I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1227

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Black Wind Valley.

Black and white bear ancestral land.

After Yang Fan just collected all the treasures within 100 meters of the ground, he was about to grab something from the retired half-dead and half-empire demon, and suddenly he felt a huge shock, and the familiar sense of comfort came again. body.

At this time, it is still a double-shot gun!

Two huge qi and blood experiences were present at the same time, and the double stimulation stimulated Yang Fan to wish one were dead.

If you don’t have long experience, Yang Fan shielded 5 senses before the uncontrollable climax. Now he is afraid that he has groaned and exposed his body.

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan No. 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launches Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Bear Mountain. Samsara, the time and space change, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Bear Mountain is affected by the large circle of reincarnation. The mind is addicted! Experience +10, Six Roads of Samsara Formation Experience +200.”

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan No. 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Bear Mountain. Bear Mountain divine sense escapes, knows the sea collapse, and can’t extricate itself in the permanent cycle.”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Bear Mountain, one strike certain kill, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Bear Mountain was successfully beheaded, blood strength + 160000000, spirit willpower +11000.”

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launches a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear leopard, reincarnation, time and space change…”

“Ding! Your spore Clone Yang Fan 3 controls Six Roads of Samsara. The large formation launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear leopard, one strike certain kill ……”

The system hint will follow.

Sure enough, the remaining two half-empire monsters died in the Six Roads of Samsara formation at the same time.

Yang Fan took a deep breath.

Only when he felt that the two surging forces of blood within his body and his own fuse were no more turbulent, he cautiously lifted the five senses ban and returned to normal again.

“It’s almost time to leave. The five half-empire demon trapped in the moat are all laid, and the black and white bears rushing to the rescue should also be back!”

Yang Fan was thinking about it.

Before the bear Sword God, he sent a tuo panda out for help, and it should have been rushed to the Federal Center City.

Not surprisingly, even if the old Ancestor is so angry and angry, it will certainly be the first to come back to the old nest to stabilize it.

“Can’t stay here any longer.”

Previously, since the old bear of Bear Xiong could find the weak spot where he was invisible, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor might not have thought of it.

Once Divine Stone loses its effectiveness, Yang Fan is completely fish on the cutting board, and there may not be a chance to escape.

Yang Fan’s previous confrontation with Xiong Ziran still feels terrified until now.

People simply don’t use the one strike certain kill to attack you. The blunt knife cuts the meat, which not only hurts, but also does not trigger the Sovereign level Spirit Treasure that you carry on your body. Just ask you if you are afraid?

In front of a half emperor powerhouse, once lost the opportunity, he did not actively stimulate Sovereign Spirit Treasure immediately, fearing that there would be no chance to inspire.

“It’s time to merge with the little female crocodile as soon as possible. There is no half emperor’s pet beast to protect him.

Yang Fan sighed at the same time, and kept walking at the foot, cautiously walking through the Cave Mansion corridor, avoiding the perception of the gated white bear old bear, quickly out of the canyon, and returned to the graveyard when he first entered the ancestral land Office.

After exploring the Spiritual Consciousness for a moment, Yang Fan quickly locked the spatial door hidden in the void.

Without hesitation, Yang Fan flew straight up and flew straight to the Space Node.


The space was rippling, and a huge repulsive force suddenly struck Yang Fan’s figure.

“Sure enough, this spatial door is also limited by Bloodline! But this can’t trouble me, Yang Fan!”

In anticipation of this situation, Yang Fan unhurriedly took out the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure that came from the Bear Seal Son, Spiritual Power triggered a little, and Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure released a trace of the white bear alone. Monster Sovereign’s will fluctuates.


The force of repulsion dissipated, the spatial fluctuations were stable, the portal opened wide, and there was no more obstacle.

Yang Fan grinned, and he knew that the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure, which was hand-made by this white bear Monster Sovereign, was taken out, and he would understand 100 evil spirits easily, and it would be unimpeded throughout the Black Wind Valley!

Step into the space channel.

In a second, Yang Fan returned to the black Wind City again.

At the head of the city, a group of demons gathered, and the bear Sword God was also among them. Yang Fan’s eyes swept across, not at all found the bear’s natural silhouette, and his little female crocodile was also disappeared.

“Space battlefield!”

Yang Fan’s heart tightened, and he soon noticed the space vibration in the void above his head. No need to ask, it must be that the bear naturally forcibly pulled the little female crocodile into the space battlefield.

“It’s finished, I’m afraid it’s bode ill rather than well!”

Yang Fan smacked his mouth, not optimistic about this decisive battle between the beauty of the crocodile and the bear nature, already thinking about whether to abandon the car to keep the handsome, let me leave this dangerous place first.

The space battlefield, self becomes a space, cannot enter with Yang Fan’s current cultivation base strength, and it is more impossible to use the beast space to recover the beautiful crocodile.

Now he could do nothing but stare at the vacant emptiness above his head.

However, if you lose a half-empire beast like this, Yang Fan is really reluctant.

Even after the beautiful crocodile is sacrificed, Yang Fan still has a way to resurrect it, but after the resurrection, the beast, cultivation base and so on must start all over again, if you want to revert to the half emperor realm, I don’t know how to wait how long.

“Maybe, it’s not that there is no way…”

Yang Fan’s eyes swiped and stood at the head of the city, surrounded by a few Demon Emperor Realm Emperor Rank big demon surrounded by the bear Sword God son, his heart moved, then even stealth passed.

“Relieving a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers, although I don’t know if it works, there is always no harm in trying it!”

Yang Fan hides in the shadows of many Monster Races, approaching the bear Sword God step by step.

He had originally planned to kill the demon, and if he could kill the bear Sword God, and then alarm the bear in the space battlefield, it would be even better.

Not counting those half-residues in the ancestral land, bear is naturally the only half-empire demon in the Black Wind Valley. Before pulling the beautiful crocodile into the space battlefield, impossible will not have any defense and backhand.

Just like Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi, before each big war, they will stay a wisp of Divine Sense in the Federal Center City, lest when the two of them are absent, there will be other big monsters taking advantage of it. the mountain.

Xiong naturally wily old fox, how can spare no effort to put all the spirit and divine sense into the space battlefield if he is not sure whether the enemy is the crocodile Zhongyi demon?

The half emperor’s methods are unpredictable. Xiong is naturally an Old Antique who has lived for several hundred years. There are many means. Even if there is a void, it may not be able to monitor the status of the city in real time.

“So, Xiaojianjian, you can die with peace of mind!”

Standing behind the bear Sword God, Yang Fan took out a minimum level of Sovereign level and began to practice the throwing technique repeatedly.

“You cast the pill technique on the half Demon Emperor Realm bear Sword God son, and the throwing Dan failed, the bear Sword God son easily avoided the invasion of the Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, safe and sound. Spiritual Power +2, skill proficiency +2.”

“Ding! You forcibly fed half Demon Emperor Realm bear Sword God son a Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, half Demon Emperor Realm bear Sword God son failed to absorb refining in time, Yidan headshot, one strike certain kill, your Enemy experience has been greatly enhanced, qi and blood strength +13000000, spirit willpower +5000.”

“You forcibly feed half Demon Emperor Realm bear Sword God, a Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, to his head, one strike certain kill, you have a touch of heart, to the soul killer’s Exclusive Kill Kill Skill-throw The understanding of the pill technique is further deepened, Spiritual Power +1000, skill proficiency +100.”


After only 2 throws of the pill technique, it succeeded directly. Xiong Sword God’s knowledge of the sea collapsed, his brain burst, and his head was killed!

Yang Fan withdrew in time, avoiding the blood and brain splattered from the splash, and was in a good mood.

Because at the moment when the bear Sword God was headshot, Yang Fan clearly felt a very powerful divine sense swept across the city head.

“That old bear really left behind in the city!”

In order to prevent the previous stealth in the ancestral land from happening again, Yang Fan left with a single blow, quickly evacuated the city head, and flew into the city.

Sure enough, at the moment he left, the dozens of monsters on the city’s head suddenly vomited blood and fell to the ground, expressing horror by 10000 points.

At the same time, an old bear, Clone, who looks naturally similar to the bear but has a slightly inferior imposing manner, appears in the city.

The old bear glanced somberly at the corpse of the bear Sword God who had been blown to the head, and he couldn’t die anymore. The body was so angry that he stunned the big monsters around him.

Yang Fan was not surprised by this, but the same move wanted him to lose 2 times in a row, when he was stupid?

“Master Baba, let This King do it!”

At this time, Dahei, who had been hiding in the pocket of Yang Fan’s jacket, suddenly raised his head and drooled at the old bear Clone at the head of the city and dozens of black and white bear monsters who spit blood with the wound.

“Although the old bear is Clone, the true cultivation base is not much stronger than This King. As long as the owner can send This King to his side, this King is sure to strike one kill certain kill!”

Yang Fan startled, didn’t expect always only like to eat ready-made stupid dogs, and even take the initiative to ask for a look. It looks like he has a small expression of be eager to have a try.

“Just, can it really work?”

Yang Fan is not so sure.

Until now, Yang Fan gave Dahei this stupid dog’s positioning, that is, the garbage collection bin. The reason why he will always take it with him is just to destroy the corpse and evidence for convenience. I haven’t really thought about it Come to be the main battle companion.

Even if this stupid dog has grown to the realm of the half Demon Emperor Realm, because of the existence of the little female crocodile and the small plum, Yang Fan rarely uses it when fighting.

“Trust me, Master Baba, This King is Heaven Devouring Beast, there is nothing this King can’t eat in this world!”

“As long as I can swallow those Demonic beasts in my stomach, they will never come out of my life again!”

Dahei solemnly vowed, confident.

After so long, it is finally the turn of the black lion king today.

The glory of their Heaven Devouring Beast lineage will finally shine on the entire source star again!

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