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The bear who is fighting with the crocodile beautifully is naturally figure stopped, and there is a trace of consternation in his eyes.

"Bear Sword God is headshot?"

"The demon murderer is a mystery. Didn't even the Clone reserved by the old man in the city find any trace?"

Who is such a great cow that he even conceals the divine sense of his old bear?

Is it Yang Fan?

The human brat encountered in the ancestral land suddenly appeared in Xiong's brain, and he unconsciously lightly took the head.

"Impossible, that Little Brat is still in his ancestral home. Without the Bloodline of my black and white bear family and a specific way of opening, he can't enter the space channel, simply cannot return!"

"Moreover, Little Brat seems to have only King Rank Peak's cultivation base strength. Although the stealth method is extremely brilliant, but to say that he can kill the bear Sword God who is already a semi-Demon Emperor Realm level repair, it is simply cracking a joke!"

Xiong naturally rejected the probability that the murderer was Yang Fan.

Yang Fan is so kind and kind in his heart, how could it be a murderer.

Taking a step back 10000, even if Yang Fan is given a high-level Divine Weapon, he may not be able to break the bear skin defense of Sword God.

"There must be another demon! This iron-toothed crocodile really is not a demon!"

Xiong Nature's gaze once again looked at the beauty of the crocodile. This iron-toothed crocodile's cultivation base is not as good as it, but it is worse than young and lasting. The road injury within the body has just entered the body and has not completely invaded its origin and knowledge.

Although Xiong is sure to defeat it or even kill it, it will take a long time. Without one or two hours, the battle between 2 monsters will have no result.

Unless Xiong naturally refuses to consume his life essence and origin, and bursts out a stronger force, otherwise it can only be consumed.

"Burning life essence is impossible. The emperor's life essence is not much. If you burn it again, you may burn yourself to death, which is not cost-effective."

Bears naturally tight frowns.

It doesn't want to fight hard with Alligator Zhong, but it doesn't want to continue entangled with Alligator Zhong anymore.

Now it is very skeptical that it wasn't just that it forced Gu Zhongzhong into this space battlefield, but that Zhong Zhong deliberately lured it into pulling it in.

It is also a plan to lured the tiger away from the mountain.

The purpose of this iron-toothed crocodile is to entangle it, so as to buy time for the companions staying outside.

Now, the bear Sword God has been hung, and the defense of the Black Wind City is in vain. The Clone that the bear naturally stays outside may not be an opponent of the crocodile buddy. If it is dragged on, the Black Wind City and many clansman in the city may be true. Will suffer!

The bear naturally retreated in his heart. The purpose of his coming out of the Ancestral Master is to keep the black Wind City. If the black Wind City is broken, it is not used by any bird here even if it is a flower. .

In a moment of thought, Xiong Nature suddenly had a turbulent wave in the calm sea.

Then a huge pain of Divine Soul's original torn and ripped in its sea of ​​knowledge, causing pain to the gnashing teeth of the old bear, the gums were bitten out of the blood, and the nostrils were spraying cold air directly.

"Clone hung up!"

"What was the image that Clone passed back before he died?"

"Specially, how does it look more like a dog's mouth, bloody tongue, smelly saliva, and the perverted suction that makes the half emperor's will hard to resist?"

"Who actually swallowed the emperor's Clone?!"

Divine Heart palpitations.

The picture returned by Clone is extremely short, although it is very clear, but it is very abstract.

Xiong naturally looked at it for a while and then realized that it should be a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl. The one who hides the sky and covering the earth devours its Clone and the monsters beside Clone at the same time.

Looking at the tongue, looking at the mouth, smelling the smell, the initial judgment should be a dog demon.

But the question is, which breed of big dog, even the half emperor Clone like it dare to swallow, can swallow?

"Specially, is it possible that the Heaven Devouring Beast family is here again?"

Thinking of a certain race that likes to devour the blood of the High Rank Monster Beast, the bear's natural heart trembles, and his face becomes very ugly.

Living for a long time has such advantages, seeing more, knowing more, and knowing the secrets that many others or demon do not know.

Heaven Devouring Beast is an alien in their Monster Race, and it is only one Demonic beast race that was caused by the 5 Monster Sovereign adults because of the innate instinct that is too strong, so it was wiped out by the 5 emperors.

According to rumors, Heaven Devouring Beast lineage has nothing to eat, as long as you eat, you can continuously become stronger, and once they are big demon, once grown to half Demon Emperor Realm realm, even Sovereign's defense can be broken, even Sovereign's Flesh and flesh can devour refining.

Originally, this is nothing. There are more races with strength and special Innate Divine Ability. Monster Race does not lack them.

The problem lies in the arrogant and conceited and completely crazy and ridiculous of Heaven Devouring Beast lineage.

In all evolved spiritual wisdom Monster Race have overcome the biological instincts, no longer devour the environment that also has spiritual wisdom Monster Race.

The Heaven Devouring Beast family is still doing their own thing, swallowing everything. In order to advance quickly, for a period of time, they even swallowed dozens of monster domains that have been attached to the Five Great Holy Lands Monster Race tribe.

Not only did he commit public anger, but also caused the Monster Race 5 great emperor to be afraid, which in turn initiated the siege and killing of the Heaven Devouring Beast family.

In that battle, the amazing unity of the Five Great Holy Lands, which took less than one day, wiped out the 1000 clansman of Heaven Devouring Beast lineage.

That is, in that battle, many Monster Races saw the power of Heaven Devouring Beast lineage, the enemy of the same rank, no one can escape their devouring Magical Powers.

More importantly, the more monster races are engulfed, the faster they will evolve, almost tireless, as long as there is food, they can continue to fight in the most Peak state.

In that battle, how many Beast King, Monster Emperor and even half Demon Emperor Realm died in the war.

The most impressive thing about the bear is that the patriarch of the Heaven Devouring Beast family, a guy who has evolved to the realm of the semi-empire, swallowed a hind leg of the Monster Sovereign of the crocodile in one bite, and swallowed the monster in 2 bites. A dragon tail of Sovereign is extremely cruel!

Even the flesh and blood of Sovereign level can devour refining, so are you afraid?

Although the Heaven Devouring Beast patriarch eventually died in the joint killing of the crocodile Monster Sovereign and the Earth Squirrel Monster Sovereign.

However, as a half emperor, it can provoke two Monster Sovereign joint attacks, and even severely hit the body of two Monster Sovereign adults. It is still a glorious death, enough to be famous for 2 ancients!

It was only after that battle that the fierce names of the Heaven Devouring Beast family began to spread in the demon domain, and Five Great Holy Lands also issued the genocide order for the Heaven Devouring Beast family, making the demon domain no more devoured. The name.

Of course.

The patriarch of the Heaven Devouring Beast swallowed the back leg of Monster Sovereign and the tail of Monster Sovereign of the crocodile Yuan because of the intense pressure from the Numawa country and the Demon Holy Mountain. Not at all spread.

Now, in the whole demon domain, only the Demonic beasts who once participated in the annihilation battle like Xiong Ziran know the terrifying of Heaven Devouring Beast family of high-level demon!

"Judging from the breath, the big dog who swallowed the Emperor Clone should be the half Demon Emperor Realm realm, but if it is Heaven Devouring Beast, such a cultivation base is also quite tricky!"

The bear naturally endlessly afraid.

Every Heaven Devouring Beast basically has the ability to leapfrog, and it is not easy to deal with.

However, it is more clear that if it does not go out, the black Wind City outside will be turned into a ruin, and the millions in the city will become the food of Heaven Devouring Beast!

"What is going on here?"

"Among the Five Great Holy Lands in the Demon Realm, the one who hates the Heaven Devouring Beast the most has always been the Numawa Country and the Demon Holy Mountain. Why today the half-Emperor of the Iron Tooth Crocodile has become a companion with a Heaven Devouring Beast ?"

"This is a Heaven Devouring Beast that has grown to half Demon Emperor Realm realm. These damn bastards dare to steal Heaven Devouring Beast. Are you afraid of nurturing a tiger to invite calamity, and will you backlash yourself? !"

Xiong naturally kept scolding his mother in her heart.

Now that Sovereign is out, the half emperor is in power. If this Heaven Devouring Beast has evolved to the half emperor realm in one fell swoop, ask who else in the entire demon domain can cure it?

Among the same rank, the Heaven Devouring Beast family is invincible!

The iron-toothed crocodile is playing with fire. If it is not good, it will catch fire!

"Cui Zhong! The Heaven Devouring Beast outside, but did you bring it?!"

Xiong naturally stopped the attack on the beauty of the crocodile suddenly, gloomy face stared at the beauty of the crocodile coldly and questioned sharply.

The beauty of the crocodile was stunned for a moment. When he thought of the Dahei dog who had always been with his owner, his eyes gleamed with a smile of joy unconsciously.

Great, the owner finally showed up again!

After playing with this old bear for so long, it thought that the master had already left it and ran away alone!

Seeing the joyfulness and peace of mind unconsciously revealed in the beautiful eyes of the crocodile, Xiong naturally affirmed his guess.

"Your fangs of the crocodile are so brave that they dared to disobey the 5 Imperial Orders and privately raise Heaven Devouring Beast. Are you afraid that they will become public enemies of the other Four Great Holy Lands?!"

The bear is naturally flustered and exasperated, but the crocodile is beautiful, but the public enemy is the public enemy. Anyway, it is no longer the demon of the Numa country.

"There's so much nonsense, how do my crocodile family act, and you need an old bear to say 3 and 4 here?"

"In a word, fight if you want to fight, and get out if you don't, don't waste this Elder's time here!"

The beautiful crocodile's beautiful waist plate stiffened at once, and it knew that it must have caused wind and rain on the outside of the Master. This old bear couldn't hold back.

"Good! The Emperor wants to see, who gave you such a guts! A Heaven Devouring Beast that is half a Demon Emperor Realm realm, the Emperor did not kill him that year!"

Xiong naturally waved his hand, took the opportunity to break out of the air, and returned directly to the city head.

Then, it was found sadly.

The head of the black Wind City is gone!

The huge city gate and castle tower at a height of about 100 meters seemed to be torn apart by something and disappeared out of thin air. Rows of clear teeth marks were visible at the cracks on both sides.

Reminiscent of the huge dog mouth hiding the sky and covering the earth just seen in Clone's memory, bears can't think of it. Their dark city head is mostly swallowed by Heavenly Beast that day!

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