race that died in the hands of Yang Fan Clone, there will be no less than 10000?”

“Murderous aura is so heavy and so violent, but it doesn’t look like the temperament he should be at this age.”

Zhuge Xin sincerely sighed.

Then I saw Gu Qifeng quickly break into the sky and merged into the outer moat, and within a few seconds, he successfully slaughtered an Emperor Rank monster who was one order higher than him. That speed , It is in no way inferior to some Peak emperors of Human Race.

Zhuge Xincheng had to sigh again, the moat’s prestige, the horror, and the power of Illusionist cannot be underestimated.

After this battle, within the Human Race Federation, Illusionist’s status will inevitably be as the tide rises, the boat floats. Among them, Yang Fan, the kid, is absolutely indispensable.

In addition, at this time, if the Federal Government did not agree to the request of Yang Fan Clone to fight against these Monster Race forces alone, Yang Fan Clone might really be able to put all the 50000 monsters on their own. Die in the moat.

Really, the younger generations will surpass us in time!

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