I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1206

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“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan No. 3 halves Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Yin Shen Zi has performed advanced collection, passive activation of obstacle-breaking companion skills, successful collection, Sovereign level Spirit Treasure +1, Spiritual Power +10, skill proficiency +50.”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan No. 3 halves the Demon Emperor Realm. Xiong Yin Shenzi has performed advanced gathering, passive activation of obstacle-breaking companion skills, successful gathering, Xiong Shengguo +10, Innate Purple Qi +1, Spiritual Power +10, Skill proficiency +50.”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan No. 3 halves the Demon Emperor Realm. Xiong Yin Divine Son has performed advanced collection, passive activation of obstacle-breaking companion skills, successful collection, crystal crystallization +10, Sovereign level spirit wine +15, Spiritual Power + 10. Skill proficiency +50.”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan No. 3 halves Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Yin Divine Son performed advanced collection technique, the obstacle-breaking companion technology was passively activated, and the collection was successful…”

After hearing the system hint of the Yang Fan No. 3 collecting item constantly ringing in my ear, after hearing the system hints of Sovereign level Spirit Treasure +1 and Innate Purple Qi +1, the ear of Yang Fan’s deity was swiped with a brush. , Eyes shone brightly.

Another Sovereign level Spirit Treasure?

There is a ray of Innate Purple Qi?

It seems that there are a lot of good things in this bear immortal son, can get such a great gift from the White Bear Monster Sovereign, this is the real successor of the Sovereign level!

I just don’t know how it is such a god in the Black Wind Valley, who should be the leader of the Demonic Beast who will command all the people in the rear. How can he be trapped in the moat of the federal center city?

and also.

Just now, it seems that the students of the 3rd class have fully activated the ultimate form of the Six Roads of Samsara. Is it because the reinforcements of the Black Wind Valley and the Demon Holy Mountain have arrived?

Yang Fan has some guesses in mind.

2 The 50000 Demon Soldier in the Monster Race Saint is trapped, among which there are 30 and a half Demon Emperor Realm, 5 and a half demon Emperor Realm, the Demon Holy Mountain and the Black Wind Valley will never stand idly by, and sending reinforcements to threaten the rescue is normal. but.

“However, how many goblins are for nothing!”

“As long as Sovereign can’t come out, no matter how many demon moats are here to eat!”

Yang Fan is very confident in his heart. Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array ensures the durability of its battle with Monster Race with the characteristics of fighting and raising. It is simply not afraid that Monster Race’s reinforcements will come too much.

And the fully excited state of the Six Roads of Samsara virtual combination imaginary formation is able to wrap the entire Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, even if it is a half emperor, don’t think about seeing every move in the Formation again, who dares Break in without authorization and keep it coming and going.

As for the violent attacks on the periphery, it is possible to use the first-level psionic shields of the Federal Center City to share the remaining power. Speaking of defensive ability, who can compare the first-level psionic shields that even Sovereign can resist?

At the beginning of the formation, when Yang Fan prepared to combine the array core of the moat and the array core of the psionic shield, he had already done well to build the large array into the strongest defense. Plan.

Entering can be attacked, retreating can be defended, solid as a golden soup.

Therefore, unless someone or a demon can destroy the array core of the psionic shield and the moat from the inside, or directly have a real Sovereign environment continuously and continuously violent attacks outside will exhaust the psionic reserve of the Formation.

Otherwise, no one wants to break through the moat outside the Federal Center City, it is such a Great Cow.

“Now, even Xiong Yin, the child of Black Wind Valley, is trapped in the formation. If there is no accident, Black Wind Valley will definitely dispatch all the rescuers. I am afraid that it is already overwhelmed at the moment outside the Federal Center City.”

Yang Fan sucked 2 times, and his heart was agitated.

“At this time, the Black Wind Valley will inevitably be empty at the rear. Is this a good time to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain?”

Would you like to take the opportunity to get a vote?

Yang Fan’s heart is moving. The last trip of 10000 Yaoshan has made him reminiscent. The Fire Phoenix family has accumulated 100 years of resource treasure, and most of them have been quietly staying in his storage space.

Black Wind Valley is also one of the Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race. There is a real Monster Sovereign sitting in the town, and there are certainly a few treasures collected in the family.

If you can give them all the money at the bottom of the tank, it is equivalent to indirectly contributing to the Human Race for the Federation, right?

“I have both Divine Stone body protection and a new half-empire demon as a meat shield. I want to sneak into Black Wind Valley It shouldn’t be any difficulty…”

Yang Fan thinks more and more that this is a broad and open road. If he does not go, he is wasting his talents and innate talent. It is reckless waste of natural resources.

After thinking about it, Yang Fan resolutely summoned the little female crocodile who was lying on the side and cultivating the cultivation, and asked directly: “Little Brat, do you know the specific direction of Black Wind Valley?”

“I know!” The crocodile is beautifully nodded replied: “When I came out of the mountain, Great Elder had specifically told me the spatial orientation of the 5 Great Saint position, I can find it!”

“Okay!” Yang Fan said loudly: “Take my owner to Black Wind Valley now!”

There are half emperors and big demon who lead the way, but within 10000 miles, they don’t have to worry about delaying too long on the way.

Yang Fan quietly fully activates the Divine Stone, which is the convergence of his body. The fluctuations in the rules of Divine Stone instantly cover him and the crocodile around him completely.

The beautiful crocodile didn’t dare to violate Yang Fan’s will, and flew out of Jinghua City with Yang Fan as soon as he moved. After leaving the monitoring and interference of the psionic shield, the front paw gently stroked and opened a spatial door in front of him. , Swooping into Yang Fan with a swish.

The northern area of ​​the demon domain, where Black Wind Valley is located, is a thousand thousand kilometers away from Jinghua City. However, under the guarantee and protect of the crocodile beautiful half emperor demon, Yang Fan only quietly used it in less than ten minutes. to.


Just reaching the core boundary of the Black Wind Valley, the beauty of the crocodile and Yang Fan who are traveling in the space channel are not banned by an invisible rule and thrown out of the space crack.

Alligator Beauty, as the leader in developing space channels, even spit out black blood on the spot because of regular backlash.

Yang Fan has also suffered some influences, but not at all The crocodile is so beautiful, but the blood and blood fluctuated, and he quickly calmed down by himself.

“what is this?”

Because it was not the subject of the backlash being attacked, Yang Fan not at all received the corresponding prompt, and unable to bear uttered a question to Crocodile.

The crocodile beautifully takes a deep breath, with a face of horror, and the sound is repeated: “Rule ban! This is the rule ban set by Sovereign level personally, which can isolate all Space Rule attacks under the Sovereign level.”

“I used to have this kind of prohibition on the isolated island in the South China Sea. I just didn’t expect that now Sovereign can’t be closed, and these rules are still in normal operation!”

It’s really careless.

If I knew that there was such a Space Rule ban outside of Black Wind Valley, it wouldn’t say anything like this, so I would bump into it so boldly.

Fortunately, it is already a half emperor demon, otherwise if you come here for a while before the breakthrough, the whole body is estimated to be completely torn.

“No wonder Great Elder warned me before, when entering the Monster Race and other Four Great Holy Lands, must be cautious, otherwise even the half emperor may be killed.”

The crocodile sighed softly after being beautiful.

This is the first Monster Race Saint site that it has visited since it came out of the country. It didn’t expect a spitting blood.

Yang Fan is also inwardly shiver.

Black Wind Valley is such a great cow. This has just crossed the boundary of its core territory, and there is a real downhill.

When his Clone was in 10000 Enchanted Mountain before, even when he reached his hands to the Fire Phoenix family treasure house, did he feel anything unusual?

Of course, the last time he entered 10000 Yaoshan, his Clone was escorted in as a captive. When he came out, he did not take the usual road, and returned directly to Self-destruction, so not at all felt 10000 Yaoshan’s defense How tight it is.

At this time, they infiltrated Black Wind Valley, but from the front of the hard anus, they directly triggered the outermost defense mechanism of Black Wind Valley.

“It seems that I still underestimated these Monster Race Saints before. Even the most perimeter rule ban can injure a half-empire demon. If I come in alone, it must be nine deaths and still alive. what.”

Yang Fan sighed.

Although these Monster Races do not understand the Formation, this unique rule of ban is somewhat similar to the Human Race’s moat formation.

I don’t know if the three Sovereign of Human Race will use this ban. Whether it is in the Federal Center City or Jinghua City, I don’t seem to have sensed or even heard of it.

“Owners don’t need to think about it. This rule ban is our Monster Race Sovereign’s exclusive secret technique. In addition to Monster Sovereign and a few Monster Race half emperors, few Monster Race can master it.”

“Your 3 emperors of Human Race, 99% of them may not be banned. At least in my memory and some common sense rules transmitted to me by Great Elder, not at all. “

Sensing a strong wave of thoughts from Yang Fan’s sea of ​​knowledge, the crocodile spoke softly to Yang Fan to clear her doubts.

Human Race has the characteristics of Human Race, Monster Race has the advantages of Monster Race, the cultivation system is different, and there are many differences in the perception of Avenue Rules. If you don’t envy, you don’t need to envy.

Yang Fan is shrugged, if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. It’s just a special defense method, nothing extraordinary.

Human Race’s psionic shields, as well as the large shields he just built in the Federal Center City, also have the same anti-enemy effect, but everyone’s tactics are different. You don’t have to make a fuss about nothing.

“Is there a way to crack it?” Yang Fan asked again to Crocodile Beauty: “Because it is a portal, it can’t keep all the Black Wind Valley Monster Race from coming over, right?”

Human Race’s psionic shields are only isolated from the invasion of Monster Race. For yourself, not at all has too many restrictions.

It would be the same to want to ban this rule.

It may be difficult for Human Race to break into it, but the beauty of crocodile is Monster Race, and it is also the half emperor of Monster Race. If it wants to enter Black Wind Valley, the restrictions should be much smaller.

“of course.”

Alligator beautifully nodded: “As long as you don’t show too much maliciousness, you can basically pass through the monster power of your Monster Race.”

“I just didn’t know that there are regular bans here, otherwise I will not rampage like this, and I was blocked by the instinctive backlash.”

Yang Fan nodded.

To put it bluntly, it is to leave your own magical power to be a register, and you can only enter and exit freely after being banned by the rules and judged to be your own.

Just like when the Human Race in other cities wants to enter another city, they need to register the basic information in the city gate, and they will be allowed to enter the city after receiving the inspection, otherwise the psionic shield will also simply isolate them. outer.

“Then what are you waiting for, register now!”

Yang Fan urged softly.

Alligator looked up at Yang Fan with a glance, but it was a bit embarrassing: “I have no problem entering it myself, the key is Master, you may not be able to enter?”

If Yang Fan can’t go in, what’s the point of the crocodile being a beautiful demon going in. It doesn’t know that Yang Fan suddenly goes crazy to come to Black Wind Valley to dry and so on.

“You just have to take care of yourself, the owner has his own way to enter it.”

Yang Fan waved his hand at the beautiful crocodile beautifully, and saw that the beautiful crocodile slowly sent a very pure wave of magical power towards the border entrance of the Black Wind Valley, and then a slight spatial ripple rippled in the void, Slowly and slowly covering the beautiful body of the crocodile.

The crocodile stood upright beautifully, and expression expressed a solemn sway to the regular fluctuations, allowing the ripples of space to soak into its within the body.

“It is!”

The crocodile beauty whispered to Yang Fan sound transmission softly in the sea of ​​knowledge. When it turned back to find Yang Fan again, there was no trace of Yang Fan anymore.

In this regard, the crocodile Meifen was not surprised.

For Yang Fan’s ability to track down the potential, it already had the deepest experience as long as Second Elder was killed.

However, it does not think that Yang Fan’s ability to converge stealth can conceal the detectives banned by the Sovereign level rules. As long as Yang Fan dares to step into the core realm of the Black Wind Valley, he will definitely be banned to detect counterattacks.

“Master must be careful, but this is the ban imposed by the White Bear Monster Sovereign before. If the master breaks into it, he may be worried about his life.”

The crocodile Meili faithfully said that it is now connected with Yang Fan. If something goes wrong with Yang Fan, it may not be able to survive.

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry in and go after registration!”

Yang Fan’s impatient voice was clearly transmitted to the beautiful crocodile through the Divine Soul in the sea.

Seeing the owner’s insistence, the beauty of the crocodile is no longer wordy, and he has stepped across the core boundary of the Black Wind Valley. At this time, there is no movement in the rule ban, and the beautiful crocodile enters the Black Wind Valley with ease.

Looking up, 10 li in front is Black Wind City. There is only one humanoid city in Black Wind Valley, which is also the most central position of Black Wind Holy Land.

The crocodile is beautifully standing in place, not at all rushing to the Black Wind City, but releasing the divine sense, searching under 4 times, and Divine Soul to Yang Fan sound transmission:

“Master, are you still there? I have entered Black Wind Valley. What should I do next?”

“Don’t ink, just go into the city and explore the reality of this black Wind City! It is best to find out where the treasure house of the black and white bear family is.”

Yang Fan’s voice sounded quietly, as if in his ear.

The crocodile is beautifully shivered, his face surprised with an astonished expression, never expected, and Yang Fan broke in so quickly. How did he avoid the White Bear Monster Sovereign rule?

This is not scientific!

That is a rule ban imposed by Sovereign level powerhouse personally, as long as the blood energy of Human Race can be identified, it will definitely attack immediately.

Yang Fan’s Breath Restraining Technique is even a Great Cow, can he still conceal the Divine sense of Sovereign level powerhouse?

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