I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1237

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Ling Tian, ​​who is in the endless spirit strength of refining Sovereign level spirit wine, started suddenly.

what’s the situation?

Why did his body suddenly have a trace of Fire Power Rule, and what made him even more incredible is that this Fire Power Rule Power still came from the Master?

Ling Tian unable to bear turned his head and peeked at Yang Fan, secretly sound transmission said: “Master, the discipline just seems to suddenly comprehended a trace of Fire Rule Power, I don’t know…”

“Yes, that is for the teacher to spare no effort to consume the source, specially extracted for you!”

Yang Fan admits frankly that it is not his habit to do good without a name.

“Your fire rules are about to be Perfection. In the next few days, you will work harder to help you understand the rules of Perfection! In the future, when you break through the Half-Emperor or Sovereign environment, you will become more comfortable.”

“Master ……”

Ling Tian was so touched that his eyes were red, and he looked at Yang Fan with emotion, and his affection degree soared.

“Ding! Your disciple Ling Tian is in a state of emotional enthusiasm, grateful for your heart, and a great sense of belonging to Sect. Sect’s loyalty is greatly enhanced. Master and disciple relationship intimacy +200.

In addition to being moved, Ling Tian was shocked and shocked in his heart.

Even Rule Power can refining and condensing, is there anything else in this world that his Master can’t or can’t do?

Before this, Ling Tian had never heard of it. In this world, there are martial artists other than Sovereign or Monster Race that can condense and show Rule Power alone.

Even his former Master Wu Dao, and even Ancestor Master Ye Wentian, did not have the ability to extract a certain power of Avenue Rules.

But now.

Here at Yang Fan, a King Realm that is not even an emperor, the total number of Avenue Rules learned is not even likely to exceed ten kinds of Little Brat.

It turns out that no one else has converted the fire rules he has learned into a tangible Rule Power and gave it to his own discipline!

This is the Great Cow

Moreover, listening to the meaning of Yang Fan’s words, this is not the first time, and similar gifts will be available again in the future, until he helps Ling Tian understand Perfection of his own fire system rules.

“It’s so good to be a teacher. I really have been full of virtue in my last 8 years. Thank you!”

Ling Tian sighed in his heart and was full of confidence in his future road to success.

Is there such a thing that can help you advance to make a breakthrough, but also help you understand Avenue Rules up to Perfection’s Great Cow Master, breaking through into a king and so on?

“Cultivation well, optimistic about you for the teacher!”

Yang Fan raised his hand and lightly pats Ling Tian’s shoulders, encouraging him, and at the same time exchanged the 2 100 intimacy value he just got into 2 Silk Fire Rule Power to quietly transmit it to Ling Tian’s within the body through Jing Magical Powers.

“You are concentrating and trying to give discipline Ling Tian a hint of fire power Rule Rule and give success! discipline Ling Tian’s fire department rule avenue progress +1, Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5.”

“You are concentrating on your mind, trying to give disciplinary Ling Tian a hint of Rule Power, and success…”

Ling Tian’s body shook again and again, his mouth widened, and his chin was about to be shaken to the ground.

Is it so efficient?

Actually, there was 2 Silk Fire Rule Power, should I be so cool?

Master, how can you make the discipline more comfortable in cultivation in the future, if you eat too much of this kind of white food, you will give the discipline spoil!

Ling Tian got cheap and sold well.

Feeling that the progress of the fire rule comprehension of the fire department has increased by 2 100 points, I am so beautiful in my heart, I hope Yang Fan can give him a few more times, and it is better to go directly to the Great Perfection.


After these 2 times, there was no more movement on Yang Fan’s side, and Ling Tian couldn’t help being disappointed.

But he was not at all dissatisfied and was able to add 3 Silk Fire Rule Powers in a few minutes, which was completely beyond his expectations.

He can also imagine that in order to be able to condense so many Fire Rule Power for him, Yang Fan Master must consume a lot. I didn’t see that when the last 2 Silk Fire Rule Power was transferred, the Master’s face was white. Yet?

After all, this is the power of Avenue Rules. If you want to condense and manifest, even the true emperor will spend a lot of mind, not to mention that Yang Fan is only King Rank Peak realm.

“Master, thank you! This discipline will never forget the recipe!”

Ling Tian looked towards Yang Fan with grateful eyes, he was clinging to this thick thigh, will not let go in this life!

“Ding! Your disciple Ling Tian is in a state of emotional enthusiasm, grateful for your heart, and a great sense of belonging to Sect. Sect’s loyalty is greatly enhanced. Master and disciple relationship intimacy +100.

Only increased intimacy by 100?

Yang Fan raised his eyebrows, which was half less than the first time. Looking at this rhythm, it seems that the intimacy between the master and disciple is not so easy.

This time he clearly gave Ling Tian 2 Silk Fire Rule Power, but the intimacy returned was not as good as the first one.

Is it the system in order to prevent this kind of brushing experience, or the same thing is done a lot, the shock and gratitude in the mind of Ling Tian is also gradually weakening?

But whatever the reason, Yang Fan was not prepared to continue.

It’s not that it brings no success, nor is it that Ling Tian’s cultivation base is too strong to be rebellious.

It was because after losing three Silk Fire Rule Powers in succession, Yang Fan clearly felt that the chain of fire ruled roads enveloping his whole body seemed not so pure and transparent.

Although it is still a Great Perfection Realm, and it still has a surplus, it seems that the so-called rule chain seems to be a bit emotional at the same time that so many fire power rules are extracted.

“Is there still a limit to the number of refined Rule Power?”

Yang Fan mentioned a bit of caution in his heart. Before didn’t touch knew the detailed joints in it, he didn’t dare to extract too many corresponding Rule Power.

It is true to help the discipline improve its strength, but the premise is that it cannot affect his own cultivation realm.

impossible The wool of the stubble was not scrounged, but the wool on his body was swept out by a large amount.

“Huh? Why is the wine in the old man’s glass gone? Did I just drink it? The head is dizzy and I don’t remember it at all!”

“En? What about the roasted meat in the old lady’s hands? I remember that I just got it in my hand. Why did you eat it so soon?

I don’t know since when, the half-level emperor gangsters who were still drinking and eating meat seemed to be drunk and started to talk.

It seems to be suspecting that someone has secretly drank the spirit wine in their glass and ate the fine meat in their hands.

But how is this possible?

Their each and everyone’s power is Half Emperor level power, the whole Jinghua city, and even the entire Federation, there are several people who can take away the wine and meat from their hands so subconsciously, this is not seizing food from the tiger’s mouth?

Therefore, many people only complained a little bit, just because they drank too much, and were in a trance, and did not take it seriously.

After all, this is Sovereign level spirit wine. Even if they are Half Emperor, they can’t bear it if they drink too much.

Yang Fan looked up at the void unconsciously after hearing these big guys talking to themselves.

Cracking a joke, these people are all Half Emperor. Even if they are drunk, they are in a trance, and their sense of mind can’t go wrong.

Being able to steal spirit wine and refined meat from their hands without knowing it is not something anyone can do.

“Master, something is not right, there seems to be a lot less spirit in the jug.”

Sang Duduo expression remained unchanged, quietly warning Yang Fan sound transmission, with a little nervousness and caution in his tone.

“The spiritual sense who can deceive the discipline directly steals the spirit wine from the flask in the hands of the discipline. It is definitely not the generation of Fan Gu. The discipline suspects that a half emperor has infiltrated the city of Jinghua!”

“Master, shall we return to the moat first?”

Sang Duduo softly suggested that if there is a half emperor powerhouse lurking in the dark, these people in their presence may not be able to resist.

At this time, the little female crocodile who had been lying at the foot of Yang Fan and said nothing to Yang Fan sound transmission suddenly: “The handsome master Baba, if you give me another glass of spirit wine, I will tell you who is in the dark Trick or treat, will help you get him out!”

“Get out of the way!”

Yang Fan kicked the little female crocodile to the side angrily, and even dared to blackmail his owner. This little female crocodile’s courage is quite fat, really owed.

“Relax, it should be friends and enemies, otherwise it is not as simple as stealing wine and meat.”

Yang Fan comforted Sang Duduo softly.

The powerhouse that can be achieved in the front of one’s eyes take advantage of a crisis for personal gain of so many Half Emperor and has not yet been discovered by them, and now there is only one person in the whole city of Jinghua as far as Yang Fan knows.

Thinking about it, Yang Fan turned his hands over and pulled out a ten-jin bottle of Sovereign level spirit wine, holding it in his arms and fishing.


The moment he took the spirit wine out, a familiar system hint sounded in his ear.

“You are disturbed by Martial Sovereign (mutilated) Li Miaocai’s spirit, the consciousness is instable, the memory is disordered, the passive defense of the immortal will is activated, the instantaneous recovery of the mind, Spiritual Power +10, spirit willpower +10.”

“You have been invaded by Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai Space Divine Ability, the number of spirit level spirits has been halved, but you have a touch, but you cannot understand Space Divine Ability due to insufficient cultivation base. Spiritual Power +10, Spirit willpower +10 .”

Yang Fan frowned.

Real hammer.

This man first used Spiritual Power to interfere with the spiritual perception of the lost owner, and then used Space Divine Ability to steal wine and steal meat without even knowing it. Even if the Sovereign level spirit wine and Sovereign level fine meat in the hand disappeared, the lost owner thought he was himself. Swallowed.

“Miaocai Senior wants to drink, to be blunt! Junior still has a lot here, Senior and take a slow drink!”

Yang Fan refills the missing wine, puts the jug on the table in front of him, and slowly raises his head to look into the void, Spiritual Power diffuses disorderly, and the idea of ​​sound transmission is contained in it.

Although not expressly stated, Yang Fan believes that Li Miaocai will be able to receive his spiritual thoughts.

“Haha, you little doll, really found the existence of the old man!”

“But I still know that reviewing the old and cherish the young, this pot of spirit wine, the old man laughed and accepted it! It’s not a white take, it’s the old man’s protection fee for your protection during this time!”

Soon, there was a voice feedback from Yang Fan’s knowledge of the sea. At the same time, all the ten pounds of spirit wine in the jug were also disappeared.

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