I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1221

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Yang Fan’s heart shook, didn’t expect was exposed so quickly.

The white bear was cunning, and suddenly, without any warning, a full-scale indiscriminate demon attack came out, directly revealing his shape.

Because the attack power is scattered, the intensity is moderate and not fatal. At most, there is a little blood in the internal organs, and several ribs are broken. For King Rank Peak like Yang Fan, it is not a serious injury.

It is for this reason that the attack at not all directly triggered the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in the hands of Yang Fan, and Yang Fan himself was completely exposed because of the attack and blood spitting injury.

After all, the Divine Stone and the Great Cow only have the effect of concealing the breath, and cannot withstand such indiscriminate external attacks.

“Thanks to the foresight of the young man, I turned these 2 Demonic beasts into myself beforehand, otherwise it might be really troublesome next!”

Yang Fan secretly rejoiced and gave several praises for his wit.

Even if he holds the Sovereign level Spirit Treasure in his hand, he would not dare to act arbitrarily in the ancestral land of the black and white bear when his body is exposed. After all, the Sovereign level Spirit Treasure has only one blow, and the ancestral land of the black and white bear But it is not the only half-empire of this white bear.

Yang Fan is still very self-knowledge, only then he did not use the pill technique to explode the head of the white bear in front of him, it is out of this consideration.

It may not be difficult to kill this half emperor in front of you, at most it is to consume another Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan.

But what should I do after killing it?

The death of the half emperor who guards the gate will inevitably alarm those black and white bear half emperors who retreat in the canyon. In the case of unknown enemies, this is simply courting death.

You know, he came to Black Wind Valley this time, the main purpose is to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain, just secretly evacuate the treasure house of Black Wind Valley, just like killing the half emperor is so dangerous Things can still be done without doing it.

After all, here is the old nest of others, no matter how many life-saving methods of Yang Fan, it can not be wasted here.

“I am Yang Fan!”

Yang Fan took a deep breath and secretly cast himself a high-level healing technique. After the injuries on his body were completely improved, this stood up towards the bear, and the bear Sword God who had just climbed from the ground.

“I see that you are also extremely kind and have a very intimate and close feeling. This should be the legendary at first sight!”

Yang Fan also expressed humorously and gently.

Xiong naturally didn’t react after hearing Yang Fan’s name, showing a blank face.

Will it see a human brat?

It feels very strange.

Xiong Sword God is face changed, and suddenly raised his finger to Yang Fan: “You are Yang Fan? The first Federal Emperor Rank physician Yang Fan of Human Race?!”

Unlike Old Antique, which has never been out for several decades, Xiong Sword God is already very familiar with the name Yang Fan and is very impressed.

Not only because Yang Fan’s medical skills are supernatural, but also because Yang Fan is under Number One Person under the Sovereign level on the Monster Race’s hunter leaderboard.

What’s more, because the moat that currently trapped the three half emperor Seniors of the Black and White Bear family outside the Federal Center City was built by Yang Fan himself.

At this time, the reason why the Black Wind Valley will be empty is that they will be nearly destroyed by a crocodile and a half emperor, and it has nothing to do with Yang Fan, the initiator!

“and many more!”

The bear Sword God suddenly Yang Fan understood some problems, 2 bear eyes glared, and asked Yang Fan in horror: “Don’t tell Ben Shenzi, the iron crocodile half emperor outside the city was also found by you?!”

“I have long heard that you are the first half Demon Emperor Realm of the Human Race Federation. That crocodile, has not already become your favorite beast?!”

Hearing the question from Xiong Sword God, Yang Fan only had one sentence left, that is, “You know too much!”.

After the event is completed, there is no need to stop the wave, otherwise he will provoke alienation, and the plan to cause a civil war in the Black Wind Valley and the 2nd Monster Race Saint of Numawa Country will die.

“Bear Sword God really looks up to Yang, I am not even an Emperor Rank, how could it be possible to conquer the half emperor demon as a beast?”

“I was just by chance, and I just came across Black Wind Valley, so I just joined in the fun, and from the beginning to the end, it didn’t know my existence.”

“To put it bluntly, my Yang Fan someone’s stealth ability, even if it is Sovereign level, don’t want to see a weak spot!”

Yang Fan blew up the Great Cow again unconsciously.

It was not because of his invisibility ability, nor was he naturally seeing any weak spot, but the bear was too cautious, and the blind cat encountered it, it was an accident.

Xiong Sword God tapped nodded, “This is actually, your stealth technique is really fascinating, and Crocodile Zhong Laihao is also a half emperor, even if he is dead, he will not be convinced of a Human Race junior.”

After seeing Yang Fan’s super powerful stealth ability, Xiong Sword God doesn’t think that under normal circumstances, Crocodile can find Yang Fan’s traces.

The words of Xiong Sword God’s son fell, and a system hint came from Yang Fan’s ear.

“You used a clever tongue like Demon Emperor Realm Bear Sword God to confuse success. Bear Sword God believes in your words, your social ability is greatly improved, and the flexibility of slogan is greatly enhanced. Skillful tongue like spring +20.”

“You naturally used a clever tongue for the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear, and succeeded in bewitching. Xiong naturally believed in your words…”

“You played the Great Cow and successfully gained the deep trust of the half Demon Emperor Realm bear Sword God. The social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring +30.”

“You blow the Great Cow and successfully achieved Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Bear’s natural deep trust…”

Great Cow!

Yang Fan praised in his heart that the skillful tongue and charm skills are a perfect match. Didn’t expect so easily that the two big demon in front of him completely believed what he said.

It seems that the matter of killing monsters and killing mouths can be postponed.

“Human brat, this is the ancestral land of my family of black and white bears, not where you should come!” Xiong naturally looked at Yang Fan with a charity face and gently advised: “If you read it by accident, the unknowing is not guilty. , Old man is not much to pursue, you should leave now!”

“Yeah, Yang Fan, although I don’t know why you are so pleasing to you, but you can’t really stay in this place anymore!”

Xiong Sword God also whispered next to him: “This is you, otherwise it will be replaced by any Human Race and dare to break into the ancestral land of my family of black and white bears, and there will inevitably be death!”

Sure enough, it was his own, all thinking about the safety of Yang Fan.

Yang Fan smiled softly, without agreeing or refusing, but said softly to the 2 demon: “When I came in, I saw that the crocodile had already got rid of the gravity field outside the city, and may have entered the city now. Are you 2 really not going to go out and see?”

“If it is later, the Black Wind City may really want to destroy the city!”

Xiong Ziran and Xiong Sword God expression change at the same time.


Although they asked this question in their mouths, they already believed Yang Fan’s words in their hearts. Xiong naturally grabbed the shoulders of Xiong Sword God and Yang Fan, and said straightly, “Let’s go and see with the old man!”

Yang Fan did not resist, and let Xiong naturally grab him by the shoulder and flew up.

Xiong Sword God suggested to Xiong Nature: “Old Ancestor, do you want to wake up the other Old Ancestor that is closed in the valley? That crocodile is really a evil door!”

There is already a shadow in the heart of Bear Sword God.

Cracking a joke, a half emperor demon who can destroy Monster Sovereign God’s eyes and even escape a thousand times the gravity field, who is not afraid?

Before they had lost a half and a half of Elder Huang, Xiong Sword God didn’t want to lose a half and a half of Old Ancestor.

“No need!” Xiong naturally vetoed directly, “Go out and explore the situation first. If nothing is possible, the old man will wake up the old Ancestor in the valley!”

After all, Xiong naturally still does not believe Xiong Sword God’s description of the strength of crocodile Zhong, it is going to verify it in person!

Fly to the Space Node, Xiong naturally swings to open the space channel, carrying Yang Fan and Xiong Sword God to step in.

Just as its half-pulled body has entered the space channel, Yang Fan’s body suddenly has a meal, which directly triggers the activation of his own dodge attribute, sliding like a loach without leaving his hand, instantly breaking away from the bear’s natural grasp, again Fall back into the ancestral land below.

Xiong naturally expression changed, but he was a little bit too late to turn around, so he had to cut the sound transmission: “Yang Fan boy, don’t come, the valley is the place where our ancestors retreat to sleep. If you get into it, no one can save you!”

At this point, Yang Fan has disappeared again.

Hearing the warnings and exhortations of Xiong Nature, Yang Fan dismissed the head lightly. His goal was a treasure trove, and he would be idle to provoke those Old Antiques when he was stupid.

Again, as long as he is careful enough, even Sovereign may not be able to find his trail.

At this time, without the demon in front of him, Yang Fan abandoned Shadow Invisibility and directly used the Wood Substitution technique.

Fortunately, the black and white bear ancestral land is not a rough place, especially in the canyon in front, it is lush and green, which is more convenient for the Yang Fan Wood Substitution technique.

Divided by Divine Stone and Wood Substitution technique, Yang Fan passed the entrance of the canyon quickly and went straight all the way.

The canyon is not deep, only about ten kilometers.

Yang Fan went all the way, and soon found a cave entrance clearly carved at the bottom of the canyon.

At the entrance, there was also a white bear guard standing up and guarding.

Yang Fan glanced at it, and he could not see the specific cultivation base from the breath, but even the bear guarding at the entrance of the valley is naturally the semi-empire cultivation base. Naturally inferior?

“This black and white bear family is really deeply hidden. How many half-empire monsters are hidden in their family?”

“Also, among the Five Great Holy Lands in Monster Race, are they all the same?”

There was a trace of worry in Yang Fan’s heart.

If Monster Race’s Five Great Holy Lands are so powerful, then the future of the Human Race Federation will be a bit worrying!

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