I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1235

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Outside Jinghua City.

A palpitating array of fluctuations completely covered the entire city in an instant. Although it flashed away, it disturbed somehow Martial Dao Xeon.

The higher the cultivation base, the more sensitive the induction, the more obvious the feeling of surprise and throbbing caused by the fluctuation of the Formulation.

On the contrary, those ordinary persons with low cultivation base do not feel any more and still continue their work in their hands as usual.

“It seems that the moat has been repaired! Let’s go and see!”

Gu Zeyan showed a happy face, flew directly into the sky, and quickly rushed to the outer city.

Liu Silong, Zhao Xuewen and the others are also excited, follow closely from behind.

At the same time, the emperors and Half Emperor of the major Aristocratic Family in the city also feel more, but many martial artists at the emperor level are unknown, plus the city defense alarm does not sound, which means there is no invasion of foreign enemies, there is no Take it too seriously.

It’s almost the daily maintenance of the large moat outside the city. Anyway, similar line fluctuations are not the first time to sweep the whole city. They have long been used to it.

Only the Half Emperor with a higher cultivation base can clearly sense the dangerous atmosphere that is different from the past in the fluctuations of the lineup, and they fly up and rush out to find out.

Li Dongling, Luo Yanghua, Ji Kangle, Chen Zhengye, Lu Kaicheng, and Mu Yuanzhong, Zang Wenshu, etc. The Half Emperor who temporarily resides in Jinghua City are all absent, and all of them are inadvertently teleported to the north city gate, just like Gu. Zeyan Several people meet in one place.

Inside City Lord House.

Lan Yuanqing also raised his head suddenly, unlike those ordinary emperors. As the City Lord of Jinghua City, Lan Yuanqing has already received the battle report of the monster race 2 Great Holy Land from the Federal Center City, which is better than what Gu Yang got. The news must be comprehensive and accurate.

Nearly 60000 monsters, which which is included 5 half emperors, more than 50 half Demon Emperor Realm, count 100 Monster Emperor, and 1000 Beast King, all trapped in the moat outside the Federal Center City .

Except that the Xiongyin Shenzi survived because of his special status and was not suitable for beheading, the remaining demon, including 5 half emperors, all died.

On the Human Race side, the three and a half emperors did not even participate in the battle. Half Emperor and Emperor Rank Xeon also suffered no casualties.

It’s just that the common martial artist under the King Rank accidentally sacrificed several hundred people when working in concert.

I have to say that such a low casualty rate, coupled with such a large enemy killing result, has never appeared in any previous siege war of 10000 monsters or more!

The large array of fortifications provided by Yang Fan is indispensable and meritless. I dare not say it is a record that has never been approached and will never be approached again. At least it has been able to communicate with many of the Professor sages who invented the psionic shield mention on equal terms.

After this battle, the name of Yang Fan will inevitably resound throughout the Human Race Federation, and the new moat formation will inevitably spread throughout the cities in the 36 domains of the Federation, just like the psionic shield.

In this regard, Lan Yuanqing is convinced!

On his side, Mei Cailan, Bu Yingwu and Sima Xuefeng and the others all showed a bit of excitement and joy.

“Is it that the moat has been repaired?! How do I feel that the intensity of the Formulation wave just now is stronger than it was before by more than a little bit!”

“There is a similar feeling in the old body, but this is too fast, Master Yang has not come back for less than 3 days?”

“Wrong, although Yang Fan Elder’s real body has only been back for less than 3 days, the patch repair work of the moat has been established as early as half a month ago. It has always been the construction of Yang Fan Elder’s Clone in charge! “

“Unsurprisingly, I should have just tried the battle just now. The moat Formation, which has the same function as the big moat of the Federal Center City, has finally been constructed, and I can sit back and relax in the future!”

Several people have spoken out loudly, looking forward to this super moat that can even be trapped and killed by the half emperor.

The original Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array that Yang Fan built before was able to easily trap half of the Demon Emperor Realm, and they were already absolutely great.

But the half emperor’s sudden finger half half a month immediately scared these emperors and Half Emperor in the city.

The Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, which they think is very powerful in protection, is just like the paper in front of the half emperor’s finger, watching the protection of that finger’s breakthrough large array, and putting Yang Fan with one finger The Clone was crushed into slag and ash, and had no ability to resist at all.

Such a scene is really exciting, and many emperors and Half Emperor in the city are so awake that they didn’t sleep well, and they panicked.

The power of the half emperor powerhouse made them martial artists who broke through the peace and became emperors, and then moved from Emperor Rank cultivation to Half Emperor realm.

Because at that time, if the half emperor finger did not withdraw after killing Yang Fan Clone, but chose to directly attack the city, they could not rely on the psionic shield to passively resist, but they could not fight back at all. 1. Ability and means of resistance.

A deep sense of frustration and powerlessness spread in the hearts of many high-level martial artists. They desperately need a victory, a big victory that can kill the half emperor of Monster Race to regain confidence and restore fighting spirit.

This battle in the Federal Central City has undoubtedly come just right.

“Let’s go, if there is no accident, it should have been formed! Let’s go to see the power of the new formation!”

Lan Yuanqing stood flushed, and Yang Fan had threatened to complete the moat in three days when he returned.

Although it is not yet 3 days, but since there has been some noise on the side of the moat, most of it has been completed ahead of schedule.

Lan Yuanqing has already learned a lot about Yang Fan’s supernatural speed, and he has no doubts about it.

“In addition, Zi Qi, this is to open the report of the Federal Center City’s victory over Monster Race 2 Great Holy Land. We, Jinghua City, and even the martial artist of the entire Human Race Federation, need such good news to stimulate !”

Before leaving, Lan Yuanqing gave a special command to Lu Ziqi around him. Lu Ziqi bowed to his shoulders and sent Lan Yuanqing and Sima Xuefeng and the others away at the same time.

Soon, at the north city gate, Lan Yuanqing and several people came to the north city gate. At this time, Gu Zeyan, Liu Silong and other gangsters from the level of Half Emperor have arrived, and they are standing at the head of the city at this moment. Watching quietly, dare not disturb.

As for why you come to the north city gate, it is not because this is the array core of the moat, but because Yang Fan is riding a crocodile and is standing outside the north city gate.

These big brothers sensed that Yang Fan did not have any hidden breath fluctuations, and then suddenly moved to this place.

In fact, not only Yang Fan, behind Yang Fan, there are also a number of disciplines such as Sang Duotuo, Ling Tian, ​​and Che Hongyu, Qian Tongfang and a group of Illusionist who came from the Federal Center City to help.

At the moment, everyone stood outside the city, looking at the transparent shield covering the entire city of Jinghua with delight.

Unlike the golden rays of light emanating from the psionic shield, this transparent shield is colorless and transparent in front of you, and you can’t even notice its existence if you don’t look closely.

Moreover, the role of this layer of shield is not a real protection. It is only a boundary limit, which is a police light curtain that is particularly manifested in order to prevent foreign Human Race from accidentally entering it.

Yang Fan waved his hand, the light curtain disappeared, and all the formations outside the city disappeared into the ground.

Then within ten severe li outside the city, a layer of mist gradually began to rise, seeming to slowly and completely cover the entire city.

For a time, all people’s spiritual perception and breath snooping were all cut off by this layer of mist, and they could no longer sense the slightest sight and breath outside the city.

For this kind of function, Gu Zeyan and Liu Silong are no strangers to their Half Emperor. The previous Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array can easily shield them from the spiritual perception of Half Emperor, so not at all feel the same as before What’s so different.

But a half emperor who had been secretly observing in secret was shocked and surprised.

“Even the mental perception of the old man can be completely cut off. This modified moat formation is really a bit unusual!”

“It seems that the news from the City Lord’s house may not be groundless. This kind of moat array arranged by Yang Fan may not even be able to kill the half-empire demon!”

“Really, the younger generations will surpass us in time!”

Li Miaocai seeing others go hunting, one is excited by memories of the thrill of the hunt. If he wasn’t worried about exposing his possessions, he would like to drill into the moat to experience it.


After the commissioning of the moat, the Six Roads of Samsara, Virtual Reality, Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, and the Class A Psionic Shield of Jinghua City are well connected. There is no stagnation in the conversion of psionic energy between each other.

Moreover, based on the experience of constructing the Federal Central City Moat, Yang Fan has made many more reasonable improvements to the details of the Jinghua City’s moat, and the power of Formation has at least about 100/3 Promotion.


Yang Fan waved his hand in amusement, and said loudly: “I will never have to worry about the semi-empire demon coming over the sneak attack in Jinghua City!”

“Master formidable!”

“Junior Brother has worked hard!”

Behind him, a group of disciples and Che Hongyu and the others cheering excitedly at the same time, endlessly caring, working hard for so long, and finally succeeded.

“Everyone is working hard too!” Yang Fan turned back with a smile, and said loudly: “I said before, when you are in formation, you are invited to drink spirits and eat half-empire blood. Now the situation is in place, and it should be fulfilled. Committed!”

So, with a wave of his hand, Yang Fan took out over 100 pounds of Sovereign level spirit wine and over 1000 pounds of Sovereign level fine meat that had already been cooked from the storage space, throwing his hands and throwing them to An Sheng and Ling Tian, ​​instructing them 2 people Distribute the wine and meat.

“咕dong! ”

“咕dong! ”

As soon as the wine and meat came out, a swallowed saliva sound came around.

“It smells good, Spirit Qi 4 overflows in this wine, it seems to be brewed with spiritual medicine above Emperor Rank, but it is the top grade in the wine!”

“There is also the barbecue, which is actually all made of the fine meat of the half emperor demon. Not only the aroma is pungent, but also the spirit strength is rich. It must be of great benefit to Martial Dao cultivation base!”

Not to mention the recipe and a group of Illusionist around Yang Fan, even Gu Zeyan and the others who have stood on the periphery of the city gate and didn’t dare to come and disturb Yang Fan’s trial are also attracted by this intoxicating wine and meat Drooling.

Spirit wine and semi-perfect fine meat at this level, even for them, such as the Half Emperor, are extremely precious resources for cultivation.

But now, Yang Fan has just so casually come up with so many rewards to reward his own discipline and a follower Illusionist.

It is too extravagant and too local.

This level of wine and meat, let these cultivation base only King Rank realm’s juniors to eat and drink, it is a bit wasteful, there is wood?

It’s not just Gu Zeyan and these Half Emperor.

Even Li Miaocai, who was hidden in the dark, was unable to bear, twitching his nose one after another, and was drunk.

As a half emperor, his knowledge and experience are much richer than that of Gu Zeyan and they recognized the origin of the spirit wine and half emperor fine meat brought out by Yang Fan at a glance.

“It turned out to be the fine meat of Sovereign level spirit wine and Dijiao Banhuang, Yang Fan, this kid has a lot of good things!”

The fine meat of Dijiao Banhuang is also that’s all. There were more than one Dijiao Banhuang who died in the Federal Center City. It is not surprising that Yang Fan can get some of the half-loose refined meat.

But where did he get this Sovereign level spirit wine?

It is a special offer for Sovereign level. It is made of Sovereign level spiritual medicine and Sovereign level Spirit Fruit as main ingredients, together with Earth Veins Essence Liquid and countless Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit. It can be brewed after a few years of special fermentation.

Whether it is in Monster Race or in the human domain, this level of spirit wine is generally only eligible for Sovereign power.

Yang Fan, this kid has what skills and abilities. !

This is properly a big fat sheep, I really want to rob him!

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