I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1208

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Xiongyin Shenzi is now very dumbfounded and wants to cry in collapse.

When it was initially banned by the moat of the Federal Center City, it was a little bit excited. This city Protecting Great Formation of didn’t expect Human Race even had this unexpected change.

Originally it was thinking that if the violent attack could not solve the problem, it also wanted to find an opportunity to dive into the formation, and the changes in didn’t expect this City Protecting Great Formation made it directly in one step.

After entering the moat formation, Xiongyin was imprisoned by Formation’s imaginary formation, and all the 1000 kins who entered with him were missing.

Immediately afterwards, Killing Formation continued to attack it.

Killing Formation’s power is very strong, but it can’t cause too fatal damage to it. After all, it is the son of the black and white bear family, with a full set of Divine Weapon armor, Divine Weapon leggings, Divine Weapon boots, defensive power Comparable to half emperor.

Therefore, the formation of the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array only caused it some stumbling blocks, which did not threaten its life and safety at all.

Relying on this super strong defensive ability, Xiong Yin Shenzi wandered through 4 places in the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, wanting to explore the secret of the moat and find the 3 books trapped in the Formation Clan half emperor.

In this way, it went all the way, breaking all kinds of Killing Formation attacks, rushing through the large array like a headless fly.

one minute, two minutes, 3 minutes …

After it passed through the large formation for 3 minutes, the Killing Formation experienced more than 20 sets. When it thought that it was going to be close to the core of the Formulation, it was about to find the three half-empire demon in the clan. .


The Divine Weapon armor on it was gone.


Divine Weapon pants on its legs are also missing.

shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!

Its Divine Weapon boots, its Divine Weapon giant axe, and even a necklace in its neck, a layer of bear hair outside, all disappeared in a blink of an eye without a trace!

In an instant, Xiongyin Shenzi panicked, with a capital letter written on his face.

Where is my Divine Weapon? !

Whoever killed the 1000 knife stole its Divine Weapon, chopped its clothes, and even left no underwear for it!

“Not good, the space ring of the Divine Son!”

Xiong Yin Shenzi hurriedly raised his hand and saw that the two space rings originally placed on his right hand index finger and middle finger were also missing.

Afterwards, Xiong Yin Shenzi instinctively looked at the exclusive body-holding space in his Sea of ​​Consciousness Space, which housed its most personal treasure and card, but absolutely cannot be lost.


Then there is no more.

Xiongyin was very sad and even desperately found that even the treasures placed in its Sea of ​​Consciousness Space were stolen silently.

“How can this be?”

“Who is so lacking in virtue, how can he even steal items from the Divine Son’s knowledge of the sea, but that is my natal space, even when the Imperial Father is there, he can’t quietly utter my natal space so quietly? Take away the contents!”

Xiong Yin, the child of Xiong Yin, was scared.

“Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure requested by the Imperial Father from the Imperial Father, the Divine Son saved 100 years of Xiong Shengguo who had been promoted to the Imperial Realm, and the crystal of the vein obtained by the Divine Son from the spirit vein Secret Realm…”

“Quante is gone!”

“What shall I do next? There is no one in the bottom card, and the Killing Formation that I may be connected to cannot even pass it!”

“Is it dead?”

“I am not willing to ah! Even if it is going to die, at least let the Divine Son know who I died in the hands of, which bastard stole my baby?”

Xiongyin God Son roar towards the sky, shouted out of his unwillingness, dissatisfaction, suffocation, and resentment.

For a time, Xiongyin Shenzi with the body’s power was boiling, Divine Soul’s will also surged, 2 bear eyes like blood, and baleful qi was pressing.

Then, this lord of bad luck was very sad and unacceptable to discover that the ray of Innate Purple Qi that had originally merged with its Divine Soul origin 2, I don’t know when, even from its Divine Soul is stripped from its source and disappeared!

Not only that, because without the cultivation base bonus of Innate Purple Qi, the strength of the cultivation base of its half emperor Monster Sovereign actually dropped by almost 30%.

Really, the house leak happened in the rainy day, the ship was late and the headwinds came, and Xiongyin Shenzi collapsed directly.

How do you live?

Except for its flesh and blood, everything on its body, including a bear’s hair, has been completely cleaned by someone. How does it play?

How can there be such a great cow, such a pervert, such a thief in this world, so that those Divine Weapon, the space ring is that’s all, Supreme Treasure in the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space, Innate Purple Qi in the Divine Soul source, he can even Steal!

You have such a great ability, why not just steal the life of the Divine Son, is this not a deliberately disgusting person?

Xiongyin Shenzi forced himself to calm down.

That’s right, a guy who can silently drill into it’s Sea of ​​Consciousness Space, even stripping Innate Purple Qi from its Divine Soul origin but not letting it be half aware, how could the strength be worse? Go, is it not easy to take its life?

But until now, Xiong Yin Shen Zi has not suffered even a fatal attack.

Especially when the Divine Weapon and the body protection Supreme Treasure are all missing, the Killing Formation who came up to attack it in turn seems to have stopped.

Xiong Yin Shenzi found that it was trapped again in an imaginary formation of 4 surrounding voids. Although he could not break free, he never encountered any danger.

“They don’t dare kill my!”

Xiong Yin Shenzi quickly understood his current situation.

Its only advantage now is the son of Monster Sovereign, and heir to the Holy Land designated by the White Bear Monster Sovereign. Under normal circumstances, as long as the White Bear Monster Sovereign does not die, few people and dares in this world really take their lives.

Even the 3 emperor of Human Race, or the other 4 Monster Sovereign of Monster Race, will not easily kill it, because no one dares to easily provoke the anger of a true emperor powerhouse.

Thinking of this, Xiongyin Shenzi could not help relaxing.

Just don’t die.

As long as they can live, there will be opportunities to find the place back in the future.

“Steal me Sovereign level Spirit Treasure, steal me Innate Purple Qi, 10000000 Don’t let Ben Shenzi know who is the black hand, otherwise Ben Shenzi will never let him down!”

Xiong Yin Shenzi was cruel.

Body protector Divine Weapon, Sovereign level Spirit Treasure, even those who lost the crystals of the fruit and ground veins are nothing. After all, they are foreign objects, even if it is rare, as long as there is time, it can be collected.

But that ray of Innate Purple Qi is the key to its promotion to the emperor, and it is rare in the world. It is the Imperial Father, the White Bear Monster Sovereign, and it has got 2 ray in the Secret Realm. Now it has been absorbed and refining. It is difficult to reacquire.

The mysterious thief secretly stole its Innate Purple Qi, which is equivalent to breaking its way to become an emperor, this hatred is absolutely irreconcilable!

The killing intent of Xiong Yin Shenzi is diffuse, but I don’t know that a silhouette is hidden in the imaginary formation. While taking advantage of the fluctuations of the Formation, he is constantly casting charm skills on it.

“You have applied charm skills to the half Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Yin. The charm has failed. Xiong Yin seems to be aware of it. I don’t care. Spiritual Power +2, Spirit will power +2, and skill proficiency +5.”

“You have used charm skills on the half Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Yin, and the charm has failed…”

“You have applied charm skills to the half Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Yin, 30% 6 Ignore the defense chance to trigger successfully, the charm is successful, Xiong Yin favors you greatly, Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, skill proficiency + 10.”

“You have used charm skills on the half Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Yin, and the charm is successful…”

“You have applied charm skills to the half Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Yin, and the charm is successful. Xiong Yin’s favorability with you is extremely improved. The meaning of closeness is one of the feelings in one’s speech. Soul knows the sea and the relationship between the two parties is extremely friendly. Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”


Yang Fan No. 3 has a slightly hooked mouth and a wide smile.

Stealing your things, but also make you deeply grateful to me.

It’s so coquettish, it’s such a great cow.

“If it is not that the deity has serious mental cleanliness, now take this opportunity to tame this bear toy as its own beast, it will definitely reduce a lot of trouble.”

Yang Fan sighed softly.

Think about it, even the future heirs of Black Wind Valley have become small pets who follow their own words. Will they be very fulfilled?

This is equivalent to indirectly controlling the entire Black Wind Valley. The treasure within the Black and White Bear family hasn’t wanted to take it. Hasn’t the intelligence in the demon domain been easily overheard?

Are you upset or fragrant?

Of course, if you do this, you must also be prepared for Monster Sovereign, who will kill and vent your anger after leaving the customs clearance.

You have tamed your son into a beast, and your father will definitely not want it.

Yang Fan No. 3 shook his head lightly, no longer think about it, anyway, the deity will never put a demonic beast that has eaten people beside him.

Just when Xiong Yin was in the battle, the power of her body burst out, and the baleful qi soared into the sky. Yang Fan 3 has already sensed too much human race-specific spirit strength from it.

Needless to say, this Xiongyin Godson has definitely not eaten the flesh of Human Race before.

For almost all Monster Races, Human Race is a bloody food and a big medicine. After swallowing, it can greatly improve their cultivation base progress. Monster Race has not eaten the Demonic beast in Human Race blood, which is said to be as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns are not an exaggeration.

“All Monster Race should be damn, there is no doubt about it. But, Monster Race is so much in this world, can it really be killed?”

Yang Fan No. 3 shook his head and disappeared, no longer worrying about Xiong Yin, but continued to focus on killing other Monster Races that broke into the moat.

Li Liangcai just confessed to his sound transmission that these Monster Races that entered the battle, except Xiongyin Shenzi, could be killed.

This is exactly what Yang Fan No. 3 wants. The demon upgrade has always been the favorite of the deity. Yang Fan No. 3 is the Clone of the Yang Fan deity. It also inherits the same hobby.

The Divine Weapon sword in his hand has always been in a state of hunger, thirst and impatience. The desire for the blood of Monster Race has never been really satisfied!

“Now, the killing continues!”

Yang Fan lighted the Divine Weapon in the hands of pats and glanced quietly at the half-Demon Emperor Realm closest to him.

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