I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1242

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Standing in front of Yang Fan, Li Miaocai suddenly remembered what Li Liangcai said when he entrusted him to protect Yang Fan.

“That child, destiny is around, easy and credible, as long as you take a glance, you will be unable to bear close to your heart, unable to bear want to protect his comprehensive!”

He didn’t believe it before, thinking that second child Li was exaggerating.

During this time, when he was hiding and prying into Yang Fan, he just thought that this kid was very evil, but the feeling of being close, honest, and even trusting was not at all.

but now.

Standing in front of Yang Fan, Li Miaocai really understood what the second child Li said.

Looking at the delicate and pretty face of Yang Fan, somehow, for no reason, he suddenly had a particularly close affection in his heart, and as time went on, this affection also increased. The more he accumulated, his looked towards Yang Fan’s eyes also felt more and more pleasing and kind.

At the end, Li Miaocai’s heart for love rose up, and the guardianship was unprecedentedly firm. When looking towards Yang Fan, he was more happy than seeing his biological grandson.

“Old 2 is really good, Yang Fan this child, really not a layman!”

Li Miaocai looked at Yang Fan with a loving face, showing one’s feelings in one’s speech.

In contrast, the 3 Sovereign level Grade 1 Soul Refining Jindan that I got earlier seems to be less important.

He is not stupid, guarding such a super-quality Alchemist, will he still lack Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan?

“Many thanks Yang Fan, these 3 Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan can be said to provide timely help for the old man. With them, the trauma of the old man within the body can certainly be suppressed again for a long time! “

Li Miaocai warmly thanked Yang Fan, which is why he was so excited when he saw the 3 Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan in Yang Fan’s hands.

Dao injury is a heart disease that all half-empire powerhouses cannot avoid and eradicate throughout their lives.

Regardless of whether it is Human Race or Monster Race, all the cultivation base is stuck in the powerhouse of the semi-real emperor, within the body there is a crack caused by the backlash of Avenue Rules, which they simply called Dao injury.

Dao injuries cannot be treated, they can only be suppressed.

Li Miaocai has been suppressing it for more than 60 years. Although he is not as miserable as Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi’s two old goods, he has been accompanied by a wheelchair for half his life, but now he has felt more and more powerless.

At this time, if not in Li Liangcai’s face, Li Miaocai may still be hiding in Li Family’s ancestral land to repress the road injury, how can he be free to manage the death and life of a Human Race junior?

Yang Fan smiled happily: “Senior is polite, these all are Junior should do.”

“Senior should know that Junior is actually a physician in addition to being a soul refiner. If Senior does not mind, can Junior be healed for Senior, maybe there will be some effects.”

Even if Li Miao was able to cover up even better, at such a close distance, Yang Fan could still see Li Miaocai’s general physical condition from Li Miaocai’s complexion and breathing rhythm.

After all, Yang Fan is also an Emperor Rank physician, and more than one patient at the Sovereign level has seen more than one.

Li Miaocai raised his eyebrows unexpectedly. Of course he knew the identity of Dr. Yang Fan Emperor Rank, but he didn’t know that Yang Fan could still treat his semi-imperial martial artist like him in boasting skin, or did he really have this ability?

Damn Li Xiao2, how much information was concealed from him?

Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan, that’s all, how did Yang Fan even heal the injury of the road?

Lao Tzu is his brother, he dare to hide such important news, it is really a bit tickling, next time I go to the Federal Center City to see how I clean up him!

Li Miaocai was indignant in his heart, but his face was still kind, warmly smiling and nodded: “Yang Fan Xiaoyou is willing to shoot, the old man is naturally undesirable, and there is work!”

Regardless of true or false, it’s always okay to try, is 10000 really effective?

After receiving Li Miaocai’s answer, Yang Fan no longer hesitated and directly threw a high-level treatment on Li Miaocai.

“You used advanced healing techniques for Martial Sovereign (mutilated) Li Miaocai. The treatment was successful. Li Miaocai’s injuries recovered slightly, life force was greatly supplemented, Spiritual Power +5, Spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”

Just so.

Li Miaocai was shocked, and the whole person seemed a lot more energetic in an instant.

“Although the injury has not recovered much, my Life Source has been greatly restored and supplemented. The effect of this treatment is unprecedented!”

Li Miaocai marveled.

Although the injuries within the body did not recover much, it did have some effects, at least several times better than those of the Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit spiritual medicine he swallowed.

Of course, this is not the most important thing.

The most important and most important thing that Li Miaocai rejoices is the huge life force brought by Yang Fan’s treatment.

This Life Strength can be directly transformed into Life Source to moisturize his body and restore his life essence that is constantly being worn out to resist trauma.

This equivalent to is indirectly prolonging his survival time and is extending his life!

“Now, the old man finally understands why Li Xiao2 and Zhuge Xincheng attach so much importance to this little doll, and why should the monster race’s half emperor demon want to kill him!”

“If I am the half emperor of Monster Race, and I see a super doctor who can cure half of the Sovereign Dao injury in Human Race, I will also try my best to kill him!”

“Even more how, this kid’s ability is now more than just medical skills. The large moat he has arranged has trapped and killed 6 half-empire monsters, and his beast-taming technique has even been half emperor. Demon can tame…”

At this moment, Li Miaocai suddenly felt very guilty. The more outstanding Yang Fan’s ability was, the more determined the Monster Race would be to kill him. He felt that if he was alone, he might not be able to cover up Live.

next to.

The crocodile beauty who has been guarding Yang Fan’s feet all the time, after seeing the scene in front of him, the shock in his heart is no less than that of Li Miao.

“Sand Sculpture like Host is so powerful, he can really heal the injury of the half emperor!”

“Also, this Human Race half emperor has just been wary of the owner, and the imposing manner of his body is unobtrusive, as if he can control the owner at any time.”

“But now, it’s just a few breathing skills. This Human Race half emperor not only put down all the guards, but even looked at Sand Sculpture like Host with a kind eyes that looked at the biological son of biological grandson. Such a quick change of mindset is absolutely unusual!”

“What kind of means does Sand Sculpture like Host use? Even the half emperor of Human Race can be affected unconsciously. It feels so scary!”

The beauty of the crocodile is in awe, and I admire Yang Fan’s master’s methods and courage.

Sand Sculpture like Host not only kills the Monster Race half emperor to show mercy, even if he is the half emperor of his own Human Race, the means are very frequent.

Sensing what the crocodile thought in his heart, Yang Fan unable to bear, who was performing treatments for Li Miaocai, gave a stare at the little female crocodile, and scared the crocodile Mei quickly shrunk her neck, withdrew her thoughts, and dared not think again.

“You used advanced healing techniques for Martial Sovereign (mutilated) Li Miaocai. The treatment was successful. Li Miaocai’s injuries recovered slightly, life force was greatly supplemented, Spiritual Power +5, Spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”

“You used advanced therapy for Martial Sovereign (mutilated) Li Miaocai, and the treatment was successful…”

Yang Fan also performed several advanced treatments for Li Miaocai in succession. Until the partial meridians caused by the presence of trauma and the injuries on Divine Soul were completely healed, this paused.

“Junior lacks strength, and there is no way to completely eradicate the remaining Injury of Great Dao in Senior within the body, it is really ashamed!”

Yang Fan apologized to Li Miaocai a little embarrassedly, looking ashamed, as if he was really ashamed.

What a great child, I am thinking about others!

Li Miaocai looked at Yang Fan with gratification, and waved his hand in a clear voice, saying: “This is not to blame you, Dao injury is difficult to cure, let alone you, even the three Human Sovereign adults can’t take it.”

“In fact, your treatment just now extended the life essence of the old man for at least 3 years. It has been a big help for the old man! Before meeting the little friend, no one has ever been able to treat the old man. The injury recovered to this point!”

Li Miaocai sincerely praised it, without any flattering of flattery.

10000000 Don’t underestimate the life essence of these 3 years, how many of the Human Race Half Monster or Monster Race Half Emperor died because of insufficient life essence.

Yang Fan can give him a full 3 years of life essence, which is equivalent to giving him the opportunity to break through for another 3 years. This is a great opportunity that many people can’t ask for.

“Furthermore, the little friend also sent me 3 Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan. With the aid of these 3 medicine pill, the Spirit Cultivation of the old man is bound to have breakthrough again, and it is not so easy to die!”

Li Miaocai is in a good mood, and he did not expect that he could get so many benefits from Yang Fan.

Although Li Xiao2 didn’t do things a little bit reliable, but this time it was finally a blessing to him. When he beats him again in the future, he can consider starting a little lighter.

Yang Fan sighed: “Unfortunately, Junior can’t break through to the realm of the emperor, otherwise, heal a trifling trauma, is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain?”

Yang Fan started blowing up the Great Cow habitually again, but the words in Li Miaocai’s ears were like life-saving straws, and the whole person unconsciously stood up.

“You uttered the Great Cow, successfully obtained the deep trust of Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Miaocai, the social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring +100.”

“You played the Great Cow and successfully gained the deep trust in the beauty of the Monster Sovereign (incomplete) crocodile…”

“You blow the Great Cow and succeeded in gaining the slight trust of Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Ji Sicheng…”

Yang Fan startled.

Where did this Martial Sovereign Ji Sicheng emerge from?

How many semi-empire powerhouses are hidden in Jinghua City? !

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