I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1217

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For more than ten minutes, Monster Race in the moat outside the Federal Center City, except for Xiong Yin and the 4 semi-empire demon trapped in the Six Roads of Samsara, the rest of the demonic beasts are all covered.

Outside of the Formulation, Xiong Yun and several demon are still at a loss as a result of the white mist.

They are still waiting for the Xiong Yin God Son to inspire the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure that he carries with him, and look forward to its destruction of this City Protecting Great Formation in one fell swoop.

As a result, I waited for the left and waited for nothing.

Xiong Yun’s old face became black.

At this time, even a fool can realize that Xiong Yin Shenzi is most likely a problem.

Otherwise, such a good opportunity to break through the enemy Formation from the inside, Xiong Yin Shenzi will not miss it.

“Old Ancestor, can’t wait any longer, wait any longer, Xiong Yin Shenzi may really have an accident!”

A half emperor companion beside him cut the sound to Xiong Yun.

“We don’t know anyone about the situation of the moat. In my opinion, the three Human Race emperors across the street seem to be deliberately delaying time. Maybe there is really no way for them to restrain the Xiongyin Son…”

They must not worry.

Xiongyin Godson is the beloved son of the White Bear Monster Sovereign. In order to ensure its safety, the White Bear Monster Sovereign not only gave several defenses Divine Weapon, even the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure specially prepared one for it.

If Xiongyin Shenzi died here, they would not know what kind of revenge the Human Race’s Federal Center City would suffer.

However, these guys who are weak in guarding and who watched the death of Xiong Yin Godhead with their own eyes, certainly cannot survive.

“Yeah, Old Ancestor, you can’t wait any longer, and then go down with these Human Race inks, even if Xiongyin Shenzi is not dead, those brother descendants we brought are afraid to die!”

Another half emperor spoke.

This time they came to the rescue, but they are the main force of the black and white bear family. In fact, they have a lot of descendants from their own relatives, but absolutely can not have an accident.

“All right, shut up to the old man!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor shout out loudly, interrupting several demon words.

It’s not a stupid fork, will you know that the current situation is already very critical?

But the question now is, the initiative is on the side of Human Race, they just don’t let people go, what do you do with it, do you really go to the small town of Human Race to kill the world?

There is a hammer for it. If the grandson of Xiong Yin really died here, even if they had slaughtered as many Human Races, wouldn’t they still be able to survive?

At this time, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor is sane, it takes a deep breath, pretends to be a flustered and exasperated, manic impulsive look, the imposing manner of the body rises, the blood is red in his eyes, and he is angry amazing.

“Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi, and Zhuge Xincheng!”

“The Emperor finally gave you another chance, now, immediately, immediately release my family’s Xiong Yin God Son and a group of clansman!”

“This emperor only counts 3 numbers. If after 3 sounds, I still can’t see the clansman that this emperor wants to see, I will wait until I turn around and there will never be a slight stay! I advise you 3 people to think carefully about it. Make yourself wrong!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor’s voice is fierce and irritable, a pair will soon stand with Human Race either the fish dies or the net splits.

Li Liangcai, Tian Chanzi and Zhuge Xincheng simultaneously complexed slightly changed. They knew that this should already be the tolerance limit of this old bear.

If you continue to threaten it, it is very likely that this old bear will really come with them either the fish dies or the net splits.


Li Liangcai turned his head and looked at the old monk and Zhuge Xincheng, secretly transmitting.

“Don’t Yang Fan just say that he has put the Xiongyin Godson under control, should he let it come out and show it up, otherwise this old bear is really crazy, and we 3 might be a bit overwhelmed. .”

It’s not that they have the ambitions of others, but that they are three old, weak and sick. If they really start, they might not be the opponents of the four half-empire monsters.

Therefore, if it is possible, Li Liangcai and 3 people do not want to tear their faces completely with Xiong Yun now.

Acting with a will is not conducive to the overall situation, nor to themselves.

They also waited for Yang Fan breakthrough to arrive at Emperor Realm, and came to heal the wounds on them.

Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective and more fragrant to wait for all the injuries on the body to be cured, and the strength returned to the Sovereign level realm to kill these Monster Race emperors in an invincible manner?

“Fortunately, the ink is so long, it’s almost the same.” Zhuge Xincheng carelessly shrugged, “It’s the same sentence, Xiong Yin can be handed over to them, but other Demonic beast, there is no need for that!”

“Ami… that Buddha!”

“Mercy, my Buddha, eliminating evil means promoting goodness. Those monsters who dare to invade my Human Race territory really don’t need to survive anymore!”

Tian Chanzi tapped a buddha, and said the most ferocious murderous words in the most compassionate tone.

Li Liangcai is gently nodded. Since the two old people have agreed, there is nothing to say. He looked up towards Xiong Yun and was waiting for a reply, but he saw that he was on the side of Xiong Yun 2 demon and suddenly appeared. A trace of Space Rule fluctuations.

Then, a hunchbacked black and white bear half Demon Emperor Realm flashed out, just in front of Xiong Yun, and as soon as he appeared, the black and white bear shouted to Xiong Yun:

“Old Ancestor help!”

“Black Wind City is in an emergency, there is a danger of breaking the city!”

“Subordinates are under the order of the bear Sword God, and I invite Old Ancestor to come back to the city to rescue!”

Li Liangcai took a corner of his mouth, and the mouth he just opened slowly closed again. He looked at every move here with a playful gesture.

The base camp of these monsters was actually taken out?

Who is such a great cow, and has pinched time so accurately, profiting from somebody’s misfortune ah this is!

But this robbery is good, it must be praised.

Now these demon cubs in Black Wind Valley are enemies on their backs, and see what they do next.

Fang Cai and Li Liangcai were still a little worried. If only Xiong Yinyi Demon Beast went back, would the four half-empire monsters on the opposite side fly into a rage out of humiliation, and get angry and revenge.

After all, at this time they were a bit ruthless, and they left all the half emperors, half Demon Emperor Realm and so much monster Emperor of the Black Wind Valley here, making them strength great injury, these monsters must be Not willing to give up.

Now, Li Liangcai is not worried at all.

The old nest behind these demon cubs is about to be emptied. Where else will they have the leisure to lie with them here?

At the moment, the four half-empire big demon opposite, I am afraid they are already with one’s heart set on speeding home, right?

However, there are Xiong Yin Shenzi hanging them here, dare they go back directly?

“Don’t worry, you can delay it for a while…”

At this time, Zhuge Xincheng quiet transmission, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“Regardless of whether the person who is attacking Black Wind Valley is a demon, this is an attractive spectacle for us. It should be an assist. What makes these bears so uncomfortable?”

Li Liangcai extended his thumbs to Zhuge Xincheng with great appreciation, and secretly praised his heart. He is worthy of being a cultural person who teaches, and his heart is black.


Xiong Yun’s Old Ancestor’s complexion has evolved from the bottom of the pot to ink, so that the juice can drip out.

If possible, it really wanted to slap this Xiong Ao in front of him.

This bear is a bad thing. When did it not come well? Why did he want to suddenly appear when the Half Race of Human Race is ready to compromise?

Also, some of the secret sound transmission is not enough. Is it necessary for Mao Fei to scream out loudly? This is because the Human Race on the opposite side will not know that the Black Wind Valley is unstable at the rear?

Isn’t this the undercover sent by Human Race?

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor kind of wants to kill the demon.

However, Xiong Ao was frightened, his expression was anxious, and there was still some breath of blood burning secrets on his body. Xiong Yun Old Ancestor couldn’t help mentioning it.

In order to rush to report quickly, this guy burned half of his magic power cultivation base!

What happened is that the Black Wind Valley defense is invincible, even the true emperor may not be able to please in the past, how could there be danger of extinction?

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor swallowed the urge to shoot Xiong Ao dead, and glanced up at the three opposite Human Race emperors, seriously doubting whether this was a trap set by Human Race, it was luring the tiger away from the mountain?

“But the powerhouse sneak attack of Human Race hit me Black Wind Valley?”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor asked Xiong Ao sharply.

Xiong Ao breathed heavily and reported to Xiong Yun Old Ancestor: “Reporting back to Old Ancestor, not Human Race, but an iron-toothed crocodile in the Numawa country!”

“Second Elder of the Iron Tooth Crocodile broke into the Black Wind Valley alone, not only killing Yusheng Elder and the bear star in the castle, but also destroying the God Sovereign’s God’s Eyes!”

“Now, the bear Sword God has launched the Gravity Space of Spirit vein Secret Realm, and finally suppressed it, but it should not last too long, so I specially invited Old Ancestor to go back to rescue!”

“Old Ancestor, let’s go back now. It’s too late. The subordinates are worried that Master Sword God will be in danger!”

Xiong Ao urged, simply not paying attention to the plight faced by Xiong Yun’s four and a half emperors, not to mention that the 4 major monsters they brought are now gone.

Xiong Yun raised a brow: “Jiao Zhong? What a joke, that old fogey is equivalent to Yusheng Elder cultivation base. How could it kill Yusheng Elder?”

“Also, Lord Monster Sovereign’s eyes can’t resist even the emperor. Where can it be destroyed by this crocodile?!”

Xiong Yun didn’t believe it.

Crocodile Zhong, Second Elder of the Iron Tooth Crocodile family, Xiong Yun has not seen it before, and it is very clear about the strength of Crocodile Zhong’s cultivation base.

More importantly, their Black Wind Valley has always been in harmony with the Numawa country. There is no conflict of interests. Crocodile has no reason to come over to Black Wind Valley to do business!

“Old Ancestor, it’s all true! Even if the little demon has 10000 guts, he dare not talk nonsense in front of you!”

Xiong Ao was directly anxious, loudly said:

“Old Ancestor didn’t know that the crocodile was really evil. Even in the imprisonment of the Monster Sovereign God’s eye, it also blasted the heads of Yusheng Elder and Xiongxing at a glance. All the monsters in the city have witnessed this, Old Ancestor Just ask when you go back!”

“Old Ancestor, it really can’t be dragged any longer. It’s too late to go back. I’m afraid the entire Black Wind City can’t be guaranteed!”

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