I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1209

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Sou! sou!

The crocodile beauty just passed the portal banned by the Sovereign level rules, and two and a half Demon Emperor Realm realm black and white bears flashed quickly in front of him, looking at the crocodile beauty with a watchful face.

It was just this iron crocodile that triggered the ruled ban on the periphery and directly triggered the defense alarm in the city. They must be careful.

Demonic beasts that can survive the intact survival after triggering the Sovereign level rule are either protected by Supreme Treasure or have a cultivation base strength no less than that of the real emperor.

No matter which type it belongs to, it is not good.

“It turned out to be the Senior of the Tooth Crocodile. I don’t know why I came to Wind City. Why?”

At the moment when he saw the beauty of the crocodile, two and a half Demon Emperor Realm quickly judged that the iron-toothed crocodile in front of him was definitely a semi-emperor demon, and his breath from time to time showed pressure and pressure, and Xiong Yun Old Ancestor and tribe The other half of the seniors in the interior are almost identical.

Can not afford to offend cannot afford to offend.

Two and a half Demon Emperor Realm at the same time showed a gesture of obedience and respect, while inwardly grumbled.

Why did it happen that at this time, a semi-empire powerhouse came to visit Black Wind Valley, was it a coincidence, or was it done intentionally?

It’s a pity that they Black Wind Valley are now able to get even a half emperor. If this half emperor iron tooth crocodile is taking the opportunity to find trouble, what should they do?

Even the rule ban set by Master Sovereign personally can’t seriously hurt it. Who can deter the entire Black Wind City?

2 The Demon Emperor Realm, who is only responsible for guarding the portal, is a little guilty, but he has to stand here calmly to receive the beautiful crocodile.

“The main crocodile is Zhong, the Second Elder of the family of crocodiles in the Numawa country is the main lord.”

The crocodile beautifully glanced at the 2 demon, and did a self-introduction in a soft voice, directly as a crocodile.

This is Yang Fan’s deliberate request to find someone to carry the pot for the dead ghost, so that in the future, if something is exposed, it will ignite.

“It doesn’t matter much. The Emperor visited here and admired the White Bear Monster Sovereign Senior. So he came to pay his respects. By the way, stay here for 2 days and rest. Do you not welcome it?”

The beautiful crocodile smiled softly and behaved extremely kindly.

Just divine sense swept the entire Black Wind City, it not at all found the breath of a semi-empire powerhouse, it seems that the owner guessed well, most of the Powerhouse of Black Wind Valley went to the Federal Center City of Human Race, now the black Wind The city is empty.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that there are still some half emperors hidden in the dark, but it does not matter, anyway, it has not thought of going to kill here, even if it is to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain, really want It’s just Yang Fan.

For the invisibility and assassination ability of Sand Sculpture like Host, Crocodile Beauty is completely convinced.

I was able to cut Second Elder silently before. Even the rule ban set by White Bear Monster Sovereign just now can be easily avoided.

The crocodile beauty is even wondering now, even in the real Sovereign environment, can Yang Fan be perfectly invisible?

With Yang Fan, the Sand Sculpture like Host, the half emperor of the Black Wind Valley is best not to show up, otherwise it will definitely be the same as Crocodile Second Elder.

“It turns out that Crocodile Senior is here, and I naturally have no reason to dislike it.”

“It’s just that Senior came a little bit unlucky this time,” one of the half-Demon Emperor Realm refused: “Today, my Black Wind Valley has closed the city to thank you, and no foreigners are allowed to enter the city. It is really sorry, and I also invite Crocodile Senior can…”

“en? !”

“Fuck things, do you want to turn this emperor out of the door?! Who gives you the courage?!”

The crocodile is beautifully coldly snorted, his face dimmed, and the imposing manner of the half Sovereign level sprayed out the pressure, and the two half Demon Emperor Realm in front of him was forced to kneel on the ground.

“What’s the matter, do you think my crocodile is bullying, or do you despise my crocodile?

“Senior extinguished anger! We have no intention!”

The cold sweat on the heads of 2 black and white bears came out with a brush. Sure enough, it was the semi-empire powerhouse. Undoubtedly, Quante was quite unreasonable.

“As early as half a day ago, we Xiong Yun Old Ancestor personally ordered the closure of the city. The Black Wind Valley is temporarily blocked from the mountain and will not accept all foreign visitors. Please be considerate of Senior…”

Although he was forced to kneel on the ground, the two and a half Demon Emperor Realm still explained to the crocodile beautifully.

“Take Xiong Yun to suppress the emperor, but will the emperor be afraid of success?”

The imposing manner of crocodile Meili continued to rise, and wanted to teach again the two bear eyes to see the demon low guy, but Yang Fan’s spirit sound transmission suddenly came to his ear.

“Kill them!”

The crocodile was shocked and looked up in amazement, a little unbelievable.

Do you want to be so direct?

This is Black Wind Valley, the base camp of the black and white bear family, is it really good to be so arrogant on other people’s sites?

Is Sand Sculpture like Host thinking, or is it being used as a cannon fodder?

Even if Black Wind Valley is empty again, it is also one of the Monster Race’s Five Great Holy Lands. Who knows how many semi-empire monsters are hidden in it, and who knows if there is any other defensive means for Monster Sovereign?

Such a direct hard anal, it may really be a demon!

The crocodile beauty is somewhat hesitant. Yang Fan’s order is too sudden. There is a big risk of thieves. If one is not careful, the crocodile beauty may confess his life here.


Without any hesitation, Yang Fan whipped on the crocodile’s beautiful Divine Soul origin, and it hurt the crocodile’s beautiful corner of mouth twitching. Almost didn’t directly faint.

“In the same words, the owner does not want to say second time!”

“This is the first time, I will only punish it slightly. Next time, if I dare to question my master’s decision again, or if there is a slight hesitation, my master will directly squeeze your Divine Soul!”

“Remember, there is no need to betray the owner’s beast by his master’s side!”

“Either obedient or die, you choose!”

Yang Fan’s voice was cold, and what he said was killing intent. He heard the crocodile beautiful being unable to bear and fought several cold wars.

“Yes, Master Baba!”

Without daring to hesitate anymore, after complied complimentedly, the crocodile Meili shot directly and slapped the heads of the two black and white bears half Demon Emperor Realm kneeling in front of it.

Then the half-overward’s prestige of the body broke out, forming an invisible barrier of will within 1000 meters of the whole body, and the two black and white bears still twitching on the ground were shrouded.

These 2 and a half Demon Emperor Realm, even though their heads were flattened, their skulls were broken, and their brains were all flowing to the ground, they still did not completely cut off their vitality, and they were still able to maintain the shape of their human heads.

At this time, Yang Fan, who was hidden in the beautiful shadow of the crocodile, was satisfied with the nodded. Without hesitation, under the cover of the crocodile’s beautiful half-empire’s will, he directly began to fill the ground with these two half-Demon Emperor Realm, which had been killed by nearly 2%. Take the last knife.

whoosh whoosh!

The cold light flashed, and the heads of two black and white bears were completely cut off from the throat. At the same time, a very strong qi and blood wave began to boil through the Yang Fan’s meridians.

“You played the Blade Technique attack on the half Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Wushan, 30% disregarding the defense probability was successfully triggered, the attack was successful, and the half Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Wushan’s neck vertebrae were completely decomposed. Your understanding of the Blade Technique Further deepening, skill proficiency +50.”

“You used the Blade Technique to successfully decompose and kill a half Demon Emperor Realm Ying Changtian. The experience against the enemy has been greatly enhanced, the strength of blood and energy +15000000, spirit willpower +5000, skill proficiency +100.”

“You played the Blade Technique attack on the half Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Changsheng, and the 30% disregarding the probability of defense was successfully triggered, the attack was successful…”

“You used Blade Technique to successfully decompose and kill a half Demon Emperor Realm Ying Changtian. The experience against the enemy has been greatly enhanced, and the strength of Qi and blood is +14000000…”

Sure enough, it is the most easy way to make up for the knife.

Slashing this kind of serious injury and dying half Demon Emperor Realm without any resistance, even the success rate of Blade Technique’s Blade Technique has been greatly improved.

Later, Yang Fan began to collect corpses again, detain Divine Soul, destroy the corpse and evidence in one stop, very comfortable.

The beautiful crocodile looked quietly beside him, and his heart was chilling.

So skilled!

Too bloody!

How much Monster Race must be slaughtered in order to make this kind of means of killing monsters and destroying souls so rhythmic and layered?

On the stand, such a master who likes to slaughter the Demonic beast himself, Crocodile is worried about his future.

According to Yang Fan’s ferocious and disgusting nature, maybe one day, its beautiful crocodile will also become the soul of the Sand Sculpture like Host.

“en? !”

Feeling something wrong, the crocodile beautifully looked up towards the Black Wind City not far away and sighed softly: “Sure enough, the trouble is still coming!”

In the moment when the Life Aura of these two and a half Demon Emperor Realm disappeared perfectly, the beauty of the crocodile clearly sensed that there was a violent spirit willpower in the Black Wind City swept towards it.

Without any hesitation and compromise, this spirit willpower directly hit the crocodile’s beautiful will barrier outside.

With a loud bang, the beautiful crocodile was shocked and took two steps back, stunned in the sea.

“There is still half emperor demon sitting in the Black Wind City, and the strength of the cultivation base is far above that of the old lady. What should I do, this time it can be considered to poke the horse honeycomb!”

Alligator beautiful shouted inwardly.

In front of others, killing 2 and a half Demon Emperor Realm, I am definitely not good.

What should I do next, it can’t get anyone else!

Instinctively, the beautiful crocodile turned her head to look at Yang Fan, but found out that the Sand Sculpture like Host after the killing of the demon and the corpse had disappeared.

But soon, the beauty of the crocodile felt that his body was light, and the power of within the body instantly increased several times.

“The host’s realm of gravity and star power have opened again!”

The feeling of power and invincibility is again present, and the crocodile is in the heart of beauty. With the blessing of Yang Fan’s gravity field and star power field, even if it can’t do the opposite half emperor demon, at least if you want to run away, there must be no problem.

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