I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1240

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“how do you know?”

Alligator Qiu Ling looked at the beautiful alligator unexpectedly, and then suddenly said:

“It should be Crocodile Zhong telling you. Before half a month, I suddenly felt a sense and shut down for a while. I didn’t think that I heard the news that the Crocodile Fire was extinguished as soon as I went out!”

In fact, it wasn’t really such a coincidence, and Crocodile Qiuling didn’t go out because of the perception of Perfection.

It was because of the accidental death of Crocodile Zhong that caused a ray of Divine Soul that was previously reserved on Crocodile Zhong, which made him directly awakened in the deep state of stability.

The crocodile is beautifully nodded, and it seems to guess well.

The reason why Fifth Elder rushed into this City Protecting Great Formation in Jinghua so rashly and ignorantly, it should be that he came here directly after learning of the death of Second Elder, and he didn’t even have time to go to Great Elder. Report it.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to know that the battle just happened in the Federal Center City.

Even more impossible, I don’t know if the monster holy mountain and the Black Wind Valley 2 Monster Race Saint land already have 5 half emperor monsters killed in the moat outside the federal center city.

“As for Great Elder…”

Speaking of crocodile sin, crocodile Qiuling looked disdainful and sneered:

“The cowardly Old Guy, after learning of the news of Crocodile’s death and the news that you may also be in danger, was so scared that he didn’t dare to put a fart!”

“Not only did they not send someone to rescue, but they even called back the crocodile Zhen who had flown out of Holy Land and wanted to come to the rescue!”

“Such a timid Great Elder, the old lady doesn’t recognize it!”

When Crocodile Qiuling went out, he just saw the Crocodile Zhen returned by the crocodile summon, and his heart was full of anger. What if he had the revenge, he had the leisure to communicate with the crocodile Xin, and directly cut through the space and ran to the person area.

The crocodile is slightly beautiful, this Fifth Elder is really as spicy as legendary, even the Great Elder’s reason dare to pick.

But is it true?

Great Elder An old monster that is so kind and friendly. Will it really ignore the beautiful life and death of its crocodile?

The crocodile’s beautiful mood inevitably became a little low.

In the whole country, the Great Elder Crocodile is the best old monster for it. Didn’t expect now even gives up on it.

“Fifth Elder.” The crocodile beautifully called out lightly, “Actually, you should listen to the words of Great Elder, and you should not be impulsive to come to Jinghua.”

“The city of Jinghua is now unusual. Even if you have a cultivation base for Realm, you are just looking for dead end that’s all.”

Alligator Qiu Ling raised his eyebrows, wondering and at the same time looked towards the alligator beauty with a trace of vigilance: “Seventh Elder, what do you mean? Are you hiding something from me?”

“It seems that you really don’t know.”

The crocodile looked at the crocodile with some pity, lightly said:

“Now the individual cities of the Human Race team have built a new type of moat that is different from the psionic shield. So far, it has trapped and killed 5 half-empire monsters in Monster Race.”

“Great Elder stopped Crocodile Zhen from coming to Jinghua City. It should have been informed of this news, so he didn’t dare to act blindly without thinking.”

“And you, Fifth Elder, didn’t know anything and broke in like a stupid fork, haven’t you found it?

You are now trapped in the moat formation of Jinghua City, and you will soon follow the footsteps of the five half-empire monsters to meet Second Elder on Yellow Springs Road. “

Alligator Qiu Ling glared: “Dare you call this Elder a fool, beautiful alligator, who gave you the guts?!”

“No! You are also trapped in this big formation, what qualifications are there to laugh at this Elder?!”

Crocodile Qiuling finally found the anomaly, staring suspiciously at Crocodile Beauty: “Could you be a traitor and turned to Human Race?!”

“Tell me, is Crocodile killed by you, you little bitch!”

With that said, Crocodile Qiuling was just like going crazy. Two crocodile eyes were full of scarlet rays of light, and they rushed towards the crocodile directly.

The crocodile Meili stood there motionlessly, looking at the crocodile Qiu Ling who was flying towards it with a sneer, shaking his head slightly.

It’s just one of the 1000 items that sent the demon head in 2, and it deserves to die!


Just when the palm of the crocodile Qiu Ling was about to capture the beautiful face of the crocodile, the array fluctuated slightly in the large array. The crocodile Qiu Ling, who was still in baring fangs and brandishing claws, was transferred to another place. , Simply did not touch the crocodile beautifully.

“You control the virtual reality imaginary formation and launched a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete), and Monster Sovereign is in a trance, Divine Soul is throbbing, I don’t know what it is and what it is! Formation experience +10, virtual reality imaginary formation Formation experience +200.”

“You control the Six Roads of Samsara to launch the Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Alligator Qiu Ling, reincarnation, time and space change, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Alligator Qiu Ling is affected by the reincarnation array, and the mind is addicted! +10 , Six Roads of Samsara formation experience +200.”


“You control the Six Roads of Samsara to launch the Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Alligator Qiu Ling, reincarnation, time and space change, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Alligator Qiu Ling is affected by the reincarnation array, and the mind is addicted! +10 , Six Roads of Samsara formation experience +200.”

“You control the Six Roads of Samsara to launch a Spirit Attack to Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Crocodile Qiu Ling. Divine sense escapes, knows the sea collapse, and can’t extricate yourself in the permanent reincarnation.”

“Ding! You control the Six Roads of Samsara to launch Monster Attack, one strike certain kill, Monster Sovereign (defective) Alligator Qiu Ling was successfully slain, blood strength +180000000, spirit willpower +10000.”

“Ding! You have taken the Divine Soul detention against the Divine Soul, who is free of Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Crocodile Qiu Ling. The detention is successful…”

“Ding! You have performed advanced collection techniques on the body of Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Crocodile Qiu Ling. The obstacle-breaking companion technology is passively activated and the collection is successful…”

Yang Fan completely took over the work of the spore Clone Primary 4 classmate, and personally manipulated the Formulation to secretly cook this half-empire demon sent to the door.

Listening to the system hint from ear to ear, I was very happy, and I was so excited that the whole person was excited.

Especially when the crocodile Qiuling hangs down completely, the 200000000 million 80 million strength of qi and blood suddenly appeared in Yang Fan within the body, and almost did not let Yang Fan climax directly.

“It’s cool! Transparent! Don’t stop!”

Yang Fan’s face was flushed, and the whole body felt crisp and beautiful.

Alligator Beauty has been brought to Summon by Yang Fan. After seeing Sand Sculpture like Host manipulate the Formation and completely kill Fifth Elder, the whole person is stunned with excitement, just like drinking a stimulant, disable to bear There was a chill in my heart.

Sand Sculpture like Host started to pervert again.

It’s so addictive to kill half of the emperor.

I’m really worried that one day this man will not be able to kill him, and he will directly pull it out and play it!

Not long after Yang Fan’s side, even a whole day has not yet arrived, but the beautiful crocodile has been fortunate enough to see Yang Fan killing 4 semi-empire demon one after another!

Compared to Crocodile Zhong and Black Wind Valley’s 2 half emperor black and white bears, Fifth Elder Crocodile Qiuling is still lucky. At least he hasn’t been directly blown off his head. When he died, he still left a whole body.

Even if the whole corpse could not be saved for too long, it would enter Dahei’s stupid dog’s stomach, at least it was not disfigured when he died, and it was still a bit dignified.

a long time.

Yang Fan finally recovered slowly from the endless qi and blood wash, exhaled very comfortably, very pleased in one’s mind.

As soon as the thought moved, Dahei summon came out and threw it beside Crocodile’s body.



Dahei was so excited that he even called 2 fathers, but he never expected Yang Fan to get the body of a half-step demon again in such a short time.

You are rich! This is!

“It’s God Help This King! At this rate, it will continue to develop. In 2 days, This King will be able to give half Demon Emperor Realm realm to cultivation Perfection!”

“Sure enough, following the owner’s meat, I was able to recognize Yang Fan as the dominant one immediately. This is definitely the most ambitious decision this King has made in his life!”

Dahei made a bow to Yang Fan with drooling, and then flew arrogantly onto the corpse of Crocodile Qiuling, eating a lot.

Soon, in only 3 2 seconds, Dahei completed the destruction of destroy the corpse and evidence perfectly, not only swallowed the body of Crocodile Spirit, but even licked the demon blood it left on the ground. .

“Master, bring This King to the next fight!”

Dahei changed body shape, flew to Yang Fan’s shoulder, and looked at Yang Fan in a hurry.

“This King is now a half Demon Emperor Realm. After digesting this half emperor’s corpse, you can immediately reach the Peak state, which is very difficult to deal with!”

“Okay.” Yang Fan gently nodded, without refusing, “Following the owner’s side, there will always be a chance for you to shoot.”

The Heaven Devouring Beast at the half Demon Emperor Realm level can be regarded as a strong party even in the demon realm, at least within the same level, there are few opponents.

In contrast, Xiaohua, Xiaohong, Xiaomeihua, and Little Fire Phoenix, and the strength of Beast Pet are all inferior.

“Thank Thank You Master Baba Baba! Master Baba Baba is formidable!”

Dahei took an excited shot of flattery, and then obediently drilled into Yang Fan’s jacket pocket and began to carefully refining the half-empire flesh that had just been devoured.

Yang Fan waved his hands and concealed the Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation into the ten-party purgatory.

At this time, the crocodile Meili suddenly looked up at the void and whispered to Yang Fan sound transmission: “Master, the former Human Race half emperor who stole wine before snooping in the secret!”

The masking effect of Six Roads of Samsara was removed, and the Strands of Divine Sense fluctuations that had been hovering and snooping outside the array were directly recognized by the crocodile beauty.

Although soon the Strands of Divine Sense was hidden again and disappeared within the crocodile’s beautiful perception range, but the crocodile beauty could easily recognize the master behind the Strands of Divine Sense.

“Understood, don’t worry about him.”

Yang Fan gently nodded, no surprise for Li Miaocai’s spying.

The boundary of Jinghua City suddenly broke into a half emperor demon. As the only human race half emperor in the city, Li Miaocai was not normal if there was no reaction.

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