I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1218

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Xiong Yun directly sealed the mouth of Xiong Ao with spirit willpower.

This bear thing that hasn’t succeeded enough, I really want to stun the head with a bead!

I’ve been here for a few breaths, haven’t I seen the situation around me, even the silly fork knows what to say and should converge?

Xiong Yun glanced at Xiong Ao deeply. He knew that the old camel was a diehard under the constellation of Xiong Sword God, and he did not necessarily know the embarrassment of Xiong Yin Shenzi being trapped in front of him.

Everyone has their own careful thinking, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to fight internally and wanting to put your master in position.

However, you don’t even want to think about it. If the Xiong Yin God Son was really killed, how many of these old bears could live alone?

The three half-empire monsters beside him seemed to see Xiong Ao’s sinister intentions, and they didn’t give the old camel any good looks.

However, now that the problems are in front of them, they are really already some if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off.

“Old Ancestor, this is definitely a Human Race conspiracy, they want to believe a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers, let us give up the rescue of Xiong Yin God!”

“I don’t think it may be, it may be that Xiong Sword God has thought carefully about it? This Xiong Ao has too much time to come by!”

“10000 one, 10000 one This Xiong Ao is true, Black Wind Valley is really at stake now. What should we do, I think the bear Sword God may not have such a big courage to dare to use this kind of thing to crack a joke !”

The three half-empire big demon disagrees and keeps secretly transmitting to Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, Xiong Yun’s browse tightly knit, he is also hesitant.

Of course it knows the seriousness of the matter, but in any case, it is the Xiong Yin God Son in front of him that is more important.

As for Black Wind Valley and Black Wind City, there are several Old Guys in the ancestral area guarding, Xiong Yun can be more or less at ease.

Thinking of this, Xiong Yun waved at the big demon around him, and directly cut off their divine sense sound transmission, decisively said: “The matter of Holy Land is temporarily adjourned, and now it is most important to rescue Xiong Yin Godson!”

Three half emperors saw Xiong Yun’s heart decided, and at the same time nodded to echo.

Xiong Ao was confused and confused.

Why did Xiong Yun Old Ancestor seal it Divine Consciousness?

It has already made it so clear that if it does not go back in time, Holy Land will be blamed for genocide. Why does Xiong Yun Old Ancestor continue to stay here as if nothing else?

Hurry back to rescue, Old Ancestor!

If you don’t go back, it’s really too late!

That crocodile is really evil, but once let it break free from the constraints of Gravity Space, bear Sword God, they certainly can’t hold it!

Xiong Ao roared anxiously in his heart, but Xiong Yun 4 Yao didn’t take it seriously at all. The previous sound transmission negotiation did not reach its ears at all.

Until now, Xiong Ao did not know what happened, why Xiong Yun Old Ancestor would be so cold, why did he know that Holy Land is in trouble, but Old Ancestor is unwilling to return in time?


Zhuge Xincheng lightly folded the fan in his hand, and asked Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi sound transmission idlely:

“You heard the words of this Luo Guoxiong bear just now, do you think that the method of letting the head of a half emperor demon be blown away is familiar?”

“Then the half emperor’s head can be easily shattered by anyone? Anyway, the old man thinks he can’t do it!”

The head belongs to Divine Soul’s will, especially for their semi-Sovereign level powerhouse, that is definitely the most powerful defensive ability.

The body is injured and can be repaired.

The internal organs are broken and can be regenerated.

If the bone is broken, it can be continued.

Only when this head exploded, Divine Soul had nothing to do with the sea of ​​God, it was really burping!

Therefore, whether it is the semi-empire or other cultivation realm’s martial artist and Monster Race, they generally take their heads as the top priority in the protection. There is no reason to be shocked by the powerhouse of the order.

Li Liangcai also raised his eyebrows and said, “Mister Zhuge is doubting Yang Fan’s pill technique?”

Last time, when Yang Fan used the throw technique to kill the half emperor, the three people were all on the scene. The headshot scene of the brain rupture from the inside out is still fresh in memory, and it is also endlessly afraid.

Now I heard that another half-empire demon was shot, and they naturally thought of Yang Fan’s pill technique.

“Impossible!” Li Liangcai shook his head decisively, “Yang Fan is now too busy to care for himself, and has been shrinking in the city of Jinghua City to build a moat. Where will there be the power to go deep into the demon territory to sneak attack Black Wind Valley?”

“Besides, the mysterious skill that can make headshots in this world is not only the pill technique. There are many variations of Monster beast in Monster Race. Perhaps it is this Black Wind Valley that has caused some difficult opponents to be taken advantage of. Enter.”

Black Wind Valley is one of the Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands. Not only is it remote, but it is also banned by the rules set by Monster Sovereign himself. Even if these half emperors want to sneak into them, Yang Fan and Emperor Rank are both very difficult. Not yet, not to mention.

“Old Li Tou made sense.” Tian Chanzi also whispered softly, saying: “The reason why the last time Yang Fan Little Benefactor was able to cast the pill technique instantly and exploded the head of the earth loaf and half emperor was because there was Three of us are next to him for guarantee and protect.”

“Otherwise, without the protection of the Half-Emperor, he would not even be able to get close to others, and simply did not have the opportunity to use the pill technique.”

The coercion of the will in front of the half emperor is not a decoration. The aftermath of the strength in the battle is even able to split the void. Yang Fan is the Great Cow, and it is also impossible. With the body of the king, he was close to the front of the half emperor. .

Therefore, Tianchanzi also thinks that the impossible that blasted out the head of the semi-empire in the Black Wind Valley would be Yang Fan.

“That may not be necessary.” Zhuge Xincheng gently shook his folding fan, lightly said: “That kid is also a wicked child, anyway, the old man has never been able to see through him.”

“However, if it wasn’t for him to mess up the Black Wind Valley in the demon domain, then we have to be careful. In the Monster Race, there is such a semi-empire demon that can directly headshot. For us Not a good thing.”

“As for the crocodile Zhong mentioned in Na Luoguo Xiongkou, the old man had met it twice before, and it is impossible to have such an ability against the sky.”

Zhuge Xincheng insisted: “If the old man guesses well, it should only be used by the powerhouse hidden in the dark to use it.”

“It can make Second Elder of the Tooth Crocodile family, a real half-empire demon come out to carry the pot, and the guy the Black Wind Valley has caused this time is probably not too small.

Zhuge Xincheng takes pleasure in other people’s misfortune, and the enemy’s trouble is the source of his happiness.

“Look, the old bear is going to showdown, and he will imprison the Luobong Bear who reported it.”


As soon as Zhuge Xincheng’s words fell, the imposing manner on Xiong Yun’s Old Ancestor was rising again, and he was forced to press against Li Liangcai.

“It’s almost time, three, how do you think about it?”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor once again asked the three Human Race emperors, his face was more ugly, more flustered and exasperated than before.

There is not much time left for it, it must do it quickly!

Li Liangcai took out his ears in disbelief, looked up at Xiong Yun with a little confusion, and asked softly: “Think about it, can you explain it clearly, old man doesn’t quite understand what you mean!”

“Li Liangcai!” Xiong Yun’s Old Ancestor’s voice suddenly raised: “Mo Yao wants to be unsatisfied! The emperor doesn’t care whether the riots in Holy Land are you playing in the dark, now the emperor only asks you a word, Xiong Yin Godson, are you letting go, or Don’t let go?”

Li Liangcai narrowed his eyes and suddenly laughed loudly.

It seems that the old bear is really anxious, and all the bear hairs are up, like a hedgehog.

This is much more realistic than pretending to be angry.

“Did the old man remember it wrong, or did you have dementia?”

Li Liangcai squinted at Xiong Yun, slowly leisurely said: “Don’t you just say that you want to count 3 sounds, but now you can’t count them anymore, we 3 are all waiting here to wait for the flowers but we’re almost grateful.”

Isn’t this a waste of our brother’s feelings?

Li Liangcai looked at Xiong Yun with a mocking face. He knew that the old bear had already been messed up and was on the verge of going crazy.

But Li Liang was not worried at all, because the initiative was always on their side.

Xiong Yun has not dared to leave until now, even if he knows that his home nest will be broken by someone soon, he must insist on saving Xiong Yin first.

This shows the importance of Xiong Yin Shenzi in Xiong Yun’s heart. As long as the death news of Xiong Yin Shenzi is not confirmed for a moment, Xiong Yun is 90% likely not to dare to face them.

at this time.

Demon holy mountain.

Long Jiao, Old Ancestor and Yin Jiao Shenzi, who are spying on this war between man and demon, also change color at the same time.

“Black Wind Valley Holy Land was actually attacked, and it is still in danger?!”

Yinjiao Shenzi burst into tongues: “Isn’t this cracking a joke? Now all 8 Sovereigns can’t be shut down. Who is such a great cow that can forcibly break into the Black Wind Valley Holy Land?”

“Isn’t this a trick of Human Race relieving a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers?”

Long Jiao Old Ancestor shook his head slightly: “According to the situation in which the Human Race federation now has an absolute advantage, they don’t need to do these small actions anymore. Looking at the old man, what Xiong Ao said, most likely is true.”

“Isn’t it a secret weapon developed by the iron-toothed crocodile family of Numawa Country that can directly destroy a Sea of ​​Consciousness Space of a half-empire demon?

There are many ways to headshot. From the outside to the inside, the violent bombardment, and the mental collapse from the inside to outside, can cause the headshot effect of brain burst.

As Xiong Ao said, Xiong Yusheng was stunned by the eye of that crocodile. Although it was a bit exaggerated and ridiculous, if it is a mental collapse and the sea is broken, it may indeed cause such a shocking result.

“I have to guard!”

Dragon’s heart is inwardly shiver, and it is also a half emperor. If the iron crocodile family really masters a similar secret weapon or spiritual secret technique, it will not necessarily have no effect on it.

“Silver Jiao, you send a few clansman cleverly to Black Wind Valley to find out the news!”

“Yes, Old Ancestor!”

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