I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1241

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“Is it found?”

Li Miaocai promptly withdrew his mental thoughts in order to spy on the inner situation of the moat.

Originally, with his cultivation realm, the divine sense that was discovered outside was impossible and would be noticed by the little crocodile. Even if it was a demon with a half-over Sovereign level, Li Miaocai had a way to completely hide his shape and divine sense. .

It was like last time outside of Jinghua, when Yang Fan shot and killed the crocodile Zhong to conquer this little female crocodile, even the Fire Phoenix eyes hidden in the void did not find his presence, let alone be This little crocodile has just advanced to the semi-real emperor.

Just now, in order to break the shielding force of the outer layer of the moat, he deliberately increased the intensity of some divine senses.

So that when Yang Fan suddenly canceled the shielding imaginary formation, Li Miaocai didn’t notice it for a while, and even was a little forceless, which only touched the fluctuation of the divine sense released by the little female crocodile.

“However, it doesn’t matter anymore. Even if this little crocodile didn’t find my divine sense fluctuations, it would be impossible to hide the magical Little Brat of Yang Fan.”

Li Miaocai shook his head needlessly, and was also dreaded and admired by Yang Fan’s perverted stealth ability and anti-reconnaissance ability.

Maybe the last time when he killed the half-towered crocodile, Yang Fan had discovered his divine sense hidden in the dark, but he did not expose Li Miaocai like he did to expose Feng Xijiao.

This point, in the afternoon formation, Yang Fan took out Sovereign level spirit wine and semi-perfect fine meat to reward his companions and discipline at the city gate.

If he didn’t find his trace and divine sense fluctuations early in the morning, how could Yang Fan finally send out ten pounds of Sovereign level spirit wine by name?

But these are not important to Li Miaocai.

Anyway, they are all people, and it doesn’t matter if they are found.

What is really important is that the half-royal iron-toothed crocodile who suddenly entered the city’s moat, just like moth flies into the flame, disappeared completely within ten minutes.

No breath, skeleton doesn’t exist.

“It’s too terrifying! The big moat array set by Yang Fan really can easily wipe out the half emperor demon, and the Great Cow is so trembling!”

Li Miaocai solemnly sighed.

Rumors are completely different from what I saw with my own eyes.

Earlier I heard the report from the Federal Center City, saying that the large moat outside the Federal Center City destroyed the 2 half-empire monsters of Monster Race 5 Great Holy Land.

Li Miaocai was surprised, but not at all was too trembling or even terrifying, because he did not know that the content of the battle report had several points of true, is it possible to blow the Great Cow strategically.

but now.

He saw it with his own eyes and heard it with his own ears.

Since the half-imperial iron-toothed crocodile entered the country, he has been under the cover of Li Miaocai’s secret surveillance.

But Li Miaocai witnessed the whole process of walking right into a trap by himself.

Including Yang Fan’s participation in the team, the shield was raised, and it was always in Li Miaocai’s in front of one’s eyes.

Although he did not at all see the process of killing the half-towered iron crocodile, but the most important thing is the result.

As a result, after the shielding was over, there were no traces left in the moat.

Moreover, whether inside or outside the line, for security reasons, Li Miaocai even swept the 100-mile range inside and outside the city with divine sense.

Did not find the slightest breath of the iron crocodile.

This shows what?

This means that unless it was Yang Fan Great Cow who had conquered another half-toothed iron-toothed crocodile as a beast and put it into his own beast space, otherwise that stupid half-emperor must have died to death. .

“When the Formation barrier was lifted just now, the old man saw with his own eyes that Yang Fan’s body was boiling like blood and murderous aura like blood was self-coagulating. It was obviously the performance of the murderous intention that had just been killed and had not had time to converge.”

“Unsurprisingly, the stupid half emperor was mostly given the hand by Yang Fan!”

Li Miaocai is confident and has no doubts about his guess.

After all, the blood light that just boiled up on Yang Fan’s body, even his half emperor who was accustomed to the bloody sea of ​​Corpse Mountain, was shocked, and he would never judge wrong.

“Huh? Huh!”

“Lying Groove! What that Yang Fan holds in his hand, flashing the old man’s eyes are almost blind, won’t it be Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan?!”

Suddenly, a golden light flashed, and Haoxuan didn’t directly light Li Miaocai’s eyes.

Just now, he was hiding in a Strands of Divine Sense around Yang Fan. He suddenly found out that 3 golden lights flickered suddenly in Yang Fan’s hands, and Soul Power’s boiling Soul Refining Jindan. The whole person’s body stiffened unconsciously.

Then, the blood was boiling, the blood pressure soared, and the impossible to bear land wanted to reach out.

Li Liangcai’s 2 goods, but never told him, Yang Fan this kid can even refine Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan!

“Junior knows that Miao Cai Senior should be in the vicinity.”

Yang Fan holding 3 newly released Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan, looked up 4 Gu, lightly said:

“Nothing else, just want Senior to show up and listen to Senior’s teachings in person!”

“Of course, if Senior is really inconvenient to show up, it doesn’t matter. These 3 Sovereign level Grade 1 Soul Refining Jindan are originally prepared for Senior, and Senior can simply take it away!”

“Senior worked hard to protect Junior, but the protection fee for a pot of spirit wine is definitely not enough. These 3 medicine pills were made by Junior himself. It is worthless, and Senior is pleased to accept!”

Yang Fan’s voice is loud, like homely.

Li Miaocai was secretly listening but he was so eloquent that he knew long ago that the kid Yang Fan was a trench, and regarded money as dung and was too brave to want it.

Now it seems that it is so.

In this world, dare to say so easily that 3 Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan worthless people, it is estimated that he is only Yang Fan.

That’s 3 Soul Refining Jindans of Sovereign level Grade 1, even the 3 Human Sovereign adults will always be greedy with the peerless babies. I haven’t seen him. This Li person can’t help but be tempted to reach out. ?

Li Miaocai didn’t know why Yang Fan had to see him, but because of Yang Fan’s sincerity, and because he had already been seen by Yang Fan, he didn’t cover up anymore, and his thoughts moved directly to his body. Appeared in the moat formation, only 3 feet away from Yang Fan.

The reason for being so close is that it is convenient to reach out and take over the Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan in the hands of Yang Fan, and 2 if Yang Fan has any intention to trap him with Form, he can also react in a timely manner and will Yang Fan is in control.

Yang Fan is no more evil, but it is only the Peak. If you let Yang Fan escape within 3 feet, then Li Miaocai can really die.

“Yang Fan Xiaoyou insisted on seeing the old man, but what advice?”

Li Miaocai looked at Yang Fan kindly and asked softly, very polite.

Looking at this young old man who is similar to Li Liangcai’s 5 points, Yang Fan smiled happily, didn’t expect really caught the big guy out.

Seeing that the surrounding space and spirit strength appeared some confusion at the moment when Li Miaocai appeared, Yang Fan knew that it was Li Miaocai who had arranged some means of hiding and hiding in order to hide his identity.

Moreover, seeing that Li Miaocai’s footing was so close to himself, but the distance of a handle, Yang Fan guessed the old man’s thoughts somewhat.

Secretly sighed These half-sovereign level Old Masters were all cunning and at the same time, with a smile on their face, took the initiative to hand over the three Sovereign level mouthfuls of Soul Refining Jindan.

“Nothing else, just admiring Senior and want to have a look at Senior!”

The words on the mouth are very nice, but secretly, he has started to continuously and convoluted Li Miao to show his charm skills.

This is the real purpose of Yang Fan who wants to meet Li Miaocai in person.

With such a half emperor looking at him every day, without turning him into his own, how could Yang Fan know An Sheng in the heart, and more than half of the night may not be able to sleep.

“You have used charm skills on Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai. When the charm fails, Li Miaocai is aware and alert, Spiritual Power +2, Spirit willpower +2, and Skill Proficiency +4.”

Sure enough, it failed for the first time without any surprise, and even aroused the alertness in Li Miaocai’s heart.

But this is nothing. With 3 Soul Refining Jindan Sovereign level Grade 1 as the base, Li Miaocai will not show it directly even if he is vigilant in his heart.

After all, Spirit Power discovered by Yang Fan is not at all a bit threatening for a half emperor like him, at most it is a bit impolite.

In this regard, Yang Fan is already very experienced. As long as there are more benefits, a little misbehavior in behavior can easily be ignored by these bigwigs.


After receiving the three Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindans presented by Yang Fan, Li Miaocai’s smile was even worse, his eyes were more loving, and when looking towards Yang Fan, he felt more and more pleasing to his eyes.

As for some of the Spirit Power that Yang Fan protruded from outside, he was also thrown aside by what he regarded as a child’s gadgets and curiosity, and there was no point to worry about.

Yang Fan threw out a few charm skills again.

“You have used charm skills on Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai. When the charm fails, Li Miaocai is aware of it. I don’t care. Spiritual Power +2, Spirit willpower +2, and skill proficiency +4.”

“You showed charm skills to Martial Sovereign (mutilated) Li Miaocai. When the charm failed, Li Miaocai felt something and didn’t care…”

“You have used charm skills on Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai, 30% 6 Ignore the chance of defense successfully triggered, the charm is successful, Li Miaocai greatly improved your favorability, Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2, skill proficiency +4 .”


“You have used charm skills on Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai, and the charm is successful. Li Miaocai’s favorability to you is greatly improved, the meaning of closeness is exhibit one’s feelings in one’s speech, the heart of love is deeply rooted in the bone marrow, and loyalty is deeply embedded in Divine Soul Knowing the sea, the relationship between the two parties is extremely friendly. Spiritual Power +4, spirit willpower +4, and skill proficiency +8.”


There is one more person at Sovereign level, so it’s so good!

Yang Fan’s mouth twitched, his teeth grinned, and he was full of emotions. He will definitely have a good dream tonight!

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