I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1211

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A bearish, dull expression appeared in Bear’s eyes.

What about the demon?

Where is my prey?

How is it disapeared?

The bear’s eyes were very angry, and the prey to his mouth slipped away in its front of one’s eyes. More importantly, it didn’t find out how the prey got rid of its Sovereign level coercion.

This kind of thing has never happened before. It can’t believe that even under the Sovereign level, the Demonic beast can easily avoid its Sovereign level coercion.

Unbelievable and unforgivable!

The huge bear eyes in the air began to go crazy in 4 places, and the terrifying Sovereign level will filter the entire Black Wind Valley over and over again.

As a result, nothing was found, and no hair was found.

In the end, or because of the restrictions of the rules, the giant eye can only stand down and hide in indignation.

Yang Fan lightly relaxed, he bet correctly, this giant eye really can not be exposed for a long time, after a walk, finally stopped.

Hiding behind the giant half-emperor corpse with a height of about two hundred meters and a height of about two hundred meters, Xiong Yu quietly performed advanced collection techniques on it.

The big eyes just hung in the air, Yang Fan did not dare to act blindly without thinking, so fresh corpses have not had time to collect.

“Ding! You performed an advanced collection technique on Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Yusheng’s corpse. The collection was successful. Second Rank Monster Sovereign refined meat +99, Second Rank Monster Sovereign blood essence +99, Spiritual Power +10, skill proficiency +50 .”

“Ding! You have performed an advanced collection technique on Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Yusheng’s corpse. The collection was successful. Second Rank Monster Sovereign monster core +1, Second Rank Monster Sovereign bear gall +1, Spiritual Power +10, and skill proficiency + 50.”

“Ding! You performed an advanced collection technique on the body of Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Yusheng, and the collection was successful…”

Xiong Yusheng’s body became crippled by little by little. After Yang Fan collected all its collectibles, such as bones, skins, fine flesh, blood essence, etc., he moved Dahei directly to summon.

Dahei became the size of a flea, lying on the shoulder of Yang Fan. With the help of Yang Fan’s cover of Divine Stone, he opened his dog’s mouth with great excitement, swallowing heaven devouring earth Magical Powers suddenly launched.

Brush it a bit.

It took only half a second to lay on the ground, and the dead body of a half emperor with a full weight of thousands of tons disappeared disappeared without a trace.

“It’s too evil!”

“How did Yusheng Elder’s body disappeared out of thin air?”

“Specially, wouldn’t it be that the crocodile hasn’t left yet?”

At the same time, in the Black Wind City, I have been paying attention to the half Demon Emperor Realm of the black and white bear family at the entrance. When I saw that the body of a half emperor was just disappeared, it exploded.

What a terrifying monster!

The iron tooth crocodile half emperor named crocodile just now, but even the giant eyes banned by the White Bear Monster Sovereign personally can survive the powerful existence, and even the Yusheng Elder died in its hands. These half Demon Emperor Realm is not even an opponent.

“What should I do, several brothers?”

“Yusheng Elder is the last half emperor in the black Wind City, and now even he is in trouble, we may be unable to withstand the severe brothers.”

There is a retreat in a demon’s heart.

Knowing to do it but to die hard is a fool.

Qingshan is here. I’m not afraid of not having firewood. Although the strategic retreat is a bit embarrassing, as long as I can live, I will come back to revenge sooner or later, right?

“Why, this scared you, it’s a bunch of useless waste!”

“If you are not afraid of Xiong Yun’s Old Ancestor’s return, he will be held accountable for your defensive defense and retreat, and now despite leaving, the Divine Son will never stop!”

I don’t know when, a black and white bear with golden eyes flashed up behind three and a half Demon Emperor Realm.

Hearing the sound, three and a half Demon Emperor Realm shivered, and quickly got up to salute: “I have seen the bear Sword God son!”

“Senior Master Mingjian, it’s not that I want to back down, but the enemy’s strength is too strong. We can’t resist simply because of the siblings we stay behind!”

“Yes, Lord Son, you should have seen it just now. Even the eyes of Lord Monster Sovereign left behind can’t take it. Xiong Wushan and Xiong Changsheng, the two half emperors of Monster Sovereign, have already died in its hands.

Even the half emperor demon like Yusheng Elder has not been able to escape its poisonous hand, Master Son, we have no more cards that can restrict this half emperor iron tooth crocodile! “

Bear Sword God glanced coldly at the three half-Demon Emperor Realm, if not Xiong Yun Old Ancestor took 3% of the half-Demon Emperor Realm at home when he was out of the city, there is no demon available in the city right now, it is really I want to slap these 90 scared ghosts to death.

It’s all that you don’t have the guts to charge and fall into battle, what’s the matter here? It’s die without regret!

“Who said that I have no cards in Wind City?”

“Some secrets you don’t know because your qualifications are not enough. I have been standing in the Black Wind Valley for 120 years. You are one of the Five Great Holy Lands of the Demon Realm. Can you just destroy it with an any cat or dog? “

Xiong Sword God is brave and has no fear in his eyes.

“Today, the Divine Son told you to see the true Holy Land heritage!”

With that said, Xiong Jian suddenly turned back to a hunched old bear behind him: “Uncle Ao, let’s get started!”

“Yes, Lord Son!”

The hump-backed old bear called Uncle Ao said in a congratulatory voice, and then the body’s magical power rose directly to trigger a secret place somewhere 1000 meters deep underground.

at the same time.

Yang Fan, after disposing of Xiong Yusheng’s body, looked up at the black Wind City not far away, and glanced at the void above his head.

After hesitating, he summoned the beauty of the crocodile from the beast space again.

Without any cover, it is exposed directly.

The crocodile was so frightened that she shuddered, and her urine was frequent.

Sand Sculpture like Host actually took it for fishing and tried to see if the only one who could emit Sovereign level of coercion and bear eyes was still there.

This is simply not to take the beautiful life of its crocodile seriously, and to show such a cruel and brutal master, its life is so bitter.

One second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds.

The crocodile beauty finally became relaxed, and there was no accident for 3 seconds. It seems that the giant eye will not come out for a while.

“Release your half-overflow aura, don’t hold back!”

“Try to attack the city gate and create some chaos!”

Yang Fan’s instructions sounded one by one in the crocodile’s beautiful ear, and the crocodile’s beautiful fish face was black.

Sand Sculpture like Host This is what to do, don’t give it up and die, right?

The crocodile’s beautiful heart is extremely dissatisfied, but there is a lesson from the previous violation of the order. It does not dare to disobey Yang Fan at this time.

With Yang Fan’s command, his body was upright, half of the aura of interest rose, and the will of the half Sovereign level swept the city.

After that, the big eye not at all of Fang Cai appeared again, and the crocodile’s beautiful guts became slightly larger, and he continued to raise his hand to the Black Wind City, ten kilometers away, to launch a powerful blow.

For a time, the rules shook, the space shattered, and a huge palm shattered endless void, and it shot straight to the head of Black Wind City.


“It’s you reptile again!”


Once the half-sovereign level attack is launched, it successfully triggers the hidden condition of the giant eye hanging in the air.

The bear’s eye was revealed just now, and it was found that the demonic beast that broke the rules was the iron-toothed crocodile just now. The bear’s eye was very angry. Not to mention, Sovereign level coercion came back again, and the beauty of the crocodile was shrouded in it.


The crocodile Meili was buried in the ground again, the bones within the body began to break and shatter, and a mouthful of demon blood was sprayed directly.

Shou Shou!

Why is it hurt every time!

Sand Sculpture like Host Why can’t it be brought back to the space of the beast in advance, I don’t know if it is hurt by Sovereign level of coercion and restraint, is it really painful?

The crocodile’s beautiful heart roared more and more, but Yang Fan this time seemed to not hear the crocodile’s begging in the beautiful heart, not at all summon it back in time.

“Sure enough, apart from the coercion of the will, this giant eye has no other means of attack!”

Seeing that the giant eye had no other means of uniform or even killing the beautiful crocodiles except the Sovereign level coercion, Yang Fan’s eyes began to slowly shine.

Will to coerce this kind of thing, but he has always been his favorite, and now he is also a bit disabled to bear and want to give it a try.

As for the beauty of the crocodile, after all, it is a half emperor demon, even if it is not defeated by the coercion of the Sovereign level, it will not die for a while.

With it in front, it just happens to share most of the pressure for Yang Fan, making it more convenient for Yang Fan to steal the Sovereign level will contained in this giant eye.

The thought moved slightly, and the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure was held in his hand, and Yang Fan stepped into the envelope of the mighty Sovereign level pressure, and clung to the beautiful side of the crocodile.


a mouthful of blood spurted, Yang Fan also prostrate oneself in admiration like a beautiful crocodile, came in close contact with the bluestone ground, the half-pulled body was embedded in the bluestone, and felt that the bones, flesh and internal organs of the body were all within Was squeezed into pieces.

“You are under fierce attack by the White Bear Monster Sovereign Sovereign level will, Divine Soul concussion, confusion, immortal will self-defense counterattack, Spiritual Power +2000, Spirit willpower +4000.”

“You are under the influence of the White Bear Monster Sovereign Sovereign level will pressure, your heart touches, but you cannot fully comprehend because of insufficient strength, the special will field Emperor Rank coercion pressure has evolved greatly, has been greatly strengthened, strength +500, physique + 500, agility +500, qi and blood strength +2000000, Spiritual Power +8000.”

“You have absorbed a trace of White Bear Monster Sovereign’s free Sovereign level will, and your heart is touched. Emperor Rank’s coercion in the special will area has been greatly strengthened, strength +500, physique +500, agility +500, qi and blood strength +2000000, Spiritual Power +8000.”

“You have absorbed a trace of White Bear Monster Sovereign’s free Sovereign level will, your heart touched, and the strength of Emperor Rank in the special will area has been greatly strengthened…”


So cool!

The huge qi and blood impact and the continuous growth of the 3 Wai attribute have stimulated Yang Fan to be a shivered, so comfortable to be unable to bear groaned.

While vomiting blood, it is refreshing, painful and happy, thief stimulates!

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