I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1232

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The border of southwest swamp of demon domain.

It is the site of Holy Land, a marshland country that is one of Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands.

In the core swamp water country of the Numawa country, the Great Elder crocodile of the iron crocodile family suddenly felt a sense of horror. Divine sense soared to the northeast and flew tens of kilometers after returning.

“Nothing was found?”

“Is it beyond the detection range of the emperor?”

The divine sense retracted, and Crocodile frowned tightly.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with its induction. This is the Innate Divine Ability that it has from birth, no matter when and where, as long as someone or demon wants to do harm to it or is life out of Evil Thought, it will advance There is a sense.

This is the reason why its crocodile Xin can survive for 300 or so years or even become the Great Elder of the Toothed Crocodile in one fell swoop. There has never been a mistake.

The sudden sense of crisis that shook my mind just now has a different origin. It only feels faintly that it may be taken out of the northeast direction, so I directly probed the divine sense and wanted to do it.

However, the divine sense, with a radius of 10000 kilometers, has found nothing. It has never found the source of its palpitations.

“The source of the disaster is not in the marsh country, and it may not even be in the demon territory…”

Crocodile couldn’t help but think of the Second Elder and Xiaomei that it had sent out half a day ago.

“Cui Zhong and Xiao Meili seem to have gone to the human territory in the northern border. Could it be that what happened to them, or what caused the trouble?”

Crocodile had some speculation in his mind, but he was not very sure.

After all, the marsh country is too far away from the human domain. Even if its Innate Divine Ability is sensed, it is impossible too clearly.

“What’s wrong? Just send them to kill a King of Human Race. It should be very easy. Why not go back after so long?”

Two half-empire monsters were dispatched at the same time, just to deal with a King King Junior of Human Race, no matter from what aspect, they should not encounter any danger.

After all, the half emperors of Human Race are limited. Even if Yang Fan is paid more attention, it is possible to equip him with two half emperors powerhouse protection.

Therefore, in the prediction of crocodile Xin, crocodile Zhong’s shot entangles the guardian half emperor who may be hidden in the dark, and then there is a crocodile’s beautiful shot one strike certain kill Yang Fan, it is 10000 without fail.

But now, the time for the crocodile Zhong and the crocodile to go out has clearly exceeded the crocodile Xin’s estimate, plus the inexplicable consternation of the heart, the crocodile Xin had to consider the worst.

“Cui Zhen, you can go to the Shiming Temple on Central Island and ask if you can see whether Second Elder and Seventh Elder’s life is still strong.”

Alligator Xin suddenly spoke, and Chong Zhen, who had been staying outside the door, gave a command.

Alligator Zhen bowed his life and was about to fly to Central Island, but he saw Sixth Elder, who was responsible for guarding the Shiming Temple, hurriedly arrived.

“Have seen Sixth Elder!”

Alligator Zhen quickly got up to meet, bowed to paid respect.

“Great Elder is there, the old man has something important to report!”

Sixth Elder Crocodile moved towards the hall, glanced at the temple and asked Crouch Zhen.

Crocodile Zhen replied softly: “Great Elder is in the temple, I just told Junior to go to the Sixth Elder in the Siming Temple. I don’t want Sixth Elder to come by yourself.”

The crocodile was stunned and looked up towards the crocodile Zhen: “But what does Great Elder have to say?”

Crocodile said: “It’s not a major event, it’s the Great Elder that asked Junior to ask Sixth Elder, Is the life of Second Elder and Seventh Elder still strong?”

Crocodile sparse hearing this, his figure could not help but shocked, his heart was horrified, his face was awed.

Great Elder really still feels so keenly, but he didn’t know the prophet. He had already predicted that Second Elder and 7 Elder Council would be dangerous in advance.

“Is Lao 6 here? Come in and come in. The emperor has something to do with you!”

At this time, the crocodile Xin Wenwen calm voice came from the great hall, after crocodile Zhen and crocodile hearing this, at the same time bowed and shut up, no more words.

Alligator Zhen made a please gesture to Alligator, and then led the way for Alligator, 2 demon one after the other, stepped into the hall successively.

“Alligator Shu, you came here in a hurry, but what happened to the Siming Temple?”

After 2 monsters entered the hall, Crocodile Xin directly asked Crocodile.

“Great Elder divine strategy and wonderful planning, Siming Temple did show some abnormal turbulence.”

First, the Great Elder flattery was shot, and then Zuo Shu only reported softly: “Second Elder’s life fire suddenly extinguished before the number of interest, I am afraid that it has already encountered something unexpected.”

Sure enough, there was a problem with Crocodile!

Crocodile Xin’s heart suddenly, this is exactly corresponding to its previous induction.

“What about Xiaomei? What’s its life?”

Crocodile asked again. Obviously, its care and attention to the beauty of the crocodile are far better than Second Elder.

“Seventh Elder’s life fire has not diminished. It’s just that while Second Elder’s life fire extinguished, Seventh Elder’s life fire also showed a noticeable jitter. It seemed that Divine Soul was slightly traumatized.”

“However, after a moment of shaking, Life Fire returned to normal, but then burned more vigorously, and the color of Life Fire was deeper and brighter.”

Jiu Shu has been in charge of the Siming Ancestral Hall for 100 years, and many of the Elder Heavens Pride’s life fires in the monitoring clan have 1000. He has never seen such a strange state of change.

The color of the crocodile’s beautiful life fire changes, and it feels like the flame has been tempered by a forcible hammer.

“Unsurprisingly, Seventh Elder should be blessed by misfortune. Either he or she will be promoted in the middle of a crisis, or he will have a great chance to die and be born!”

Crocodile carefully spoke out his guess.

In fact, if you do not know the true identity of the crocodile beauty, crocodile even wonders whether the crocodile beauty has learned the life source and Divine Soul origin of crocodile.

Otherwise, how could it be so coincident that while the crocodile died, the beautiful life of the crocodile became more radiant?

“Little beautiful Good Fortune is indeed very profound, and its many opportunities, sometimes even the emperor is envious. As long as the fire is not extinguished, there will be no danger if you think about it, and the emperor will be relieved.”

Nothing is fine.

The crocodile is long relaxed, and as long as it is still alive, it’s easy to say, otherwise, when the crocodile Monster Sovereign comes out, it doesn’t know how to explain to Master Sovereign.

As for Crocodile.

Although it is a pity to die, as long as its sacrifice can save Xiaomei’s safe and sound, it can be regarded as a place to die.

Crocodile’s heart was only sad for a little, and then he stopped thinking about it.

“Cui Zhen, you will go to Jinghua City in the human domain, find Seventh Elder, and bring it back to Enron!”

The Sixth Elder crocodile was sent back casually, and the crocodile Xin once again issued an order to the crocodile zhen.

“The crocodile is dead, and Xiao Mei has a fortuitous encounter. Where did the emperor’s crisis response come from? Is Human Race’s revenge?”

Crocodile shook his head and said nothing.

“Crocodine, what’s wrong? Just now the emperor noticed that you seemed to be probing a wisp of Divine Sense to the northeast…”

Quite abruptly, a deep but majestic voice sounded behind Crocodile Xin.

The crocodile Xin shook his body, quickly bowed, turned around, looked towards a virtual light and shadow that appeared behind him sometime.

“I’ve seen Master Monster Sovereign, didn’t expect a little thing that surprised you too.”

Although it is only a Clone of Monster Sovereign of Crocodile Yuan, Crocodile Xin does not dare to be slack, respectfully as usual.

“Say, what happened, but what happened to Xiaomei’s trip to the human world?”

Crocodile Monster Sovereign Clone waved at Crocodile Xin lightly and asked again.

Alligator Xin said: “Some accidents did happen. Second Elder, who took Little Princess out, died, and it should have been unexpected.”

“But Monster Sovereign and peace of mind, Little Princess has no danger, the intensity of the life fire is actually better than in the past, I think I have had a fortuitous encounter. It was only then that I had sent Alligator to the human domain to search for Little Princess. Can be brought back.”

Crocodile Monster Sovereign raised his eyebrows, showing a happy face: “So, Xiaomei’s life is finally promoted?”

Although I don’t know what it means to be promoted in Monster Sovereign, Crocodile Xin is still nodded to echo: “According to Sixth Elder, the life of Little Princess has indeed become more pure and profound. It should be that it has already been promoted!”

“Hahaha! Good! The emperor knew that the life of this little girl was good, and there would be great opportunity for this trip!”

“In this way, the Emperor has imprisoned it for so many years, and will not allow it to swallow a little bit of bloody food, so that it will always keep a Pure Heart!”

Crocodile Monster Sovereign laughed heartily, waved his hand to instructed crocodile Xin: “Call back the little brat of crocodile Zhen, the human domain is now a big vortex, it is still a good idea.”

“As for Xiaomei, since you have gotten its chance, just let it go, don’t try to find it again!”

Crocodile started, didn’t expect Crocodile Monster Sovereign will give up the plan to find the crocodile beauty.

Although I was puzzled in my heart, it was nodded complied very obediently, and then Divine Soul sound transmission began, and I returned to the crocodile Zhen who had just left.

“Master Monster Sovereign, I don’t know what you mean by big vortex…”

Crocodile inquired softly.

Crocodile Monster Sovereign Clone lightly said: “great chaos will arise, the three emperors of Human Race are all proficient in plot against, impossible will not have a little backhand.”

“If you don’t say anything, let’s say that in our country of Nangwa, the emperor has discovered the Clone breath of the Human Race Lei Huang more than once, and it is absolutely inadvertent.”

“You only need to remember that you must keep your duty during this time. If it is not necessary, you should not send clansman to the human domain. The gun shot the head bird, the depth of the deep water of Human Race, let the other 4 Holy Land first Just go and explore.”

The crocodile’s heart sighed.

Clone of King Lei of Human Race came to their swamp country, what did he want to do?

Also, since Emperor Lei has Clone remaining in the world, does Sword Emperor and Spirit Emperor also have Clone hidden in the dark?

Crocodile couldn’t help but look up at the Monster Sovereign Clone right in front of him, and secretly sighed in his heart. These big brothers in the Sovereign realm were not someone who is easy to deal with, and they didn’t know what they were plot against each other?

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