I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1216

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Black Wind City.

City head.

Xiong Sword God and the other two Demon Emperor Realm, who are responsible for the city defense, are like riding a roller coaster.

At the beginning, they were gratified to see that the crocodile Zhong was motionless in a stone pit like a salted fish.

Although it consumes a little more resources, at least the main leader has been subdued by them, and there will be no danger at the moment. As long as Xiong Yun Old Ancestor can return in time, everything will not be a problem.

However, not long after Xiong Ao left the Black Wind City, just a few breathing efforts, a rotten crocodile crocodile sat up directly from the stone pit, and then stood up very naturally.

It is as if the thousand thousand force of gravity exerted on it simply does not exist!

What’s so special, is it a hell? !

Bear Sword God 子3 The demon was forced, and the cold sweat shua~ shua~ shua~ on the forehead kept rushing out.

Then, the body of Crocodile Zhonggang just stood up again, and the injury was heavier than the first time. From the original patty, it was directly squeezed into a puree, and Life Aura fell extremely.

Xiong Jian 3 The demon grew relaxed again, and his blood pressure began to fall back, thinking it was just a flashback, false alarm.

However, this situation has not lasted for 3 seconds, and they have caused their blood pressure to surge.

Severely injured, the crocodile who was dying and could not do it again turned into a bloody resurrection, and his injuries were completely recovered in an instant!

Whiz whiz whiz !

The blood pressure just lowered began to craze the forehead again, and the blood within the body almost didn’t spray directly from the top of the head, so they didn’t want to be stimulated.

The only thing worth gratifying and letting them feel at ease is that even if it is full of blood and resurrected, the body’s injuries have recovered as before, and the crocodile still hasn’t got rid of the influence of the thousand thousand times the force of gravity, and continues to be squeezed in the stone pit as a continuous turn over Can’t be salted fish.

“Master Divine Son, this iron-toothed crocodile is really too evil, and it must not be treated with common sense. The subordinates suggest that we still enter the ancestral land for the first time!”

One and a half Demon Emperor Realm hands covered his chest, and his pale expression expressed fear and uneasiness to suggest to the bear Sword God.

Another half-Demon Emperor Realm also echoed next to him: “It’s extremely, this crocodile can not only get rid of Monster Sovereign’s imprisonment, but it can even withstand the force and pressure of this thousand thousand times. , I just resurrected from death and recovered all my injuries, so many ways to make the demon cold!”

“Master Divine Son, just now it can stand up from the realm of thousand thousand times of gravity, and it may not be necessary later. In the opinion of our subordinates, we will first withdraw to our ancestral land and wait for Xiong Yun in the ancestral land. Old Ancestor The most appropriate return is!”

Bear Sword God takes a deep breath and forcibly pushes back his blood pressure and his beating heart.

The series of Sao Zhong operations just now stimulated it not lightly, and the cold sweat on the forehead kept surging until now.

“Well, your suggestions are very good, but how can I easily abandon the ethnics of thousands in Wind City?”

Xiong Sword God looked solemnly at the two and a half Demon Emperor Realm in front of him, softly instructed:

“In this way, you two continue to be stationed here, and the Divine Son personally went to the ancestral land for help. In addition to the Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, there should be other Old Ancestor sleeping in retreat. The Divine Son will try to see if he can They wake up!”

2 and a half Demon Emperor Realm hearing this, the corners of the mouth are pumped at the same time, kind of want to scold the mother.

Wasn’t the bear cub apparently wanting to escape by himself and let them stay here as cannon fodder?

Tete is not a gadget!

However, the ancestral land is dangerous. If there is no bloodline guideline like Xiong Jian, the two of them must be dead end if they intrusively break in.

Xiong Jian’s obsessions are now clearly not wanting to bring them with them. What can they do? Could it be that the Lord of God is forced to enter the ancestral land?

“You can rest assured that the Gravity Space can support at least more than half an hour. No matter how strong the crocodile is, it is impossible to escape from the gravity of the thousandth of the thousandth. A layer of insurance that’s all.”

“After all, the situation on Xiong Yun’s Old Ancestor is unknown, and no one can guarantee that it will always be able to rush back in time when it is free. 10000 If something goes wrong, how much of the ancestral land is a guarantee!”

With that, Xiong Sword God glanced in the direction north of the city.

speaking of which Xiong Ao has been walking for almost 5 minutes. With its cultivation base strength, it must have reached the Federal Center City of Human Race at this moment.

But Xiong Yun Old Ancestor has not shown any sign of aid until now, which is not normal.

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor is the half emperor, the most proficient is the Space Rule, if it wants to come back, from the Federal Center City to the Black Wind Valley is in a flash.

But now, after so long, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor’s shadow is not seen at all.

There was a slight uneasiness in Xiong Sword God’s heart, don’t Xiong Yun Old Ancestor have any problems over there?

Is it because of the trap of the Human Race powerhouse, or was it held back by the half emperor of Human Race?

If this is the case, there is no hope for help. What should I do with the Black Wind City?

Sword God bears a sorrow in his heart, there is no sense of security, I hope to return to the ancestral land immediately, seeking ancestors’ blessing.

“In this way, the Black Wind City will leave it to you for the time being, and the Divine Son is optimistic about you!”

Leaving aside this sentence, the bear Sword God directly walked away and walked fast.

“I bother!”

“A coward!”

Make sure that the bear Sword God really left completely, and the remaining two and a half Demon Emperor Realm vomited in the direction of the bear Sword God’s departure, eyes full of contempt.

“Just before a posture of devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence taught us that we are timid and afraid of death. Now we feel that the situation is wrong. It runs faster than the rabbit!”

“I’m so happy, I’m greedy for life and I’m afraid of death. It’s not unreasonable for this little cub to be compared with Xiongyin Shenzi. If the Black Wind Valley is really given to it in the future, it will be defeated in its hands sooner or later!”

Two and a half Demon Emperor Realm spit on each other’s sound transmission, while also thinking about what to do next.

However, before they could say 2 sentences, they felt that the sky in front of them was dark, and one silhouette suddenly appeared above their heads.

“Lying trough! what the hell?!”

“Fuck, why is the crocodile in the Gravity Space outside the city gone?!”

2 The demon exclaimed at the same time, his heart shivering.

Then they found out sadly that their body could not move, their body and Divine Soul were imprisoned at the same time, and the black shadow above their heads had fallen down, it was the iron trapped in the Gravity Space outside the city. Tooth crocodile.

“How could this be?!”

“Don’t Xiong Jian’s cub say that he can still trap crocodile for at least half an hour, how come people suddenly rushed out after a few seconds?!”

2 The demon’s hearts are desperate, and if they knew they shouldn’t believe Xiong Jian’s little boy!

“What about Xiong Jian?”

The crocodile stands beautifully on the head of the city, and the expression is extremely ugly and coldly asked the two black and white bears in front of him.

It has just promised to the owner just now, and it will definitely cut off the bear head of the bear Sword God and go back to give the owner a drink.

But now, the target is gone, so how should it explain to the owner, the master will not hack it!

The crocodile is very timid in her heart. She already knows Yang Fan’s cruelty and very ruthless. Therefore, her anxiety and fear in the heart is no less than the two and a half Demon Emperor Realm captives in front of her.

“Senior spares us! We confess, we confess, Senior what you want to know, we must know everything!”

Two and a half Demon Emperor Realm seconds, immediately chose to surrender.

“Xiongjian’s little boy went to my ancestral home of the black and white bear family!”

“The entrance to the ancestral land is known only to the God Son and Ten Great Elders in the clan, we really don’t know!”

“There is still, there may be my half-old bear, the old emperor of the black and white bear family, sleeping in retreat. The son of Sword God is going to the ancestral land to wake them up and seek blessings!”

“Senior be magnanimous, we really haven’t thought of being an enemy with Senior. The Monster Sovereign God Eye and Gravity Space just made by the bear Sword God have nothing to do with us!”

Two and a half Demon Emperor Realm cried out, and many crocodiles did not want to ask for information. They also poured out all their brains. The timid fear of death made the crocodiles beautiful.

However, it also knows that this situation is not uncommon in the monster domain. All races in Monster Race all follow the rule of survival of powerhouse is respected. When encountering a monster that is more powerful than them and can even control their life and death, Kneeling to survive is just a basic operation.

It’s just like the two black and white bears in front of me, it is rare to give their clansman’s secrets so quickly to sell them so thoroughly.

The crocodile frowns beautifully. It has no interest in these secrets of Black Wind Valley. What it wants to do now is pull out the bear sword and kill it, otherwise it will not be able to explain to the owner.

But the target Demonic beast entered the ancestral land, and now there is no breath. The crocodile is beautiful and there is no way to find its trail. What should I do?

The ancestral land is the core and secret location of an ethnic group.

They also have a corresponding ancestral ancestor, but the crocodile is just beautiful because it has just entered the family. Although it is expensive for Elder, it has never had a chance to enter it.

Therefore, the crocodile is little known about the situation of the ancestral land, not to mention that it is not the site of their crocodile family. If you want to find the entrance of the black and white bear family ancestral site in a short time, simply impossible.

“Master Baba, are you still there?”

“Master Baba, did you hear the words of the 2 black bears just now? The bear Sword God has entered the ancestral land and is beautiful and incompetent. There is really no way to find it. Please also ask the host to forgive sins and spare the beauty this time!”

Alligator began to call Yang Fan sound transmission softly in her heart, pleading with pity, but did not get a little response.

From the beginning to the end, Yang Fan has been hidden in the dark and never showed up, even if it is the crocodile’s beautiful half emperor divine sense, he can’t notice the half breath.

Just like now, Yang Fan does not speak, crocodile simply does not know whether its Sand Sculpture like Host is still in the vicinity.

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