I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1205

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What the hell ?

The large moat outside the federal center city can continue to expand outwards, and the expansion is only a few thousand meters? !

What kind of devil operation is this, I have never heard of it before!

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor was just dumbfounded.

What is trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off, this is so special!

These little guys of Human Race are too cunning, who can think of it, the moat that had trapped their 50000 army before, wasn’t it the state of full prosperity?

Even if they were attacked by five half-empire demon, and under the attack of 5 Demon Soldier, they could still keep a secret hand? !

Too sinister!

They are deliberately tempting the enemy to go deeper.

After this battle, who would dare to easily approach this City Protecting Great Formation in the future? Who knows where the specific boundary of this City Protecting Great Formation lies? What should I do if I got too close and got stuck again?

“Old Ancestor, even Xiongyin Godson is trapped in the Formation, what should I do now?”

A strong attack is definitely not advisable, only the ordinary black and white bear clansman, they may still be cruel, you can ignore it.

But now, even the god sons of their Black Wind Valley have been put in. Who dares to shoot easily, what if the 10000 is killed?

Moreover, this City Protecting Great Formation seems to be a bit evil. If it weren’t for their 4 half emperors flashing fast, they might have been shrouded in a sudden expansion array like Xiong Yin.

Even if they are half emperors, they dare not guarantee that they will be able to come out safely when they enter the battle.

Xiong Fei, Xiong Shan and Jiao Anyi are only half alive. They are a living example. If one is dead, the remaining four have not yet appeared.

This is no longer so simple as refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases, now even their own safety has been threatened.

Xiong Yun stared at the large moat shrouded in front of him, feeling very upset.

What should I do, Don’t always ask me what should I do?

Don’t you have a long brain?

The moat is now enclosing the entire federal center city, and the mist of white has isolated all of their detectives from prying eyes, and even Zhuge Xincheng, who could talk to them before, is gone.

At this moment, they are completely ignorant of the situation within the central city and inside the formation of the moat.

Apart from this, their 4 half emperors did not dare to get close even within ten tenths of the edge of the large formation. I was afraid that the scene just now would be repeated again, swallowing up the four monsters.

“This is a hedgehog, with thorns all over his body, how should he talk?”

Xiong Yun was annoyed in her heart, knowing that this was the case, she shouldn’t have caused Xiong Yin to follow behind Yin Jiao’s ass.

Now it’s okay, the Dijiao clan doesn’t care about it, they black and white bear clan if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off.

One is not handled well, not to mention the three half-empire clansman, maybe even Xiongyin Shenzi will die.

“In any case, Xiongyin Shenzi must never have an accident!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor gritted his teeth and expressed his determination.

Xiong Yin is a favorite son of the White Bear Monster Sovereign. If he really dies here, in their front of one’s eyes, once the Monster Sovereign returns, one of them will be counted as one. Can’t live.

These half emperors of Human Race are now obviously crazy and inflated. Heaven knows will they ignore the face of Monster Sovereign and just kill Xiong Yin directly?

Xiong Yun didn’t dare to let Xiong Yin’s son rest on the reason and fear of these cunning Human Race.

“Zhuge Xincheng, Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi! The emperor knew you could hear it!”

Xiong Yun suddenly sounded loudly at the moat in front of him.

“This emperor does not crack a joke with you, now you two have a choice.”

“First, we surrender and lose, let’s stop here. You will immediately release my half emperor and my dear son, and we are willing to compensate certain heavenly materials earthly treasures as compensation for this battle!”

“Second, if you insist on fighting, and refuse to release my half emperor and my dear son, this emperor will now, immediately, and immediately take the demon to the surrounding Human Race city, kill the ring, wantonly slaughter the city, let you Human Race 2 clansman is buried with my half emperor and god son!”

“Don’t think that the emperor is cracking a joke with you!”

“If Lord Son has an accident, the emperor and the clansman around him don’t want to live. Instead, it’s better to have some Human Race to bury!”

“As for whether you will revenge in the same way to the demon realm afterwards, the emperor doesn’t care! You Human Race has a good saying,’After I die, whichever flood it is!’, if the emperor can’t live, who are you? Don’t think about it anymore!”

Xiong Yun stood roaring loudly outside the city.

Xiong Xiao Zhentian, 4 wild all spread.

Not only did Zhuge Xincheng and Li Liangcai in the city, but also 10000000 Human Race 100 surnames heard, they even secretly monitored the Golden Race God Son, Silver Flood God Son, and Long Jiao Old Ancestor.

Hearing the threat of this old bear roaring, all the people and monsters changed color.

Especially, Xiong Yun, this old bastard, is either the fish dies or the net splits.

Once the first to start working on the ordinary city of Human Race, breaking the supreme powerhouse of the human and demon 2 clan and keeping the rules and conventions for more than 50 years, the entire world will inevitably be completely chaotic.

When the time comes, not only the ordinary residents of Human Race will suffer, but also their Monster Race.

When all the emperors, half Demon Emperor Realm and even half emperor began to ignore the rules and began to bully the clansman in the other race on a large scale without any care, the huge losses caused were definitely not human, What the high level of the demon 2 clan wants to see.

The reason why the Sovereign contract was able to succeed in the contract was because all 8 Sovereigns had similar scruples and did not want to watch their clansman extinct one by one in such chaos.

This is true for Human Race, as is Monster Race.

Even if they are as strong as Sovereign, they cannot guarantee that they can ensure the absolute safety of their clansman and heirs in the assault of the hostile Sovereign.

But now.

Xiong Yun wants to take the lead in breaking this unwritten convention that everyone is obscurely following, and wants to use his semi-empire body to personally slaughter the Human Race without the city where the semi-empire is stationed.

“It’s crazy!”

“It wants to bring this disaster into the entire demon domain, and wants to put all Monster Race into the water!”

“This old bear, as always, is still a cunning. It is using this as a threat, forcing the Human Race half emperor to close, and also forcing the emperor to shoot!”

Long Jiao Old Ancestor gloomy face, watching Xiong Yun coldly from the air.

It did not doubt Xiong Yun’s decision when he said these words, because although this is the old bear’s strategy of either the fish dies or the net splits, but if it is forced to desperate situation, such a thing, this crazy bear will definitely do Come out.

If Xiong Yin’s kid really died in the moat of Human Race, Xiong Yun will definitely be liquidated by Monster Sovereign, a madman who knows he will die. What worries will he have?

“Old Ancestor, are you ready to shoot?”

Yinjiao Shenzi asked softly.

Long Jiao Old Ancestor shook his head slightly: “It’s no use for the emperor to go, this City Protecting Great Formation in the Federal Center City, the emperor can’t see through, I just went, and I’m not sure I can break the formation and save the bear seal .”

“Now, it depends on what the three half emperors of Human Race want. If nothing unexpected happens, they will not dare to slash Xiongyin Godson easily. After all, their Human Race can’t bear the death of a monster Sovereign. angry.”

Long Jiao didn’t mean to show up to help, and continued to hide and watch the show.

Within the Federal Center City.

Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi have already returned from the battlefield, standing together with Zhuge Xincheng at the head of the city. Through the mist that envelopes the center city above the head, you can clearly see Xiong Yun standing 100 kilometers away from the outside of the city 4 demon.

“This crazy bear was obviously frightened, and now he has no courage to get close to the center city.”

Li Liangcai laughed heartily and did not take Xiong Yun’s threat to taking seriously.

No way, similar threats, they heard almost every once in a while, their ears are about to wear out cocoons.

Every time I ate a defeat and wouldn’t come to Taiwan, these monsters would come to this set. The louder the call, the more guilty and more demanding it is.

To deal with such demonic beasts with such fierceness, it is necessary to dry them for a while without having to rush to answer.

“Ami… that Buddha!”

“Not to mention these monsters, when the moat suddenly expanded, even this poor monk was taken aback, never expected, this Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array even had such changes.”

Tian Chanzi didn’t take Xiong Yun’s threat seriously, and whispered a buddha number. The other party’s talented moat formation was amazed.

He himself is the imaginary formation Great Grandmaster, and he knows how amazing the difficulty of the Form change is. Yang Fan has already given Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array to spend it!

“If this poor monk guesses well, the mist that envelopes the outer periphery of the moat should be the array protection formed by the comprehensive stimulation of the Six Roads of Samsara virtual imaginary formation, which is also a kind of psychedelic formation. “

“Isolating the half emperor divine sense should be just one of its simplest functions. If nothing unexpected happens, now the Six Roads of Samsara combination has been integrated with the entire moat, and any half emperor who is involved in it will be in immediately transferred into the reincarnation illusion, there is no possibility to come out again!”

Before they tried out, and when the five half-empire monsters first entered the battlefield, they first entered the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, and then they were led step by step into the most core Six Roads of Samsara virtual imaginary formation.

This is to boil the frog in warm water, and the method is relatively gentle.

Among them, for a period of time, they actually had a chance to break the formation with the strength of the half emperor.

As long as it avoids the core Six Roads of Samsara virtual combination imaginary formation, the outermost Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array simply can’t trap them.

But now, the Six Roads of Samsara is directly aligned with the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, and the only vitality is completely cut off.

“Yang Fan Little Benefactor has already perfectly combined the combination of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation. All raised a small level!”

“What we are seeing in front of us should be the complete form of the moat formation. The previous formation within formation is just a blinding method that Yang Fan Little Benefactor deliberately released.”

Li Liangcai and Zhuge Xincheng breathed at the same time.

Only a blind eye method devoured the 2 Demon Soldier of Monster Race 50000 Great Holy Land, and even their five and a half emperors were taken in.

How strong is this complete form of moat?

“Of course, such a complete form must be surprisingly expensive, and should not be durable. It is similar to the state when the psionic shield is fully activated, and activation will only be activated at the most dangerous time.”

“However, as a warning and deterrent to these half-empire demon, it is enough!”

After speaking, Tian Chanzi whispered the Buddha’s number again, and then turned his head towards towards Li Liangcai and Zhuge Xincheng.

“Two people, the old bear seems to be unable to hold back, and it’s time to go out and meet him, lest he really jump the wall!”

Li Liangcai and Zhuge Xincheng looked straight and at the same time nodded.

Next second.

The Space Rule around the three Human Race emperors surged, and three silhouettes disappeared into the city at the same time.

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