I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1239

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Yang Chaoqun wanted to say more, but was kicked lightly by Zhao Linglan.

“What the hell are you doing with old fogey, can Xiaofan still hurt his younger sister? You might as well go to cultivation for a while, and stepping into Grandmaster’s situation early is the topic.”

“Really, now even Guoguo is the king, but your father still stays at the level of Martial Master, and it’s not too shameful!”

Yang Chaoqun refused to accept the air: “What is so shameful, this is called the student surpasses the master, I am happy to be too late!”

“This shows that the genes of my Old Yang family are still very good. It’s just that Yang Chaoqun didn’t catch up with the good times. If the spirit strength on the original star was so rich in the early decades, I would have become a king!”

Comrade Yang Chaoqun is a little bloated.

A little chef who has been cultivated for several decades is still a first-class martial artist. Even if he was born in the spirit strength concentration is so strong, the result is estimated to be not much better.

“You said you’re fat and you’re really panting. Does Xiaofan and Little Guo have such an excellent relationship with your Old Yang family? It’s clear that these 2 children are with me. Our old Zhao Family was also out of those years. Grandmaster martial artist, have you ever had the Old Yang family?”

Zhao Linglan also not to be outdone, directly draw all the credit to his own name, of course Old Yang does not do it, and strives to be reasonable.

However, in Yang Fan’s opinion, this is called Final Struggle. Over the years, father has never won a fight, and now he is arguing with Mother about who the child looks like. Self-seeking dead end.

“However, the cultivation base of father Mother is indeed a bit low!”

“They are provided with so many cultivation resources. Until now, Mother has reached the level of Grandmaster, and father still lingers in the Martial Master Realm world.”

Yang Fan’s gaze swept over Yang Chaoqun and Zhao Linglan 2 and sighed softly in his heart.

He was actually curious. How did the couple’s muddy cultivation aptitude produce a young genius like Yang Guo? Is it a gene mutation?

Yang Fan is more like their pro son. The cultivation aptitude is even more scum than the old two.

If it weren’t for the system, Yang Fan didn’t doubt it at all. His “Huanan Shame” hat must still be on his head. The ten-year Second Rank Martial Apprentice might also become an eleven-year, Second Rank Martial Apprentice in 2 years or even 20 years.

After all, every time he earnestly cultivates, he can only get a little blood strength and a little spiritual power cultivation base.

Even with the addition of system, it has never changed the fact that Yang Fan’s cultivation innate talent is too scum.

Otherwise, if you can easily advance through cultivation cultivation, why would Yang Fan be obsessed with out-of-town adventures to kill monsters and level up, and even charge so many discipline smurf ids for him to help him practice?

The same is all waste wood, so Yang Fan particularly understands the current progress of cultivation base of Yang Chaoqun and Zhao Linglan, which has nothing to do with hard work. Innate talent is something that has been decided from birth, no one can do it. what.

What Yang Fan can do now can only rely on resources to go up hard, as to whether he can successfully make a breakthrough and successfully upgrade, then he can only look at God’s will.

Although Yang Fan is willing to help, but accepting his own father and mother as a discipline, let alone Yang Chaoqun and Zhao Linglan are reluctant to live or die, even Yang Fan will find it awkward.

“Fortunately, the large moat outside the city has been built. The current city of Jinghua can be described as a golden soup. As long as the father Mother stays in the city, there will not be too much danger.”

As for the future, it is useless now, let me talk about it later!

“Haha! I succeeded!”

“Dad, Mom, Brother, look, I succeeded!”

At this time, Yang Guo suddenly shouted in excitement, chirp chirp twitter twitter like a little magpie.

Yang Fan and Yang’s father Yang looked up at her, and they just saw little girl putting the last Divine Weapon boots on her feet.

All Divine Weapon is wrapped in Little Yang Guo’s body just right, the size is right, and even the color is changed to silver, wrapped in silver and white with Yang Guo’s mind, the light shines, looks imposing manner like rainbow, Just like a little War God, valiant and formidable looking.

Sure enough, people rely on clothes and horses and saddles. Little Lass really matches this Yinwu suit.

“Yes, my my Guo’er is so beautiful!”

“It’s handsome, it’s my Yang Chaoqun’s daughter, like me!”

“When you go, obviously you are like me, if you are like you, can you go out to meet people?”

“Zhao Linglan, you’re overdoing that. Who didn’t remember who said I looked like Jin Chengwu?”

“Who is Jincheng Wu, I don’t know…”

Yang Fan stood next to him, looking at each other’s two mouthfuls, and could not help smiling, sighing softly, Yang Da Yang’s feelings are still enviable as always.

“Master Baba, no good, Fifth Elder in our family seems to have come over!”

At this time, the beautiful crocodile who had been lying on the bottom of the table suddenly had a warning to Yang Fan.

“I just received the call signal dedicated to the iron crocodile family, it is Fifth Elder crocodile Qiu Ling in the call near the clansman!”

“Fifth Elder is good with Second Elder. 80% of them came here to avenge Second Elder!”

Yang Fan brows slightly raise, face doesn’t change, secretly sound transmission asked Crocodile Beauty: “Do you know where the assembly is?”

“Just outside the north city gate of Jinghua City.”

The beautiful voice of the crocodile falls, and the sound of system hint sounds in Yang Fan’s ear.

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 4 controls the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and launched a killing attack on the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Alligator Qiu Ling. The attack was successful. Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Alligator Qiu Ling’s defense was amazing and intact! Experience +2, Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array Formation experience +5.”

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 4 controls the virtual reality imaginary formation and launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete). The Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Alligator Qiu Ling is sincerely determined and unaffected! Formation Experience +2, Virtual Realistic imaginary formation Formation experience +5.”

“Your spore Clone Yang Fan 4 controls the virtual reality imaginary formation and launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Crocodile Qiu Ling, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Crocodile Qiu Ling’s determination is firm and unaffected…”


What is this operation?

Yang Fan glanced in the direction outside the city with extreme surprise. Is the Fifth Elder of the iron-toothed crocodile a stupid fork, and he stepped directly into the moat outside the city of Jinghua?

It stands to reason that the battle in the Federal Center City has been over for so long. The Numawa Country is one of the Five Great Holy Lands in the Demon Realm. Impossible will not receive any news at all?

Now that you know that the Human Race Federation has such a powerful moat formation that can trap the half-empire demon, why does this crocodile Qiuling dare to test the insurance with such a great cow, is it enough to live?

“Lying trough! This silly old man 5, how did it get into battle?!”

The crocodile beauty seems to have sensed the location of the crocodile Qiu Ling at this time, and the opening of impossible to bear is called cursed.

Doesn’t you have a brain when you go out?

Even if must be in order to Second Elder revenge, anyway, you must first understand the details of the opponent before you start!

Didn’t know that the big city of the Federal Center City that had just trapped and killed 5 half-empire monsters was arranged by Yang Fan?

“It’s interesting, this Fifth Elder is quite sensible, shouldn’t he come here to find Second Elder’s martyrdom?”

Yang Fan’s mouth is slightly tickled, and she seems to be in a good mood.

This is really a person sitting at home, and the experience comes from the door. The Fifth Elder of this iron crocodile family is really a good demon.

The crocodile beautifully bowed her head, feeling ashamed of having 1000 points for the clansman who sent the demon head in 10000.

Why don’t you even come an hour early? Why do you have to wait until the moat of Jinghua is completely built before you drill in? This is not courting death?

“Come on, we will meet you this cute clansman!”

Yang Fan greeted the family and then waved at the little female crocodile. The crocodile was beautifully aware, and directly changed into a suitable size. He was obediently put on the neck by Yang Fan and hurried out of the city.

After a while.

Yang Fan took the crocodile beauty into battle.

At this time, Crocodile Qiu Ling has been trapped in the virtual reality imaginary formation and cannot extricate himself, and will soon be sent to the reincarnation formation.

Yang Fan made a wink at the beauty of the crocodile beside him. The little female crocodile did not hesitate, flew directly into the formation, and landed in front of the crocodile Qiuling.

“Fifth Elder, why are you here?”

“Are you here to save us out?!”

“Second Elder, have you found Second Elder? I have been separated from it for most of the day, and I haven’t found it yet!”

As soon as he entered the battle, the crocodile Meili began to play the upper body, pretending to be a victim who had been trapped for a long time, the panic on his face and the joy of seeing the same family showed vividly and thoroughly.

“Seventh Elder! You really are alive!”

After seeing the beauty of the crocodile, the eyes of the two crocodiles of the crocodile Qiu Ling suddenly lit up, and one flew to the front of the crocodile’s beautiful body, and immediately asked him: “Tell me, who killed the crocodile in the end?! “

“What, Second Elder is dead?” The crocodile is beautifully started, shaking his head in disbelief: “Impossible impossible, Second Elder and I have been separated for only half a day. Second Elder cultivation base is in the sky, how could it be dead?”

Alligator Qiuling glanced at the beautiful alligator disappointedly, didn’t expect it didn’t even know the specific situation, he couldn’t help shaking his head slightly:

“The life fire of the crocodile Zhong stayed in the Siming Temple has been extinguished, and no one can survive. I came here this time and came to avenge it specifically!”

“Tell me, what happened after you arrived in Jinghua City, did the half emperor of Human Race take action?”

Until this time, Crocodile Qiuling didn’t seem to realize that it was now deeply immersed in the imaginary formation, and thought it had been secretly calculated by the Half Race of Human Race, and was temporarily trapped here.

The beautiful corner of mouth twitching of the crocodile, unable to bear whispered: “Fifth Elder, did you just retreat? You came here this time, Great Elder, Senior, do you know?”

Lai Hao is also a half emperor. Even if he is stunned by hatred, he should not be so slow to react!

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