I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1229

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But what about the murderer?

Where is that Heaven Devouring Beast?

Xiong’s natural thoughts burst out into the sea, covering all the space within tens of kilometers of the circle, and then began to continuously release its huge magic power within the body, and began to indiscriminately attack all items, people, and monsters in the space. .

The attack is so light that it is not fatal, and even minor injuries are not counted. However, if someone really hides in the illusory shadow, they will definitely be able to avoid it.

This move bear is naturally very skilled, just as it used to pull Yang Fan out of its back when it was in the ancestral land.

It’s just that this time has a larger range and there are more monsters to be screened.

But for an Old Antique that has been alive for several hundred years, the bear naturally has patience. As long as the Heaven Devouring Beast is still hidden in the Black Wind Valley, it can be sure to pull it out!

Bear is naturally very confident.

But I don’t know that Yang Fan has taken Dahei deep down to the ground at this time, hidden in the huge underground root system of the plant, the bears naturally attacked on the ground, and simply did not affect them.

Need to know that high-level demon plants rarely encounter enemies with the human and demon 2 clan in the world, so in general, when the powerhouse of the human and demon 2 clan confronts the enemy, they rarely consider the wood substitution technique. ‘S exclusive stealth ability.

Therefore, when bears naturally carry out indiscriminate attacks, they did not deliberately attack those flowers and trees, let alone hide the root systems of these plants underground.

At this time, the beauty of the crocodile also came out of the space battlefield. As soon as he appeared, he was recalled to the space of the beast by Yang Fan, and it also became silent.

Bears who have been paying close attention to the beautiful crocodile’s every move naturally see this situation, and his heart can’t help but shake.


What’s happening here?

Does this crocodile even have the ability to hide invisible? !

Xiong naturally sees clearly, that simply is not the transfer of space in the general sense, because it does not sense the slightest use of Space Rule on the body of Crocodile.

The whole demon crocodile seemed to have disappeared out of thin air. It was abruptly disappeared without any warning, and could not feel any breath.

“How did it do it? Without the help of Space Crack or Magical Powers, just now it didn’t even mobilize the magic power of within the body!”

“I haven’t heard that the Iron Tooth Crocodile has such a stealth secret. Is it Divine Stone?”

Xiong naturally guessed secretly in order to guard against the unexpected, and its demon attack even took special care of where the beautiful crocodile had just disappeared.

As a result, of course, nothing was obtained.

The spreading demon attack didn’t sense the slightest obstacle, and everything around was empty.

Where did it go?

Xiong naturally stood alone in the void, raising his eyes cautiously in his heart. He looked at it for tens of kilometers around the city, but found nothing.

Did the enemies of the offender escape and take advantage of the opportunity, or are they still lurking in the dark just not being discovered by it?

at this time.

In the Black Wind City, there was a panic and screaming sound, but after the bear naturally released his half-sovereign’s prestige, all Monster Races were quieted down, kneeling on the ground, and daring to speak out.

This is more convenient for Xiong’s natural exploration, but the result is still nothing, its indiscriminate attack, not at all found any stealth units, but the clansman accidentally injured by it is constantly increasing.

Yang Fan has now been hidden in a small plant within the body about a kilometer away from Bear Nature through the Wood Substitution technique. He is squinting and observing Bear’s every move.

The bear Sword God is dead, and the only one who has really seen Yang Fan in the entire Black Wind Valley is the old white bear.

Before leaving, Yang Fan wanted to take it with him.

The extremely friendly favor does not ensure that this half-empire demon will always keep him secret, or the dead half-empire is the most reliable.

Moreover, now the bear is naturally alone, and there is no second half emperor big demon to assist in the entire Black Wind City. It is a good time to start killing it.

Yang Fan believes that even if this old bear is wily old fox again, he is always vigilant. It always releases demon power every time it is impossible, carrying out indiscriminate attacks around it, and it will always be tired and lazy.

Sure enough, after conducting two rounds of indiscriminate attack screening, Xiong finally finally stopped.

“It looks like it’s really gone!”

Bears are naturally relaxed by long.

To be honest, when confronted with this kind of guy who is good at stealth, he can’t see or touch it, just like ordinary people encounter ghosts, Xiong Natural has always been timid in his heart.

Because it simply does not know when such a guy will touch it again, even if it is Monster Sovereign, it is also impossible that it fills the whole body with demon power every moment.

Just like Xiong Ziran now, he has forcibly developed a field of demon power of about ten meters in his own body. Once a foreign object steps into it, it can get demon power feedback immediately.

This is different from the detectives of spirit willpower. The most important function of those stealth secrets and the Supreme Treasure is to cover the breath and shield the powerhouse’s spirit willpower induction.

The magic power attack is the most fundamental and most powerful physical attack.

No matter how obvious the opponent’s stealth secret technique is and how deeply hidden the effect is, as long as his body is still there, he can’t avoid this simplest and simplest physical attack.

Xiong naturally created such a continuous attack area within ten meters of his body, which can effectively prevent someone or demon from attacking meleely.

But how long can it last in this state?

“Xiong Sword God said that it had sent a demon to the Human Race Federation to report to Xiong Yun Old Ancestor before. I hope Xiong Yun’s old bastard can come back sooner.”

“A few more emperors sit in the city, even if those little mice can hide, they will never dare to mess up again!”

Naturally, Xiong also put hope on Xiong Yun Old Ancestor without thinking about awakening the many emperors in the ancestral land that are retreating or sleeping.

Those half emperors Old Ancestor are the cards of their black and white bear family, not as a last resort, not the scourge of the genocide, it is not easy to use.

After all, those Old Ancestors have almost no life essence, so once you use it, you will lose it once.

“Really, Sovereign can’t come out, the troubled world is coming.”

“Now even the Devoning Beast at the level of Demon Emperor Realm has begun to be majestic in the demon realm. It seems that the situation of the disaster is not far away!”

Xiong naturally sighed in his heart, while slowly falling into the gap of the city head, guarding the city alone, waiting for Xiong Yun Old Ancestor to return.

After waiting for about 3 minutes, the city was calm outside.

Just when the bear naturally thought that the crocodile and the Heaven Devouring Beast might have really left the Black Wind Valley and felt relaxed in his heart, he suddenly felt a slight cold in his mouth, and there seemed to be something appearing out of thin air in it. In the throat.

melts in the mouth, cold breath.

Surprisingly, this aura not at all follows the bear’s natural throat and esophagus into the stomach and abdomen, but floats upwards, reaching the Divine Consciousness Sea.

Xiong naturally changed his expression instantly, and quickly closed the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space, wanting to isolate this cool breath of unknown origin from his sea of ​​knowledge.

However, not at all what eggs are used for.

No matter how quick Xiong’s actions are, and how tight the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space is, the cool breath that makes the demon unconsciously intoxicated still penetrates into its Divine Soul knowledge without hindrance.


After the breath entered the sea, the breath turned from cold to hot, and the fire spread across the sea of ​​knowledge. Soon, its Spiritual Power, its Divine Soul origin, and its space barriers were all extremely strongly impacted!

“Can’t hold it! It seems to be bursting!”

“What kind of means is this?! Before, Yusheng Elder and Xiong Sword God had two of them, wouldn’t they be forced to headshot like this?”

This idea has just emerged in Xiong Nature’s heart. The endless Soul Power fluctuations scattered in the sea of ​​knowledge will completely explode its barriers to sea of ​​knowledge.


When the sea collapses, Divine Soul is annihilated, and the brain in the bear’s skull is like boiled boiling water, and the top of its skull is broken and spouted with a snap!

“Finally, another one was killed!”

At this time, in a shadow ten meters away from the bear’s nature, a smile appeared on Yang Fan’s face.

“You forcibly feed Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear naturally a Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear naturally failed to absorb refining in time, Yidan headshot, one strike certain kill, your enemy experience gained Greatly strengthened, qi and blood strength +160000000, spirit willpower +10000.”

“You forcibly feed Monster Sovereign (incomplete) bear naturally a Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan, to its headshot, one strike certain kill, a touch of heart, to the soul killer’s Exclusive Kill Kill Skill-throwing a pill The technical understanding is further deepened, Spiritual Power +100, skill proficiency +20.”

With a full strength of 160 million qi and blood in his body, Yang Fan was so refreshed that his Face was red. This time he didn’t block his 5 senses in advance anymore, he moaned recklessly.

“Master Baba formidable!”

“Master Baba Great Cow!”

Yang Fan’s left and right shoulders, a black dog, a female crocodile, patted flattery without a bottom line.

Soon, qi and blood entered the body, completely fuse together with his own cultivation base, Yang Fan was sober from the comfort, not to mention, firstly, a Divine Soul detention was carried out on the natural body of the bear, and then advanced collection.

After he cleaned up all the valuable things, he blew his mouth at Dahei, who had drowned Ling Tian’s saliva.

“Thank Thank You Master Baba!”

“Master Baba is the most handsome!”

Dahei cheered and jumped directly from Yang Fan’s shoulder, mouthing a huge bear corpse that had turned into a prototype.

In just a few seconds, the bear naturally swallowed the remains of the bear about 2500 meters long and weighing at least 200,000 kg.

Afterwards, the stupid dog happily burps, consciously drilled back into Yang Fan’s jacket pocket, and began to close his eyes and relax, slowly digesting.

Beside, the beautiful crocodile who has been standing on the right shoulder of Yang Fan has obviously sensed the powerful demon power fluctuations from the big dog body, unable to bear his heart trembling.

After a long time, this girl has swallowed two half-empire monsters one after another. The cultivation base breath is advanced by leaps and bounds.

At this speed, it won’t be long before this Heaven Devouring Beast is afraid that it will be promoted to the semi-real emperor.

Sand Sculpture like Host is completely playing with fire, he is not afraid that Heaven Devouring Beast will rebel against the Lord after breaking through the border, do you swallow him at once?

In the beautiful brain of the crocodile, unconsciously, the problems that Xiong Nature had been worried about emerged.

For the Heaven Devouring Beast family, affected by the 5 Monster Sovereign genocide bans, almost all Monster Races are involuntarily shy and excluded.

“Okay, it’s time to leave!” Yang Fan raised his hand to lightly pats the beautiful head of the crocodile, lightly said: “If you don’t leave, I’ll be afraid I won’t be able to leave after a while!”

The beautiful crocodile quickly converged, nodded, and incarnation became a little crocodile more than ten meters long, carrying the outer rule of Yang Fan breakthrough, and breaking away.

After they left for about ten seconds, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor suddenly came with the Xiong Yin Goddess demon, and saw the broken city gate, and the city was full of devastation. Xiong Yun Old Ancestor and Xiong Yin God Son were trembling. .

They came back a little late!

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