I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1220

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Sovereign can’t come out. In this world, shouldn’t there be such a great Cow powerhouse?

Xiong Natural’s heart was a little puzzled.

It’s easy to understand that the rules of Sovereign can be overcome, and it is not impossible to kill Half-Emperor Xiong Yusheng.

But being able to resist or even destroy the will of the white bear Monster Sovereign will be a bit nonsensical and unimaginable!

That’s the Magical Powers from the real Sovereign level will Condense. Although it is just a puppet, the thoughts and actions seem dull, but all the creatures it targets, even the half emperor, will be completely imprisoned. There will be no more room for resistance.

This point, the bear naturally had personal experience.

So it’s hard to believe that a demon could escape Monster Sovereign’s imprisonment and destroy it.

This is simply impossible!

“You tell the old man in detail, what is going on?”

Xiong naturally squinted his eyes and asked in detail. As for the danger of the destruction of the city that Xiong Sword God said, it did not at all take seriously.

Even the remaining gravity field of spirit vein Secret Realm is opened, even Sovereign don’t want to get rid of it easily, let alone just a half emperor demon.

So bears are naturally not in a hurry, they only have time.

“No, Old Ancestor, the crocodile is really evil. Although the gravity field outside the city temporarily trapped it, its flesh can be reborn, and it can even stand out from the gravity pressure of hundred thousand times. Standing up, Junior is worried that it will have a way to break through the gravity field!”

Bear Sword God is in a hurry.

When Xiong Yun Old Ancestor and Xiong Yin Shenzi left, they named him and gave it the task of stabilizing the rear. If something went wrong, it could not bear it.

Moreover, when he activated the channel entrance of the ancestral land and entered the ancestral land, he deliberately glanced back, and vaguely saw that the crocodile stood up again under the pressure of gravity of thousand thousand, which was too scary. .


The bear glanced dissatisfiedly at the expression panic bear Sword God, feeling that this girl was far worse than Xiong Yin God Child, but the temperament and temperament alone were not on a level.

Frightened by the enemy, they all started talking nonsense. Such god sons simply do not deserve to lead them the black and white bear family.

Now for such a comparison, the White Bear Monster Sovereign will choose Xiong Yin as the next successor, which is indeed a wise move.

“When you arrive at the ancestral land, it doesn’t matter to you that the sky is falling up. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

Xiong Naturally said lightly: “Now, the old man asks you again, how did the foreign half emperor destroy Monster Sovereign’s eyes? Tell me everything you have seen before without telling me! “

Xiong Sword God’s voice froze, swallowing softly.

“Yes, Old Ancestor, the specific situation is like this, about half an hour ago, the rules outside the valley suddenly shook abnormally…”

Xiong Sword God detailed the situation of the enemy that had happened outside the black Wind City from the beginning to the end, and finally said to the old bear again:

“…Junior did not dare to deceive Old Ancestor. That iron-toothed crocodile is definitely not an ordinary half-emperor. Junior suspects that it has even achieved the status of the real emperor, otherwise simply cannot explain why it can destroy Monster Sovereign God’s eyes, and why it can. Get up easily under the weight of gravity thousand times…”

“Old Ancestor, Black Wind City is really dangerous now, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor failed to return in time, Junior was forced to help to harass you Old Ancestor!”

Bear Sword God’s body shape.

I recalled the process of the incident again, and made it feel more and more terrifying, and even had the terrifying speculation that the crocodile had become emperor.

After all, if it is the real emperor’s transit, then all this can be explained.

“True Emperor?”

Xiong naturally shivered, but soon shook his head and denied it.

Bear Sword God subcultivation base has little insight and simply does not know the power of real emperor realm, so this conjecture comes about.

However, the bear naturally knows that if the crocodile is really in the Sovereign environment, when faced with the Sovereign level coercion of Monster Sovereign God’s eyes, simply will not be seriously injured and dying at 2 degrees, even in the realm of thousand thousand times You will make yourself confused.

As for deliberately showing weakness and so on, it is even more unnecessary. In the case where all other Sovereign cannot be closed, any real emperor can go to Black Wind Valley Holy Land, and it is necessary to take off his pants and pretend to be fart. Are you injured?

“If the old man guesses well, the crocodile should not come alone, and at least there will be a cultivation base around him that is not weaker than his companions!”

“And Yusheng Elder should have died under the sneak attack of his companion, as is Monster Sovereign.”

Hearing the words of the old bear, the bear Sword God froze: “Companion? impossible, from the beginning to the end we have not found the shadow of the second Demon Beast!”

“Even if our cultivation base is inadequate and our eyesight is limited, the Imperial Father’s God’s eyes have been suspended in emptiness. How could it conceal the Imperial Father’s God’s eyes?”

Similar conjectures have happened to them before, but in the end they were all directly rejected by them, because in their concept, no one except the true emperor can escape the spiritual perception of the White Bear Monster Sovereign!

“You’re wrong.” Xiong naturally shook his head gently. “The secrets and treasures that can hide Sovereign level spiritual perception in this world are rare, but they are not that absolutely does not have!”

“At least in Demon Saint Ridge, there is a Divine Stone that completely shields Monster Sovereign’s perception! Other Monster Race Saint places, even in Human Race, have similar treasures, it is unknown.”

At this time, Yang Fan’s body shape was being suddenly cut with a soft knife, little by little, slowly refining the bear’s natural Sovereign level will.

“This white bear even knows Divine Stone?”

At this moment, Yang Fan’s heart began to have some not-so-good hunches. Since these big monsters know how to divert Divine Stone, do they also have some countermeasures or measures?

“Be careful!”

Yang Fan warned himself at the bottom of his heart, don’t think that with Divine Stone, you can think that there is nowhere to go. Be careful and be arrogant, fall in the sewer.

Therefore, for safety reasons, Yang Fan decided to turn the white bear in front of him into a person. In case of it, there was a real danger. Having such a person by his side can be regarded as an extra guarantee.

Thinking about it, Yang Fan temporarily stopped the act of absorbing bear’s natural spirit willpower, and when his thoughts moved, he shifted his position from the shadow of the bear Sword God to the dark shadow under him.

“You naturally cast charm skills on the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear. The charm fails, and the bear naturally feels a little unconscious. Spiritual Power +5, Spirit will power +5, and skill proficiency +10.”

Yang Fan’s charm skills do not have any lethality. It belongs to the kind of quiet spiritual comfort of moistening things. It is like a gentle breeze, and it will not have any adverse effects on the subject.

So unless you encounter someone who is particularly sensitive or has a sense of vigilance against him, under normal circumstances, even if the subject feels that way, he doesn’t care too much.

Especially now, Yang Fan hasn’t even revealed his face, and the probability of being found is minimized when others or demon simply do not know his existence.

This is also Yang Fan’s new discovery after getting Divine Stone.

Whether it is a charm skill or a pill technique, it is less likely to be noticed by people when it is invisible behind the enemy, and the success rate has also been greatly improved.

Last time when dealing with the beauty of crocodiles and crocodiles, there were already some verifications, and now bears are naturally here, too.

Although Xiong felt some sense, he didn’t take it seriously, not at all, he gave the serious spiritual power released by Yang Fan to taking seriously.

“You naturally used charm skills on the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear, and the charm failed. The bear naturally seemed to be aware of it and didn’t care…”

“You naturally cast charm skills on the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear, 30% 6 Ignore the defense chance to trigger successfully, the charm is successful, the bear naturally favors you greatly, Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, skill proficiency +10.”


“You naturally displayed charm skills to the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear. The charm has succeeded, and the bear’s favorability with you has been greatly improved. The meaning of closeness is exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech. Divine Soul knows the sea and the relationship between the two parties is extremely friendly. Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”

The charm was successful when it was performed for the third time!

This is definitely Yang Fan’s fastest success record when he charms the Half Emperor!

Yang Fan was uplifted and felt like he had found the best way to display his charm skills.

In order to confirm the universal applicability of this method, Yang Fan piggybacked his charm skills on the bear Sword God.

“You have exhibited charm skills to the half Demon Emperor Realm bear Sword God son, and the charm is successful. The bear Sword God son’s favorability to you is greatly improved, Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”

Sure enough, a success!

Even the probability of ignoring the defense is not triggered, and the bear Sword God is turned into his own person!

Great Cow!

Yang Fan ba sucked 2 times, very pleased in one’s mind, I felt like I was invincible, anyone who caught me could become myself, so I asked you if you were afraid?

At this time, Xiong was naturally unaware of the change in his mentality. Before seeing Yang Fan himself, the effect of the charm skill was not at all fully triggered. At this moment, his mind was still stuck in the Black Wind Valley Holy Land. Things.

“If it wasn’t for Chong Zhong, then this move might be useful…”

Xiong Ziran’s words have just come to an end, and the imposing manner of his body suddenly rises. The endless demon power fluctuations like the water are scattered. The closest Yang Fan and Xiongyin Shenzi are all attacked by its sudden demon power. He threw himself to the ground and spit blood.

“Hah! The old man expected good, you really came in with the bear Sword God!”

“Human brat, your court is not small, dare to enter… Huh? Little Brat, have we seen it before, why do old men think you are so familiar?”

Originally, he also raised his eyebrows and glared. A bear who caught a big fish and wanted to kill him. When he saw the Yang Fan who had already shown his figure, the expression couldn’t help but stunned. With Yang Fan, ask softly.

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