I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1236

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Yang Fan glanced at the Half Emperor and Lan Yuanqing and the others standing on the head of the city and greeted softly:

“If several generations have leisure, why not join together!”


shua ~ shua ~ shua ~!

Dozens of silhouettes were unwelcomely invited to join the team of sharing wine and meat.

In this regard, Yang Fan did not care.

The reason why he will take out so much spirit wine and semi-empire fine meat, in fact, he also wants to entertain these big brothers.

After all, the people standing behind Yang Fan, besides the two cultivation bases of Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian, ​​have reached the Half Emperor realm, and can eat more spirit wine and refined meat of this Sovereign level.

The rest, including Che Hongyu, Qian Tongfang, Tian Feiyao, Mu Qianqian, etc., all have insufficient cultivation bases, even if they are left open to eat and drink, they cannot eat as much.

After all, it is Sovereign level fine meat, even if only Sovereign level Third Grade, it is far beyond the limit that these kings and emperors realm can bear.

Under the Emperor Rank, not to mention eating a catty, even if you eat 2 2, you have to keep your belly bloated and indigestion.

As for the Sovereign level spirit wine, let alone, under the Half Emperor realm, all are bite-sized, no matter how much, the belly can burst.

Therefore, the 100-pound spiritual medicine and 1000-pound ground carcass meat that Yang Fan took out also had to entertain Gu Zeyan and the others, and took the opportunity to help them improve some cultivation base.

After seeing the power of half the Sovereign level powerhouse, Yang Fan has clearly felt that these Half Emperor people in Jinghua City are not enough.

Without the most sophisticated battle strength support, even if there is a moat and psionic shield to ensure that Monster Race can’t attack the city, they can only shrink in the city like a grandson.

Once those Monster Races take siege without attacking attrition, trapping martial artists and residents in the entire city, how many cities can hold on for more than a month without starving to death?

Therefore, in order not to be beaten passively, Jinghua City must have its own semi-empire powerhouse.

And Gu Zeyan, Liu Silong, these ready-made Half Emperor are undoubtedly the best promotion objects.

Yang Fan has long discovered that Gu Zeyan and their Old Senior who failed to advance in time because of serious injuries, the reason why they cannot break through to the half emperor or even the Sovereign environment is not only because of the insufficient Rule Power they have learned.

More importantly, because of the limitation of aptitude and resources, it is directly stuck in the level of Half Emperor who requires a lot of energy experience and spiritual experience to advance.

After all, the blood and blood strength and spirit strength needed to cultivate Half Emperor arrives at perfection Peak realm is more than ten times their breakthrough to Peak Emperor Rank.

Many people, even Li Dongling, Luo Yanghua, and Sun Zhengye, who were not at all seriously injured Half Emperor who delayed cultivation for so many years, still did not accumulate these ten times the total amount of Qi and blood to Perfection Realm .

Not to mention Gu Zeyan, Liu Silong, Zhao Xuewen, and Hu Chen, who have been scrapped for more than 50 years because of serious injuries, and have just recovered the Half Emperor who broke through.

If there is not enough resources to supply, and it is just a little hard work to accumulate by themselves, even if the spirit strength environment is so rich, there is no possibility for ten years or eight years.

I don’t see Li Dongling. Before the fifteenth spirit strength tide eruption, they had been salted fish for 5 years, hiding in their small nest every day for cultivated cultivation, until they are still stuck in the cultivation realm of Half Emperor. ?

“Yang Fan brother, enough!”

“Yang Fan, old man did not miss you, she is a good child!”

“Yang Fan, Friends, Trench!”

A group of young and old-looking grandparents looked at Yang Fan graciously while eating meat and drinking, boasting Yang Fan, and their favorability for Yang Fan sou sou soared upwards.

The hand that holds others is short, and the mouth that eats others is short.

After really realizing the great benefits that these spirit alcohol meat brought to them, a group of Half Emperor people were both grateful and like Yang Fan, and wished to directly catch this kid at home as grandson-in-law or heavy grandson -in-law.

Yang Fan responded to this, smiled indifferently, and even took out a few pieces of Sovereign level dilapidated meat to start cooking on the spot.

What’s more, the grilled Sovereign level fine meat Yang Fan will also throw a piece of crocodile around him from time to time. It seems that Gu Zeyan is very distressed, and he is gruntingly defeating the family and so on .

You said that if you feed a crocodile to eat meat, that’s all, you still feed it to drink spirit wine, this is not a loser or a reckless waste of natural resources. What is it?

“Ding! Your disciplinary Tian Feiyao has given Sovereign level spiritual spirits to be emotionally grateful, grateful for your heart, and greatly improved Sect’s sense of belonging, Sect’s loyalty has been greatly improved, Inner Disciple advanced point +2.”

“Ding! Your disciplinary An Sheng has given Sovereign level spiritual spirits to be agitated, grateful to you, and greatly enhanced Sect’s sense of belonging…”

“Your disciple Tian Feiyao qi and blood run for a week, Level 3 Sovereign spirit strength is partially stimulated, qi and blood strength +200000, Sect team spirit 100% bonus is successfully stimulated, you automatically get disciple Tian Feiyao 100% Cultivation experience bonus, strength of qi and blood +200000.”

“Your disciple mulberry blossom blood runs for a week, Level 3 Sovereign spirit strength is partially stimulated, qi blood strength +300000, Sect team spirit 100% bonus is successfully stimulated…”


There is a system hint coming from Yang Fan’s ear, and the blood experience within the body is also continuously increasing. Although the feeling of comfort is much inferior to killing a half emperor, but the victory is lasting, it feels quite good. .

Soon, about ten minutes passed.

The disciples and juniors who were originally behind Yang Fan started to be drowsy. After drinking Dijiao Jing meat, they only drank a small sip of Sovereign level spirit wine, and they were drunk directly.

A dozen disciples, plus Che Hongyu, Qian Tongfang senior and junior brothers, only consumed a small part of the wine and then quietly stopped completely. The soldiers who were guarded outside the city were sent back to the dormitory to rest .

By Yang Fan’s side, only the disciples of Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian 2 Half Emperor level and a semi-crown crocodile were still awake.

“You two don’t need to be so cautious. Now the moat formation is complete. There is another little crocodile around the teacher. There will be no surprises.”

Yang Fan turned his head and looked at the two disciplines that he had never let go of eating and drinking, but kept to himself, and said softly to them: “So, don’t be polite to the teacher. Today, the wine and meat are full. Although you eat and drink, you don’t have to. Save for Master!”

These two recipes are the real big producers. The more they eat, the richer Yang Fan’s experience will be, and the more comfortable they will feel naturally.

“Yes, Master!”

The two responded at the same time, glanced at the little female crocodile lying quietly at the foot of Yang Fan, and the moat array that was working normally behind him, and finally no longer controlled the convergence deliberately, picked up the wine filled with Sovereign level spirit wine Kettle, wanton drinking.

“Ding! Your disciple Sang Duo Duo has given Sovereign level spiritual spirits aroused mood, grateful for your heart, greatly improved Sect’s sense of belonging, Sect’s loyalty is extremely improved, Inner Disciple advanced point +5. “

“Ding! Your disciple Ling Tian has given Sovereign level spiritual spirits to be agitated, grateful for your heart, and greatly improved the sense of belonging of Sect. Sect’s loyalty is greatly improved. Inner Disciple advanced point +5, current Inner Disciple has reached 100 advanced points, and the disciples are at heart, and the teachers are prosperous!”

“Ding! Your disciple Ling Tian Inner Disciple advancement point reaches 100, Inner Disciple identity is officially activated, master and disciple relationship intimacy +100.”


Yang Fan’s spirit revived, Ling Tian’s Inner Disciple advanced point finally reached 100, and Inner Disciple’s official identity was fully activated!

As soon as Yang Fan’s thoughts moved, he soon found an advanced explanation about Inner Disciple in the Sea of ​​Knowledge.

“For every 100 intimacy consumed, a trace of Rule Power can be converted to Inner Disciple!”

“this is……”

“Lying trough! With the intimacy of Inner Disciple, the power of Avenue Rules learned by Master can be directly imparted to Inner Disciple, thereby increasing the progress of Inner Disciple’s understanding of Avenue Rules?”

Yang Fan was shocked directly.

what does this mean?

This means that as long as Yang Fan is willing, he can completely transfer the rules and experiences learned from other disciplines to another Inner Disciple!

This means that as long as Yang Fan is willing, he can make absolutely the majority of Inner Disciple’s understanding of Avenue Rules in a short period of time, all reaching the Perfection state!

When the time comes, not to mention Extreme Limit King, Xeon Emperor Zun, even the Xeon Sovereign, Xeon Sovereign may not be directly created!

“This ability is just a little bit abnormal!”

Yang Fan was amazed. Didn’t expect, after he can directly impart all his martial skill realm and Formation realm to his own discipline, he can now even convert the Rule Power he has learned!

“I really envy you. I can meet a Master who is handsome and practical like me, and the Great Cow is booming in my lifetime!”

Apart from being amazed, Yang Fan couldn’t help looking at Sang Duduo and Ling Tian with envy, and he could meet the Master at a young age. In the future, all of each and everyone will become emperors and hope!

With this identity of Inner Disciple, all these disciplines under Yang Fan’s door have the opportunity to make up for the shortcomings of the previous forced promotion and breakthrough. Everyone has the opportunity to become the Xeon martial artist of all Perfection of Avenue Rules.

Is this considered to be a ticket after boarding the train?

Yang Fan glanced at Ling Tian, ​​who was drinking spirit wine, and the thoughts moved slightly, which directly consumed the 100 points of intimacy, extracted the extra trace of Rule Power from his body, and slowly added it to Ling Tian. .

At the same time, the system hint sounded in his ear:

“You are concentrating and trying to give discipline Ling Tian a hint of fire power Rule Rule and give success! discipline Ling Tian’s fire department rule avenue progress +1, Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5.”

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