I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1224

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Outside the Federal Center.

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, who was already in the eruption stage of the volcano, suddenly shook his body, revealing a trace of accident and astonished expression in his eyes.

“Jiao Anyi also hung up?!”

This is a trace of Divine Soul sound transmission quietly passed by Long Jiao Old Ancestor. Only Xiong Yun Old Ancestor can hear it.

Although Xiong Yun was annoyed, Long Jiao, 2 Wu Tsai, put them together at a critical time, and let them bear the black and white bear family to be a pawn.

But after all, the two are still allies. At least on the surface, there is no cast aside all considerations for face. It also believes that Long Jiao will not play with him on such issues.

“The two half emperors of the Dijiao family have already hung up. I am afraid that the old bastard’s plan to shoot Longjiao is completely impossible to count on!”

“The only question now is, did Xiong Fei and 3 of them follow the footsteps of Jiao comfortably?”

Xiong Yun beat the drum in his heart, and became more and more embarrassed by this City Protecting Great Formation.

At the same time, he also regretted why he had not kept an extra half-empire guard in the black Wind City.

It’s okay now that Yusheng Elder is dead, and the only half emperor in the Black Wind City who can send divine sense fluctuations to them at a distance also breaks the message, making them simply unable to know whether Xiong Fei 3’s monster fire is extinguished. news.

Completely passive!

Xiong Yun no longer has much hope now. The two half emperors of the Dijiao family have already died. Xiong Fei and their three estimates are the same.

Xiong Yun is now somewhat unsure of whether he can bring them all back to Holy Land, and he even now feels that it seems to be a big question whether he can save Xiong Yin.

“This is definitely not a coincidence! All this should be crafty plots and machinations pre-determined by Human Race!”

Xiong Yun is now more and more convinced that Black Wind Valley Holy Land was attacked and Xiong Yusheng was killed. It is definitely not as simple as Monster Race infighting. Behind this, there must be a human race plot against it.

“Old 2, old 3, you two will leave now, go and take Northwest to that Human Race town to me!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor glared at Li Liangcai and suddenly gave a command to Second Elder and Third Elder around him.

Now it is too lazy to go down with the 3 Human Race half emperors in front of it. It knows that if there is no blood, the 3 stupid Human Race half emperors will not see them either the fish dies or the net splits Determined, these 3 Old Foxes can ink it until until the end of time.

Especially after the news of the understood Black Wind Valley Holy Land encountering the attack, Li Liangcai and the 3 people are not much delayed now.

“Yes, Old Ancestor!”

The 2 black and white bears and half emperors beside Xiong Yun bowed their lives at the same time. Without saying anything, they walked away.

“Ami… that Buddha!”

Tian Cicada flicked a Buddha number, and his spirit strength suddenly burst out. In a flash, the Space Rule within a radius of 100 miles stirred up a ripple. It just interrupted the silhouette of 2 black and white bears and the emperor was about to leave. .

“Several donors don’t need to be so irritable. Everything is easy to discuss. Don’t stop shouting and killing. The Buddha will blame it when he hears it!”

Tian Cicada’s face was merciful, and he looked at Xiong Yun, whose face had become black ink, Old Ancestor, lightly said:

“Several donors just want Xiongyin Godson to return safely. What a simple thing, why should it be so complicated and bloody?”

“God has good virtue, even an ant and a fly have the right to survive under this sky. Even more how Xiong Yin Shenzi has already opened spiritual wisdom Monster Race…”

“Mercy, my Buddha, this poor monk has always been soft-hearted. Normally, this scene of fighting and killing is the most rare. It is better to let this poor monk be an east today, to talk and talk to everyone…”

Xiong Yun’s Old Ancestor corner of mouth twitching.

Among the three Human Race half emperors, this bald head is the least of all. It is said to be full of compassion, full of compassion, and the killer comes to Te Mo, who is darker than anyone, and more fierce than anyone.

Over the years, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor alone knows that the Emperor Rank and even the Demon Emperor Realm in the hands of the dead bald head of Tianchanzi have exceeded 100.

If anyone believes in this girl’s compassion, then it is really blind and not far from death.

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor sees clearly, even now, this bald head is talking about kimono softness, in fact, it is not an incessant nagging, deliberately delaying their time.

These people are half and half emperor, and none of them are good things.

“Old 2, old 3, are you dead monsters?!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor until the day Cicada was farting, and ignored him at all, turned around and glared at 2 demon glances, said sharply:

“Aren’t you not using Space Divine Ability? You haven’t even hurried?! Do you want the emperor to send you a ride?!”

“Understood, Old Ancestor!”

“Old Ancestor is angry, we’ll set off now!”

Two half emperors and one shivered, instantly understood the meaning of Old Ancestor, dared not to stay in place, flew up directly, and flew towards Northwest quickly.

Even without Space Rule, the flight speed of the Half-Emperor Demon is 1000 miles in an instant, and it is no difficulty for them to reach the Human Race town described by Xiong Yun Old Ancestor.

The reason why I didn’t start right away just now is that Xiong Yun Old Ancestor is deliberately forcing the Half Race of Human Race. It is a psychological competition game, not really destroying the small town.

After all, Xiongyin Shenzi is still in the moat, and the life and death are unknown.

Therefore, after seeing Tian Cicada’s shot to stop them, the 2 monsters thought that the purpose of Old Ancestor had been achieved, and instinctively did not continue.

But now, feeling the surging murderous intention passed on by Xiong Yun, 2 and a half Elder Huang are also somewhat uncertain about Xiong Yun’s old Ancestor’s plans. Hearing Xiong Yun’s old Ancestor’s roar, 2 monsters dare not hesitate anymore , Continue to fly away.

“And slow!”

Seeing this, Tian Chanzi’s nagging stopped automatically. Without saying anything, Li Liangcai directly reached into the moat, and brought Yang Fan Clone to the Xiong Yin God Child who had been detained for a long time.

“Xiong Yin Xiaozi is here. If you don’t want it to die, give Lao Tzu a little honesty!”

Li Liangcai’s voice was loud, and he said 1000 miles in one word.

After hearing his voice, the black and white bears Second Elder and Third Elder who had flew out at least 100 miles away suddenly dared not take another step forward.

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor was also relaxed, and secretly transmitted to 2 demon sound transmission: “OK, all come back!”


2 The demon returned by words and raised his eyes to see that Xiong Yin, the son of Xiong Yin, who was being pinched in his hand by Li Liangcai at this time, was unable to express his expression.

What happened?

The white monster who is clean and sloppy all over, even one bear hair is gone, is it Xiongyin Son?

Is it so miserable?

That’s all the clothes and treasure armor, why didn’t even the shameful bear hair leave one for it?

Which bastard is so cruel, is there any human rights? !

If it weren’t for the fairy power breath from the body of Xiong Yin God and Soul Power breath, the black and white bear monsters present may not be able to recognize it.

Xiongyin Shenzi, who has lost his hair, looks so strange. Once awkward, it is a little disgusting.

In fact, more than this Monster Race, Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Zhuge Xincheng were all taken aback.

Yang Fan Clone What did this do, how to fade all the bear hairs on the others, and it faded so cleanly that no one was left.

Does this have any special psychological addictions?

Looking at Xiongyin Shenzi, who has been peeled off like a white pig, without the hair cover, the fat and fat round face, it looks really has several points of similar to Human Race, pleasing to the eye a lot of wood?

This is the difference between the aesthetics of Human Race and Monster Race.

In the eyes of black and white bears, clansman without bear hair is morbid and ugly.

In the eyes of Human Race, the black and white bears that have been shaved are more pleasing to the eye and more stern.

“Old Ancestor save me!”

The demon power of Xiong Yin Divine Son within the body was exhausted, and the knowledge of the sea was forbidden. Li Liangcai was pinched by the neck and held in his hands.

However, after seeing Xiong Yun Old Ancestor and several half-Elder Huang beside Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, the whole demon became energetic at once, flapping four limbs and loudly calling for Xiong Yun Old Ancestor for help.

It never dreamed that it could still escape from the terrifying moat.

Only it knows what it has experienced in the past ten minutes in the past.

This is definitely the darkest, darkest, and most bad day it has ever experienced in its life!

Divine Weapon was taken away, Supreme Treasure was stolen, the foundation of promotion was destroyed, which is that’s all, what’s more, this set of Formation, or it must be said that the person who manipulates this set of formulas is so perverted to even the hair on it Not let go.

It’s all stripped!

Through childhood, Xiong Yin Shen Zi felt that his body has never been so clean!


Fortunately, it finally came out from the inside alive. Although it has not been completely out of danger for a while, as long as it can get rid of the perverted moat, it is enough!

It believed that the opposite Xiong Yun Old Ancestor would have a way to make it return safely.

After all, it is always the heir to the White Bear Monster Sovereign, and the next successor to the Black Wind Valley Holy Land. In any case, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor will not let it die here.

It can now appear safe and sound here, which has already explained many problems in itself.

“Let’s say, what are the conditions to let my son Xiongyin come back?”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor gave Xiong Yin Shenzi a don’t be impatient look, his eyes turned to Li Liangcai again.

As long as Xiongyin Shenzi is still alive, there is still room for maneuver.

“It’s fair to say that old man is not that kind of greedy person,” Li Liang did not hesitate to directly bid: “Just need 100 kg of Earth Veins Essence Liquid, you can change it back, all must be full-tailed, Tong Shouwu bully!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor’s corner of mouth twitching, there is an urge to turn his head away.

The net is bullshit!

When did Earth Veins Essence Liquid start to use pounds as the unit of measurement?

What’s more, all the Earth Veins Essence Liquid they collected from the spirit vein Secret Realm did not add up to 100 kg!

This Li Liangcai is not a thing, even if he asks for the price, he hasn’t come here like him!

“Maximum 100 drops! And you have to put the Xiong Yin God Son back!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor began to repay the money patiently, there is no way, the initiative is now in the hands of others, even if he feels angry, he must bear it.

“100 drops?” Li Liangcai whispered, “What do you want to eat? It seems that this Xiongyin Godson is not as important as you think, or it’s just a matter of killing it!”

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