I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1230

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Without seeing Xiong Yusheng, it should have been as hard as Xiong Ao said.

The other 4 and a half Demon Emperor Realm responsible for defending the city are missing, most of them are also bode ill rather than well.

There is also the bear Sword God, who does not have its breath in the city. Did he also die, or fled to his ancestral land?

Xiong Yun’s Divine Sense of Old Ancestor was released, and seeing the Space Node somewhere in the void did have traces of being opened by the bloodline of his family, and he was relaxed in his heart.

It knew that the bear Sword God would be so stupid that he would not be able to ask for help if he knew he was not good.

In the entire Black Wind City, except for the dead Yusheng Elder, only the bear Sword God has the identity and right to enter the spatial door to enter the ancestor. Now that the bear Sword God is not seen in the city, most of the kids are Has gone to the ancestral land.

Thinking of this, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor could not help being relaxed. Although the bear Sword God son is not as important as the Xiong Yin God son, it is also the Bloodline of the White Bear Monster Sovereign. If something goes wrong, it may be difficult to explain to the White Bear Monster Sovereign.

“It’s just that the black Wind City has been made into this kind of cock, how come the bear nature and the bear north wind responsible for guarding the ancestral land haven’t come out to see?”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor’s heart was a little dissatisfied.

Although it is more important to guard the ancestral land, the 2 guards cannot go out without authorization, but that also depends on the situation!

Now Black Wind Valley has been bullied to the head, and even half of Elder Huang has been killed. The head of the Black Wind City is so big that there is a big gap. The clansman in the city has countless casualties, reasonable in every circumstance A half emperor must be sent to support the field.

Die some clansman Xiong Yun Old Ancestor can not care, but this is someone hitting their Black Wind Valley face, their black wind Holy Land’s face is gone?


Xiong Yun Old Ancestor’s brow suddenly raised, and the released divine sense suddenly condensed under the ruined city. The next second, there was a clansman half Demon Emperor Realm who was forced to lift it from 100 meters deep underground. Come out.

didn’t expect Under this city head, there was even a fish that escaped the net, a survivor of half Demon Emperor Realm level.

“The ability to divert money is not bad, even the emperor’s divine sense is almost concealed from the past!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor looked down at this half Demon Emperor Realm named Xiong Yi, and naturally recognized its identity.

In this rescue trip, Xiong Yun left Xiong Yusheng, Xiong Sword God and several other half Demon Emperor Realm as the defenders in the Holy Land.

This Xiong Yi is one of those half Demon Emperor Realm. Didn’t expect Now, when Yu Sheng Elder and other half Demon Emperor Realm are all killed or missing, Xiong Yi can also be safe and sound.

Like this timid and afraid of things, when you are in danger, you only know to hide in the ground, with the help of the ability to consolidate on the at the death’s door guy, if you rest on peace, fall in the hands of Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor has long been one Slapped it into a puree.

But now, it has become only one surviving half-Demon Emperor Realm in Black Wind Valley, and it has also become the best question of Xiong Yun Old Ancestor.

“Xiong Yi! Tell the emperor what happened in Holy Land during the time the emperor left?”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor asked sharply. Xiong Yi, who was tired and covered his head, couldn’t even raise his head. He immediately awakened from the emotions of loss of soul and horror.

Xiong Yise raised his head, and after seeing Xiong Yun Old Ancestor and the faces of Xiong Yin and the other half emperors, the old bear burst into tears with excitement.

“Old Ancestor, you are finally back!”

“Miserable, it’s really miserable, Old Ancestor, you must replace the bear Sword God son and revenge for the natural Old Ancestor!”

As soon as Xiong Yi opened his mouth, he gave the old Ancestor, who was still calm, startled.

Beside, Xiongyin Shenzi, Xiong Ao and three other half emperor demon were all startled, a little can not believe their ears.

What did the bear goods just say?

Revenge for the bear Sword God and the natural Old Ancestor?

What does this mean, it’s hard to say that Bear Sword God is dead?

There is also the natural Old Ancestor, isn’t that the half emperor’s guard guarding the ancestral land, when did it come out, how could it also fall with it?

“Xiong Yi! This is not a joke. You can talk to Ben Shenzi, what the hell is going on, how can the Old Ancestor have an accident?!”

Xiong Yin Divine Son bluntly cut the news of Xiong Sword God’s death aside, and in his heart, died a brother, but nothing happened, but died a half emperor guard, and still a half emperor guard guarding the ancestral land, That’s a huge thing.

Naturally, Old Ancestor is dead. Is there something wrong with that ancestral land?

The ancestral land is the root of their black and white bear family. Not only are the 36 half emperors Old Ancestor recuperating and recuperating, but also the accumulation of wealth for more than 100 years.

If something goes wrong in the ancestral land, these monsters will be blamed for 100 deaths. In the future, once the White Bear Monster Sovereign returns from the customs clearance, who can bear the anger of Monster Sovereign?

Therefore, in addition to the Xiong Ao who was already mad at the news of the death of Xiong Sword God, the remaining 4 demon, all of the remaining 1 demon emperors, stared closely at Xiong Yi.

“Heaven Devouring Beast! A half Devon Emperor Realm-level Heaven Devouring Beast suddenly appeared and swallowed the bear Sword God and the bear madman in one bite!”

Xiong Yi expression battled, trembling: “No, not only that, the Heaven Devouring Beast not only eats the demon, but also swallows the city head together!”

“If it weren’t for me to be keenly aware of nature, but also very good at stealth escape, I am afraid that they will be the same as the bear Sword God and the bear mad, and they all died in the mouth of the Heaven Devouring Beast!”

Even when things have passed for a long time, when I think about it, Xiong Yi is still unable to bear a burst of liver fibrillation, and his urine is rising more than once.

It’s so scary, it has lived so long, never seen such a brutal Monster Race!

They swallowed them for more than a dozen and a half Demon Emperor Realm and Monster Emperor clansman Not to mention, even the 100 meters high city head and city wall were swallowed up by it.

You know, their black Wind City city wall is not just a simple mountain stone, its strength, even the full strength attack of the half emperor demon, can not necessarily open a gap.

But under the mouth of Heaven Devouring Beast, this city, which is cast by the monster bone and blood essence of the high-level Monster Race, is blessed by the Sovereign level will and the will of the half emperor demon. Unbearable.

“Heaven Devouring Beast?”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor whispered, no wonder it just felt that the traces of the incomplete part of the city wall were a little weird. Now it seems that most of them are the teeth marks left by Heaven Devouring Beast.

Heaven Devouring Beast, a semi-Demon Emperor Realm level, does indeed devour the demon of the same rank and the black Wind City wall.

But these are not important, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor is most concerned about the bear nature.

“Natural Old Ancestor, a Half Devon Emperor Realm-level Heaven Devouring Beast, shouldn’t help the natural Old Ancestor!”

Although Heaven Devouring Beast can leapfrog, but it also depends on who the opponent is, Xiong Natural’s cultivation base, but it’s not inferior to it’s Xiong Yun, dealing with a half-Demon Emperor Realm realm Heaven Devouring Beast, just be careful and break No surprises.

After all, when the Heaven Devouring Beast was killed, it and the bear naturally participated in it in person. The half of the Demon Emperor Realm Heaven Devouring Beast died in their hands, not just two.

“Natural Old Ancestor?”

Asked by Xiong Yun about Xiong Nature, Xiong Yi shuddered, and an expression of fear and thrill appeared in his 2 bear eyes.

“Bang! burst out!”

Xiong Yi was just like losing heart and madness. Suddenly his hands were raised upwards, and he made an explosion gesture. He said crazy: “It burst! I saw it with my own eyes. Naturally, Old Ancestor is here!”

With that said, Xiong Yi reached out again and pointed at the pool of blood that was not far behind Xiong Yun, loudly said: “Here, I saw with my own eyes, the head of Old Ancestor naturally exploded with a bang!”

“It’s not just the Natural Old Ancestor, but also the bear Sword God. Before the appearance of Heaven Devouring Beast, it was a blast, and his head blossomed!”

“It’s a ghost, silent, and no one can find its trail.”

“There is also Crocodile Zhong, Second Elder of the Iron-toothed Crocodile family. It is an accomplice and must not be let go!”

“bang! bang!”

“Blood 4 splashes, brain plasma 4 splashes! You can’t die anymore, so miserable, so miserable!!”

“Xiong Yun Old Ancestor, Naturally Old Ancestor died so miserably, you must revenge Senior for it!”

Xiong Yi suddenly hugged Xiong Yun’s Old Ancestor’s arm, crying and begging, and his speech was out of sync, and the whole demon’s mind seemed to be a little confused.

Don’t you be scared?

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor throws Xiong Yi’s arm away, and then thinks that this Xiong Yi seems to be the 5th generation of Old Ancestor’s Bloodline.

No wonder he was so excited. It was a bit miserable to witness his old Ancestor being headshot.

“Just, who did this?”

“Bear naturally is a senior half emperor. Fleshy body’s defense has almost no gap with the real Sovereign. In addition to Sovereign, who else in the world can smash its skull?!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor was puzzled.

I couldn’t help thinking that Xiong Ao also mentioned that when reporting to him, Xiong Yusheng Elder also seemed to have been killed by a headshot.

Who is such a great cow that can blow up the brain of the semi-empire demon two by three?

Unconsciously, Xiong Yun Old Ancestor also raised his mind, and at the same time, the three half-empires of his side, Old Ancestor, also spread out 3, carefully guarded.

A mysterious powerhouse that can hide the perception of Monster Sovereign God’s eyes, and at the same time silently burst the heads of Yusheng Elder and the natural Old Ancestor, just makes the demon palpitate.

heaven knows Is the mysterious powerhouse already gone, 10000 it or they are just hidden somewhere, and take the opportunity to give them such a sudden, who can bear it?

“Lao 2, Lao 3, you are here to guard first. My son Xiong Yin and I went to the ancestral place to explore the situation first!”

Xiong Yun Old Ancestor soon made a decision.

Regardless of the situation of Holy Land, Zudi can’t be okay anyway, and that’s where the black and white bears are.

Three and a half Elder Huang nodded responded in a three-corner position, echoing each other and clinging to the city.

And Xiong Yun Old Ancestor cut the space with Xiong Yin God Son, activated the spatial door hidden in the void, stepped in, and instantly came to the periphery of the ancestral land full of grave heads.

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