I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1207

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Outside the Federal Center.

Zhuge Xincheng, Li Liangcai and Tianchanzi stood out of thin air, and looked towards Xiong Yun, about 100 miles away from them, and so on.

“Everyone will say bad things, but you hide so far and put them so hard, the old man actually saw it for the first time, and he is very novel!”

Zhuge Xincheng flicked the folding fan and looked at the Xiong Yun 4 demon. He couldn’t help but laugh from the sky and laughed very openly.

Xiong Yun 4 The old face of the demon became black charcoal directly.

What’s more, if you cunning humans set traps outside the city, who would like to talk to you so far away?

This Zhuge faithfulness, the conscience is greatly broken, the end is not the Son of Man.

“Don’t talk too much nonsense, the condition has been opened, how to choose your own decision!”

Xiong Yun’s face was black, 2 bear eyes 4 scattered cold murderous aura, staring at Zhuge Xincheng with three people.

“However, this emperor only gives you 3 minutes to consider. After 3 minutes, if you do not give a clear answer to this emperor, the emperor will decide that you have chosen Article 2, and thereafter, irreconcilable!”

Li Liangcai glared, coldly snorted more arrogantly than Xiong Yun, and did not flinch.

“Cut! Who doesn’t say big things?”

“If you have a species, you can give it a try! With your 4 soft-leg shrimps, you still want to slaughter my Human Race territory, who will give you a face?!”

“At that time, even the five Monster Sovereigns of your Monster Race did not dare to speak so eloquently. How many of you are better than Sovereign?

“Dare to say one more such fart, believing or not, old man will now order to kill the shit god of your black and white bear family directly, look at your white bear Monster Sovereign, and dare to attack directly My Federal Center City!”

Speaking of bluff, Li Liangcai has never been afraid of anyone.

In a few words, the four half-empire monsters on the opposite side were blushed and their necks were thick.

There is no way, Xiong Yin Shenzi is in the hands of Human Race, and the initiative is also on the side of Human Race. If there is any choice, Xiong Yun 4 Yao naturally wants to be able to choose a living path.

Otherwise, who is going to go crazy and provoke the entire human domain? The slaughter of Human Race and the like is just a matter of addiction.

Their real purpose is only to ensure the life of Xiongyin from beginning to end, so as not to hang it directly in the moat of Human Race.

“Old Ancestor, people have already fished out, or shall we take action now, capture them, and use these 3 Human Race emperors to exchange God Son and Xiong Fei for their 3 demon lives?”

“The three people in front of me, except Zhuge Xincheng, are hard to get rid of, Li Liangcai and Tianchanzi are sick seedlings. It’s not a cause for concern. We will definitely be able to succeed by measuring 3 around 4!”

Beside Xiong Yun, there is a suggestion of semi-imperial sound transmission.

“Can be a hammer!”

Xiong Yun whispered and said in a low voice: “The battle between the half emperors is possible for a few days. When we capture these three Human Race emperors, the cucumber dishes are all so cold!”

With 4 around 3, they do have a great win rate, but what about that?

Xiongyin Shenzi has now fallen into the hands of others. Life and death are all controlled by Human Race. If they dare to take the risk, 10000 people will slip their hands and their hearts will be ruthless. Where do they cry?

“Let’s stay here now and just delay the time.”

“Attracted the attention of the three half emperors of Human Race, let them carelessly, I believe that Xiong Yin Divine Son will be able to seize the opportunity and blow this damn moat into pieces in one fell swoop!”

The imposing manner on Xiong Yun’s body was soaring, remotely locking 3 people in Zhuge Xincheng, neither attacking nor retreating, so they whispered and held each other.

The three black and white bear half emperors on Xiong Yun’s side glanced at each other, and his heart was somewhat clear.

The strength of Xiongyin Shenzi is very clear. With its half Demon Emperor Realm realm’s strength, it is almost impossible to turn over.

But now, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor put all their hopes on Xiongyin Shenzi. They have to wonder if the 1000 Monster Race reinforcements just together with Xiongyin Shenzi were intentionally used as the moat of Human Race The big formation swallowed it.

Xiongyin Shenzi’s body must have a powerful card that could turn them over.

“Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure!”

The three characters of the three half-empire monsters popped up at the same time.

In this case, in addition to Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure, they can’t think of any treasure that can make Xiong Yun so confident that he can kill this half of the emperor with his own strength. The super array is destroyed.

“It’s not wrong, in fact, we should have been able to think of it for a long time. Xiong Yin is the most favorite son of Monster Sovereign. How could Monster Sovereign not be accountable and entrusted before he closed?”

“Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure is indeed extremely rare and rare. Every time you make a Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure, it will cause some irreparable damage to the Divine Soul of Monster Sovereign. However, if it is for your most beloved son, Monster Sovereign It may not be unwilling.”

The three half-empire demon meet each other’s eyes, and there is a little excitement between the expressions.

If there is Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in the hands of Xiongyin God Son, once activated and exploded, everything in front of him may be destroyed.

What kind of moat formation, what kind of Human Race 3 emperor, all will become cannon fodder, become a decoration, good luck, maybe even the psionic shield of the federal center city can be shattered.

Regarding the strength of the White Bear Monster Sovereign, these half emperors of the black and white bear family have mysterious confidence and enthusiasm.

At this moment, they seemed to have seen victory in front of their eyes. Before, they were still worried about the safety of Xiongyin God’s Son, and one was liberated.

“Sure enough, ginger is still old and spicy, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor is still as usual, cunning cunning! Even these half emperors of Human Race have caught its plot!”

At the same time, the three half-empire demon also began to admire Xiong Yun Old Ancestor.


They just faced the Human Race 3 emperor for one minute, two minutes or even 3 minutes, but there was no fart in the moat below.

Gradually, more than three semi-empire monsters began to sweat on their heads, and even Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, who had been endowed with extraordinary intelligence, became anxious.

“What’s the grandson, Xiong Yin, doing?”

“Lao Tzu has been delaying it for so long outside, why hasn’t it done it yet?”

“Did something happen?”

“It shouldn’t be! It has Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure body protection on it. In case of fatal danger, Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure will be passively excited, and there is no reason for any accidents!”

Xiong Yun began to be anxious gradually, because of the interference of the layer of white mist, they now simply cannot see the situation in the moat formation, and no one knows what happened to Xiong Yin Shenzi.


Zhuge Xincheng, Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi naturally also felt the change of Xiong Yun 4 demon’s mentality, all with a hint of discovered mystery on their faces.

“The four monsters started to worry.”

“Demonic beast is Demonic beast. Even if it evolved into a human form, it is as stupid as it is. Really think we can’t see that they are deliberately delaying time?”

Li Liangcai gently pouted.

The reason why they are here to tease the four half-empire monsters, is it also delaying time with them?

Yang Fan Clone had just spoken to them just now, letting them find a way to delay for a while, and wait until he killed the 4 trapped half emperors in the moat.

As for the Xiong Yin God Son, it is also under the control of Yang Fan Clone. If in the end I really don’t want to tear my face with Black Wind Valley, lest these half emperors Xiong Yun go crazy and attack the ordinary city of the human world. hand over.

The left and right is just a half Demon Emperor Realm, not to worry about.

Therefore, Li Liangcai is full of confidence now, no matter what sly plan these bear cubs are playing, as long as the Xiong Yin God Son is in their hands, they are already in an invincible position.

“They should have been abandoned by the allies of the demon holy mountain.”

Zhuge Xincheng lightly shook the folding fan in his hand, lightly said: “Did you not find it, it has been almost ten minutes since the start of the post, and the Dejiao family of the Demon Holy Mountain did not even respond at all.”

“It’s fair to say that the Dijiao family, apart from the Dijiao half emperor trapped in the Formulation, now has no more than one half emperor. The old man is unbelievable.”

Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi nodded at the same time to acknowledge.

Monster Race’s Five Great Holy Lands are not as harmonious as the outside world sees. After all, they are different ethnic groups. Even with the corresponding wisdom, some instincts and instincts are hard to change.

Human Race still has the saying that it is not my family’s heart. Monster Race 10000 is in the same realm, let alone mention it.

Before there were 5 Monster Sovereign guards, these potential contradictions could be suppressed. Now, Sovereign can’t come out, and the group of heroes come together, and many contradictions between races have gradually begun to break out.

This is a common problem of intelligent creatures, and no race can avoid it.

“Isn’t this better?” Li Liangcai said lightly with a smile: “Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands can’t be concentric, but it’s 100 benefits for our Human Race without harm.”

“If it was not difficult to enter the Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race, the old man would like to send some agents to a wave of separation, which would be even better if it caused the Civil War of the Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands!”

Zhuge Xincheng is slightly nodded with a smile.

The reason why Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands will show this kind of demon heart, and think of the plot against suspicion, may not be without some plans of Human Race.

Not to mention, the three Sovereign adults, and the one from the Holy Forest Island, have not sent undercover agents to the demon domain over the past few decades.

After all, even Monster Race, which has just been awakened for more than 100 years, has nothing in history that knows to import treacherous into Human Race, and even developed the mystery of demon possession to explore Human Race. News, confusing each domain of Human Race.

And the Human Race Federation, especially their country of China, but an ancient civilization with a history of more than 5000 years of fighting, wouldn’t it even be prepared at all?

Need to know, the soldiers cut the plot, the second cut the pay, the second cut the soldiers, the next attack the city.

As early as 1000 years ago, Human Race’s master of warfare already knew the truth of attack. Now Human Race has experienced dozens of baptism of spirit strength tide. It is more and more intelligent and naturally superior to its predecessors.

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