I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1234

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Feng Xijiao’s first doubt was of course Yang Fan.

After all, the crocodile died in the hands of Yang Fan, and Yang Fan also subdued a half-sovereign level iron-toothed crocodile beast. He had every opportunity and ability to sneak into the Black Wind Valley to do these things.

When thinking of the kind of appear and disappear unpredictably that Yang Fan showed when he attacked and killed Crocodile, Feng Xijiao still had some fears until now.

The stealth ability of Human Race Little Brat, even its Heavenly Eye Magical Powers, can be completely concealed, it is really too good and a little bit surprised.

At that time, if it wasn’t for Feng Xijiao who had been hiding in secret to watch the drama, he was always paying attention to the whereabouts of the two iron-toothed crocodiles.


Even if it saw the death process of Crocodile with his own eyes, until now, Feng Xijiao still didn’t want to understand how Yang Fan killed Crocodile in the end.

Okay, how could the head of a half-empire demon suddenly be exploded? This is not scientific?

“Is it Sovereign level Spirit Treasure?”

Feng Xi Jiao shook the head, it did not reach the real Sovereign level, and only a little knowledge of the Sovereign level powerhouse’s means of killing the enemy, so it is not certain whether Yang Fan used the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure stolen from Feng Ming.

After all, at the scene where the murder occurred, not at all felt a little bit of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign breath.

But if it is not with the help of Sovereign level Spirit Treasure, how can Yang Fan, a little King Realm, break through the defense of a half emperor demon?

Although Sovereign’s breath was not found, Feng Xijiao was more inclined to Yang Fan to inspire the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure in his hand, so he could kill the crocodile with a silent blow.

“If the power of Sovereign level Spirit Treasure is really used, what will happen to Black Wind Valley will be Yang Fan?”

The doubts in Feng Xijiao’s heart reappeared. It did not believe that Yang Fan would have such a guts. He dared to break into the monster domain with a semi-empire beast and broke into the Five Great Holy Lands of Monster Race.

It doesn’t even believe that there will be so many Sovereign level Spirit Treasure in Yang Fan’s hands, which can be used in series of 2 to kill the half emperor of Monster Race.

Sovereign level Spirit Treasure’s cherish degree, no one, demon will know better than Feng Xijiao, Monster Sovereign’s old lady.

Because every Sovereign level Spirit Treasure is refined, a segment of the Sovereign level powerhouse’s Divine Soul source will be cut, which may destroy the Sovereign level powerhouse’s rounded Divine Soul realm, and it will also cause the Sovereign level powerhouse to appear a weak Peak. period.

Therefore, for all these years, Feng Xijiao, even the mother of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, has received a Sovereign level Spirit Treasure from Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign for protection.

As far as Feng Xijiao knows, Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign seems to have refined only 2 Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasures in his lifetime, one of which is in the hands of the monster mother of Monster Sovereign, and the other is in Feng Ming. In the hands of the waste wood god, the one stolen by Yang Fan.

Therefore, after learning about this matter, Feng Xijiao would be so hot, that he would find this grandson embarrassing.

Compared with so many resource treasures lost in the treasure house, it is more distressing that this Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure that can play the Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign full strength attack, because this is their 10000 demon mountain in the current situation. China deterred the group demons and based on the world.

And Fengming Divine Son, even Supreme Treasure such as Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure, which is used to save lives, can’t keep it, not a waste is what?

“Do you think this thing will really be done by the black crocodiles of Numawa?”

Feng Xijiao glanced at the Great Elder Feng Qi who wanted to watch a good show, and asked softly.

“Why not?”

Feng Qi didn’t even think about it, and directly replied: “Five Great Holy Lands of the Demon Realm, they are not in harmony with each other, they are attached to each other while they are suspicious of each other. No matter how secretly there is hatred in the dark, no one can tell.”

“Maybe, there is something in the Black Wind Valley that offends the Numawa country, so only the old bastard will send the half emperor of the tribe to give Xiong Yun a little color?”

Feng Qi is afraid that the world will not be chaotic. Anyway, he will die Fellow Daoist and Poor Daoist, as long as it does not reach him, even if Black Wind Valley and Numa 2 Great Holy Land perish together.

“Yes, Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands, always face and heart disagreement, even if they are allies, they secretly suspect each other against plot against.”

“Otherwise, would it give Human Race the opportunity to develop and grow for so many years? As early as when the Human Race 3 emperor proposed to conclude the Sovereign contract, he had already teamed up to destroy Human Race!”

Feng Xijiao sighed softly: “It’s like this time, why the original attack on the alliance of Is Monster Saint Ridge and Black Wind Valley 2 Great Holy Land in the Federal Center City, and in the end, only the Black Wind Valley family rushed to the human domain to rescue ?”

“Isn’t it because Long Jiao Old Guy feels that his clansman has died too much, want to take the opportunity to consume some of the power of Black Wind Valley?”

Feng Qi hearing this, his mind sighed, and quickly converged some arrogant emotions in his heart.

didn’t expect Feng Xijiao, the old hag, people sitting at home, the news would be so well-informed, even the battle situation that happened hundreds of kilometers away was well known.

Worthy of being the mother of Fire Phoenix Monster Sovereign, it really is deeply hidden, can’t be underestimated!

“The old man is wise and sees the problem clearly, Feng Qi admires it.”

Feng Qi shot a flattery and said: “However, they fight for them, as long as they don’t affect our 10000 Yaoshan, let them go.”

“Now the situation is unclear, not only in the Demon Realm, but also in the Human Realm. It is also mysterious and unpredictable. In my opinion, our 10000 Demon Mountain is still waiting for it to become better.”

“En.” Feng Xijiao once again glanced at Feng Qi with appreciation: “The same is true of the old body.”

“However, there is news that Great Elder may not know yet.” Feng Xijiao said indifferently, “It’s the crocodile who is said to be messing up in the Black Wind Valley. In fact, he was already outside Jinghua as early as a day ago. , Killed by Yang Fan!”

“More than that, after Yang Fan killed Crocodile Zhong, he also tamed another half-empire iron-toothed crocodile that passed with him to become his beast.”

What the hell? !

Did I hear it?

Feng Qi was startled, a little too hard to believe his ears, looked surprised towards Feng Xijiao:

“The old man surely is not cracking a joke? That Yang Fan has already possessed the strength to kill the half emperor demon?! And he also accepted a half emperor demon as a beast?”

This joke is a bit too big, how is this possible?

Although Yang Fan’s kid did have a bit of evil, it was indeed a Great Cow in some respects, which made people dissatisfied.

But the killing of the half emperor and the conquest of the half emperor’s beast, how could it be related to him?

Even his Ye people have to pretend to be grandchildren in front of the Half Emperor Powerhouse. Yang Fan have what skills and abilities, even the Half Emperor Big Demon can kill or even tame?

Feng Qi itself is also a Grandmaster Tamer, once a person has tamed ten and a half Demon Emperor Realm proud records.

Therefore, he knows very well how difficult it is to tame a half emperor demon. Anyway, because of his current cultivation base strength, I am afraid that he will not tame a half emperor demon even after ten years of hard work.

“Wait, could it be that he used the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure stolen from Fengming Godson?”

Seemingly thinking of a possibility, Feng Qi asked Feng Xijiao somehow and regrettably.

Feng Xijiao is gently nodded and is considered the default.

“Old man means that this time Black Wind Valley was pulled out of the old nest. It is very likely that the Human Race Federation is using its strength to deliberately plant and stolen and frame it. Want to turn the Numawa country against Black Wind Valley?”

As a senior undercover, Feng Qi’s thinking is naturally agile, and soon understood the meaning of Feng Xijiao.

Maybe there is such a possibility. The old pens in Human Race are not young or old. This kind of create something from nothing can use hard work to buckle shit pots on other people’s heads. They can do it.

“Yes, they should be them!”

Feng Xijiao said lightly: “There are not many people who know the news of the death of Crocodile Zhong, but the incident happened in Jinghua City, and certain half emperors of Human Race must not be able to hide it.”

“Most of this matter was caused by a certain half emperor of Human Race or even a Sovereign Clone manipulating in secret, the purpose was to relieve a besieged ally by attacking the home base of the besiegers, while lifting the crisis in the Federal Center City, By the way, provoke Monster Race to fight again.”

Feng Xijiao was very pleased that Feng Qineng thought of Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure immediately, and did not include Yang Fan in the secret mastermind, but directly pointed to the Human Race Federation.

Sure enough, it’s still a bit of a brain, no wonder that you can gather all the Elders of the Fire Phoenix family, and directly isolate Feng Ming’s Little Brat from exclusion.

“Then,” Feng Qi Great Elder expression moved, and he asked Feng Xijiao: “The old man wanted me to debunk the conspiracy of the Human Race Federation and reconcile the relationship between Numa and the Black Wind Valley?”

Feng Xijiao shook his head slightly: “On the contrary, the old body doesn’t have any feelings about the black monsters living in the swamp. What is their life and death to do with our 10000 Yaoshan?”


Feng Qi was nodded and seemed to have no surprises about Feng Xijiao’s decision.

This is the status quo of Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands. They are suspicious of each other, and hope that the other party will finish earlier. They are a big family and enjoy all the resources of Holy Land.

Before the 5 major Monster Sovereigns suppressed, everyone still had some restraint. Now Sovereign can’t come out, Sovereign’s appointments don’t exist, and many Monster Races have begun to liberate their nature.

“This is what the Second Elder crocodile of the Iron Tooth Crocodile does!”

“Even if the crocodile Zhong is dead, it is also the iron crocodile family who used the identity of the dead clansman to test the reality of Black Wind Valley! The intention is extremely malicious, I am 10000 Yaoshan shameless to be with it!”

Fengqi Great Elder will soon characterize this matter, provoke such a divisive thing, he is doing it!

Whether it is done by the Iron Tooth Crocodile, or whether the Iron Tooth Crocodile attacking the Black and White Bear Half Emperor is under the control and coercion of the Human Race Half Emperor or even Sovereign Clone, in short, put a bucket on the Iron Tooth Alligator Dirty water is always right.

“Great Elder, you are very good, no wonder Fengbi will always treat you so seriously!”

Feng Xijiao is satisfied with the nodded.

Obviously, Feng Qi’s Great Elder’s this remark has won its mind.

It is to take this opportunity to give the iron-toothed crocodile a bit of eye medicine. To blame it is the foolish crocodile Yuan who was blind at first. Dare to say that Feng Xijiao is an old hag. !

As for the conspiracy of the Human Race Federation, is it a matter of fart?

As long as they are 10000 enchanted mountains, it is enough for their Fire Phoenix family not to be implicated!

“Old man, you are over-praised, these all are what Feng Qi should do!”

Feng Qi Great Elder grinned, all the sharp teeth in his pointed mouth were exposed, and Huo Huo braved cold light, looking very sincere!

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