I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1203

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The will collapsed, Divine Consciousness returned, and the Yinjiao God Son and Xiong Yin God Child opened their closed eyes at the same time, their faces were pale, and there was blood-reeking qi dispersed in their mouths.

Obviously, when Zhuge Xincheng defeated their will incarnation, they really spared no effort and showed no mercy, even hurting their Divine Soul from the air.

“Zhugefufu, how dare he take such a poisonous hand!”

“Who gave him such a guts, the former half emperor of Human Race would never dare to treat me like this!”

Yinjiao Shenzi and Xiong Yin Shenzi looked very gloomy.

Not to mention how the Sovereign covenant is still going, but after the fifteenth spirit strength tide eruption, there were no less than 5 battles between the demon holy mountain, black customs and the federal center city.

But no one time, the Xeon martial artist of Human Race dared to hurt them without hesitation.

Last time, even Li Liangcai’s famous violent half emperor, only lightly smashed their will illusory shadow without daring to directly hurt their original roots.

But at this time, Zhuge Xincheng completely broke the silent tacit understanding between them.

Is this what Zhuge Xincheng meant by himself, or was it a common decision of the half-martial artist of Human Race?

If it was only Zhuge Xincheng’s reckless decision, he didn’t have to care too much about it, but if this was the consensus reached by all the half emperors of Human Race in secret, then the problem would be serious.

That shows that Human Race is very likely to be ready to completely turn over with Monster Race!

Who gave them such a great deal of confidence, the newly built moat outside the Federal Center City?

The minds of Yinjiao Shenzi and Xiongyin Shenzi are tight at the same time.

Maybe it’s really possible.

Because until now they haven’t figured out what is hidden in that big array, and they can kill a half emperor demon silently.

In addition, are the remaining 4 emperors already bode ill rather than well?

If Human Race really has mastered this method or weapon that can easily kill the half emperor demon, then their Monster Race’s Five Great Holy Lands still play a fart?

In the absence of Sovereign’s intervention, the semi-empire battle strength is the most critical support between the two groups.

Why did Human Race always shrink before? Why did they dare to arrogantly demand a strike even when they were defeated, so that Human Race had to let them go?

Not because the number of Half Emperor and Half Demon Emperor Realm in their demon realm is far higher than the cutting edge battle strength of Human Race. Human Race dare not fight them all and can only be forced to submit to humiliation?

However, once Human Race finds a way to curb the half Demon Emperor Realm and even the half emperor demon, making Monster Race’s cutting edge battle strength quantitatively superior, the consequences will definitely become unimaginable.

What is happening in front of me is afraid that it is just a small beginning.

“Hurry, send a demon to inquire the news of this god son immediately, I want to know what is hidden in the big moat outside the federal center city!”

“Also, notify the Dragon Ances Old Ancestor… No, the Divine Son is going to report to the Dragon Ances Old Ancestor in person, the Human Race Federation is about to turn the sky!”

Yinjiao Shenzi was restless, and he greeted Xiongyin Godson without hesitation, and went away directly to the Holy Land of their land Jiao family to find the Dragon Ancestor Old Ancestor.

The Xiongyin Son didn’t care about the Yinjiao Son’s rudeness. In fact, it was now in a hurry. When the Yinjiao Shenzi left, it also flew up and returned to his Black Wind Valley to find their old Ancestor of the black and white bear family. Call for help.

Cracking a joke.

This time offensive to the Federal Center City, their Black Wind Valley is the main force.

Only the Half Emperor Demon dispatched three positions, and the Half Demon Emperor Realm accounted for more than half.

Now all the demon are trapped in the large moat outside the federal center city. The life and death are unknown. Xiong Yin, the son of Black Wind Valley, is the most worried and anxious, right?

The half emperor of the Dijiao family has already hung one, and the half emperor of the black and white bear family also has 3 lives that are weak. If you don’t want to rescue them, I am afraid that it will really be too late!

If they haven’t taken this defeat too seriously before, thinking that they can still lose as casually as before, Human Race will obediently strike.

So now, seeing Zhuge Xincheng’s extremely tough and arrogant attitude, they know that this time may really turn upside down.

Once the Human Race really sent the half emperor and half Demon Emperor Realm who sent them to death, the human and demon 2 races were completely ranked in the face. Not to mention, they are in the Holy Mountain and Black Wind Valley 2 Monster Race Saint. The loss will also be extremely heavy.

30 and a half Demon Emperor Realm, and 5 and a half demon emperor realm, this is not the most cutting-edge Xeon battle strength that any Holy Land can casually get.

“It’s late, it’s really late, now I just want to retreat and I can’t retreat!”

Jin Jiao stays in place, such as prepare for there funeral.

Opposite it, the Great Elder of the black and white bear family Xiong Zhantian also looked gloomy. He heard Jin Jiao’s frustrated words and exhorted softly: “Jin Jiao God Son does not need to be too pessimistic. Now the outcome is undecided. Too early.”

“The Dijiao family and Longjiao Senior are sitting in town, and my white bear family also has Xiong Yun Old Ancestor Dingding, the three Human Race half emperors in the Federal Center City, can’t turn the sky.”

“Whether it is Long Jiao Senior or my family’s Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, will not sit and watch the trapped clansman, they will definitely find a way to coerce the Human Race to release them back!”

After talking, Xiong Zhantian also flew up and followed Xiong Yin God Son.

Only Jin Jiao Shen Zi stood still and shook his head in frustration.

“Late, what if I could save the rest of the clansman? My family’s family died and a half emperor Senior!”

“In less than a month, there were 4 half emperor demon dead, and there were 28 Demon Emperor Realm, and their strength was greatly damaged!”

With that, Jin Jiao Shenzi could not help looking up at the direction of Xiong Yin and Xiong Zhantian leaving the petal void, and a cold, fierce color flashed in his eyes.

“In the view of the Divine Son, those Monster Races trapped in the Great Center of the Federal Center City might as well not be saved. They only have one half emperor left in exchange for the burial of three half emperors of the black and white bear family. “

“Only when everyone’s strength has declined, can the ally relationship between the Demon Saint Ridge and the Black Wind Valley continue, and they will be able to fight against the enemy more.”

“Otherwise, if only the half emperor of my demon sacred mountain died, Black Wind Valley will surely give birth to dissent. It is possible to take the opportunity to directly annex my demon sacred mountain!”

Jin Jiao Shen Zi murmured to himself.

In this battle, they have almost died of the demon Saint Lingnan, and there is only one remaining half emperor.

As for the Black Wind Valley, half of the emperors are not dead, and half of the Demon Emperor Realm are also mostly left. If the two Old Ancestors now rescue all the Monster Races, it may not be a good thing for them. .

If it is the Old Ancestor, it will remain intact now and watch its changes.

To be bad luck, it is fair to have everyone bad luck together.

It doesn’t make sense that they have killed 4 half emperor demon in succession, but you Black Wind Valley have not lost any one.

As for the other half emperor earth jiao who is still tossing around in the moat outside the federal center city, Jin Jiao no longer thinks about it anymore, and he has already died 4 anyway. Bit.

A trade-in 3 can not only weaken the strength of Black Wind Valley, but also arouse the joint rivalry between them and the Monster Land Holy Land, which is very cost-effective.

Standing on the top of the mountain, Jin Jiao quietly watched the area in the center of Holy Land, waiting for the final decision of Long Jiao Old Ancestor.

Yinjiao’s kid has passed three breaths, and everything he should have said is over. Next, let’s see if Longjiao Old Ancestor will go out in person.


After only one minute or so, there was a terrifying bear roar in the direction of Black Wind Valley 10000 kilometers away from Yaoshengling.

Obviously, Xiong Yin Shenzi has made a decision, and Xiong Yun, who has not been out of the mountain for a long time, has begun to hold back.

Jinjiao Shenzi is not strange.

The number of halves in Black Wind Valley is not much, and the three halves are damaged at once. They can’t afford it.

Jinjiao Shenzi was worried that his half emperor would have lost too much, and Black Wind Valley would be distracted. Why are Xiong Yin and Xiong Yun not like this?

Each half emperor of his own family is an important weight for who dominates when they both cooperate, and neither of them can afford it.

“Is there still no movement?”

Jin Jiao Shen Zi glanced at the center of Holy Land, the corner of his mouth could not be lifted slightly.

“It seems that Long Jiao’s Old Ancestor and Ben Shenzi’s ideas coincided, otherwise, it would definitely not be so disregarding Xiong Yun’s summon.”


Jinjiao Divine Son’s divine sense was released, and Innate Divine Ability was transported. A volition of law was displayed directly outside the Federal Center City, tens of thousands of kilometers away, hidden in secret to spy on the whole world.

at this time.

Black Wind Valley’s Xiong Yun Old Ancestor has taken Xiong Yin Shenzi and the rest of Elder to the federal center.

Zhuge Xincheng was still standing at the head of the city, and there was no point in wanting to come out to face the battle.

“If you want to save the demon, you can, have the ability to go in and fish out those Monster Races!”

“Kindly remind you, there is not much time left for you. If you don’t hurry to rescue the demon, they will all die inside.”

“Tsk tsk tsk, so many half emperor black and white bears, it’s a pity to die…”

Zhuge Xincheng glanced at the group of rescuers from Black Wind Valley, provoking excitement.

As long as it is not Sovereign, he does not care how much rescue the Black Wind Valley will come.

Anyway, no matter how much they come, Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array can eat it. Haven’t you seen that the two old bastards of Li Liangcai and Tianchanzi haven’t been addicted yet? .

“Stupid Human Race Half-Emperor, have you really decided to start a full battle with our demon domain?”

Xiong Yun stood in front of him and didn’t venture into it. He just stood up and looked up at Zhuge Xincheng.

Zhuge Xincheng pouted.

Here again, can these demon cubs have something new?

“Just hit if you want to, don’t get out!”

“A black bear with no brains, really thought he could represent the entire demon domain?”

“I bother!”

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