I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1233

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Feng Xi straightened up and looked incredulously at the Great Elder Feng Qi who was standing in front of it, and asked:

“Is the information accurate? The big moat outside the Federal Center City can even be killed by the half emperor?”

Is it so exaggerated, in this world, can there still be able to trap the realm powerhouse array of the half emperor, the Array Master impossible of Human Race will be such a great cow?

“1000 is really 10000 indeed!” Feng Qi replied nodded, saying: “Now, the whole demon territory is about to spread. In the battle of the Federal Center City, the demon holy mountain and Black Wind Valley suffered heavy losses, not to mention Monster Emperor. With the half Demon Emperor Realm, only half of the emperor demon are dead!

“To be honest, when the old man heard this news, he was really taken aback, so I couldn’t believe it.”

“But the facts are right in front of you. Demon Holy Mountain and Black Wind Valley even issued a Five Great Holy Lands convening order. The Five Great Holy Lands principals who want to convene the demon domain jointly discuss the matter of conquering the Human Race Federation. Even the invitation letters have been Delivered over!”

“Old man, the Human Race federation is now different than before. In my opinion, we don’t want to take the lead in 10000 Yaoshan.”

Feng Qi carefully advised, an expression that I was thinking about Holy Land.

But this proposal is exactly what Feng Xijiao thought.

Human Race More than 50 years ago, when the Sovereign contract had not yet been agreed, it had already shown its enormous battle strength. In addition to the 3 emperors, it was also a talent. In the bloody battle of that year, Five Great Holy Lands was not at all Too much bargaining.

Despite that battle, Five Great Holy Lands did kill a lot of the Heavens Pride of Human Race, breaking the foundation and chance of many Human Race martial artist promotion.

But Feng Xijiao does not believe that after more than 50 years of secret development, the Xeon martial artist in Human Race will really be as scarce as it appears on the surface.

“Well, Great Elder is right.” Feng Xijiao nodded softly: “Human Race 3 is always cunning, even if you can’t close the door, you don’t have to stay behind. Everything is still careful.”

“Even if people and demon 2 have to fight, it is best to let other Four Great Holy Lands take the lead. It is better to involve us in 10000 demon hills.”

Speaking of this, Feng Xijiao seemed to think of something, and asked Feng Qi indifferently: “The old body heard that Feng Bi seemed to have left a Clone in Holy Land before retreating. Did Great Elder know? “

Feng Qi froze for a moment and quickly shook his head: “The old man forgive me, but the old man has never heard of this matter, and I don’t know where is Monster Sovereign’s Clone now? There are no heads of dragons in Holy Land. It is the Clone who needs Monster Sovereign to come out and sit down. When!”

This is not a play. In fact, Feng Qi really did not know that Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign had Clone.

Although it has some suspicions before, it seems that old Fox like Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, even if it can’t be closed, will most likely leave a Clone outside to supervise Holy Land.

But for so long, Holy Land has become this kind of bird, and the treasure trove was stolen by Yang Fan’s kid, and the Fengming Divine Son was bullied by them like Elder like a grandson.

If the Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign really has Clone, it should come out to preside over the situation for Fengming Shenzi platform anyway.

But the reality is that Fengming Shenzi has now become general without an army, and even was fined by Feng Xijiao, but Clone of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign has no shadow.

Over time, Feng Qi began to play down this conjecture.

At this moment, Feng Xijiao mentioned the Monster Sovereign Clone again, and Feng Qi’s heart was unconsciously tense.

If Clone of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign has been hidden and watched in the dark, then all the things he had done in 10000 Yaoshan and even outside Jinghua City, will it all fall into the eyes of the old pen?

For a time, Feng Qi felt a little palpitated. After all, it was a 2 Wu Zi. If he was spotted by the Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, he would definitely not be able to live.

“Yeah, even you, the Great Elder of the Fire Phoenix family, don’t know, others will be more likely to understood, and the child of Fengming will also be so stupid that he will take the initiative to leak the message of its Imperial Father Clone…”

Feng Xi Yao muttered to himself.

Then the question is coming, since the news that the Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign reserves blood essence Clone is so secret, how did the old guy Zhuge Xincheng know?

Feng Yi left the news of blood essence Clone, and even this old lady didn’t know it. Only 10000 Fengming Divine Son knew this thing in the demon mountain, there was no possibility of leakage.

But now, the news has really been revealed, what does this mean?

This shows that there must be Sovereign Clone in Human Race, and it is very likely to be hidden in Jinghua City. So when Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign Clone deliberately leaned to Yang Fan, he noticed it in advance.

The blood essence Clone of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, but the blood essence Divine Soul of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, if it is deliberately concealed, even the old lady of Feng Xijiao may not be able to recognize it, other Half Emperor or half Not to mention the emperor.

Only Sovereign or Sovereign Clone, which looks like Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign cultivation realm, can be felt.

“Zhuge Xincheng’s old product must have seen Clone from one of the Human Race 3 emperors!”

Feng Xijiao’s heart was a little more certain.

“Just don’t know how many of the three Sovereign of Human Race have left Clone, or are all three of them hiding Clone in the dark?”

With such a conjecture in mind, Feng Xijiao was even more afraid to act blindly without thinking. Human race’s various city gates now look in its eyes, more like each and everyone opened a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl Trap, waiting for some Monster Race to jump in.

“Perhaps, Yang Fan is a bait they introduced. The so-called moat is probably the biggest. The 3 king of Human Race was specially designed for the half emperor of Monster Race, but only with the help of Yang Fan. It’s laid out!”

Really, I was terrified and thought more and more scared, Feng Xijiao didn’t even dare to think about it. The blood essence Clone of his stupid son took the initiative to recognize Yang Fan as the main one. Is it walking right into a trap?

Yang Fan, the kid, will it really be the incarnation of the original will?

Judging from the last time he played against two half-toothed crocodiles, it did have a taste of destiny.

a trifling Human Race The king, was able to pit a half emperor demon silently, and by the way, he conquered another half emperor demon. If it was not seen with his own eyes, such a Great Cow blows out, Feng Xi Jiao wouldn’t believe it even if he died.

This is not just as good as good luck.

“Old man! old man?!”

“Since Master Monster Sovereign has Clone left in Holy Land, I don’t know if I can ask it to come out and sit in town. Now you can see the situation in Holy Land. Without Master Sovereign sitting in town, everyone is very anxious about An Sheng.”

Feng Qi called 2 times in succession, and then awakened some distraught Feng Xijiao from his subjective conjecture, and then took the opportunity to ask out, wanting to determine the location of the Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign Clone.

Feng Xijiao shook the head lightly, no longer thinking about it, turning his head to Feng Qi, lightly said:

“The Clone of Fengfeng is not in 10000 Yaoshan, this matter does not need to be mentioned again, let’s talk about this Five Great Holy Lands party, who is more suitable to send in the past.”

Feng Xijiao obviously didn’t want to go through too many questions about the Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign Clone, directly diverted the topic, and asked Feng Qi softly.

Feng Qi’s Great Elder nature was interesting, and he immediately received the inquiry, and thought about it, saying: “The most suitable candidate is naturally Fengming Godson. After all, it is the first God Son appointed by Monster Sovereign. Such a party comes from it. It is also the most suitable.”

“Inappropriate!” Feng Xijiao directly shook his head and refused: “Although Feng Ming is the first divine son, he is still too immature in dealing with the demon. If he is sent, he is afraid of being young and full of spirits. Make decisions that are not conducive to Holy Land.”

“According to the old man, this party is still a good trip for you from Great Elder.” Feng Xijiao said: “Great Elder has always been old-fashioned and has the most stable behavior. Sending you, the old man is also at ease.”

Feng Qi was pleased in his heart, and this was exactly the result he wanted, but his face was a refusal to ward off rejection.

“I’m afraid it’s not appropriate. After all, Fengming Godson is our 10000 successor in the name of Yaoshan. Monster Sovereign also intends to let it take over the next patriarch, old man… It’s really not good to be overstepped! “

Feng Xijiao glanced at the old fellow lightly, and a “slut is hypocrisy” popped up in his mind. They all squeezed Xiao Fengming into general without an army. Are you embarrassed to say that it is not easy to be fooled?

“There is nothing inappropriate, you are the Great Elder of our Fire Phoenix family, and then enter the distinguished status, and go to the Demon Holy Mountain in person, and it is enough to give them face, so that’s it!”

Feng Xijiao made a final decision and immediately set things down without giving Feng Qi the opportunity to continue to shirk.


Feng Qi surrendered on the surface, but his heart was dark.

Monster Sovereign What about his old lady? Isn’t it necessary to follow his old Ye’s thinking?

Being undercover to achieve such an outstanding point, this Ye person is definitely a record that has never been approached and will never be approached again!

“In addition, there is a little news, I do not know true or false, but I think it is still necessary to report to the old man.”

Soon, Fengqi Great Elder picked up his mood and softly whispered it while exploring the news that the Demon Holy Mountain and the Black Customs were defeated in the Federal Center City, and the other rumored news that he saw right but actually isn’t .

“I heard that when the Black Wind Valley Holy Land lifted the power of the whole family to rescue the clansman trapped in the moat in the Federal Center City, there was a Monster Race taking advantage of their empty power behind the Black Wind Valley and the empty powerhouse. , Sneak attack hacked Wind City.”

“It seems that two and a half emperors died, and a few and a half Demon Emperor Realm, and even the Son of God died.”

so serious?

It’s a good death!

Feng Xijiao raised his eyebrows and intrigued with interest: “Do you know which side is responsible?”

“It is said to be an iron crocodile at half Sovereign level, and the demon said that the iron crocodile seems to be the Second Elder of the Holy Land iron crocodile family in the marshland country. It has a nose and eyes, just like the real one.”

Feng Qi laughed and said, “If the rumor is true, then the Five Great Holy Lands party at this time will have a good show.”

“I don’t know what medicine the gang crocodiles had taken the wrong way, but they would take the initiative to provoke the black and white bears in the Black Wind Valley, which is really unexpected.”

“What, Second Elder of the crocodile family, Zhong Zhong?”

Feng Xijiao was lightly exclaimed, and it felt like hell.

Jiu Zhong’s sad reminder 2 hasn’t been hit by Yang Fan outside Jinghua, how could he still have the opportunity to go to Black Wind Valley to make trouble?

Who is so lacking in virtue, even planting a dead demon?

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