I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1210

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The next second, a black and white bear wearing a black suit and a big pipe in his mouth flashed.

“Crocodile Zhong, dare to spread wild in my Black Wind Valley, you are courting death!”

He said, without any hesitation, without giving the crocodile Meili a chance to speak, he directly raised his right arm and took Supreme’s power and rule fluctuations to take pictures of the crocodile’s beautiful head.

The crocodile’s beautiful body swelled in a circle, and the 5x strength increase suddenly appeared, so that its self-confidence also swelled with it. It does not shy away. It even slammed and attacked the giant palm hard anal. Got up.


A bang sounded.

Imagine the situation where the Zhongjin 4 shot and the space collapsed not at all, and the giant palm not at all that the crocodile swayed out beautifully collided with the black and white bear.

Because at the moment when the crocodile Meili was tempted to take the initiative to attack with his palm, the black and white bear across the pipe suddenly turned corner of mouth twitching and spit out the word “dumb” gently, and the giant palm he swung suddenly dissipated.

The amazing semi-overseasign’s prestige momentum, the terrifying Rule Power, are all false tricks!

The giant palm that it shot just now looks impressive but is worthless, and it looks powerful, but the essence is just an illusory shadow that looks very bluffing, not at all any substantial attack strength.

On the other hand, the crocodile is beautiful, shot with one palm, the space collapses, the rules oscillate, the black hole emerges, and the spirit strength within a radius of 100 miles is all converging to this side, and the power is shocking.

“what’s the situation?”

“Isn’t this a failure in courting death?!”

After waving a palm, the crocodile Meili also realized that it was wrong.

Because the other party’s attack went away in a single shot, just like the paper, except for his own courting death, no half emperor dared to ignore such a powerful blow of the same powerhouse.

But the black-and-white bear opposite stood there motionlessly, whispering a pipe, and moved from time to time comfortably to the giant palm attacked by the beautiful crocodile. He vomited a smoke ring and said softly to the beautiful crocodile: “Fool !”

Then, the beautiful expression of the crocodile changed greatly, and he wanted to take control and withdraw his attack.

It is a pity that it was a little too late to realize it, because at the moment above it, there is already a huge bear’s eye with a length of 1000 meters, which shines out.

The rays of light 4 shot in the bear’s eyes just happened to envelop the crocodile’s beautiful body.

“Sovereign level coercion!”

The crocodile screamed beautifully, and then the whole body snapped, kneeling down uncontrollably, just as it used to press its half sovereign’s prestige to crush the two half-demon Emperor Realm that had died.

Now it is also coerced by this sudden Sovereign level to be forced to kneel like a grandson on the ground, without the slightest resistance and courage to resist.

Sovereign level of coercion and horror!

The gravity field and star force field that Yang Fan had applied to it before increased, in this brief moment also seemed to have lost its effectiveness, the expanded mentality was beaten back to its original form, the so-called invincible appeared in front of the real Sovereign level of coercion. It’s so small.

It’s so pitiful.

at this time.

Yang Fan, who had been hiding behind Divine Stone with the help of Divine Stone, was also an accident. He was surprised when he saw the bear’s eyes suddenly appearing in the sky.

This is different from the phoenix he saw in Jinghua City. Feng Xijiao is Innate Divine Ability. His eyes are hidden in the void, and he monitors the 4 parties. In addition to the hidden signs, he has no attack ability.

And the bear eyes in front of me, just one glance makes people feel terrified and intimidating. Formidable power is very high, it is much higher than Feng Xijiao’s bird eye at first glance.

“Sure enough, it’s another trap. All these demon cubs are very cunning!”

When I just saw this group of pandas in suits, smoking pipes, and cool people, let alone, when they suddenly took the initiative to attack the crocodile beauty, Yang Fan was already puzzled.

When did the battle between the half emperors become so casual?

Is this panda emperor stupid?

Now they are in the Black Wind Valley. In their own city gate, they dare to directly trigger the battle of the half emperor. Are you afraid that the aftermath of the battle will directly blow the black Wind City behind it into fragments?

Now, seeing the giant eye suddenly revealed in the sky, Yang Fan is just there.

“This is reasonable, if there is no countermeasures, how dare such a bold shot directly?”

Although it was unexpected, it was reasonable.

After all, this is one of the Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race. If there is no certain defense or means of killing the enemy, it is not normal.

Yang Fan glanced at the giant eye suspended in the sky, and then glanced at the beauty of the crocodile shiver coldly who was kneeling down on the ground, and could not help but sigh softly.

It is worthy of the power of the Sovereign realm. Only a fake eye that contains the coercion of the Sovereign level can make a big demon of the semi-real emperor dare not have the slightest resistance.

I don’t know what kind of scene will be in front of the real Sovereign level powerhouse, can one stare a half emperor with one look?

Yang Fan’s heart is yearning.

Previously in Daixing City, although he had witnessed Sword Emperor Pan Shaoyang coming from the west and beheading the demon from the sky, he also had a short contact with Spirit Emperor Clone, and even got a lot of benefits.

But that was not the face of the true emperor. He had never seriously seen the true power and power of any Sovereign level powerhouse.

Including the huge bear’s eye in front of you, the same is reserved for Sovereign level powerhouse, all are some small means.

But with these little means, he was able to suppress a half-empire demon to kneel down to the ground, and he didn’t even have the courage to resist.

“You’re not convinced that you are stupid. You dare to trigger the battle of the half emperors in my Black Wind Valley Holy Land. It’s just courting death!”

The black-and-white bear half-emperor whispering a pipe spit out a white smoke ring in his mouth, raised his feet two steps forward, and looked down at the crocodile with a scornful face.

“Crocodile, Crocodile, you haven’t been so stupid before. Every time I come to Black Wind Valley, which one is not cautiously with a tail in it, why did you become brave this time?”

With that, the panda’s eyes gradually became sharper and harsher, and said in a yell:

“Don’t you think I’m in trouble now in Black Wind Valley? I’ve done my best, and the back is empty, so you can let you show off one’s military strength and bully?”

“Tell you, crocodile! Even if all the half emperors of the black and white bear family are passed away, it is not your turn to get the iron tooth crocodile family to come here tyrannically abuse power! I want to invade my black wind Holy Land, take my Holy Land resources, you It’s a bit younger!”

“Now that you are here today, you should never leave. You can use your Second Elder of the Toothed Crocodile family to kill the chicken to warn the monkey, to those who are still coveting in the dark, to me Black Wind Valley harboring malicious Guys of intentions, a warning!”

The crocodile was kneeling down on the ground, listening to the harsh words of the pipe emperor, so desperate he wanted to cry.

When he came out, Great Elder hadn’t told it about it. Who could think that all the alien emperors were so treacherous?

More importantly, coming to Black Wind Valley and killing Black Wind Valley Monster Race has never meant its own meaning, is it also a victim.

Why was it all the last one who was injured and suffered, and its Sand Sculpture like Host, the initiator did not know where to hide to watch the joke.

It is too unfair!

Alligator wants to explain, saying that this is a misunderstanding and so on, in order to seek opportunities for survival.

As a result, the body was churning, and the teeth were clenched, and even the Divine Consciousness Sea was banned, and there was simply no opportunity to speak or mental sound transmission.

“Sure enough, Sovereign’s coercion is all so perverted!”

The crocodile lies on the ground beautifully and no longer fights back. When he was on the isolated island in the South China Sea, he had not suffered from eating this Sovereign level of coercion.

It’s just that Monster Sovereign just punished him slightly, and let it stoop down to stay until the end, never letting it kneel to the ground as shamelessly as it is now, and let it die.

“Now, I can only hope that Sand Sculpture like Host can give it some strength, otherwise this time the old lady may really have to confess here!”

Kneeling on the ground, the crocodile still has no hope of giving up in her beautiful heart.

It’s just this time that it puts all its hopes on Yang Fan’s body, making Yang Fan be able to kill the half emperor in front of him just like when he killed Second Elder Crocodile last time.

next to.

Sensing the strong desire rising from the beautiful heart of the crocodile, Yang Fan’s mouth was ticked. This little female crocodile has the spirit to him.

Yang Fan is now standing behind the panda emperor and is constantly throwing a pill technique on it.

“You cast a pill technique on Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Yusheng, and Dan failed. Xiong Yusheng easily avoided the invasion of Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, safe and sound. Spiritual Power +2, skill proficiency +2. “

“You cast a pill technique on Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Yusheng and failed to throw Dan…”

“Ding! You forcibly feed Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Yusheng a Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Yusheng failed to absorb refining in time, Yidan headshot, one strike certain kill, your enemy Experience has been greatly enhanced, the strength of qi and blood +120000000, spirit willpower +5000.”

“You forcibly feed Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Yusheng a Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, to its headshot, one strike certain kill, a touch of heart, to the soul killer’s Exclusive Kill Kill Skill-throwing a pill The technical understanding is further deepened, Spiritual Power +1000, skill proficiency +100.”

At the same time as the reminder fell, Xiong Yusheng, who was pretending to be in front of the beautiful crocodile, suddenly shot his head without warning.


The blood light burst, the brain splattered, the beauty of the crocodile was unable to dodge because of his body shape, and it happened to be splashed all over his face.

“That’s it!”

“Good job!”

The crocodile is beautifully shivered, and his eyes are so excited that he puts the rays of light straight.

Unlike the tension and fear of seeing Second Elder’s inexplicable headshot by Yang Fan for the first time, after being fully psychologically prepared at this time, the only thing left in the beautiful heart of the crocodile is surprise and comfort.

It finally survived again!


Sand Sculpture like Host Although there are a lot of cruelty, but it is undeniable that his means of killing the enemy is really a great cow. It is quite safe to follow him.

“en? !”

“impudent !”

After Xiong Yusheng was headshot, the giant bear eyes suspended in in midair suddenly shout out loudly, and the open one-eyed eye opened again by 30% again. The blood in the eyes was red, and the fierce light 4 shot, constantly scanning around Xiong Yusheng’s body. Screening, trying to find out the murderer who killed Xiong Yusheng.

As a result, nothing was found. Within tens of kilometers, nothing was found.

In the end, the one-eyed gaze withdrew, and the attention was refocused on the beautiful body of the crocodile. Tyrannical aura appeared at once, and the Sovereign level’s prestige increased exponentially, pressing the entire body of the crocodile’s beauty under the bluestone ground.

“Hello ~!”

The crocodile screamed beautifully, feeling that his bones were crushed into scum by the sudden huge pressure, and his breath stopped completely.

It’s dying to die!

Who can help me? !

Yang Fan was cautiously hidden in the shadow of Xiong Yusheng’s body, and watched quietly, holding a Sovereign level Spirit Treasure in his hand, just in case 10000 one.

Seeing this giant eye not at all found his trail, but began to retaliate to torture the beauty of the crocodile, could not help relaxing.

“It seems that this giant eye has limited intelligence. Apart from being able to exert Sovereign level coercion, it seems that it has no other means of attack.”

Yang Fan slowly and carefully judged the strength of this giant eye in his heart.

When the beauty of the crocodile was suppressed to become a patty, Yang Fan thought slightly and moved it back to the beast space directly, easily avoiding the imprisonment of the giant eye Sovereign level of coercion.

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