I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1212

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“and many more!”

Seeing the situation outside, the bear Sword God quickly raised his hand to stop the movement of the hump-backed panda, and his eyes were fixed on the crocodile who was once again blocked by Monster Sovereign eyes.

The 3 and a half Demon Emperor Realm next to him, and Uncle Ao in the mouth of Xiong Sword God, all focused their attention on the body of Crocodile.

They can all see that Monster Sovereign’s eyes have been completely irritated. The first step is a big move. The super powerful Sovereign level pressure directly suppresses the area where the crocodile is located. .

Alligator Zhong’s body was deeply embedded in the bluestone debris. The blood bleeds out continuously, the fleshy body was squeezed and deformed, and across a dozen or more li ground, Xiong Jian Ji Yao could even clearly Hear the screaming of crocodile crocodile and the sound of broken bones.

What a demon!

Even the half emperor, with the full outburst of Monster Sovereign God’s eyes, there is no room for resistance.

“Perhaps, simply, we don’t need to take action, the God Eye left by Imperial Father can completely end this iron-toothed crocodile!”

Xiong Jian’s mouth slightly raised.

What it says, Imperial Father is the Greatest Cow and the most powerful Sovereign among the 8 emperors. How could the remaining hand be able to get even a half emperor?

As for just now, God’s eyes must have been negligent, and some underestimated the enemy. Otherwise, this half emperor would be killed the first time.

Seeing that the bear Sword God is so confident, one of the half Demon Emperor Realm unable to bear opened his mouth and wanted to say that they just thought so. As a result, the next second Yusheng Elder died on the spot, and Jiu Zhong also easily got rid of his eyes. Imprisonment.

However, before he could make a sound, he was stopped by the eyes of his companions.

The situation of the bear Sword God must have witnessed it with my own eyes, and I don’t need them to talk nonsense here.

Even more how, the bear Sword God is now on his head, let him go, lest he will be slapped, and this child has angered them again.

one minute, two minutes …

The time passed little by little. At this time, the crocodile was imprisoned for a full 5 minutes. The flesh and blood on the body were squeezed into meat, but still did not get rid of the shackles of God’s eyes as before. Fart.

The secretly watched Xiong Jian, Uncle Ao and other demon are really relaxed.

At this time, Crocodile is really dead!

Sovereign level of coercion broke out to the extreme, that is, the half emperor can’t bear it either. The injury of the crocodile Zhong and its constantly weak Life Aura is the best proof.

“Master Divine Son, do you want your subordinate to give it a last blow!”

Uncle Ao behind the son of Xiong Sword God spoke softly, trying to make up for the knife.

Sovereign level is powerful and powerful, but at most it can only let the half-sovereign level monster be seriously injured and dying. It can’t be imprisoned. If you want to completely end the life of the crocodile, the best way is to have external force to intervene.

Otherwise, just now Xiong Yusheng wouldn’t be idle and voluntarily appear in front of the crocodile. His main purpose in the past was to make up for the knife in time when the crocodile was imprisoned by Monster Sovereign. That’s it.

After all, the appearance of Monster Sovereign God’s Eye is also time-limited, and every second of its appearance will consume a large amount of spiritual liquid reserves of the Black Wind Holy Land. To end the battle early, it is also out of economic considerations.

Bear Sword God raised his eyebrows and lightly took the head. “To deal with a dying half emperor, there is no need to labor. Uncle Ao, Xiong Xingxing, you go out and take the crocodile’s head back. You have done a good job!”

Demon Emperor Realm, who was clicked by the name, shook his body, and shouted inwardly.

Bear Sword God, this is to use public office to avenge private wrongs. Didn’t I just accidentally bump it up just now, as for pushing the demon to the dead end?

Who knows if this crocodile has any other companions?

When Yusheng Elder died just now, it was very strange. Crocodile Zhongming was still imprisoned under the Sovereign level of God’s eyes. But Yusheng Elder was blown off his head for no reason, how to see how evil.

If the crocodile Zhong also has a companion hidden in the dark, it is now in the past, is it not a lamb in a tiger’s den?

Even Yucheng Cheng’s Elder, so the half emperor of the Great Cow has taken a break. Its little Demon Emperor Realm is a chicken!

“En?” Seeing that Xiong Xingxing didn’t move, Xiong Sword God’s son was frowned, and his eyes were soaring, turning his head to glance at Xiong Xingxing, “Why, don’t you want to give you credit for giving it away?”

“No, no!” Xiong Xingxing quickly responded: “Many thanks Lord God’s care, his subordinates will leave the city!”

No matter how much the heart refuses, Xiong Xingxing still dare not violate the orders of the bear Sword God on the surface.

After complied, Xiong Xingxing broke out of the sky, and rushed to the edge of the giant pit, watching the crocodile struggling among the bluestone debris at the bottom of the pit.

Xiong Xingxing was cautiously guarding the surroundings, fearing that a half emperor would suddenly emerge from a horn next to him.

at this time.

The crocodile beauty has been squeezed a little vaguely, less in gas, more out of gas, I feel like I will finish the game without rescue.

Perceiving the approach of Xiong Xingxing, the beauty of the crocodile even had no strength to lift his eyelids. He could only be embedded in a pile of stones and kept begging for prayers from its Sand Sculpture like Host.

“Master Baba, show Magical Powers quickly, if you don’t shoot again, people will really finish playing!”

The crocodile’s beautiful figure hurries to Yang Fan Divine Soul sound transmission. Now, Yang Fan is its only hope of survival.

Although the beast space is suffocating and boring, it still has no half-point spirit strength, but staying inside at least it can survive!

Yang Fan was refreshing while vomiting blood, and did not care about the beautiful and affectionate call of the crocodile.

He has always been concerned about the beautiful crocodile’s injury. It is terrible to be seriously injured. It is so easy to die. After all, it is a half emperor. The life force is so powerful that as long as it is not crushed into slag, simply there will be no mortal danger.

But now this half Demon Emperor Realm near the edge of the pothole is a trouble. Yang Fan saw that this girl had pulled out the long sword around her waist, and was be eager to have a try.

According to this little female crocodile’s half-death, he is dying without any resistance. It is really another knife. It must be ten deaths without life.

“No way, I can only consume one more Sovereign level Golden Core!”

Yang Fan soon had a decision in his mind. In any case, he could not let this half Demon Emperor Realm interrupt the process of his overwhelming Sovereign level will.

Yang Fan has never been so cool, every time can increase 500 points of 3 attributes, 2,000,000 points of blood experience, and 8,000 points of spirit willpower.

Every time I absorb a trace of the Sovereign level of the Monster Sovereign, the Yang Fan fleshy body quality and the Martial Dao cultivation base are equivalent to a small level. It’s so cool that he doesn’t want anyone to come. Interrupt his chance.

After all, although the bear’s eye in the sky is a bit stupid, it still has some intelligence. Yang Fan is worried about missing this time, and it won’t appear so easily next time.

“You cast the pill technique on the half Demon Emperor Realm Bear Star, and the Throw Dan failed. The Bear Star easily avoided the invasion of Sovereign level Grade 1 Soul Refining Jindan, safe and sound. Spiritual Power +2, Skill Proficiency +2.”

“You played the pill technique on the half Demon Emperor Realm Xiong Xingxing, and the Dan failed…”

“Ding! You forcibly feed half Demon Emperor Realm bear star a Sovereign level Grade 1 Soul Refining Jindan, half Demon Emperor Realm bear star failed to absorb refining in time, one headshot, one strike certain kill, your enemy experience gained Greatly strengthened, qi and blood strength +15000000, spirit willpower +3000.”

“You forcibly feed half Demon Emperor Realm bear star a Sovereign level Grade 1 Soul Refining Jindan, to its headshot, one strike certain kill, a touch of heart, to the soul killer’s Exclusive Kill Kill Skill-throwing a pill technique Understanding further deepened, Spiritual Power +1000, skill proficiency +100.”


Xiong Xingxing, who was just near the edge of the pothole, just pulled out his long sword and held it in his hand. A huge bear head burst out from the middle with a bang.


The brain ruptured and the blood overflowed, again splashing the crocodile’s beautiful face all over the face.

The familiar blood-reeking qi stimulated the crocodile’s beautiful spiritual perception. Seeing the black and white bear near his head burst again, the female crocodile’s heart loosened, and Sand Sculpture like Host finally shot again.

But why the owner would rather kill the half Demon Emperor Realm first, and save it from the crisis first?

It is half emperor, is it more convenient and cost-effective to save it first?

Like the half Demon Emperor Realm that was just shot by the owner just now, under normal circumstances, the crocodile can easily shoot dead with a slap?

at the same time.

Inside the Black Wind City.

Sentence after sentence, “lie trough!”

Son Sword God, Uncle Ao, and two other half Demon Emperor Realm all looked at the entrance and exit of the city with a look of shock and horror.

Especially Uncle Ao, the back ridge was cold for a while, and the cold sweat was coming out. If it was not blocked by the bear Sword God, the Demon Beast just outside the city must be its bear Ao.

Another burst!

Xiong Yusheng first, followed by Xiong Xingxing, a half emperor, a half Demon Emperor Realm, all without warning, suddenly headed to Self-destruction.

What exactly is this principle? !

If there is really a big demon lurking in the dark, how could it deceive the Monster Sovereign’s perception of God’s eyes?

But if there is no big demon lurking in the dark, then the crocodile Zhong who has been suppressed by the eyes of Master Sovereign’s eyes, how to burst the head of the bear star?

This is very unscientific!

The divine sense of several big demon began to scan around the hole 4 constantly.

The giant eye in the sky found that someone had re-applied again in its front of one’s eyes, feeling his majesty was severely provoked, instant killing intent boiling, the blood vessels in the eyeballs were not hanging, and did not directly burst. .

However, at this time, it didn’t scan the 4 sights of the aimless ground like before, but concentrated more on its strength, and continued to force the crocodile beneath the ground desperately.

It must have been the ghost of this dead crocodile who secretly engaged in it. It is going to kill the half emperor of this iron crocodile!

“Huh? Sovereign level coercion has strengthened again, okay!”

Feeling the strong pressure from his body, Yang Fan did not panic and rejoice. It was just like everyone continued to spit blood while madly absorbing the Sovereign level of will contained in this coercion. A batch.

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