I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1225

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Obviously, Li Liangcai is still delaying time.

Yang Fan No. 3 was in the moat formation. When he saw the two parties outside, he would not understand what Li Liangcai meant.

They want to leave all monster races that entered the moat except the Xiong Yin God Son!

“Very greedy and wicked, but I like it!”

A trace of pathological flushing appeared on Yang Fan 3’s face, so excited that she couldn’t help herself.

One day today, no, exactly half a day.

For about 4 hours in a row, the number of Beast King, Monster Emperor, Half Demon Emperor Realm and even Half Emperor killed by his own hands has exceeded the sum of Demonic beast killed in this half year since the rise of the deity.

Great Cow had to admire himself even himself.

“Come on! Even if you are a Clone, as long as you work hard enough, you will be able to burst out with different wonderful!”

Yang Fan No. 3 made a gesture of cheering for himself, very pleased in one’s mind.

Monster Race in the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array is almost gone. The focus now is on the three black and white bears in the virtual combination of Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation.

“I have to say that these red pandas are really skin is rough, flesh is thick, and the foundations of Life Source and Divine Soul are even stronger than the mutated earthworm!”

“However, no matter how strong you are, into the handsome Six Roads of Samsara formation, only the dead end!”

Yang Fan No. 3 is full of confidence, and after grinding two land emperors and half emperors to death, the strength of the Six Roads of Samsara formation is more concentrated, and the strength and speed of the operation are increased by a few points.


After the life source breathe one’s last was exhausted, the three half emperors of the black and white bear family also began to languish. Soon, a black and white bear completely dissipated his spirit willpower in the reincarnation. Now!

“There are only 2 left! Come on!”

Very skillfully collecting the corpses and gathering the Divine Soul origin, the flushing color on the face of Yang Fan 3 became heavier.

Although he can’t accept the massive experience of Qi and blood like his deity, he can’t experience the extremely comfortable experience brought about by scrubbing his body with the strength of Qi and blood.

However, being able to watch such a one-and-a-half emperor die in front of his eyes, the excitement and happiness in his heart is no less than the comfort of the kind of strength improvement, he feels that he seems to be about to climax soon Too.

As long as the remaining two half emperors are also killed, he will not be shaken even if he is exhausted!

Excitedly licking his tongue, Yang Fan 3 sank his mind into the Six Roads of Samsara Formation and watched in real time the final struggle in the life of the two black and white bears in the virtual imaginary formation.

Perfectly inherited the killing factor in Yang Fan Bloodline, Yang Fan 3’s hatred and killing heart for Demonic beast is even stronger than that of Yang Fan, the more demon killing, the stronger Demonic beast, the more excited he is, distance The metamorphosis is not too far away.

at this time.

Outside the city.

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor is still bargaining with Li Liangcai. Although he has realized that Li Liangcai seems to be deliberately procrastinating time, in order to ensure the safety of Xiong Yin, he has to deal with Li Liangcai here.

“500 drops! This is the emperor’s bottom line, absolutely no more!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor gritted his teeth, fiercely looked at Li Liangcai, and cut the price for a long time. This old killer actually lowered the price from 100 kg to 98 kg.

What a special…

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor unable to bear scolded his mother in his heart, if it was not Xiong Yin Shenzi in Li Liangcai’s hands, let it refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor had long gone up with this bastard desperately.

“500 drops?” Li Liangcai whispered, “What do you want to eat? It seems that this Xiongyin Godson is not as important as you think, or it’s just a matter of killing it!”

Have a look.

What a special sentence!

Even if you want to bargain, can you get something fresh?

Is this interesting repeatedly?

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor black face, staring at Li Liangcai: “That’s the case, then you can kill it! Old 2, old 3, to destroy the city of the Northwest Human Race to the emperor!”

Too much bullying!

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor began to break the jar, and took out his killing move.

You kill Xiongyin Shenzi, I kill Human Race 100 surname, anyway, it’s all dead, see who’s having trouble!

“Eh! Eh! Don’t be so impatient!”

“Tomi…that Buddha!”

Tianchanzi began to speak again, and stopped two black and white bear half emperors who were about to fly away, saying: “This is good, this poor monk will be a master for a while, and don’t need 2 pounds, half, half. how is it?”

“Just 50 pounds!”

“This is already our biggest concession. With 4 donors, 50 kg of Earth Veins Essence Liquid can be exchanged for a Xiongyin Son. There is no such a bargain in the world!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor corner of mouth twitching.

Is half of 98 jins 50 jins? I am afraid that your bald mathematics level is a kindergarten graduate?

“It’s impossible!” Xiong Yun Old Ancestor really shook his head: “My Black Wind Valley simply doesn’t have so many Earth Veins Essence Liquid, even if it used to be, it has been exhausted for several decades!”

“Still that sentence, 500 drops! No more drops!”

Li Liangcai pouted and habitually baldly put out a sentence: “500 drops? Sent to ask for food? It seems that this Xiongyin Godson is not as important as imagined, or it is just a matter of death!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor almost vomited blood without anger, it would be like this when he co-authored it, right?

“Old 2, old 3, go and destroy the city of the Human Race in the northwest to the emperor!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor also seems to have mastered the core technology. As soon as he heard Li Liangcai’s words, he immediately began to respond.

Beside, half of the two black and white bears, Elder Huang, was stunned.

Do they go or not?

If you bargain, just bargain, is it always Mao who wants to piggyback us?

“Ami… that Buddha! Listen to this poor monk to persuade…”

“600 drops, no more…”

“What, 600 drops? What do you want to eat? It seems that this Xiongyin Godson is not as important as imagined, or it’s just a matter of killing it!”

“Old 2, old 3, go and destroy the city of the Human Race in the northwest to the emperor!”


Outside the center city, the bullshit continued.

Xiong Yin was held in the air by Li Liangcai’s neck, and there was no bear hair left on his body. A bear also felt shy at 10000 points.

Faceless demon!

“Old Ancestor, I make 500 drops myself, and I will deduct it from my share when I look back!”

Finally, Xiongyin Shenzi could no longer tolerate the state of being bargained by the two parties as a commodity, and suddenly spoke loudly, looking towards Li Liangcai.

“A total of 1000 drops add up. Earth Veins Essence Liquid is dense and sticky. How about 1000 drops is about ten pounds!”

“If you agree, you should let go of the Divine Son now. If you don’t agree, you will directly kill me and recognize it.

The Xiongyin Divine Son has been out, even if it is dead, it does not want to continue this way anymore, the feeling of blowing the cool breeze in one of the public eyes with bare ass, it is too shy!

Just at this time.

The remaining two black and white bears in the Six Roads of Samsara battle group lost their life signs at the same time, and fell completely into the battle.

Yang Fan 3’s heart shocked, came back to his senses from the Six Roads of Samsara formation, looked up at Li Liangcai, who was still bargaining in the city, and softly sound transmission said: “The battle has ended, 3 Seniors You can close the net!”

Hearing Yang Fan Clone’s sound transmission, Li Liangcai, Tian Chanzi and Zhuge Xincheng narrowed their eyes at the same time, their hearts were all sighed in relief.

it is finally over!

Finally, I left all the five half-empire monsters who committed this time!

Just when Xiong Yun Old Ancestor thought that Li Liangcai would say it again to the shit who wanted to kill Xiong Yin, he was very surprised and unbelievably heard Li Liangcai say:

“1000 drops?”

“Deal! Pay with one hand, deliver with one hand, whoever regrets his grandson!”


Xiong Yun Old Ancestor even cried with joy, this old Yin pen finally let go, it’s not easy to be too special!

Although 1000 drops of Earth Veins Essence Liquid is not a small amount for it, it is a bit distressing and unwilling to give it to an old bastard like Li Liangcai, but if it can be done, it is not unacceptable.

Because the time is really urgent, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor is worried about what major event will happen in the Black Wind Valley Holy Land.

Moreover, there are 1000 drops out of these 500 drops of Earth Veins Essence Liquid, which bears the responsibility of Xiongyin Shenzi.

Thinking about this, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor no longer hesitated, and flipped his hand and took out a palm-size white jade porcelain bottle directly from his space equipment. The self became a space, which was exactly 1000 drops of Earth Veins Essence Liquid. .

Seeing this, Li Liangcai raised his eyebrows.

So many Earth Veins Essence Liquid this old bear was carried with him, and he took it out so easily.

It seems that the asking price is still a bit low!

The Earth Veins Essence Liquid on this old bear definitely has more than 1000 drops!

“Okay, don’t grow out of the way again!” At this time, it seemed to see Li Liangcai’s thoughts, Zhuge Xincheng quickly sound transmission reminded: “1000 drops are not old, but 10000000 don’t force these few emperors to come. Either the fish dies or the net splits!”

Greed is okay, but it must be degree.

In exchange for a half Demon Emperor Realm, 1000 drops can be used to increase cultivation base and improve the base of Earth Veins Essence Liquid, which is already very worthwhile.

“I know, it’s okay to leave the bag!”

Li Liangcai is gently nodded. Anyway, they are a big advantage today. These 1000 drops of Earth Veins Essence Liquid are totally unexpected. What can he be dissatisfied with?

Talk about the price, the two parties make a good agreement, pay the money and release the demon.

There was nothing unexpected during the transaction. Soon, Xiong Yin Shenzi returned to Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, and the 1000 drops of Earth Veins Essence Liquid fell into Li Liangcai’s hands.

“Now Silver Goods 2, you guys, don’t leave!”

Holding the white jade porcelain bottle in his hand, feeling the endless veins of spirit strength filled in the bottle, Li Liangcai began to scream with a smile.

“and many more!”

After replacing Xiongyin Shenzi behind him, he lifted the restraining power on him, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor angry look looked towards Yang Fan 3 people, asked with high voice:

“Elder Huang, the third and a half of my family, how many 3 clansman?!”

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