I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1222

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Yang Fan carefully bypassed the old white bear guarding the gate.

Unsurprisingly, this seemingly devoted white-haired old bear is unaware of Yang Fan’s transit, and the Divine Stone, Wood Substitution technique and Shadow Invisibility are simply perfect matches.

Silently, even if he walked in the front of one’s eyes, he did not react.

Entering the cave, just when stealth reached the depth of several dozen meters, Yang Fan’s figure suddenly shuddered, and then the power of countless qi and blood began to surge in his within the body.

At the same time, a system hint also sounded in his ear:

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan No. 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launches Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Fei. The reincarnation, time and space changes. Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Fei is affected by the reincarnation. !Formation experience +10, Six Roads of Samsara formation experience +200.”

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Fei. Xiong Fei Divine sense escapes, knows the collapse of the sea, and can’t extricate themselves in the permanent cycle.”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Fei, one strike certain kill, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Fei was successfully beheaded, blood Intensity +150000000, spirit willpower +10000.”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 cast Divine Soul’s detention against Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Fei’s free divorce. The detention was successful…”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 performed an advanced collection technique on Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Xiong Fei’s body, and the collection was successful…”

Another half emperor demon died!

“There are only 2 left!”

Yang Fan strongly pressed the lower body with the body’s ultimate sense of comfort, and his heart was secretly sighed.

The 5 half emperors who invaded the Human Race Federation have already killed 3 of them, and the remaining 2 are estimated to be too long.

Great Cow!

The power of the Confederate Central City Moat, Yang Fan had expected it beforehand, but when he saw that it had really beheaded three half-empire monsters and counted 3 high-level Monster Races, Yang Fan’s heart is still unable to bear a burst of marvel and shock.

The Huyan Professor who researched this set of 3 Formulations is a Great Cow, and he who has completely laid out these 3 sets of Formulations is also a Great Cow!

You must give yourself a like!

After putting a layer of gold on his face, Yang Fan was complacent and his thoughts flickered a little.

“There are still 2 half emperor big demon’s qi and blood experience waiting for me, I still have a little excitement to think about it!”

In a day, the total number of half emperors who died directly or indirectly in the hands of Yang Fan has reached 5, and if they are added to the 2 still trapped in the moat, it is 7!

The death of every half emperor demon can bring a huge amount of qi and blood experience and spirit willpower to Yang Fan. At the same time, the treasures, blood essence, and even the Divine Soul origin of these half emperors are all cheap to Yang Fan. .

That is, the storage space of Yang Fan is large enough, otherwise, so many resources will be accounted for, and it will not be installed for a long time.

Yang Fan glanced at his own blood reserve, the upper limit of qi and blood has exceeded the king’s Peak realm by more than 5 times.

This means that, once its Rule Power is in place, once the breakthrough reaches the emperor’s realm, it will inevitably be like a breakthrough when the king becomes a king, Martial Dao cultivation base can rapid progress and continue to advance!

Breakthrough is Peak, and it may not be impossible!

“Why don’t you say that everyone likes skipping grades to kill? The greater the risk, the higher the profit. Killing a half emperor will almost directly upgrade me to a level, but it’s better than killing those Beast Kings. , Demonic beasts like Monster Emperor are much better!”

Yang Fan took a deep breath, not at all because of the extreme improvement of the upper limit of qi and blood and any pride and complacency, but became more cautious.

He is well aware of his current situation. In a wolf den, an accident will wake up a group of evil wolves. How can you do it if you are not careful?

Along the way, Yang Fan had passed ten embedded caves and saw at least 3 black and white bears suspected of being half emperors.

All these black and white bears seem to be sleeping, faintly discernable.

However, judging by the eyesight and experience of Dr. Yang Fan Emperor Rank, these old bears are all disturbed by Dao injuries like Li Liangcai and Tianchanzi in the Federal Center City, and may have lost even their most basic ability to move.

But even so, Yang Fan did not dare to underestimate them halfway.

At this point, look at Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi. The two of them are understood. Even if it is a crippled half emperor, the battle strength is also very amazing. It is not too simple to kill a few kings or emperors.

“I was still wondering why the half emperor of Human Race each and everyone is the same as Frost’s lizard, either half-dead or a group of emptiness, while the half emperor of Monster Race looks refreshed, as if not to hurt Trapped.”

“Now it seems that it is not that the half emperor of Monster Race is really that great cow, which can ignore the damage caused by road injuries, but that they have concentrated these severely wounded half emperors who are dying and disabled and cannot move. “

“Forcibly block 90% of my source and perception, so as to reduce the speed of life source’s lapse and the sustained damage caused by road injuries. This is to support the elderly!”

Yang Fan sighed.

This state is almost the same as that of Li Liangcai and Tianchanzi before. The only difference is that Li Liangcai and Tianchanzi have to protect the Federal Center City and dare not ban themselves from too many sources and perceptions. Life essence will be consumed so quickly.

Looking forward, Yang Fan clearly sees that there are at least 100 similar caves deeper in the front. Heaven knows how many such half-dead old white bears are hidden in it?

Once they encounter an accident, or let these old bears sense the life-and-death crisis, they will completely unseal themselves in minutes, and become a half-empire demon with unparalleled battle strength!

“It’s too terrifying! The heritage of these Monster Race Saint places is very chilling. Do the federal heads of the Human Race and the semi-empire powerhouse know this?”

“Most of them are aware of the existence of these Monster Race emperors, impossible will be silent and even less likely to conceal the 3 Sovereign of Human Race!”

“So, is this the real reason why the three Human Sovereigns are determined to agree to the Sovereign contract and insist on not fighting the Monster Race?”

Yang Fan started thinking wildly. In fact, if he hadn’t gone deep into it, if he hadn’t been extremely confident in Divine Stone and his stealth technique, now he would like to back down a little bit.

It’s too dangerous here, accidentally it may be signed to eternal damnation!

Unconsciously, Yang Fan took out the stone of his time and space from the storage space again.

Now, relying on Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure alone can’t bring him too much security.

When necessary, we still have to rely on the time and space stone to run the most secure.

In this way, Yang Fan held the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in his left hand, and the right hand grasped the stone of time and space, cautiously digging into the cave, snooping very carefully to search for the treasure trove of resources that might be hidden in these caves.

“This is definitely the safest and most defensive place among the black and white bear family. If there is no accident, there will definitely be a treasure house located in it!”

Yang Fan is very sure.

There are so many half emperor demon here, and the safety is not to mention.

Moreover, these half-empire’s usual resources for cultivation and healing are inevitably not decimals. Putting the treasure house here is safe and practical.

More importantly, these half emperors are all big monsters in the Old Ancestor Level of the black and white bear family. The cultivation base is high, the status is honorable, and there is something good. How can they be assured of staying outside. it is good.

Yang Fan searches all the way.

Because he did not dare to freely release his divine sense, he could only investigate one by one cave by cave.

However, he walked all the way to the deepest part of the cave, and he didn’t find any treasure room for storing treasure and cultivation resources.

Instead, he was shocked by the number of half emperors hidden in the cave.

“36! There are 36 half-empire monsters who are seriously injured and cannot move, hidden in this cave!”

Standing at the bottom of the cave, Yang Fan marveled in his heart.

Who specifically told him that the total number of half emperors in Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands is 30?

Now, in front of his eyes, there are already 36, without the guards outside, and those half emperors who went to the Federal Center City to support them.

More importantly, this is just one of the Black Wind Valley Holy Land in Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands.

In addition to the Black Wind Valley, there are 10000 holy lands of 4 Yaoshan, Yaoshengling, Numawa Country and Yingchou Stream among the demon domains.

Who can guarantee that the remaining 4 Monster Race Saint sites will not be as good as this Black Wind Valley?

“No wonder the Human Race 3 Emperor and the Monster Race 5 Emperor have agreed to a Sovereign contract, even if so many Human Race Heavens Pride have died for this!”

“No wonder Human Race has been shrinking and weakening for so many years, and it dare not really cast aside all considerations for face with Monster Race!”

Yang Fan this time was really shocked.

Be careful that the liver thumped incessantly, and felt a sudden cloud of blackness squeezed into the whole heart, black as ink, so that he could not breathe.

“No, the moat must be popularized as soon as possible! At least those cities with a population of over 10000000 million must be armed in advance!”

“Otherwise, people and monsters are fighting together, without the protection of the moat and the power that makes Monster Race half emperor afraid. The scourge of the genocide of Human Race is probably in front of us!”

Yang Fan was trembling.

In the past, there were 3 emperors suppressing, relying on Sovereign’s covenant, they could barely maintain the apparent peace of the human and demon 2 clan.

But now, Sovereign can’t close the door, Sovereign’s appointment has become a decoration, and the friction between the powerhouse of people and demon 2 is also escalating.

Especially at this time, the Federal Center City pitted 2 half emperors, 5 half Demon Emperor Realm, and more than 30 monster races of all levels at the center of the Federation.

The long-suppressed contradiction between the human and demon 2 races has been completely provoked. The war of genocide is probably in front of you!

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