I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1223

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Yang Fan resigned.

However, people have already reached the door of the treasure house, and then go back this way, it is really a bit unwilling.

Just when he was hesitating to work harder, he turned each of the 36 half emperor black and white bears in the Cave Mansion into his own in case of 10000 one.


In the deepest part of Cave Mansion, a secret door that Yang Fan didn’t even find was slowly opened.

Soon, a black and white bear that seemed to have only the strength of the Emperor Rank Peak around the cultivation base stepped out of the dark door, holding a fruit bowl in his hand, and on the plate were several Emperor Rank Spirits with endless spirit strength. Fruit.

The Emperor Rank black and white bear bowed and carried the fruit bowl, walking steadily and respectfully in front of a cave in the middle of Cave Mansion.

Pa pa pa !

Gently tap the stone wall in front of Cave Mansion, and at the same time congratulate: “North Wind Old Ancestor, the Spirit Fruit you want is delivered!”

There was no voice response in Cave Mansion, but the Emperor Rank black and white bear still bowed, holding the fruit bowl above his head.

After a while, Yang Fan saw a space fluctuation flashing above the fruit plate, and several pieces of Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit in the fruit plate were missing.

At this time, the Emperor Rank black and white bear gently lowered the fruit tray raised above his head, skillfully upside down on his waist, and bowed to the Cave Mansion again obediently, before turning around and returning to the direction of the dark door.

“Food delivery!”

Yang Fan’s eyes lit up, without any hesitation, stealth was directly hidden in the silhouette of this Emperor Rank black and white bear, and entered the dark door with it!

On the way, Yang Fan was not idle, and the Emperor Rank black and white bear kept throwing charm skills on it without knowing it.

“You have used charm skills on Peak Monster Emperor Xiong 2 Bao. The charm is successful. Xiong 2 Bao’s favorability with you has greatly increased, Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2, and skill proficiency +5.”

“You showed charm skills to Peak Monster Emperor Xiong 2 Bao, and the charm was successful…”

“You have exhibited charm skills to Peak Monster Emperor Xiong 2 Bao. The charm is successful. Xiong 2 Bao’s favorability to you is greatly improved. The meaning of closeness is exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech. Divine Soul knows the sea and the relationship between the two parties is extremely friendly. Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2, and skill proficiency +5.”

Success once!

Yang Fan very pleased in one’s mind. Although he still seems to stay at the cultivation base level of Psionic Master Peak, his upper limit of Spiritual Power and Divine Soul’s source strength have already far exceeded some low-level Spirit Emperor levels.

Similarly, the success rate of the charm skill also follows as the tide rises, the boat floats, and now it’s not so difficult to charm Peak Monster Emperor.


The dark door behind him is closed, and the rays of light in the secret path are born like a day.

After going deep for more than ten meters, Xiong 2 Bao came to a secret room-like place, sit cross-legged directly on a party futon, and meditated.

The entire chamber was empty, and even the hair of the Spirit Fruit was not seen. Obviously, this is not where the treasure house is located.

Yang Fan has always been hidden in the silhouette of Xiong 2 Bao, silently, even if the charm is successful, Xiong 2 Bao became his own person, he did not show up easily, Xiong 2 Bao did not find any abnormalities.

Turning this girl into your own is just Yang Fan in order to guard against the unexpected. The real purpose of Yang Fan is to want to hypnotize this Monster Emperor and ask from his mouth where the treasure house of the ancestral land is.

Yang Fan glanced at the secret room, and was a little disappointed in his heart. He thought that following this little bear could directly reach the treasure house. Now it seems that hypnosis can’t be saved.

Hypnosis is different from charm skills. Its attack attribute is more obvious. Once released, the released spirit strength can easily shock the subject.

If there is any setback in the middle, and the Xiong 2 treasure is alarmed without success, the surrounding half-empire monsters will be easily noticed.

Therefore, in order to ensure a one-time success and not to give Xiong 2 Bao any chance or possibility to counterattack or wake up, Yang Fan specially borrowed a part of strength of Divine Soul from Zhong Ling, and suddenly launched him against Xiong 2 Bao. The most proficient Brahma hypnosis.

“You used Heaven Grade fine mysterious technique Brahma hypnosis to perform spiritual hypnosis on Peak Monster Emperor Xiong 2 Bao. The hypnosis succeeded. Xiong 2 Bao’s will is lost, the sea is open, and you will listen to you. Spiritual Power +10, Spirit willpower +10 , Skill proficiency +20.”


Yang Fan took a corner of his mouth and glanced at the motionless bear 2 treasure who was still sitting there, satisfied with the nodded.

One trick succeeded, no weak spot was revealed, good.

“Bear 2 treasure, tell me, where is the treasure house in this ancestral land?”

Yang Fan was careful about sound transmission, asked secretly, and went straight to the subject.

Xiong 2 Bao’s body was motionless, and was instructed by Yang Fan. He also expressedlessly whispered to Yang Fan sound transmission: “The treasure trove is at your feet.”


Yang Fan glanced down at the uncommon gravel ground under his feet, and gently shook his head. He didn’t dare to dive into the divine sense to investigate in detail, not to mention whether there were any institutions in the treasure house that were banned, or the old Antiques around him. It was easy Discover his Spiritual Fluctuation.

“Can there be guards in the treasure house?”

“No guards.”

“However, the 36 half emperors Old Ancestor are the best guards to guard the treasure house. With them there, no one dares to fight my treasure house!”

Yang Fan hearing this, gently nodded.


Under normal circumstances, there are 36 semi-empire demon sitting on it, except for Sovereign, who is eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gallbladder.

This just confirms Yang Fan’s previous guess that this ancestral land is definitely the safest place for the black and white bear family. The treasure house of the black and white bear family is placed here with a probability of 90%.

Now it seems, as expected.

The treasure house of the black and white bear family is under the buttocks of these 36 semi-empire demon.

“How to enter?”

Yang Fan continued to ask.

Xiong 2 treasure replied: “There is a space token in my arms, and the magical power can open a spatial door here and send it directly into it.”

Yang Fan’s Spiritual Power swiped in Xiong 2 Bao’s arms and did find a jade token of dark and swarthy.

But he not at all meant to reach out.

Such tokens are generally mentally bound, and Yang Fan is useless even if he gets it.

Moreover, it is unknown whether there are other prohibition traps in the treasure trove. If he ventures in there, the risk is too great.

“Tell me in detail about the location and structure of this underground treasure!”

“Yes.” Xiong 2 treasure expressionlessly replied: “The treasure trove is located about 50 meters below the ground, the front is wide and narrow at the front, about 300 meters long, and about 100 meters wide. It is vertically connected to the 36 Old Ancestor retreat cave on the ground. “

“In the treasure house, there is spiritual restraint of Lord Monster Sovereign, and 36 Old Ancestors also guard each other. Once there is any change in the treasure house, Master Sovereign, and 36 Old Ancestor can be immediately noticed immediately!”

Yang Fan gently nodded.

This is reasonable.

The tighter the defense, the more precious and important the things in this treasure trove. The more fulfilled you will be if you take it hand in hand.

“The depth of 50 meters underground is just within the collection range of advanced collection technology. Heaven really helps me!”

Yang Fan licked his lips lightly, excited.

The news of the question has been clarified. I originally wanted to silently kill this Peak Monster Emperor.

However, I was worried that this girl would suddenly lose her breath, and would alarm the 36 half-empire monsters nearby, so Yang Fan concealed the murderous intention that appeared in her heart.

After thinking for a while, the idea sank into the storage space, and Yang Fan quickly pulled out a scarlet pill and directly used the pill-throwing technique to throw it silently and secretly into the mouth of the bear 2 treasure.

The medicine pill melts into the product, sinks into the abdomen, and quickly runs into the bloodline of Xiong 2 Bao.

“That’s it!”

“Ten minutes later, the erysipelas broke out, and this Monster Emperor joined the Divine Soul concussion, cultivation deviation, and became an idiot Demonic beast.”

Yang Fan retreated quietly. Now that he knows the location of the treasure, he can be sure that he can evacuate everything in the treasure in ten minutes.

Xiong 2 Bao will also lose most of its memories and autonomous consciousness due to the partial collapse of Divine Soul. Even if Sovereign is in person, don’t try to extract any memory related to Yang Fan from its knowledge of the sea.

Although it didn’t kill the demon, it was already extinguished, and no weak spot will be revealed in a short time.

“Now, it’s time to start working!”

Yang Fan rubbed his hands lightly, and his blood pressure was a little so excited that his 2 eyes were fixed on the ground under his feet. He no longer hesitated, and he directly performed the advanced collection technique.

“You have used advanced collection techniques on the surface rocks, the collection is successful, granite +10, marble +10, Spiritual Power +1, skill proficiency +2.”

“You have banned the use of advanced gathering techniques for the Divine Soul remaining in the Monster Sovereign of the White Bear. The associated skill is passively triggered to break obstacles. The gathering is successful. The unowned Peak Sovereign level Divine Soul source fragment +3. Spiritual Power +5, skill proficiency +10”

“You have used advanced gathering technique for the unnamed jade box, passive triggering of companion skills breaking obstacles, the collection is successful, Earth Veins Essence Liquid +99, Earth Crystal +99, Spiritual Power +1, skill proficiency +2.”

“You used advanced gathering technique on the unnamed jade box, and the associated skill was passively triggered to break obstacles. The gathering was successful, Sovereign level treasure medicine +2, Sovereign level monster core +5.”

“You used advanced gathering technique for the unnamed jade box, and the associated skill was passively triggered to break the obstacle, and the gathering was successful…”


Once the advanced collection technique is out, all objects within 100 meters below the ground are within the collection range.

Yang Fan stands still, and can continuously receive one piece after another of the Supreme Treasure, and the system hint starts to brush the screen.

Soon after Yang Fan collected the treasure within 100 meters of his feet, the stealth stepped back to the next 100 meters and started to collect again.

Wherever the collection technique went, it was like a locust crossing, barren, all valuable objects were secretly collected into the collection space of Yang Fan.

For a time, Yang Fan’s collection space was full of treasure, Spirit Qi 4 overflowed, and it looked very gratifying!

Make big money!

Finally, there is no such thing as nothing!

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