I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1231

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In a few minutes, Yang Fan returned to Jinghua City.

Silently, no one found.

Back in his dormitory, Yang Fan first leisurely soaked a cup of spirit tea and calmed his mind, and then dived out of the divine sense to check the layout of the moat outside the city.

Spore Clone plus Sang Duotuo, Ling Tian, ​​An Sheng and their collective Direct Disciple, the layout speed is not too slow.

Moreover, the size of Jinghua City is slightly inferior to that of the Federal Center City. On the contrary, the scale and loss of the large moat array is much smaller than that of the large moat array outside the Federal Center City.

So, only two days have passed. The layout of the Six Roads of Samsara array and the virtual reality imaginary formation are nearing completion.

“It’s coming together!”

Yang Fan is pleased nodded.

Discipline clothes work hard, these disciplines are still very useful.

The only regret is that no matter whether it is Sang Duoduo or Ling Tian, ​​or An Sheng or Mu Qianqian, etc., even if Yang Fan teaches them carefully, they will not be able to comprehend the final step of the secret technique.

So much so that at the time of the formation, there must be Yang Fan, but his spore Clone shot it himself.

This undoubtedly increased the difficulty of spreading the whole set of moat in the human environment.

After all, the number of Clone of Yang Fan is limited, and the deity cannot be easily involved in risk. The federal government wants all large cities with a population of more than 36 million in 10000000 domains to be equipped with this kind of moat. It is extremely difficult to achieve.

“what is the reason behind the scene?”

“Duo Duo and Ling Tian have enough cultivation bases, and they have all reached half-step Spirit Emperor’s cultivation realm. Six Roads of Samsara and virtual reality imaginary formation have both reached the level of Great Perfection Realm. How can they not join forces? What about?”

Yang Fan was also curious and wondering.

It is not difficult for him to form an array, but to communicate a few Formation nodes and place an array core somewhere 2 arrays.

But no matter how he teaches and guides, even if he is correcting and directing the disciplines one by one hand by hand, he still ends up in failure.

It’s as if there is something or some kind of spirit willpower in the world, which is deliberately preventing these disciplines so that they can’t always touch the key points of the formation.

“Forget it, don’t think about it anymore, let’s lay out the moat of Jinghua City first, after all, after all, it’s already raining!”

Yang Fan lightly shook the head, no more thinking.

Disciple’s problems can be studied slowly in the future, and now more importantly, the city of Jinghua has also been targeted by Monster Race.

The crocodile Zhong and the crocodile who had come over previously, and Feng Xijiao who had been secretly peeping in the dark, didn’t have any good intentions.

Behind them all stands a Monster Race Saint land, it is difficult to guarantee that they will not lead the army to attack the city like Is Monster Saint Ridge and Black Wind Valley.

“Today, outside the Federal Center City, 5 half emperor demon died, more than 50 half Demon Emperor Realm, and the rest of Monster Emperor, Beast King, Monster King are countless, beware of the revenge and counterattack of Monster Race what!”

Yang Fan has now clearly felt that the contradiction and hatred between the human and demon 2 clan has become more and more intense, and it is no exaggeration to say that the rain is coming.

Don’t look at today’s battle in the Federal Center City, where Human Race won a big victory and killed Xiong Yun Old Ancestor returned in low spirits after failing.

However, Yang Fan, who has just penetrated into the ancestral home of the black and white bear family, is very clear that those Monster Races that died outside the federal center city are all small and slapstick, which is far from shaking the true foundation and heritage of Black Wind Valley Holy Land. Far away.

Once the war rises, the Human Race Federation will definitely suffer.


After a cup of Lingcha, Yang Fan is refreshing.

Grab the little female crocodile that has become a big slap, put it in his jacket pocket, pat it twice, and then Yang Fan flashed away from the dormitory and went straight to the moat outside the city.

“Everything is going to work harder. Before dinner, I will join forces to succeed!”

“After the formation, cook for the teacher yourself, and invite you to eat semi-empire fine meat!”

Yang Fan’s divine sense sound transmission rippling 4 fields, in a word, directly transmitted to the ears of all the disciples through the ten-party purgatory of evil.

For a time.

An Sheng, Mu Qianqian, Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao who had tasted Yang Fan’s craftsmanship were all slobbering with excitement.

The master cooks in person, and is the essence of the half emperor demon. It is definitely an encounter but not a request.

“Master formidable!”

“Master is 10000 years old!”

Snack goods patted Yang Fan’s flattery loudly, in full swing, in a frenzy.

Originally, the layout of the 2 sets of Formulations was almost coming to an end. After such stimulation by Yang Fan, the speed of the formation was faster. The work that originally needed only one hour to complete, and the result was completed in only 30 minutes. .

Next is the formation.

Yang Fan and Clone shot at the same time, linking nodes everywhere, replacing the core little by little, the speed is fast and stable.

at this time.

Jinghua Martial University’s 10000 Shou Pavilion.

Gu Halfan, Liu Silong, Zhao Xuewen and Hu Chen 4 Half Emperor all withdrew from the state of retreat, gathered in the front hall, and their eyes fell on Gu Yang who came to report.

“Yangtze, what you said is true? The Federal Center City not only won the battle against the 2 monster race Saints, but also destroyed their 5 semi-empire demon?!”

Liu Silong was so excited that his tongue was trembling, and he looked at Gu Yang with an incredible face.

When did the Federal Center City become such a great cow, and even the big demon of the half emperor realm could kill 5 in a row?

It wouldn’t be Li Liangcai and Tian-Chan monk Self-destruction desperately, otherwise how could they have done five and a half emperors?

“The casualties, how about the casualties on the side of the Federal Center City? Old Li and Master Tianchan are all right?”

Zhao Xuewen asked sincerely.

Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi are the Sea Calming Divine Needle and spiritual pillar of the entire Human Race Federation. If something happens to them, even if they kill the Monster Race more, the blow to the Human Race Federation will be hard to hide.

“No!” Gu Yang red light was overwhelmed with excitement: “Old Li and Guru Cicada, as well as Zhuge Xincheng Old Mister, all safe and sound. The casualties of ordinary martial artists in the Federal Center City are less than 1000! “

Just received the battle report from the Federal Center City, Gu Yang, the whole person was almost excited to jump, until now it is still passionate.

“In this battle, the total number of Monster Races dying outside the Federal Center is about 60000. Among them, there are 5 half-empire monsters, 51 half-Demon Emperor Realm, Peak Monster Emperor, Common Monster Emperor, Beast King, Monster King, etc. Countless!”

“This is definitely the largest battle in the history of the Human Race Federation, with the fastest decisive battle, the fewest sacrifices, and the largest number of monsters to kill Monster Race monsters!”

Gu Yang did not dare to say too much. After all, compared to 51 years ago, the year before the Sovereign covenant, the fierce melee between the two groups of people and demon, this battle in the Federal Center City is not counted It is the largest battle with the most powerhouses.

At the very least, the melee of the year, not to mention the Half-Emperor, even Sovereign all came out personally, whether it is Human Race or Monster Race, the number of casualties is simply countless.


“5 half emperor demon, 51 half Demon Emperor Realm?! So many?!”

Gu Zeyan 4 people hold breath cold air at the same time. With so many high-end battle strengths participating in the war, how did the Federal Center City cope?

Human Race martial artist only dies to less than 1000, and wipes out all these monsters, which is a bit exaggerated!

“Isn’t it because of the big moat arranged by Yang Fan?”

Hu Chen, who hadn’t said much, suddenly came to such a sentence.

To say that the biggest change in the Federal Center City is the addition of a new type of moat outside the city.

Formation’s formidable power, Hu Chen and they have personally tested it before. It is not difficult to kill the half Demon Emperor Realm.

However, if you want to trap half of the emperor, I am afraid it will be difficult.

Hu Chen several people can still remember that just a few days ago, a half emperor demon of the Fire Phoenix family had a claw breaking the formation, directly crushed with a finger to protect the formation. Yang Fan Clone.

From this, it is not difficult to see that the ten-party purgatory inferno outside the city is not a threat to the big demon of the half emperor realm.

“That’s right! It was the large array of moats hosted by Yang Fan that played a key role!”

Gu Yang loudly said: “Count 10000 Monster Races, including those 5 half-empire monsters, once in battle, they are all trapped in it and cannot be extricated!”

“Even if there are several half emperors in the Black Wind Valley coming to the rescue, they are still standing outside and not daring to go beyond the thunder pool!”

“Old Master, can you imagine how powerful Super Formation can be trapped even by half emperor demon, and can even be trapped?! Yang Fan’s formation level and Formulation innate talent, compared to those years Huyan Jingde is no worse!”

Hu Yanjingde was hailed as the first Illusionist of the Federation, and the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array developed by him, and even Monster Sovereign were endlessly afraid. This was the design that led him to Foreign Domain.

When Huyan Jingde was at the peak, the imaginary formation arranged at most could only trap a few and a half Demon Emperor Realm.

But now, the big moat array arranged by Yang Fan is already capable of killing and killing even half the Sovereign level monsters, so I ask you if you don’t?

Gu Zeyan Nodded by several people at the same time.

“So, classmate Yang Fan reported to City Lord’s House a few days ago that the set of Six Roads of Samsara and virtual reality imaginary formation to be built in the moat formation should be his moat formation in the Federal Center City. Has the new array been improved?”

Gu Zeyan knew all about the original formidable power of the moat. There was absolutely no ability to trap and kill the half-empire demon.

Now that the moat formation of the Federal Centre City has proved to the world with tangible results that it is enough to trap the powerful power of the half emperor demon, it is not difficult to guess that Yang Fan must do it in the original moat formation There have been huge changes that are not known to outsiders.

In the past few days, Yang Fan and his disciplines have been busy in the moat outside the city, saying that they want to patch the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and improve it.

Now it seems that the patch they are talking about is actually a super imaginary formation that can even be trapped by half emperors!

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