I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1204

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In the large formation, Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi, who had killed him, heard Zhuge Xincheng standing at the head of the city to face the Black Wind Valley’s reinforcements, and his heart was unable to bear.

This Zhuge Laoer, what is he going to do, does he really want to directly provoke the ultimate battle between the human and demon 2 clan?

It’s too early to start a showdown with Monster Race now. The overall strength of Human Race is obviously far behind Monster Race. Whether it is quantity or quality, is it not an opponent at all?

And this kind of moat that can trap the half-empire demon has only been built so far. It seems that Jinghua City is still a semifinished product. If you want to spread it to the entire human domain, how long will heaven knows take? time.

Who gave Zhuge Xincheng such courage to let him dare to release himself so thoroughly under the conditions that the time has not yet fully matured?

“It should be just to attract these Monster Races into the battle. Zhuge Xincheng wanted to once and for all. With the help of the moat, he would leave the big demon of Black Wind Valley here!”

Li Liangcai quickly saw through Zhuge Xincheng’s intentions. Didn’t he see that the black and white bears on the opposite side were stimulating to vomit blood?

As he said, a Black Wind Valley does not represent the entire Monster Race.

At the same time, a Human Race half emperor can not represent the entire human domain.

Wait for them to kill all the Monster Races committed today, and see which Monster Race Saint dare to send troops to the Human Race territory to challenge?

“Ami… that Buddha!”

“Human Race has been tolerating for too long, and it’s time to show your fists and show your muscles!”

Tian Chanzi showed mercy on his face and licked his lips lightly, saying, “If those Monster Race dare to join the battle, then it would be better, just because this poor monk hasn’t been overly addicted yet.”

The two Human Race emperors continued to slaughter all sides in a tacit understanding, as if simply not paying attention to the situation outside the city.

Xiong Yun glanced at Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi, who were hiding in a large array and pretended to be deaf. They saw that they killed several demon Emperor Rank black and white bears in the blink of an eye. Xiong Yun’s corner of mouth twitching, the anger is constantly rising.

The half emperors of the Human Race, simply didn’t take it, they put Black Wind Valley in their eyes.

This is Chi Guoguo’s provocation and contempt!

Who gave them such great confidence and courage, this kind of thing has never happened before!

“Old Ancestor, do it! These Human Races are too not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth, don’t teach them a little lesson, they will never know the power of our Black Wind Valley!”

熊印神子to get really angry ,unable to bear to encourage.

It is simply too deceiving the demon, when did the black and white bear family suffer such pent-up frustration?

Before this, Zhuge Xincheng slapped it and the will incarnation of the Yinjiao Divine Son, causing it to be so painful until now that Divine Soul knew the sea.

Now, Zhuge Xincheng still dare to treat them like this Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, it is just in his own courting death, if today, if he were not to die, where would they be a bit more majestic in Black Wind Valley?

“To shut up!”

Xiong Yun stared at Xiong Yin, who was clamoring loudly, and secretly stopped transmission.

I know it’s hard work all day long, can I take it longer?

This bear is so hard, can it not be seen, is this Human Race deliberately tempting them into battle?

Didn’t see Zhuge Xincheng provoked profanity repeatedly, but he stayed in the city himself all the time, didn’t he dare to come out?

This is obviously a trap. Human Race is assisting in the surrounding area. I want to abduct all Monster Race reinforcements into their arranged moat.

Before I figure out what is so greasy in this City Protecting Great Formation in front of me, joining the battle is equivalent to giving food to these Human Races!

“Damn, why didn’t Long Jiao’s old West show up until now? Is it determined to sit atop a mountain to watch the tigers fight?”

Xiong Yun felt resentful in his heart. Since Long Jiao didn’t respond to its call, Xiong Yun had already vaguely guessed Long Jiao’s thoughts.

Among the four half emperors trapped outside the federal center city, the Dijiao family only has one of them. Longjiao wanted to give up the last one.

“I want us to use Black Wind Valley as a cannon fodder to test the reality of the Human Race moat. It’s too special to be a demon!”

Xiong Yun shouted incessantly.

But the three half emperors clansman trapped in the battlefield had to be rescued again. The demon holy mountain family had a great cause. The hidden half emperors were not rare. .

But their Black Wind Valley does not work. The strength of Black Wind Valley is different from that of Demon Saint Ridge. The number of half emperors is extremely limited. Losing a half emperor clansman Xiong Yun will hurt for half a year, let alone one. Lost 3 places.

“Zhuge Xincheng, a yellow-mouthed child that’s all who can only talk about things, don’t bother.”

Xiong Yun took a deep breath and determined to instructed the demons behind him: “Now all obey the orders of the emperor, under the half emperor, standing at the edge of the Formulation, strike out the array of peripheral arrays, without the protection of the emperor’s order. There will be a break.”

“On top of the half emperor, along with this emperor, attack the Human Race martial artist in Killing Formation by air, don’t be half sympathetic. In addition, when I met the clansman of the black and white bear family, when I tried to rescue, one can be rescued!”

Xiong Yun did not mention how to meet the clansman of the Dijiao family, but all the half emperors around him had already understood it.

They can’t even take care of their clansman, how can they spare time to take care of clansman?

Moreover, even the Dragon Ancestors of the Old Dragon family have abandoned these clansman, and the Black Bear family has no such obligation to help them.


With the order of Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, the thousands of monsters from Black Wind Valley began to gather together, continuously launching a brute force attack on the outermost moat.

No monsters in Monster Race are proficient in Formation. If they want to break the formation, they can only use the brute force they are best at. Although it is slow, it is extremely effective.

In the past, when these Monster Races launched the battle to break the city, they used this method to attack the psionic shield outside the city and consume the psionic reserve in the Human Race city.

Now, in the face of this very strange new type of moat, they still choose this most direct brute force attack.

Under the leadership of Beast King, Monster Emperor and Half Demon Emperor Realm under the leadership of Xiong Yin God Son, when he began to attack the moat array constantly, Xiong Yun and the three half emperor black and white bears around him also began the most direct and most Violent assault.

The outermost Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, even if it has increased its power several times, still can’t resist the violent attack of the half emperor demon.



A pair of giant palms forcibly torn the defense of the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and directly invaded the Formation.

In a blink of an eye, several Human Race emperors were pinched to burst into shape, and at the same time, there were also black and white bears above the Emperor Rank that were wrapped up by these giant palms and easily brought out.

At the same time.

Zhuge Xincheng on the head of the city, Li Liangcai and Tian Cicada in the big formation change color at the same time.

didn’t expect Xiong Yun not only did not get fooled, but also found the defects and weak spots of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array so quickly.

They want to force the half emperor of Human Race out of the city to fight against them.

If there is no Human Race half emperor’s shot to block, there are now 10000 Human Race martial artists in the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array.

More importantly, if these half-empire monsters are allowed to be destroyed, it will probably destroy the formation and interrupt the normal operation of the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, even the innermost Six Roads of Samsara. Large formations will also be affected.

And in the 6-lane round formation, there are still 4 half-empire monsters trapped. If the 4 half-empire monsters are released, the consequences can hardly be imagined.

They absolutely do not allow such things to happen!

Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Zhuge Xincheng immediately wanted to come forward, even if they knew they might be defeated, they could not just watch the moat destroyed, Human Race counts 10000 martial artist violent death.

“3 Senior don’t be impatient, this City Protecting Great Formation arranged by Junior is not so vulnerable!”

At this time, the spirit sound transmission of Yang Fan Clone came from the ears of Li Liangcai, Tian Chanzi and Zhuge Xincheng at the same time.

Then, they saw the periphery of the entire Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, and a layer of mist slowly rose between unconsciously, seemingly and slowly wrapping the entire large array in half a breath.

Later, Li Liangcai and Tianren were surprised to find that their divine sense and spirit willpower could not spy on the cover of this layer of fog. They could no longer stand like the previous ones, and they could stand outside and clearly sense the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying. The situation in Array.


The operations of the Xiong Yun and other 4 half emperor black and white bears were stopped at the same time, and they began to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases. They dared not launch attacks against the large array any more, because they were unknown to the enemy and they did not know themselves. After this slap, it was the Human Race martial artist or the Monster Race.

“Damn, what is this, even the Divine Sense of the Half Emperor Powerhouse can be shielded?!”

“Old Ancestor, what to do next, do you want to continue?”

The three and a half emperors turned their heads and looked at Xiong Yun Old Ancestor at the same time.

Now they are all blind, regardless of enemies and foes, no targets, and blindly attacking indiscriminately, the effect is greatly reduced, and you may accidentally hurt your own clansman.

Xiong Yun is also frowned, and the sudden change of the moat is far beyond its expectations.

What is this mist that even the half emperor can’t see? Xiong Fei and their three half emperors are trapped. Is it also related to this mist?

Think about it.

A large array of moats outside the federal center city suddenly burst into light, and the envelope of the Formation suddenly spread to the periphery for about ten kilometers.

With a brush, the Black Wind Valley reinforcements above the 1000 King Rank that concentrated the fire attack on the edge of the Formation were all included, and there was no sound in a moment.

Xiong Yun 4 The demon is a semi-emperor cultivation base and has a keen sense. When the Formation rays of light flash, he feels wrong and breaks away.

By the time they flashed out of the center again, the 1000 monsters they brought, including the Xiongyin Son, had all been disappeared.

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