I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1215

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“You are disturbed by the gravity rules in the spirit vein Secret Realm, the strength of a thousand thousand times the force of gravity is coming, the defense in the gravity field automatically stimulates the defense, and your heart is touched, but you cannot continue to understand because of insufficient strength.”

Yang Fan: “???

why? !

Didn’t you understand it well before, why do you suddenly come to such a sentence now?

Hundred thousand times the pressure of gravity, he brushed it 3000 Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth times, why can’t he continue?

He is not greedy, even if he is allowed to brush 10000 times!

Yang Fan has never encountered this kind of situation before. Realizing it, suddenly breaking it. It’s the same as peeing and being forced to hold back halfway, no matter it is psychological or psychological. Is it uncomfortable?

“Are you limited in strength?”

Yang Fan whispered to herself, 3000 Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth times the force of gravity should have reached the limit he can withstand now King Rank Peak cultivation realm.

Just like he couldn’t comprehend the Half Emperor and the Cultivation Art and Martial Skill of the Half Emperor powerhouse, he has touched the ceiling of his current cultivation realm, unless he is now breaking through to the Emperor Realm, otherwise in this field of gravity Staying there, I can’t get any experience.

Yang Fan lightly shook the head, and had no intention of directly breaking through realm. Although the gravity of hundred thousand times was fragrant, it was not fragrant enough to let him give up Perfection Realm.

Moreover, even if the breakthrough reaches Emperor Rank, Yang Fan doesn’t think he will be able to comprehend the gravity force of this thousand times.

It may be 10000 times, or 2 10000 times, he will touch the ceiling of the cultivation base again, which is not cost-effective.

“Anyway, this piece of Gravity Space is here, and I will have the chance to come again later.”

Yang Fan no longer cares about the problem of gravity and pressure, and his eyes are gently moved towards the direction where the crocodile is beautiful.

At this time, the little female crocodile has become a blood demon, and her entire body has been dyed red by her own demon blood. She is lying in the crack of the stone like a dead demon. It took a long time to open her mouth and spit out the surrounding Spiritual. Qi.

“I was seriously injured and dying again, and I feel like I have received a parallel import of a semi-empire beast, which is too useless.”

Yang Fan shook his head in disappointment, his thoughts moved, the gravity field expanded outwards, and soon the dying crocodile beauty was enveloped in it.

“You used the gravity field for the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile beauty, and the anti-gravity effect blessed the gravitational pressure on the crocodile beauty to reduce 3000 Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth times. You are as light as electricity and the speed has increased dramatically. Spiritual Power +50, spirit willpower +50, field range +2.”

In an instant, the beautiful crocodile felt the pressure on his body suddenly lightened, and the whole demon seemed to be alive again.

Even if the pressure on the body is still not small, but it is already within the range it can bear. At least, it will not be pressed into the crack of the stone like a dead fish like just now, and it will not move even if it moves!

“This is the gravity field of Master! It feels 3 to 4 times stronger than before. Great Cow!”

The crocodile stood up from the stone pit with a beautiful brush, and the expression was very excited.

Even if the fleshy body was destroyed by a 7 7 8 entry, the seventeen-eighteen block of the bone was broken, and the internal organs continued to swell blood from one to the other.

However, it is at least alive!

“Master Baba formidable!”

“Master Baba, can you give Emperor Rank spiritual medicine a little more?”

The crocodile patted flattery beautifully and secretly pleased Yang Fan sound transmission.

Yang Fan glanced at this girl silently, and the gravity field suddenly closed.

The next second, the beautiful body of the crocodile, who had just stood up, once again pressed the force of gravity thousand times fiercely into the stone pit. This time was deeper and more tragic than before.

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The sound of a piece of bone shattering, the crocodile was so painful that Divine Soul shuddered, and his four limbs twitched straight.

“It’s over, Sand Sculpture like Host turned over!”

The crocodile has a cool heart, this time it is really feeling the approach of death.

Two traumas are the most fatal.

Now, not only the bones are broken, but the internal organs are all squeezed into puree. If you don’t save yourself, it may really breathe one’s last.

“Magical Powers-Tail Rebirth!”

The crocodile beauty didn’t dare to hesitate anymore. Between the lightning flashes, he directly cut off his crocodile tail and triggered its Life Source Divine Ability.

In an instant, the tail-tailed Self-destruction turned into a group of extremely pure Life Source and quickly leaped into the crocodile’s beautiful and torn body.

Then, in a blink of an eye, the crocodile’s injuries on her body had recovered as before. Apart from breaking a tail, there was no more damage.

This is the Life Source Divine Ability that it awakens voluntarily when it reaches the Monster Emperor Realm. When it encounters a fatal danger, it can actively cut off the tail to survive, and the broken tail can also grow back after half a year.

It’s a bit like a gecko, but it’s more powerful than the gecko’s simple tail-breaking ability.

Although this Life Source Divine Ability skill has a longer cooling time, the effect is extremely significant. No matter how serious it is, even if only the last breath is left, as long as this Life Source Divine Ability is cast, It can restore its injuries as before in an instant.

Therefore, alligator beauty has always cherished the use of this Magical Powers, less than as a last resort, generally will not be willing to use.

But this time, because Sand Sculpture like Host is so engaged, you don’t have to use it, otherwise it will really hang.

“If you turn your face, just turn your face. I really don’t say anything about it!”

The crocodile has a lingering fear, and has a clearer understanding of Sand Sculpture like Host’s cold-blooded very ruthless, which is very awesome.

It didn’t even know where it was wrong. Yang Fan suddenly gave it to him for a while. If it wasn’t for Magical Powers, it might have been completely explained just now.

next to.

Yang Fan listened to the system hint in his ear with disappointment.

“You watched the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile beautifully perform Life Source Divine Ability-Tail Tail Rebirth, with a touch of heart, but unable to comprehend because of insufficient strength.”

Although it was as expected, Yang Fan still felt a little sorry after hearing the system hint.

Such life-saving Magical Powers, he will never be too much, whether it is healing, life extension, undead Bloodline or dodge attribute, naturally there are more benefits.

Unfortunately, lack of strength, Ping Bai missed the crocodile’s beautiful rebirth technique, next time I want to learn again, I am afraid that it will wait until half a year later.

Seeing that the injury on the crocodile’s body has fully recovered, Yang Fan’s gravity field enveloped it again, reducing its gravity pressure.

“Again ?!”

The crocodile is beautiful and shivered, so scared that he has suddenly lifted up all the magical powers on his body in preparation, fearing that Sand Sculpture like Host will give it another sudden attack.

Its Life Source Divine Ability has been used up. If it is injured again, then there is really no card.

“Small thing, do you know where you are wrong?”

Yang Fan’s voice suddenly sounded in the crocodile’s beautiful sea of ​​knowledge. The crocodile Meili quickly bowed his head and responded: “The owner is dying, I should not ask Emperor Rank spiritual medicine from the owner! I know I’m wrong, I won’t dare again in the future Now!”


Yang Fan smiled coldly, not knowing whether this little female crocodile was too naive or too stupid. Until now, the key to the problem has not been understood.

Yang Fan, does someone look like a poor ghost who cares about an Emperor Rank spiritual medicine?

As long as he wants, let alone one plant, he will not frown even if he gives ten and eight beautiful plants all at once.

“A pet beast must have the consciousness of a pet beast. The owner does not like those pet beasts who are clever. They play tricks in front of the owner. You are still tender!”

“Before your injury was not fatal, it is not appropriate to use the tail rebirth technique to save your life. It is understandable. After all, your tail rebirth Magical Powers takes half a year to cool down every time it is cast, so the owner will give you mercy. A strain of spiritual medicine recovers.”

“But it’s just that you are hanging by a thread, but you are still reluctant to use Life Source Divine Ability to protect yourself. Instead, you dare to shy your face and ask the owner for medicine. Do you think that your owner is kind and bully, can you fool it?”

The crocodile plopped on her knees, and the cold sweat flowed from her head.

Since the words “Broken Tail Rebirth” popped out of Yang Fan’s mouth, the little female crocodile’s careful liver jumped vigorously.

It was never expected, and the life-saving bottom card he had hidden so far was already known by Sand Sculpture like Host.

But how could this be possible, when he realized that the tail rebirth technique was on an isolated island in the South China Sea, there was only one demon on the whole island.

And since then, it has never encountered a critical situation of severe injury and dying, and it has never had a chance to use Life Source Divine Ability, which is a tail source rebirth.

See you in pity.

Today, this is definitely the first time it has performed a tail-breaking rebirth technique in its life. Before that, even Monster Sovereign didn’t know that it had awakened this Life Source Divine Ability.

Why can this kid Yang Fan break through in one fell swoop, and how did he learn?

“The master spares my life! I know it’s wrong. I should not begrudge my Life Source Divine Ability, nor should I be greedy for the master’s spiritual medicine. The master forgives sins and spares me this time!”

The crocodile bowed down on her knees beautifully, and dared not have any heart to resist.

Yang Fan coldly snorted, said sharply: “I am thinking that you are a first-time offender, just a slight punishment for you just now. If you have another time next time, you may not have the opportunity to perform this kind of life-saving Magical Powers!”


The beautiful crocodile could not help but grow relaxed, and the heart he had been carrying was finally settled down.

It’s too scary to demon. The sentence in Sand Sculpture like Host slightly punished him and almost killed him. Even if he had the courage to dare to deceive his master at will.

In front of Yang Fan, Crocodile Meili feels that she has no secrets anymore, Chi Guoguo, so shy.

“Okay, don’t ink anymore, go to the Wind City head now and kill the bear Sword God to the owner!”

Yang Fan commanded again.

The crocodile is beautifully complimented, and dare not be more perfunctory. With the help of Yang Fan’s gravity field, he quickly rushed out of the thousand thousand times of gravity that surrounded them, and flew directly to the black Wind City!

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