I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1213

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“You have absorbed a trace of White Bear Monster Sovereign’s free Sovereign level will, and your heart is touched. Emperor Rank’s coercion in the special will area has been greatly strengthened, strength +500, physique +500, agility +500, qi and blood strength +2000000, Spiritual Power +8000.”

“You have absorbed a trace of White Bear Monster Sovereign’s free Sovereign level will, your heart touched, and the strength of Emperor Rank in the special will area has been greatly strengthened…”

Yang Fan within the body’s qi and blood power is continuously surging, and his physical qualities and attributes are continuously surging continuously, so cool that he doesn’t want it.

The beauty of the crocodile staying in the pit now not only began to spur blood out, but also showed its original shape.

The iron crocodile skin that it is most proud of as a defenseless warrior also began to crack and leak, and there was a continuous flow of demon blood from the gap, like a red fountain.

“It’s dying to die!”

“Master Baba, save your life! People really can’t sustain it!”

The crocodile is still calling continuously in the beautiful knowledge of the sea, constantly asking for help from Yang Fan 粑粑.

However, Yang Fan remained indifferent.

There is still strength to call for help, far away from death, what anxiety.

The life force of the half emperor demon is not a blow, the same Sovereign level of coercion, if it is replaced by half Demon Emperor Realm or ordinary Monster Emperor, I am afraid that it has already been crushed into a slime as early as the beginning. Too.

The crocodile is beautiful, it has been dead for almost 5 minutes, but there is still room for sound transmission to call for help. This is the gap.

The half emperor Lai Hao is also an incomplete Sovereign. Fleshy body has already possessed some real emperor’s power, and its resistance to Sovereign level of coercion is much higher than that of ordinary demon.

Inside the Black Wind City.

After witnessing the tragic face of Xiong Xingxing’s unexplained headshot, no one and a half Demon Emperor Realm dared to start out again.

It’s so evil, it feels like a ghost has been encountered.

“That iron crocodile is going to die!”

Bear Sword God subtook a deep breath, and never talked about letting the demon go out of town again.

“At most there are 3 two minutes, it will be crushed by the Sovereign level pressure released by the Imperial Father’s eyes, and we will wait and see here.”

As soon as the voice fell, a few and a half Demon Emperor Realm could not help but all grew relaxed, and the tense expression had also eased.

“Sir Son is brilliant!”

“Master God’s Word is very true!”

“Monster Sovereign’s eyes are invincible, can a little half emperor get rid of it?”

Flattery sounds, compliments followed, but Xiong Sword God’s face did not have any touted satisfaction and joy.

All the monsters are terrified, and the shrinkage does not dare to take the city gate step in the inner city. This is a shame for their black and white bear family.

Bear Sword God watched every move in the giant pit outside the city, praying that the Imperial Father’s eye could greatly show divine might, and quickly kill the iron-toothed crocodile of the evil gate.

“Uncle Ao, be prepared, if… 10000 once the crocodile once again got rid of the control of the Imperial Father’s eyes, immediately launched Holy Land’s ultimate ban!”

“Yes, Lord Son!” Xiong Ao Gong replied in response to Xiong Sword God’s secret sound transmission.

“However, under the watch, this iron-toothed crocodile should be difficult to turn over again. Lord Monster Sovereign’s eyes seem to be angry, and he will never let it have the chance to escape…”

Before Xiong Ao’s words were finished, he stopped lively.

It lifts the head, looking blankly outside the city, and suddenly asks the bear Sword God with some stuttering:

“Sir Son, do you feel that the eyes of Lord Monster Sovereign seem to have become more illusory, and the imposing manner in his eyes seems to be gradually weakening?”

Bear Sword God’s heart is also a gimmick, and the expression changes greatly.

It was also just noticed.

The huge god’s eye hanging in the air seems to be fading and desalination, especially in the second that has just passed, suddenly turned from reality to reality, and the variables are amazing.

What’s happening here?

The spiritual liquid reserve in the city is full, and there is no problem with the follow-up energy support. Well, how can the Monster Sovereign’s eyes show signs of weakness and even dissipation?

Shou Shou!

Do you want to be so evil, can this iron-toothed crocodile even destroy the eyes of Lord Monster Sovereign?

It’s just a half emperor, how could there be such a great cow? !

“Can’t wait any longer! If you wait any longer, the Imperial Father’s eyes will be completely dissipated!”

“Once the eyes of the Imperial Father are destroyed, I will no longer be protected from the portal of the Holy Land Holy Land. The Divine Son will never allow this to happen!”

Xiong Sword God finally couldn’t help it, and directly directed Xiong Ao around him to issue the order to start Holy Land’s ultimate defense.

at the same time.

The most profound feeling that the eyes above the head have become weak and faded is naturally the crocodile beauty that has always been suppressed by the Sovereign level.

At the moment when the giant eyes turned from reality to reality, and the rays of light were dim, the beauty of the crocodile felt that the pressure on his body suddenly lightened, and the whole demon seemed to be alive again.

Breathing was much smoother, and the sea of ​​understanding was looser. Although the blood of the demon in the nose and mouth was still splashing out, the cracks in the body had been completely stopped.

“Hah, this big eye doesn’t work anymore, the follow-up is weak!”

The crocodile is full of joy, and it doesn’t know if this is the handwriting of Sand Sculpture like Host, but anyway, it seems to be saved again.

It’s really good to survive!

Juyan seemed to be aware of his mistakes at the moment.

Its power is constantly dissipating, especially the power of will, but there is no such thing as the previous good that can return to itself, but like the splashed water, it can’t be recovered.

“Damn! Who stole the Sovereign level will of the emperor?!”

“Little reptile, are you the ghost you’re doing in secret, come back the Sovereign level will of the emperor!”

The giant eye fly into a rage out of humiliation, instead of stealthly retreating in time, it began to increase its horsepower in anger again, and wanted to kill this culprit before the Sovereign level will completely dissipate.

In its conception, the Sovereign level of will will not dissipate. The reason why the will power of its within the body will become less and less must be retained by this iron-toothed crocodile in a special way.

As long as it kills the iron-toothed crocodile one step in advance, its dissolving Sovereign level of will will be able to return autonomously.

Yang Fan secretly rejoiced.

“This giant eye really has limited intelligence. If he knows that it is not appropriate, he will not hurry to converge on his remaining Sovereign level will. Instead, he comes over to deliver food stupidly!”

There is no cheap bastard.

Yang Fan did not have the habit of being polite with these demon cubs, seeing the giant eye act recklessly once again fired a very strong Sovereign level will, directly heading up, sucking and sucking.

“You have absorbed a trace of White Bear Monster Sovereign’s free Sovereign level will, and your heart is touched. Emperor Rank’s coercion in the special will area has been greatly strengthened, strength +500, physique +500, agility +500, qi and blood strength +2000000, Spiritual Power +8000.”

“You have absorbed a trace of White Bear Monster Sovereign’s free Sovereign level will, your heart touched, and the strength of Emperor Rank in the special will area has been greatly strengthened…”


In just a few seconds of effort, the giant eyes in the air became more and more illusory and empty, without enough Sovereign level will support, Sovereign level coercion is a joke.

The crocodile beauty has even been able to sit up slowly in the pothole, and the body that was forced to show its original shape has returned to human form again.

“Haha, beast god bless, the emperor finally came back to life!”

“Dead bear eyes, you are waiting for the emperor. One day, the emperor will personally pierce your real body!”

The crocodile was so excited that his eyes were red, and he stretched out his hand to the bear’s eyes that were about to dissipate in the sky.

It doesn’t matter whether this bear’s real body is the white bear Monster Sovereign, at this moment it is about to vent.

It’s easy. It’s less than half an hour. I have experienced several dying crises in succession. It’s too exciting. I almost didn’t give it to death.

“Be ambitious! It is worthy of Yang Fan someone’s beast, the owner is optimistic about you!”

Yang Fan wiped the remaining blood at the corner of his mouth, sucking the last few Sovereign level wills projected from the giant eye, smiling and extending his thumbs to the beautiful crocodile, while sound transmission praised 2 sentences.

Then he raised his hand and pointed at the Black Wind City, ten kilometers away, and said softly: “Did you see that there is a god named Xiong Jian over there? It should be a heir to the White Bear Monster Sovereign. You will be responsible for killing it later. It’s also a bit of interest to return!”

The crocodile’s beautiful face turned black, and the body that had just sat up brushed down again.

Just kidding, it was just touted that the Great Cow had been addicted to it. Let it kill a Monster Sovereign’s bloodline. Isn’t it courting death?

“Master Baba, are you serious?”

“Monster Sovereign heir cannot kill lightly, killing it is irreconcilable lord!”

The crocodile beautifully persuaded softly and hoped that Sand Sculpture like Host could change his mind in time.

“The host never cracking a joke!”

Yang Fan replied the crocodile beautifully very seriously.

“Furthermore, Human Race and Monster Race are originally irreconcilable, not worse than this one.”

The crocodile shuddered beautifully, swinging his heart straight.

Sand Sculpture like Host turned out to be serious. He really wanted to kill a heir of Monster Sovereign!

Crazy, really crazy!

Can Monster Race be the same as Monster Sovereign?

If you do this, you will be directly hated by a real monster Sovereign powerhouse, offended a true emperor powerhouse, are you still alive?

“Also, can’t Monster Sovereign heirs be killed?”

Yang Fan spoke softly again in disapproval.

“The demon son of 10000 demon mountain is not the one who hasn’t been killed. It is less here to make a fuss about nothing. These Holy Land god sons are not as important as you think!”

The crocodile stayed beautiful.

What the hell?

Sand Sculpture like Host has killed Monster Sovereign heirs before?

And it was specially marked by Great Elder, the heir of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, the most vengeful, the most insidious, and the least suitable offense among the five Monster Sovereigns?


The future of Sand Sculpture like Host is worrying. I can’t live it!

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