I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1219

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“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launches a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao Anyi, reincarnation, time and space change, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao Anyi is influenced by the reincarnation large array, and the mind is addicted. !Formation experience +10, Six Roads of Samsara formation experience +200.”

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara to launch Monster Attack on Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao Anyi. The Jiao Anyi divine sense escapes, knows the sea collapse, and can’t extricate itself in the limit of reincarnation.”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao Anyi, one strike certain kill, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao Anyi was successfully hacked, blood Intensity +150000000, spirit willpower +10000.”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 cast Divine Soul’s detention against the Divine Soul who was free from Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao, and the detention was successful…”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 performed an advanced collection technique on Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Jiao Yi’s corpse, and the collection was successful…”

Yang Fan, who was hiding in the shadow of the bear Sword God, suddenly got a shock, and a wave of extreme blood energy suddenly burst in his within the body, so cool that he almost did not go invisible. Exposed.

Fortunately, this is not the first time, Yang Fan already has a certain resistance.

When the soothing climax point was about to come, he blocked his 5 senses in time, so that there was no moaning.

Otherwise, even if there is a breathing Divine Stone able to cover up the vitality of his suddenly bursting blood within his body, he will also be exposed.

“A half emperor died, efficiency is good!”

After the cool past, Yang Fan couldn’t help but sigh of relief, and at the same time gave a tribute to Xiao Saner in his heart.

“The five half emperor demon, the first to die, are all half emperors of the Dijiao family. It seems that the half emperor strength of the black and white bear family is obviously higher.”

Yang Fan was a little more careful, who made him in the ancestral land of the black and white bear family now.

Having just used the coercion of the little female crocodile to force the bear Sword God to escape, Yang Fan used shadow stealth to take the opportunity to attach himself to the shadow of the bear Sword God and enter the ancestral home of the black and white bear family.

Originally thought it would be the treasure house of their black and white bear family, didn’t expect was all one after another grave head.


The qi and blood impact within the body calmed down, and Yang Fan’s sense of 5 returned to normal again, lurking beside the bear Sword God, quietly looking at the grass and trees here.

The so-called black and white bear ancestral land is actually not in the Black Wind Valley. In the specific location of the demon domain, Yang Fan can’t figure out the problem, only know that this place is connected with Black Wind Valley through a very secret space channel, which can be instantaneous. to.

In this way, the bear Sword God can get out of hiding before the beautiful crocodile arrives in the city.

If Yang Fan did not hide in the silhouette of the bear Sword God in advance, most of the space channel will not be found, and there is no way to trigger the transmission function of the space channel to come to this graveyard.

Entering the ancestral land, Xiong Sword God first bowed to the giant tablet for 3 weeks at the grave head in front of him, then flew straight up, jumped over the graveyard and flew towards the narrow valley behind.

“Newcomer stop!”

At the entrance of the narrow valley, an old bear with white hair and long eyebrows than his beard stood at the mouth of the valley and reached out to block it.

The bear Sword God’s body was stagnant, and he fell from the air in a flurry. His head came into close contact with the ground, and his teeth were broken.

Yang Fan looked around and felt terrified for it.

This bear Sword God is also a half Demon Emperor Realm, not to mention breaking its teeth, even if the bear hair on the body is impossible, it will rub off one.

But now, a seemingly random heel makes it spit blood and spit blood. It can be seen that the old white bear that made it fall to the heel, the cultivation base must be above the bear Sword God.

Yang Fan’s heart lingered.

Even the head of an old monster that guards the gate is so Great Cow, it seems that there is a half emperor, so will there be a greater Cow in this narrow valley?

Yang Fan remembered very clearly that before the bear Sword God decided to enter the ancestral land, he personally talked to the two and a half Demon Emperor Realm. There seems to be some Old Ancestor sleeping in the black and white bear ancestral land.

The Old Ancestor in its mouth, aren’t they all half-Sovereign level monsters?

“That’s all without permission to enter the ancestral land, even daring to fly in the ancestral land, now the juniors don’t even know the rules at all?”

The white-haired old bear glanced down at the bear Sword God, who had been lying on the ground for a long time, and then asked sharply: “Who are you, Xiong Yun and Xiong Yin?”

The black and white bears that usually come in the ancestral land are only Xiong Yun Old Ancestor and Xiong Yin Shenzi 2 demon. For this bear sword, the white hair old bear is not at all too much impression.

The bear Sword God is upset and explains aloud: “Old Ancestor Mingjian, a descendant of Xiong Jian, a Ranked Third among the 4 generations of god sons. He once came to the ancestral land with the Imperial Father once and was not very familiar with the rules of the ancestral land. , If you are offended, please ask Old Ancestor to forgive your sins!”

“Bear Sword God son?” White-haired old bear shook his head slightly: “I have never heard of it. Among the four generations of god sons, the old man only knows that Xiong Yin is a demon.”

Xiong Sword God’s face looked embarrassed, and his heart was a bit sour.

This is the sorrow of these accompanying sons, even if they are also Bloodline of Imperial Father’s heirs, because there is no successor, simply cannot enter the eyes of these Old Ancestor.

This is not the first time he has entered the ancestral land, but the Old Ancestor who is responsible for guarding the portal of the narrow valley has no impression of it.

“Forget it, these are not important, tell the old man, why should I break into the ancestral land?”

The white-haired old bear lightly shook the head and continued to ask the bear Sword God child: “Although you also have the qualification to enter the ancestral land, according to the rules of the ancestral land, there is no guidance from Xiong Yun, Xiong Yin or the White Bear Monster Sovereign, None of you gods can enter without permission.”

“If you can’t give a reason to convince the old man, this crime of trespassing on the ancestral land can’t escape!”

With that, the divine sense of the white-haired old bear swept gently on the body of the bear Sword God, and his will was present, and the space around the bear sword was completely imprisoned in an instant.

Yang Fan, who was hidden in the Xiong Yin silhouette, also felt the pressure, and soon heard the system hint ringing in his ears.

“You are infested by the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear’s imprisonment at the natural Sovereign level of will, Divine Soul concussion, body prohibited, immortal will self-defense counterattack, Spiritual Power +2000, spirit willpower +4000.”

“You are influenced by Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear natural Sovereign level will pressure, but your heart touches, but because of lack of strength, you can not fully comprehend, the special will field Emperor Rank pressure has been greatly evolved, and the strength + 300, physique +300, agility +300, qi and blood strength +500000, Spiritual Power +3000.”

“You absorb a trace of Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear’s natural Sovereign level of will, and your heart touches. Emperor Rank’s coercion in the special will area is greatly strengthened, strength +300, physique +300, agility +300, qi and blood Strength +500000, Spiritual Power +3000.”

“You have absorbed a trace of Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear’s natural Sovereign level of will, and your heart has touched. The emperor rank’s coercion in the special will area has been greatly strengthened…”

It turned out to be a half emperor demon!

Yang Fan absorbs the Sovereign level will emanating from the white-haired old bear, while exclaiming in the heart, how many half-empire monsters are hidden in this black and white bear family?

“en? !”

Xiong Tianran’s eyebrows were suddenly raised, and the divine light shone in his eyes. He scanned Xiong Sword God again and again.

very strange.

The Sovereign level of will it just released has been lost, but there is nothing abnormal about the bear Sword God.

What’s going on, is the road injury within the body serious again?

Xiong naturally began to doubt himself.

Yang Fan was also taken aback, and quickly slowed down the speed of absorbing Sovereign level will.

This old bear has a keen sense, much more clever than the god’s eye suspended in the sky before.

But it’s no wonder that the bear’s eye is a dead thing after all, with limited intelligence. It is an enemy who instincts to attack, simply does not know how to advance and retreat, and will not care too much about Willpower’s consumption.

In front of him, this half-empire demon is an Old Monster who has lived for several hundred years. His support for Willpower should not be inferior to that of the real emperor.

It secretly absorbs the will energy stealing it in front of it, and is aware of some anomalies, which is also reasonable.

“Reporting back to Old Ancestor, Junior does not want to break the rules of the ancestral land. It is really a critical situation and imminent. If Junior does not come to the ancestral land for help, the Black Wind City is in danger of destroying the city!”

The bear Sword God knelt down on the ground, his expression excited, and he returned his voice.


Xiong naturally raised his eyebrows and looked deeply at Xiong Sword God. He seemed to be sure if this little boy had lost his mind and dared to talk nonsense here.

“Besides the Black Wind City, there are both Peak Sovereign-level rules and the will of God of Will left by the White Bear Monster Sovereign. At the same time, there are the remaining thousand thousand times gravity field left by the Spirit vein Secret Realm. As long as it is not Sovereign transit, how is it possible? Will there be danger of extinction?”

Xiong asked naturally.

Now all the 8 true emperors on the source star can’t be shut down. Without Sovereign shots, Black Wind Valley will be solid, and there is no possibility of being destroyed.

“No matter what, even if it is really about to destroy the city, where is the boy Xiong Yun, and where is the Xiong Yin God Child, when is it your turn to ask for help in your ancestral home?”

“Old Ancestor Mingjian!” Xiong Sword God said again: “Xiong Yun Old Ancestor and Xiong Yin Shenzi, as well as many Elder elites in my family, all went to the federal center city of the human domain, and there is no news so far. .”

“Now, the Black Wind Valley has a defense against emptiness, and the powerhouse does not exist. The only one and a half Elder Huang and Xiong Yusheng were also shot to death by their enemies.”

“As for the Sovereign level ban, Monster Sovereign God Eye, and the sphere of gravity, Junior has been opened. However, the ban is invalid, the God Eye is destroyed, and the sphere of gravity has been consumed for a long time, forcing it, Junior can only come to the ancestral ground. Ask for help!”

“If you don’t believe Old Ancestor, you can return to the Black Wind City now and find out! If you find that there is a lie in Junior, Junior is willing to be punished by breaking his body!”

If it wasn’t what he saw in person, Xiong Sword God couldn’t believe what he said.

However, facts are facts!

The iron-toothed crocodile called Crocodile is too evil. It came over from a half emperor. It feels more difficult than a real Sovereign. Why can’t you die, do you say scare monsters?

“What?!” Xiong Natural’s expression changed and exclaimed: “Even Monster Sovereign’s eyes have been destroyed?!”

Who is this Great Cow? !

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