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protection fee?

Yang Fan hearing this, he couldn't help shaking his head and smiled, and put away the empty flask.

Since Li Miaocai would rather steal alcohol and drink than reveal his identity, why should Yang Fan call him his identity as a wicked man?

This is, after all, the only half-empire powerhouse in Jinghua City. It is better not to offend.

The only regret is that this guy has refused to show up. Yang Fan has not yet known what he looks like, let alone turning him into his own.

After taking ten pounds of Sovereign level spirit wine, Li Miaocai seems to have been fulfilled as expected, and finally no longer moved towards Gu Zeyan and the others quietly reached out.

Dozens of Half Emperor no longer complained about the disappearance of the wine in their hands.

After about ten more minutes, all 100 pounds of spirit wine and 1000 pounds of diao jingjing meat brought out by Yang Fan had bottomed out. Now everyone except Yang Fan and the little female crocodile drooling on the ground They were all drunk with vain footsteps and unstable figure, and some did not know what happened tonight.

However, after all, they are the big guys of the Half Emperor level. Even if they are drunk, they are not like Lan Yuanqing and Bu Yingwu. Their Emperor Rank and even the martial artist under the Emperor Rank are directly sleepy and unconscious.

With the last trace of sober consciousness, they bowed their hands to bid farewell to Yang Fan, and then each and everyone left to break away.

Go back to each family, and retreat to digest the endless spirit strength of the swallowed belly.

"You two don't hold on anymore, you don't have to follow me as a teacher anymore. Tonight I will go home and live. Xiao Meili and Dahei will follow you next to me. No surprises."

Yang Fan waved to Ling Tianduo and Ling Tian, ​​and beat them both away.

Later, Yang Fan raised his hand and patted the head of the little female crocodile, and a man and a beast also disappeared in place.

That night.

Old Yang's family is in a newly purchased house in Jinghua City. A family of four is present, sitting on a small balcony on the second floor in the open air, and having a pleasant dinner.

This is the first time Yang Fan has sat with his parents and little sister for dinner for the first time since returning from the Federal Center City.

Yang Chaoqun and Zhao Linglan were very happy. They continually served food to Yang Fan. Yang Guo was very jealous.

"Dad, Mom, you are partial. That braised pork rib is obviously my favorite dish. Why are you all caught in my brother's bowl! Huh!"

Yang Guo pursed her mouth, and I was very upset and coaxed me.

"Go go go!" Zhao Linglan tapped the little girl's head with her chopsticks angrily: "Less pantothenic acid here, did you eat less braised ribs when your brother didn't come back?"

"It's all in junior high school, and I'm so ignorant, I know I'm fighting for food with your brother!"

Yang Guo pouted, looking towards Yang Chaoqun grievously: "Dad, look at my mother, don't have a daughter if you have a son!"

Yang Chaoqun smiled gently and said, "Okay, okay, your brother will come back for a rare trip..."

Yang Fan took a bite of braised pork ribs and squeezed his eyes proudly at Yang Guo, making the little girl's mouth pursed higher.

It wasn't until the end that Yang Fan divided the ribs in the bowl into half of her, so that the snack was turned into sorrow and joy, and the elder brother elder brother cheered shortly.

Laughing and scolding, parents are short.

This is the taste of home. Every time you sit with your family and eat, Yang Fan will have a feeling of warmth and peace of mind.

It’s just a pity.

As his cultivation base and fame increase, the days of reunion with his family will inevitably decrease.

Moreover, the current situation is unstable, the friction between the two groups of people and demon is constant, like this warm and stable day, no one knows when it will be suddenly broken.

With a little sigh in his heart, Yang Fan unable to bear lifted and touched Little Yang Guo, who was eating ribs and was eating fragrant, with a smile on his face.

This little girl has already been promoted to King Realm, and she is still so greedy, still not growing up!

"Brother, don't pat others' heads." Yang Guo gave Yang Fan a dissatisfied look and complained: "My Master said, Psionic's head can't touch outsiders anytime, Jin Gui!"

"And people are growing up now, what should you do if you don't shoot me long?"

Yang Fan hearing this, couldn't help but laugh, but instead of stopping, he slapped twice.

"You elf, are you alien?"

"Psionic's head is golden, but it's not muddy. How can it be so fragile and a little self-confident?"

With that said, Yang Fan unable to bear gave the little girl 2 more times, not to mention, this little head of Psionic Master knocked on it, and it really felt a sense of accomplishment.

This little girl is now a Psionic Master, and Martial Dao cultivation base will soon be promoted to king realm. Both physical defense and Spirit Defence are much stronger than the ordinary first-level king.

Not to mention patting the brain twice, even if you take a knife to cut a few times, it may not be able to knock a little bit of skin and cut a trace of hair.


Yang Guo looked at Yang Fan with resentment qi all over her face, it was really annoying, she is already a big girl now, her brother still likes to pat her head, treat her as a child!

But the next second, after seeing a few items that Yang Fan pulled out, the two big eyes of the little girl brushed up, and the resentment qi in her heart disappeared, and her eyes looked at Yang Fan pitifully.

Runes Divine Weapon!

A whole set of Runes Divine Weapon!

From helmets, to armor, to leggings, to boots, Yishui's top silver martial arts, almost didn't blind Yang Guo's eyes.

She is not the same student in Xichu who even knew Second Rank spiritual medicine.

She is now in junior high school, and also worships a Spirit Emperor as a Teacher.

During this time, Little Yang Guo not only continuously cultivated upwards in shua~ shua~ shua~, her knowledge, experience, and even the experience of the enemy also increased in geometric multiples.

Divine Weapon is something that Yang Guo has heard from Master Fan Chengren's mouth more than once, and he has actually watched the sky thorn in Yang Fan's hands more than once. It has a certain degree of Divine Weapon's grade and power. To understanding.

Therefore, Yang Guo can see that these Divine Weapon suits are immediately before seeing that they are the highest silver Martial God soldiers.

What is even more rare is that it is a set, which is really a common set of common origins same root with different branches, even a combination of Runes fluctuations in a frequency band!

According to her Teacher Fan Chengren, such a silver Martial God soldier suit combination, the entire source star is not necessarily able to have a hand, and the scarce baby is very much!

"Brother, this is the Yinwu suit, right?"

Hearing Yang Guo's affirmative tone of inquiries, Yang Fan's brows couldn't help but it seemed that Fan Chengren, the Teacher, still taught very well, even recognized these Divine Weapon levels at a glance, even the Yinwu suit all know.

You know, even Yang Fan only understood the name of Yinwu suit after picking up the Divine Weapon, the body of Xiong Yin.

I didn't expect Yang Guo this girl, I just studied with Fan Chengren for half a year, and I called out the four words "Yinwu Suit", which is very good!

"Good!" Yang Fan gently nodded and delivered this set of Divine Weapon to Little Yang Guo, saying, "This is a gift that big brother specially prepared for your breakthrough to king realm. Come and try it on! "

Yang Guo brushed up and stood up, his little face flushed with excitement: "Really prepared for me?!"

"Brother, you are so good, I love you!"

Little girl did not directly pick up the set of Divine Weapon, but first went to Yang Fan's neck, let's kiss on Yang Fan's face.

Yang Fan hehe smiled, very pleased in one's mind, as long as the little girl is happy, this set of gifts is not given in vain.

When I learned that Spore Clone had taken a whole set of defenses from Divine Weapon from Xiong Yin, Yang Fan immediately thought of leaving them to Little Yang Guo.

Now, Yang Guo's cultivation base has reached the realm of Psionic Master. Divine Soul is strong enough to fully refining the entire set of Divine Weapon to the sea. This time it is suitable for her.

As for Yang's father and Yang's mother, because of insufficient strength, Divine Soul's strength has not yet reached the level where it can refining Runes Divine Weapon, Yang Fan is also weak.

"Thank you brother! Then I will start!"

Loosen Yang Fan's neck, Little Yang Guo excitedly looked at the Divine Weapon suit floating in front of him, proficiently protruding his spirit willpower, and touched one of Divine Weapon a little bit.

Yang Fan stood next to slightly nodded.

It seems that Fan Chengren did not teach Yang Guo this girl, and even taught me the mysterious skills of refining Divine Weapon.

Poor that old man knows the secret of subduing Divine Weapon, but he didn't find a Divine Weapon.

"If not, go back and pick one to let Yang Guo bring him over. With Divine Weapon sitting next to him, he can better protect Yang Guo's integrity in the future!"

There was a hint of thought in Yang Fan's heart, and he quickly made a decision.

During this time, he and his spore Clone killed so many High Rank Monster Beasts, and even cleaned up the treasure trove of 10000 Yaoshan and Black Wind Valley.

For Divine Weapon, for Yang Fan, it is actually not scarce. It is natural that Fan Chengren will not feel distressed if he distributes it to Fan Chengren.

"Xiaofan, are you a little bit too fond of Little Guo."

Taking advantage of Yang Guo refining Divine Weapon's free time, Yang Chaoqun whispered Yang Fan with concern, saying:

"She, a little child, got so many babies at once, what can I do if someone remembers it, and beware of guilt!"

Yang Fan shook his head with a chuckle, and said with relief: "Dad, you can rest assured, Little Guo is now a Psionic Master, a real King Rank martial artist, and already has a certain degree of self-preservation."

"I gave her this set of silver Martial God soldiers, also in order to better protect her safety, so that she was really remembered by someone or demon!"

After becoming a king, Yang Guo is no longer an ordinary person. Impossible will stay in the city all his life. Yang Fan this can be considered in the rain.

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