I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1202

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Demon holy mountain.

Yinjiao Divine Son and Xiong Yin Divine Son sat opposite each other on the mountain peak. On the stone table in front of them, there was everything melon and fruit tea.

However, 2 monsters do not at all taste their fruits here, each and everyone are all divine senses, and they are always monitoring the activities of the Federal Center City.

Seeing that the 2 soldiers of 50000 Great Holy Land all entered the moat outside the federal center city, there was no great movement after a few hours, and 2 Eldest God’s Child’s heart was faintly upset.

“It shouldn’t be. The Divine Son once did a detailed investigation. The Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array in Jinghua City simply can’t stop the Xeon realm’s Xeon attack?”

“But now, what’s going on?”

“We, the 2 Half-Emior Seniors of 5 Great Holy Land, entered the lineup at the same time. It’s been a long time. How come they didn’t even get a little out of the way, is this abnormal?!”

Xiong Yin Shenzi tight frowns, this is too wrong.

5 half emperor demon, under normal circumstances should have destroyed the large moat outside the Federal Center City, with 50000 Demon Soldier began to attack the consumption of the Federal Center City’s psionic shield.

Why now each and everyone is like throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, even the waves are not thumping?

What exactly happened?

At this time, the Golden Jiao Divine Son of Yaoshengling suddenly appeared on the peak, fell on the side of the Silver Jiao Divine Son, and whispered in his ear 2 words, and then the Silver Jiao Divine Son expression changed greatly and suddenly rose.

“This is real?!”

Gloomy face of Silver Jiao Shenzi, such as prepare for there funeral, ask Jin Jiao Shenzi.

Jin Jiao Shen Zi glanced at the opposite Xiong Yin, and said softly, “As seen by my brother’s eyes, the fire of Uncle Dao’s life has been extinguished, and there will be no fake.”

“Second Brother, now the situation is clear, the large moat array that Human Race lays outside the federal center city is absolutely problematic. Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Zhuge Xincheng haven’t been off yet, we have been silent. The land discounted a half emperor, which is probably a trap!”

“Listen to my brother’s advice, and order the withdrawal of the troops. If not, I worry that the remaining Uncle Anyi will also die!”

To this day, Jin Jiao has no longer care about anything, they demon holy mountain has died too many half emperor big demon during this time, and now only the remaining two half emperors have died, if even Jiao comfortably fell In the Federal Center City, the consequences will be unbearable!

“What?” Xiong Yin also stood up with a brush, and looked up unexpectedly towards the child of Jinjiao: “What did Brother Jinjiao just said, the life of Wudao Senior was extinguished?!”

“How is this possible? There is no movement at all in the Federal Center City. Li Liangcai’s three Human Race emperors have always stood at the head of the city. How could the Dao Senior fall for no reason?!”

Xiongyin Shenzi did not want to believe this.

It has been monitoring the movements outside the Federal Center City with the Silver Jiao God Child, and simply did not notice the breath of battle between the half-and-half powerhouse.

How could Jiao Wudao hang in a short period of time without making any noise?

This doesn’t make sense!

I have never heard of a human race with a weapon that can silently kill the half emperor demon, even if they are most proud of the psionic protection array!

“The facts are right in front of me. Isn’t the Divine Son taking my family’s uncle’s life to crack a joke?”

Jinjiao Shenzi looked up again to Yinjiao Shenzi: “Second Brother, hurry up and give an order. If it’s too late, I’ll be too late to worry!”

“The large moat outside the federal center city is obviously a trap. Their real purpose is to lure our 2 clan powerhouse into it. They are the emperor, and they have succeeded!”


Another silhouette is the violent wind, but it is the Great Elder of the black and white bear family. Xiong Zhantian, who fell in front of the Xiongyin Divine Son, softly reported to Xiong Yinyu:

“Xiong Yin Shenzi, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor’s newsletter, let us immediately halt the attack on the Human Race federal center city, quickly recall Xiong Fei and other semi-empire Senior, Old Ancestor found that the white bear family sent me to the human domain 3 The death of the half emperor’s life is declining, and if he does not withdraw, he may be surprised!

Xiong Zhantian didn’t deliberately lower his voice, but let the two goddesses of Yinjiao and Jinjiao listen to a perfectly clear.

Because it is very clear, this battle against the Human Race Federation was initiated by 2 Great Holy Land. Only when the Silver Jiao God Son and Xiong Yin God Child 2 demon give orders at the same time, it is possible to bring all the half emperors and their commanders. Demon Soldier withdrew all.

Moreover, Xiong Zhantian heard what Jin Jiao Shen Zi said just now, and it also strongly agreed with Jin Jiao Shen Zi’s suggestion, which coincided with their judgment of Xiong Yun Old Ancestor.

The situation is now very obvious. The 2 half-empire monsters sent by their 5 clan groups have fallen to death, and the remaining 4 half-empires, 3 of whom are unsettled. It is good to think that the only remaining Jiao is comfortable. Where to go.

Needless to say, there must be something wrong with the large moat outside the federal center city. Maybe it is a new weapon specifically for the half emperor demon.

“What are you waiting for, retreat! Retreat now!”

Yinjiao Divine Son and Xiong Yin Divine Son glanced at each other. The 2 monsters did not dare to hesitate any more. At the same time, the law phase appeared, and the will incarnation appeared in the void outside the federal center city.

“Demon Holy Hill, Minghao, withdraw troops!”

“Black Wind Valley, whistle, close troops!”

2 The Divine Son of Great Holy Land personally ordered the withdrawal of troops, and the herald stationed outside the line standing at any time hearing this, while launching a very special shock wave against the large moat in front of him.

The herald is 2 Emperor Rank bat monsters. When screaming loudly, it emits a special sound wave that can ignore the absolute majority of the spiritual barrier or the Qi-Blood barrier.

Once this sound wave sounds, all Monster Races within a radius of 100 kilometers can basically be received, and then they will immediately withdraw their troops according to the pre-arranged recruitment instructions.


Almost all of the 10000 Monster Races trapped in the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array received orders to withdraw their troops, but it was too late.

They are now in a deep dive, retreating irrevocably, can’t advance, either waiting for Killing Formation, which comes with the Formulation, to bombard them, or waiting for the Human Race martial artist to appear suddenly before them. .

From the moment they fearlessly lifted their legs and stepped into this City Protecting Great Formation, all their retreats have been completely sealed off.

At this moment, even if they want to withdraw, they can’t withdraw.

Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array After devouring the flesh and soul of 10000 Demon Beast, the power of Formation has been enhanced several times. Even if the remaining 20 and a half Demon Emperor Realm, there is no trace to spare the battle Bondage.

Therefore, after hearing the withdrawal signal of 2 Great Holy Land, the 10000 Monster Races that had been trapped in the large formation and could not get out of them all felt helpless and wept.

Can’t live!

Trapped in this damn array, Divine Soul’s will is suppressed, not to mention retreat, they are now even involuntarily unable to do so with Self-destruction and enemy perish together!

“What did you do?”

“Say like a hot knife through butter? What about the 3rd day of the Butchery?”

“Where did the five half-empire monsters go, and they all died?! Isn’t it saying that breaking the formation is like drinking water, let’s put our heart in our belly, now what is this, drinking water chokes ourselves do you died?!”

Innumerable Monster Race resentment qi in the sky.

Now I want to let them retreat straight away, there is a chicken? They were all trapped and became the lambs to be slaughtered in Human Race!

Also, why do they have the high hope and the five half emperors of the savior even disappeared without putting a fart, is this not deliberately pitting them?



The two bat Monster Emperor ordered to whistle dozens of times in succession, but more than 2 Monster Race troops penetrated into the large formation, but no demon withdrew from the envelope of the moat formation.

2 bat Monster Emperor looked at each other, could not help looking at each other in blank dismay.

What’s happening here?

When did their army of Monster Race 2 Great Holy Land become so courageous, did they even try to withdraw even if they heard the signal to withdraw their troops?

The faces of Silver Jiao Shenzi and Xiong Yin Shenzi in the void are changing one after another, and their moods are somewhat up and down.


All Monster Races are trapped, and now they cannot withdraw even if they want to withdraw!

In addition, Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi, who had just stood at the top of the city and watched the battle, are now gone, and 90% of them may have entered the battle in person.

Before the three Human Race half emperors did not enter the battle, they had already killed a half emperor demon in their demon holy mountain. Now that Li Liangcai and Tianchanzi are all in the the enter the formation, then the remaining four half emperor demon Would it be more dangerous?

“Zhuge Xincheng!”

Yinjiao Divine Son and Xiongyin Divine Son looked at each other, and there was a moment of thought in their hearts. Eventually, Yinjiao Divine Child suddenly faced Zhuge Xincheng who stood in the city and watched the battle.

Seeing Zhuge Xincheng looking up to them, the Yinjiao Divine Son opened the mouth and said: “Today’s battle, if we deceive the Holy Mountain and Black Wind Valley to concede defeat, how about our two sides fighting?”


Zhuge Xincheng unable to bear snorted, looking at the will projection of Yinjiao Shenzi and Xiongyin Shenzi with a ridiculous smile, protruding two middle fingers at them at a moderate pace.

Instantly, several lines appeared on the face of Yinjiao and Xiongyin 2 at the same time.


Originally thinking that Zhuge Xincheng was Dean of the Federal Martial University, Lai Hao was also a cultural person, and he could not sit down peacefully and negotiate slowly. Didn’t expect this girl’s behavior was so rude.

Really when they brother don’t know what the two middle fingers stick out mean?

“Zhuge Xincheng, you must not be so crazy!”

“Your own heart should also be very clear. The strength of my 2 Great Holy Land is far more than the 10000 Monster Race in front of you. Are you sure you want to completely tear your face with us and cause a real human and demon 2 clan war?”

Yinjiao Shenzi threatened.

Previously, this was the best weapon for them to suppress and threaten the high-end martial artist of Human Race to take the initiative to serve softly, and it was not good for 100 trials.

Without him, because Human Race is weak, they can’t stand the real human and demon war.

But today, this time, this moment.

Yinjiao Shenzi’s previously unfavorable negotiation skills seemed to have completely lost its utility.

Zhuge Xincheng ignored the words simply and ignored them directly, smashing all the projections of the two gods, Yin Jiao and Xiong Yin.

“If you want to fight, then fight! Really I am afraid that you will not succeed?!”

Zhuge Xincheng gently raised his hand and blew his fist, arrogantly clamoring for the sound transmission of the void, and he was in a good mood.

This sentence has been in his heart for more than 100 years, and today he can finally speak so blatantly and solemnly vowed.


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